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Angela Donadio

October 15, 2019 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CDT

Author of:
Fearless: Women of the Bible who Dared to do Extraordinary Things

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Interview Transcript

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so long decision over you getting into the truth will cover the headlines are lines and biblical truth I’m your host Brad I wanted it’s not easy to find our voice in a loud world we wrestle with nagging questions they are worth uncertain if we’re up to the challenges around us it’s exhausting caring painful in the past from the president inferior of the future is it possible to rise above the dollar to kill our courage and to move forward into God’s call on our lives we might just be surprised to hear certain women in the bio will have to say about the compost dilemmas we face today what do you talk about Rahab Abigail well the blood and I’m gonna still have in common you’re invited to discover what happens when uncommon faith an unexpected encounter with an extraordinary God stop the cycle of comparison and overcome to the barrier to the peerless living and you ground your worth in the word and instead of the world find your fearless is their stories Angela that IO is an author speaker or recording artist and an advocate for oral passage live in Africa and as a survivor of two near-death experiences she’s passionate about motivating others to make your life matter no matter what a woman’s past or an ordained minister she serves long with a husband a lead pastor over like worship senator and president fredifer Virginia she’s an adventure junkie mom the two young adults and blogs regularly at Angela Dena do do an ad IO calm here to talk about her new book fearless ordinary women in the Bible who dared do extraordinary things is Angela Dena go and a little welcome back to thank you so much Bernard be back with you today well we with you with your first book and here we are just a second the book and helping us get the word out about the first book and I’m so excited about the second study well it’s an exciting Bible study let’s go back any kind of your journey to reacquaint our audience with you to near-death experiences this was something that happened to you that defined you but didn’t define you and the- define you an apology and most people a lot of experiences whatever they become the negative definition under divine bite of my circumstance or by my survival of a certain death but this this really was ignition something that births something in you so powerful it could not be you can obtain taking us on a journey all the way through both experiences and then your ministry in Africa thank you so much I love that word ignition I’ve never heard anybody describe it that way but that’s a very accurate reflection of what it meant in my life procedures and medications to kind of scape it off Oh bless you kids they’re now young adults and I’ve got a little one but once I had children I was constantly in pain so we made the decision it hadn’t distracted me and something went wrong this day we’re not sure quite what it was but I was leaning went back into the hospital and within the course of of being and being there overnight for observation I’m nearly hemorrhage to death I’ve lost over half a classified in fact I wrote about the woman with the issue of blood at this then this news study here listen I really relate to her story especially when you’re waiting for diagnosis and and that’s what happened to me my second you know it was a defining moment the clock in this room about myself and it’s a terrible feeling to just sit with and realize that the United States of America in 2001 I made snow later and died in a hospital room and I said report afterwards I don’t ever want to feel that desperate there’s a very desperate feeling and he said to me that’s why I always want you to feel that desperate for me that dependent on me unlike as you were saying that was an ignition of something new in my life a new way of looking at life and then I thought I needed to learn and I did and I know God used that finally we’ve been in 2003 I think you very ill again and this was more like the wonder witness you applauded where I was going from Doctor to doctor not a diagnosis getting sicker more frail and blood pressure was very low my heart rate was staying very low and I finally was admitted to the hospital eleven days nothing to eat or drink when they ran tests and always laying on my side and the fetal position and I could just feel the life slipping out of me again a very low place a desperate place but because of what I’ve been to before I knew God doesn’t leave us just abandon us and I knew that we can use our pain even for Kingdom purpose so I had a doctor and it finally issued an MRI test when you drink the barium swallow and they observe maybe where there might be blockage so close to take about 45 minutes and my parents were upstairs a it’s blown in because things were looking so dire my husband was upstairs on my hospital room and I just thought I’d be down in there for an hour I don’t know ragdoll like this he’d be depleted and again and again to say Angela I know even worse at me on the platform I’ve been a worship pastor for almost 15 years at that point they said I want to know if it was worse to be here and I wanted to say no I can’t and I don’t like you and I don’t understand why this is happening but because I had been through what I said after that point I belong before and I wanted to please him and I just laid there was tears coming down my face and I’m saying Here I am to worship Here I am to bow down and trying to say dinner my god and I believe that that moment assured in my miracle is the next game we had a diagnosis a really rare life-threatening disorder called superior mesenteric artery syndrome or an artery to the to start to the right turn and compressed on my intestines so Road it’s a big spot they move my intestines out of the way major surgery type stem to stern of more weeks in the hospital but that was the beginning of the new way of living from define like you said not the 19 and not by my struggle but by the ignition of knowing that God nothing happens to us that if we’re believers is not filtered burn through the hands of our loving Heavenly Father and that is the safest place to be even when we love to difficulty in adversity he draws near to those that are broken in spirit and now this kind of the burden of the first button sweating finding joy when life is on focus and then I shared my testimony and traveled and ministered healthy you know whether its financial struggles or relationship that died or from me with my health crisis that’s the message let’s talk about what’s going on in society in the world today in the realm of women the objectification the argument theologically doctrinally the role of the woman is a woman allowed to speak should a woman be allowed to teach she willing to be allowed to pastor as if your chromosome determines whether or not you were created in the image of God I believe that God created us in His image both male and female is a plural and therefore when this separation came I certainly agree that if there is a gossip a slanderer a malign or a false teacher whether male or female they need to be dealt with but the woman at the well is a story which you cover extremely well in fearless but she was responsible for the first revival in the viable of the time of Jesus we’re not talking about the Nineveh ancient Mosul being saved because of Jonah we’re talking about in the motto we would consider be the modern era of the New Testament period of Jesus is now walking the face of this earth Messiah is born he’s in the fullness of his ministry he goes to a place where he doesn’t actually belong he goes to put himself in a position that we would put tell a mill pastor do not put yourself in a position where you’re gonna meet with a little own hey this may be a public place but still there’s nobody around it’s not a public place it may be in the public but it’s not a public place if nobody’s around it’s a private place in the public so there he was put in a position where he was going to have a one-on-one encounter which was exactly the same as the one-on-one encounter of the encounter that Eliezer had with Rebekah the same encounter that Isaac had there with Rachel we find him placed in the same place in the same kind of setting and we look at the fact that what’s so interesting is in Genesis there’s 33 verses dedicated to creation 66 verses our instructions about how to find a wife and it was to go to this place and eliazar new work to put himself and that was at the well so now we’re looking for the beginning of the development of the function of finding a wife now this wasn’t the purpose of Jesus being after well but it is the setting it is in the narrative and it was the third occasion and so when God does it in threes there’s something very very special about what took place in that and that was the birth of the Gentile Church because it was a Samaritan woman she was neither Jew nor Gentile she was half-read and because of that she was shunned there was a community and he talked to her and straight up terms about what they worshiped they worshiped what they don’t understand they understand or not do it but they approached the community a woman should be coming out but only one appears what happens you know that it’s just I love you for found insights on that and that is one of the most interesting passages of Scripture to me because it’s the longest recorded conversation that Jesus had with anyone and you mentioned that that would be the place they would go to find a wife and I’m sorry I thought you know this is Jesus way of saying the Bride of Christ is going to not just include youtubes it’s going to include everybody that same book of John that story takes place in John chapter 4 John says for God so loved the world whoever would believe in him the whosoever can become the bride price I mean that story can speak on so many levels and and I’m not sure who exactly said it but you know Jesus put himself in a position and somebody Jews intentionally avoided that area of Samaria like you said they were half-breeds they were recipients of deep-seated prejudice because of centuries of history that had cemented this religious dogma is religious persecution of his people grew and people would literally go around them and cause from the other side of the river to avoid when they’ve had any interaction they didn’t want to become unclean they didn’t want to be contaminated by these people groups so Jesus was saying a lot of things in this story he was saying I’m going to speak to you I’m going to have a conversation I’m not going to avoid you I’m gonna send the girl with one broken woman in spite of all gets on my agenda but we’re back told me is that Jesus never let man-made barriers keep him from divine appointments we too often put up man-made barriers and then we we categorize people we don’t think they’re worthy of our time or our people who almost question why I’m the bellman spread and so I can feel so much in that story of intense emotion that sometimes derail us and get us off track and none of that matters to Jesus she was determined to meet in it and a statement that I thought that the Lord gave me as I studied her story is what the world there’s a lost cause he saw is the source of untapped potential and so often we look at people we think that person is a loss but he saw this person will end up being the first female evangelist with an entire community her life became the bridge that an entire community cross over to meet Jesus that women knew people the way Jesus would and not see people as less bad then we would reach out and share our story and bring them to who Jesus really is she does something extraordinary and went back and carry the message forward now here she was found herself alone into the presence of Jesus the world he initiated the conversation with her he engage her he fulfilled the promise of John 20:17 not coming into the world to condemn the world but the world and she now heard all this and she could have gone in any direction she wanted to she could have run the other way she could have run home and said nothing but she was so enthralled so excited so empowered so ignited by the fact that she was set free and not condemned she had to go share this story that she met a man who knew everything about her you should go see him and this brought about the first revival this is it she was absolutely stepped out of the fear mode because she knew who he was and she had no right to speak to him she was even almost like the leper that has to walk around shouting unclean unclean she’s to not even approach a Jew and the Jew is certainly not go for her but she does it and she does it fearlessly there is no hesitation she goes about her business she’s there to go draw water from the well what was it about her that gave her the ability and when you look at the other women that you studied there was something that all of them had that was the same she had it talked about had it may have had it all of them have I’m interested to know what your answer would be to that but what I what I believe each one of them had was a spiritual perception and a vision to see past that moment and to seize the moment that was offered to them like you mentioned a minute ago she knew that the Messiah would come they understood the first five books of the Old Testament the teachings of Moses but then all these pagan religions are infants Co infiltrated he just had this mixed-up understanding but she knew the Messiah would come and she said to Jesus one day he’ll come and you’ll clean it all up clear enough don’t make it obvious and expectancy just like rain crap I believe something left this be the moment could this be my way out maybe this regatta like it’s the god the woman with the issue of blood had to think if I can just garden this woman thinking maybe he really is a messiah those are hopeful expectations and a perceptive madness that their spiritual receptors are up and when the moment presented itself they didn’t let that moment plastified they seize the moment you know she could have weaponized that moment once she met Jesus which was to say once I’d encountered Jesus if he really is who we say he is I have no choice that I now seize this moment and become a catalyst for change for someone else’s life I see that as a common thread I’m curious to know what you see is the common thread among the wobble each one of these women had a perception and sensitivity to not accepting status quo yeah that the circumstance and the condition that needed a response and when they looked around there was no one to do it therefore they stepped up they stepped in in into the role not because and and if we take a look at the church you know the church has has this habit of filling a position because it’s open and you put the wrong person in it takes you much longer to get the wrong person out then it takes you to get the right person gets on the end over this and easy to get them in hard to get them out but if we take a look at the character what God did with each one of them was if you were to look at their prescribed reputation what what preceded them what the world viewed them and defined them as okay I can’t even do word association I’m going to say a name you give me a one-word response okay Rahab Rahab the prostitute okay why not Rahab the mother of Boaz right what is her greatest accomplishment right okay Rahab hey my response my first Corrie ten Boom recorded in the Bible yeah look at what we’ve done to Rahab thousands of years we’ve kept her as a harlot even though even the book of James still refers we’re not as the mother of Noah’s but Rahab the prostitute as an explanation of the grace of God but we so quickly widowed people down to either their their worst fault or their biggest mistake or this decimated reputation instead of the potential and the fulfillment of God’s promise on their life how many women have you ministered to the same I’m searching for my boy so I want you to tell them bring them here they’re match.com profile and on their ask them to show you where it says that one of the requests is is that a prerequisite is that my future mother-in-law must have been a former prostitute right there’s not a single one of them that will accept that what do you mean first date so tell me about your family well my mom used to be a prostitute then they go whoa I am so out of here all right and that was Boaz story his mother was Rahab now we have to know the Bible we have stop and what you’re doing is your sings stop stop it church stop it Christians stop it stop taking women and stop putting the big sign that says this Sunday’s message we have the harlot no way have the one that God was able to redeem from a life of sin to become the mother of Boaz in the line of Messiah the same way that he used Tamar who was defiled by her father-in-law who is in the line of Messiah they seem for Gentile women in the line of Messiah they gave credit the only woman mentioned in any genealogy in all of Scripture or New Testament are all Gentile women why because because they were willing to the brake for the mold of the day we’re talking with Angelo’s inaugural author of the new bold fearless ordinary women of the Bible who dare to do extraordinary thing we’re gonna back on the break we’re gonna dig in to the stories Oh Rahab talked about how we go the woman with the issue of blood and the Priscilla and what it was about them that you can grab all of and man you need to grab all over the street because you needed a backbone you need to stop living circumstances to define you Angela Donato had two near-death experiences machine define her they mated her to go out and do something too many cadavers will you set up the challenge lay down into the boat peerless we’ll be right back the Lord meets you right where you are and sodas ignite Ignatians new live streaming outlets you can now watch revealing the truth revealing 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and in Jewish tradition the reason why there was separation between men and women had nothing to do with men being better than women women being less skilled less knowledgeable it had to do with not anybody knowing whether or not this one or that woman was in her time of her period and therefore any sacred document she might touch the Torah the scrolls the Word of God the prayer book would be considered unclean because it was touched by a woman who was in an unclean state so the way the rabbinical system was set up was we separated men from women so that we would eliminate all possibility of defilement okay had nothing to do with us being sexist had nothing to do with us thinking women were lesser than but now you have this woman who’s afflicted right you had Sarah that was afflicted with Berenice this was an affliction this was a curse this was something that was brought upon her because she and her husband had a 25-year lie that they perpetuated that they were brother and sister as opposed to husband and wife there was a whole lot of deception in the first for Abraham Isaac Jacob and the rest of the boys that were involved in this narrative and that’s where the expression comes from that God will visit the 30 of the sins of the father iniquity of the father to the third and fourth generation of those who hate him but for those who love him he will visit them and bless them for the thousands in rate well we know the four generations Abraham Isaac Jacob and the boys all were involved in deception and therefore those there’s a lot of iniquity visited each one of them had their trouble they had and they had their Ishmael they have their Esau they had their difficulties they had their rachels and their Leia’s they have their Baroness they had their issues and all consistent with God’s Word well here’s a woman who can participate in nothing nothing whatsoever she cannot have human contact with a Jewish man she cannot have contact with the Jewish community she cannot walk the streets with others for fear of bumping into them and causing them to be unclean she’s isolated she is separated and here she is now fearless and something is boiling within her that she decides that the time has come and the one has come so take us there to that whole story I love that backstory I love that history because it’s so important to understanding you know nothing in the Bible is in a vacuum it needs to be understood in context and there’s some what’s in her story I hesitated this for a moment about putting her in a book called fearless because when she does try to get to Jesus sweep intentionally stays in the back of the crowd and so our first music might think well she’s not fearless she’s just trying to hide and she’s just trying get her miracle and she’s not really as fearless as these other women but because of what you just said gives context to how fearless she had to have been to even walk beside her home push against a crowd you know to think as soon as she would putz Beezus I think she didn’t want to be removed he didn’t want to cause a scene he didn’t want everyone to know she was there and and touch somebody I even when I was writing about her fighting her story I could pitch to her literally down on her hands and knees I could feel the ground more digging into her knees because in order to get to the bottom of pain house those friends that was on his garment it would have been low to the ground and and how depleted how demoralized you know for women or men who feel like you guys are walking into a room and having a bell unclean but we we carry these issues I see at one point some of us carry ish news so stuck to our spirit we can’t even separate them anymore things that have been said to us things that have happened to us or things we’ve been through you know people struggling with identity or struggling with a past or a decision it becomes stuck to our spirit and we don’t even separate well that’s just as I am that’s the issue that I am no we don’t have to be defined by an institute and Jesus in the moment that he touched her instantaneously filled her who’s no longer defined by that woman with the issue he calls her daughter he gave her a new identity he changed the way the culture was looking at her he changed the way people even viewed the interaction and the statement I bring out in that session is her issue did not make him unclean he made her whole sometimes I’m please stay back Cynthia system we think well my issue is too great or my struggle is to braid I’ve even heard Christians say well I don’t know if God can really feel that kind of person or if that kind of person can really what we’re doing here is we are diminishing the value of the blood of Jesus because either what he did at Calvary is enough or it’s not a done and what he was saying there is you know heshes no power from him her faith touched him and ignited something in him and drove power and even though he was on the way to it seemed like a more important mission the daughter of the religious leader was dying interesting enough the twelve-year-old daughter of the religious leader so can you bat for that and think the moment this young Jewish couple had a baby every day they live loving this child was every day 12 years that woman bled and in that moment their stories intersected in a powerful way Regina stopped everything and said no one is more important than somebody else to me this this encounter with this woman who had enough faith to crawl on her hands and needs and enough enough guts lack of a better word to say I’m not going to live this way to longer I know God has boredom I’m going to stop being defined by my issue one more day and I know that if I can get ahold of Jesus one moment in God’s presence can remedy a lifetime the people and she said no more tell me who touched me not that you would squit me we make her feel ashamed but to show everyone she did not make me on free I mean her everyone is soaking this moment that I came to heal and to lift this chain and the burden off of people not to let them walk to me longer in a state of feeling diminish or of knowing you know we have an opportunity today Peter Rosenberg was on when he wants a month for the caregivers this point of the phrase it’s called all we need to do is take our chair down and put it into his scar and this is a picture of the one that all she needed to do it was head up to hand him over to the garment was a garment 613 individual strands and knots which comprise the law it had any visible therefore had to be underneath earth or the lowest point of a design in order to be seen in the daylight and she wanna strand and he said who touched me and his disciples argued with thought power leave me I need to know who this was because I need to know now she was known sea bass or let’s look at the socio-economic condition she lived in he’s now in town he knows she’s the one who’s been Sean she’s the the Charlotte letter he’s the one who know um you know here because she has issue and all of a sudden minutes her and an out she being edified his power went into her now she has his power what power does she have that you and I do not have none we have a same power right she is the model she is the icon for the power which we receive by grabbing ahold of the hem of his garment so that whatever it is that we are bound up in he came to bind up the brokenhearted and set the captives free she was bound up in her illness and she was captive to her illness therefore she was robbed to five of life to its fullest yes what’s the word safe it says God will provide all of my needs according to his riches and glory in Christ Jesus set the captives free here’s an example of this woman who was captive no life for 12 years now life live it and live it more abundantly right and all she had to do was be fearless here fear not fear the rejection right people could have seen her because she figured out how to work her way so it took a great deal it takes us to an understanding of Deborah who was a judge a prophetess to the situation where we meet Li L who takes a spike and drives it through the skull looking at opportunity of using women in positions that they should be fearful but they’re not fearful so let’s take a look at one more Priscilla okay walk us through a personal you know I love to stone for my dreams I’ve been a woman in ministry for over two decades I serve alongside my husband so personally related murder but once I really start to study for there are so many elements that number one part of part of my story but they’ve even more admiration for herb you know having to be expelled from Rome and basically being a political religious residents movie before it up for business so she speaks a lot the kind of a corporate woman of today who has a business a thriving business all of that state sleep waked from church has been starter life over but in that moment God intersects through story with Paul Holland up for it do a number of kind of bruising stops on business and they’re both had makers again a divine setup a divine opportunity and Spieth and partners with all not only Paul but Timothy and Apollo’s so when you look at these kind of behemoths of the New Testament all the most prolific writers of the New Testament of course in this very advanced less then you’ve got Timothy one of the best postures but upon most one of the great features and her fingerprints are intertwined with all three he doesn’t sear that public stage and she’s okay with that what she does do is take her home from ministry ferb workplace it says all over this real estate that I own every ounce of it cost a time and whatever way I can be used to advance the gospel where have these other women maybe put a particular cause of saving the ether babies when statement midwives or steam it is reliant into the promised land news and rain path for Abigail saying I don intervene between my overheated husband and overheated King to be she steps in and solves that they had a specific cause even though they were also part of greater large narrative if the sylla’s painter koalas really was just about the weather skis in Corinth Luke is up against the temple here or then she’s transferred you know over the world men and women our first for the gospel stand in the face of that and take a stand for the gospel and to some Bob our culture Borden to be criticized to be willing to show compassion to love without limits we did so easy to say but it is not easy to do when we’re uprooted we planted secretive sound sick and tired of this I’m not about to get my phone what word itinerary pastor the chief is Peter Paul Timothy Apollo’s making yourself available and I wanted to say a minute ago something you brought out just the same I want to be available so that when that moment of opportunity comes I can because I humbled myself I surrendered myself like made myself available but whatever you call me to do and I want to say there’s a progression in the Bible starting to leave that stigmatizes women just to blame when the blame was squarely on Adam the soldiers Adam was responsible for the place in the garden the compounding of it has caused the American church especially the American church the Western Church to argue even and 2019 the role of one in the church there was no argument in the Bible there was no Board of Elders that said that Deborah no I’m sorry you’re one you can only be here’s a list of positions you’re qualified for and we’re likely to do there’s some very clear distinction because we see there are traditional roles for one the water of the well was the gathering place that was life happens well but we also see that there is a whole another very subtle description when Jesus says those disciples go to the man carrying water and tell him to provide a place for me to have a view now man don’t carry water so this had to be a particular group of men they were called the Essenes and they were the super spiritual they had no women they had no contact with one they thought that women were a distraction to the instruction of God was for the Jews to protect the Oracles of God and therefore they devoted their lives to being scribes and camping out in Qumran in the caves doing nothing but recording and recording and recording and recording and recording recording the text of all the scriptures for posterity for protecting the Oracles of God and the reason that you and I have this is because the Jews did their job we were signed with protecting the Oracles of God the fact that you have a Bible means we did what we were told to do because we have the Oracles of God in our hand it is one author 1 book not 66 books not 42 authors one author 1 book so God elevates a woman to the status of bringing freedom and protection to the spies if God elevates a woman to bring up revival and to be the first one to tell a nation of the Messiah how did we get so far off course at the begin to define the fact that because a woman in a reference in a letter to a community where things were out of control all of a sudden we begin with a blanket it’s Seidman for the world and it became doctrine for the world as opposed to me writing a letter saying dear Angela dissension in the ranks and if there are two dissenters you need to get it rid of that right and if there are plans because we go back 5 or 6 or 16 God has sent many awards false witness sees of the disorder one who it is that it’s God leaving this binary get rid of that and so he sends a letter and saying here’s who your problem people are and it’s this group of women he’s silent of them because they’re the problem right doesn’t mean all women are supposed to not speak and then go off tangentially and say we have on this program some incredible women who are in ministry with their doctors in theology and doctors ministry as a matter of fact the one most prominent New Testament teachers in all of North America one of the most revered is a Jewish professor at Vanderbilt who does not believe in Jesus and she considered to be one of Amy’s olivine one of the foremost experts on the New Testament and she teaches more people about Jesus at Vanderbilt then almost any any university or and she needs about the Jewishness of Jesus so there’s not in the seminaries they’re teaching what she can Vanderbilt which is a liberal University and she’s teaching about Jesus in context and so what we’ve done is we’ve rotated women to a lesser role it is the gospel of Archie Bunker it is not gospel of God and needs to stop and stories like this need to be told all right you’ve got about two minutes and I want you to talk to the looming out there that are being oppressed who are being silenced who are being shunned who are being told no your place what is their place according to the Word of God not according to Angelou denial not according to Rabbi Eric Walker not according to revealing the truth but according to the Word of God what is a woman’s role a woman’s role is to do what God has called her to do and your greatest opportunity to impact cultures and do exactly what God is calling some women will travel the globe until their passport can’t hold another stamp because God is called her to take a stand for justice other women will travel stairs in their home so the carpet is right there to take care of their children now what makes us fear list and what makes this followers of Christ is not what we’d be but whether we do what God is calling us not the self limitations by man or these man-made barriers that try to keep us from one another or from all but the state from Genesis to Revelation we serve a God who loves all mankind Jew Gentile male-female and he wants us to step into our Pony and when we do we all benefit from it no more assignments by the narrative of the world maybe there wants to tell us to be something God doesn’t want us to be or to be less than what we’re supposed to speak just what God tells us the stain the ground our work and the work to know that was still a grounded herself and the gospel but we can see it on moment when we listen to God please we’re stepping out in faith and zones and audio a voice for times such as this ordinary women of the Bible dare to do extraordinary things imagine if Esther back down from the call on her life that it was the future of the nation of Israel rested on one woman’s decision to step out in the fearless that saved the nation of Israel imagine where we would be there would be no Messiah there would only be the victory of Satan in this world and it was the voice of a woman who brought about that salvation so I say look at the word don’t look at the man they look what God has to say and if you can get into an agreement stand with God you’ll win the battle every time Angela’s an audio author of fearless ordinary women of the Bible who dare to do extraordinary things click on a 9:00 Eastern column on today’s program guy and see her name click on it it says by here click on that button get a copy for yourself and a little great to be with you thank you so much may the Lord bless all the works of your hands we’re doing short break and when we come back we’ll bring you the next edition of revealing blizzards

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