About Igniting a Nation with Rabbi Eric Walker


Our Promise:
We deliver biblically sound teaching to help you with life challenges.

About Us:

  1. We are passionate about revealing Biblical Truth
  2. We are highly selective in our content
  3. We are an equal opportunity offender
  4. We are honest in our communication
  5. We bring to light that which is hidden in darkness
  6. We are dedicated to living our personal and professional lives to Glorify God

Every day we are challenged where we will go to hear the truth. Finding an organization that is committed to communicating truth in the news is not easy and finding Biblical truth is even harder.

Igniting a Nation, Inc. is 501c3 Non-Profit Ministry devoted to teaching, equipping, and connecting the dots of scripture for those who are hungry to deepen their relationship with God. Our mission is to become your trusted resource, granting you access to the people, tools, and information you need to grow in your relationship with the Lord.  We are unapologetically committed to bringing you trusted biblical teaching to help with life's challenges.

We have the vision to Healing the Nations with Biblical Truth and every day we are committed to bringing the scriptures to life through Weekly Classes, Special Events, Books, Israel Trips, Talk Radio and appearances on multiple Podcasts. We are called to Ignite the Nations for the Lord and bring a unique perspective to the Living Word of God as seen through the Jewish eyes of our Executive Director, Rabbi Eric Walker.

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