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Barbie and Richard Armenta

October 17, 2019 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am CDT

Author of:
The Right Combination: Finding Love and Life After Divorce

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Interview Transcript

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Shalom and welcome to solution of revealing the truth will cover the headlines the heart lines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Eric Walker everyone wants to have healthy relationships but too many women who have gone through divorce find themselves feeling lost and unsure about how to move forward in the readiness for strong future relationships Barbie and Richard Armenta both have plenty of brokenness in their past Richards party lifestyle put him one step away from disaster time and time again Barbies two failed marriages and other dating relationships left her desperate for affirmation for men when they came to Messiah they each had to figure out what it meant to live for him in their dating lives he was during this process they found each other and discovered that adding God’s love to theirs was the right combination for lasting love Barbie and Richie are meant to live in Flower Mound Texas where Barbies of professionally trained freedom Life Coach she specializes in helping women transition through major life changes such as divorce in the empty nest years or assisting them in finding loving and living their god-given purpose Richards a speaker writer and mentor his passion is sharing with others in the areas of addiction recovery divorced and dating after divorce specifically purity and dating learn more about their ministry at what’s the website the right combination finding love and life after divorce Richard right now different convoluted applications and whether or not you are you are now an adulterer and you’re now an adulterer and both of you are going to perish in the fire of hell because God is unjust and uncaring and bothered you no you blew it in marriage and and that’s the only sin that gets you tossed into the lake of fire we’ve gotten this so wrong to what we’ve done is we’ve deterred people from number one if you’re truly a believer and you’re both committed and you’re both equally yoked and you both have that corridor three strands and over the course of the lifetime of the marriage that quarter three stands it’s going to look like a roll of duct tape because it’s not going to be so pretty it’s not gonna be so pretty it’s gonna be all patched up and bandaged up and after 50 years of marriage it’s just a big old coiled up hunk of duct tape and and I say well what is that oh that’s the quarter three strands baby you know we’ve taken this and we we and and certainly we do not endorse cavalier marriage and divorce we do not endorse God says he does not like divorce God did not divorce Israel and so therefore we have a whole conversation about who is the Bride of Christ if God did not divorce Israel then who is Christ’s bride and it’s the church and who is God’s bride it’s is Robin is the wedding supper going to be Israel and the church Jew and Gentile and the answer is yes it is and we have to understand how it’s not a replacement of it is a culmination it is a gigantic party because quite honestly there was no room at the end for the Gentiles the Gentiles were not a part of the original but they were a part of the original plan but it wasn’t really revealed till much later to say that Barbie one two failed marriages Richard a failed marriage but you were the king of the dating profile you know and then the pictures and the dance moves and and and the the taking her hand and right right up against the chest you’re gonna do it you gotta do it right you know and and so I’m seeing this picture and and he’s and and it didn’t matter okay you you had had a style and this was gonna be your style of dating I the difference was is this little girl right here you captured her heart the moment she saw Rico suave walking down with his jet black hair and his dark skin and his Puerto Rican style and he had all the moves and he had on the flip flops and the teens and and she had on her great-grandmother’s what was it create crocheted what was it Barbie yeah yeah eyelid toppers so you know exactly obviously this is not the fashion this is no where’s the subtitle say what to wear on your first date not to wear on your first right all right so it’s obvious I’ve read your book yes and and and all the salient details I’ve now covered and that concludes our interview thank you so much for being with us here on revealing the truth but let’s back up let’s let’s start early and we’re gonna we’re gonna take two different lanes one is I want to start with you Barbie the lessons you received as a little girl about God about marriage about your identity being named Barbie is is in in the era in which you were born it is a an unattainable goal so so you know from a Jewish background names are prophetic okay we don’t cavil they’re just name our kid there’s a prophetic and it goes back thousands of years that so so hear your name Barbie and you come into a world that all of a sudden in a certain age you come across the ideal figurine that you identify with and now you’re going to attach yourself to that identity because it’s got your name on it it’s it was predestined predetermined by your parents thinking they were doing they love the name Barbie okay you ever brother Ken so what was it like for you were their faith lessons what we’re mom and dad like what was it you carried into your dating relationships that were formulated by perceptions or misconceptions from what it was that you saw not what you were told because none of us learn our lessons about life by what we’re told we learn our lessons of life by what we see so what was it you saw I grew up and I grew up in a Christian home but we didn’t go to church my grandparents had all gone to church my dad dad would had been a deacon in the church but it just kind of those conversations didn’t happen in our house so I would go to church sometimes with friends so I was getting a little bit but I thought all these people know something I don’t know and I would sit in Sunday school and they would talk about Noah and I didn’t even know that story so um so I kind of always said I had this blind faith like I knew there wasn’t Jesus but I didn’t know if I was going to heaven you know I didn’t really know how that works and I didn’t ask and it was I wasn’t told so but my parents had been married my dad recently passed but they had been married 54 years and so I just always grew up thinking this is the what you do I’m gonna get married have kids and be married forever that’s kind of what I that I grew up in so when you chose and did you choose the first one or did the first one pursue you and did he chase you until you caught him [Laughter] [Music] yeah we dated the Year got engaged I was I was very planned everything and have been told late you know as I got older that was controlling my own disappointment that was trying to you know be very safe I always wanted to stay very safe so I really thought it through and I was like I had a boyfriend in high school but never really thought I would marry him and then the next person I dated I was like we’ll probably get married oh he had the house and the dog he really is a wife and kids you know like I really took this there I thought I took this very safe controlled pack to everything and then we did get married we were married a couple of years he met someone else and just kind of that’s all that played out he ended up marrying her and I been now a single mom and I was only like 23 24 and jumped right into the next relationship that would take me and my kid because I panicked I didn’t want to be a single mom and I don’t know if I’ve gone off from the question that you have no no that’s exactly what I asked because what I heard was that you were Christians but you didn’t go to church and you got married and didn’t sound like you went to church and then you went after this other person that that was going to take you and your children and you were still Christian but you didn’t go to church so there was this so there’s this whole idea of I’m just like 80% of America that says I’m a Christian but it but it’s tantamount to I’m standing in the garage and I’m a car [Laughter] my girlfriend down the street I told her I was like I don’t know if I’m going to heaven is she told her mother and her mother said you need to get her saved so I was a went to the Baptist Church with her she dragged me down front and I went out front prayed with these men and – and then never went back to the church again because then they were like when I ain’t got to get baptized then now I’m gonna have a conversation with my parents and I don’t even know what all this means I just never went back there again so I didn’t really go to church again until I was my 20 with husband number two and he was Methodist then we went to the Methodist Church oh and there was it there you found the deep deep life-changing mess of salvation repentance and transformation power of the Holy Spirit and the move of God and you got none of that you got didn’t you got a verse and a story and your life was was on fire for getting out of there within an hour so that you got a good place at IHOP at that is the one that ended up I took a this nine month walk through the Bible and so that is where I learned to read the Bible praise God yeah because there’s so few mm-hmm they’re soaked you know I work alongside of two Methodist churches and both of them take people through the Bible and one of them is because I take them through the vive de lyon by lion verse by verse in two languages both the old test the Old Testament in Hebrew in English in the New Testament in Greek ending this so they the people there know the Bible and we’ve been doing it for 12 years and we’re just on Genesis chapter no word for birth for the dollar so Richard Richard what was your your background so I was born and raised Catholic it’s my background my dad my dad was in the military 21 years so I’ve you know I’ve lived several different places but yeah I was born and raised Catholic and you know so and that’s where I grew up in it going to catechism school goannas you know it’s Sunday School classes and stuff like that I know my dad would help teach and stuff and he was really really big into Catholic you know our Catholic faith and he was the Knights of Columbus and I don’t know if you know what that is just like a mints fraternity within the Catholic religion and and and so he was a grand he was a grand knight he was the state deputy and all these things and so but I from a very young age I’ve always felt this tug on my heart deeper than myself you know what I knew when I did things like you know did certain things I would have I feel this you know could just be the cash like hey I felt this deep shame and guilt you know and I was like oh my gosh I feel horrible is it religion by guilt you know but anyway so that’s how I grew up in you know in you know we get together in the room and pray at night and you know Sam to say the prayers and that you’re taught the hell marry our Father you know the Lord’s Prayer and all those things and and so yeah we were we were in church every Sunday and you know and that and uh it wasn’t until I think it was in high school and I accepted you know started going in a group called young life I was invited to hug them like and I remember the day like it was yesterday because I had a friend as in this Jackie black and I actually at the time didn’t know him that well I just moved to love Lubbock Texas we moved there during the summer because my dad is transferred there and and so didn’t know anybody so I started school and then he just this guy shows up on my friend doorstep and invites me to go to young life and I said I barely knew him and ended up attending young life all that year with him and went to summer camp that year and that was my sophomore year in high school and I went to summer camp that year and uh I ended up stepping up and standing up in front of the whole auditorium and accepting Christ as my Lord and Savior yeah and I prayed the prayer and set up in the inside and then I’ve done student ministry since then through church and so I’d sight and I see the students down I was just like that just like that back then I came back from camp and I was white hot for God why hop for Jesus and then you know peer pressure and just different things happen and I went right back to my same old lifestyle you know trying to be popular trying to be you know the cool kid and in the you know in this football player and all that and so I never really walked it out but I think is prime my senior year after I got through my senior year in high school I remember sitting around the dinner table at the house and I was talking with my dad we’re just having a conversation I said you know what dad I said I think I’m done with Catholic Church you know and he’s like of course he started what what are you talking about you know and I said I’m just not getting anything out of it you know and so he kind of sat there for a minute kind of looking off to the side of the table you know one of those you know thousand mile stairs we know that you get and he just kind of looked off design accountant they file it to me because you know what it’s fine this is I don’t care where you go just as long as you go and so that’s when I started visiting other churches and you know found some very good non-denominational churches right there in love with one called Trinity and that I really it was the first time ever and I went to church and I and I got emotionally involved in the sermon from from from the pastor preaching from the stage you know it’s like I felt like wow this is I mean I’ve got tears in my eyes I don’t know what to think about it because I’ve never experienced that before in church Church I could do I can do the my old mass that we did on Sundays you know in my sleep you know or shouldn’t say that but but you know but do is but so this was something different and it was the first time that I felt touched by God first time I felt touched now I know when I look back on it of course we was touched by the Holy Spirit writes X is this this person’s talking to me and I know it’s done you know now when you look back and it’s like it’s not him it’s the spirit speaking through you know the travelers the transformational power of the anointing that breaks the yoke that Pierce’s all the way through like the two-edged sword piercing all the way bone to marrow and you experience that which is outstanding so so where did you meet your first wife so I actually met her in the apartment complex that I was living in I was living in an apartment complex and we Stu have a you know just a every Saturday and every Saturday and Sunday around the pool was just a big gathering of people and she was living there and that’s where I met her in the apartment complex that I was living in and was she a believer no no she was not a believer at the time and in you know and in this we were just it was just one of those you know attractions it’s like oh she’s beautiful so I’m attracted to her and so you know and so I’m just gonna go over there and say hi make a relationship for this is you know is the is the way I thought relationship was at that time you know it’s like I’m gonna you know go say hi and see where we get with this okay and how did that turn out well as you know reading the book is we were not we were droop I dated for less than a month and half of course having sex outside of marriage in that was just something I did yeah and in she ended up getting pregnant you know and then we went through this turmoil of what are we gonna do and you know I told her at that time it’s like you know as I’ve been through some stuff before in the past and so I just told her at that time I said look I can’t tell you what to do with yourself I can’t tell you what to do you know with your body and the things like that’s but I can tell you what I know you know what I want what I’ll do you know and I you know said that we I think we should you know keep the baby and and I think you know I said I can’t promise us simply told her I said look I can’t promise you a cinderella story I said but what I will promise you is I’ll give you a 110 percent to be the best man the best dad this father I can be and she was you know we were like I said we were both shocked it was real quick and barely knew each other and she’s like how can you can say that you don’t even know me I said uriah I really don’t I said but I can tell you what I’m who I am and what I’ll trying to do for this and now that’s kind of how it ended up and you know we got a beautiful daughter now and you know who’s just I mean just the I of my life you know just and she is and she is a just spawn firm believer in Christ and married to a pastor and so it’s just that things just really worked out you know phenomenally and that as far as it in the I’d say long-term outcome when I look at my daughter I think wow God really brought something out of something that you know started with so much shame and condemnation and stuff like that so you married her you had a child with her what happened the marriage that caused the break-up well I was its I was always kind of partying you know never really kind of is I had a party lifestyle and when we got together I really tried to you know change that around try and walk this out and it just didn’t go the marriage not like I guess she was a flight attendant yeah you know at the time and so uh she traveled a lot she was usually gone about half the month out of every month and so I was you know brand new to this you know okay I’m coming from this crazy lifestyle to try and being a dad and Here I am you know a lot of times you know at home by myself just me and the baby you know and it’s just like and it’s like I’m up a two feet you know before food and I’m up all night with her when she’s sick and I’m trying to look I feel like I’m at the time and sometimes during listen you know feel like I’m a mother and a dad you know and because I’m there half the month I’m there by myself with just this baby girl and I said and I was still had a you know party lifestyle and I saw I was trying to reel that in and be the person that I could be should be but then I felt like you know it’s like Here I am doing all this stuff on my opponent it’s like why am I trying to be this person and so I mean ever I never really let go of that you know kind of lifestyle I still kept it in my back pocket and I think yeah without a doubt and without beating around the bush that that’s probably what brought our marriage to a lot you know we both knew we weren’t right for each other that didn’t help and so yeah so you came to faith in the church that you were in not in the Catholic Church so you weren’t affiliated with the Catholic Church you weren’t you didn’t she didn’t have to convert to Catholicism you got married did you get married by pastor or by justice to the peace or buy a pregnancy coat listen it happens all the time so yeah so we did get married in a it wasn’t in the church it was like a wedding chapel you know when those places you can rent and do and so we got married there and yeah we did have a we did have a pastor Marius so it wasn’t from the church we’ve gone to so but at the time we weren’t really you know we do Dakota was a year old when we started attending church and she was in our little over year Oh cuz we waited a year before we even got married you know we moved in together and said you know let’s work this you know let’s just move in it so we raised her she got Borna you when she was about a year old that’s when we got married and we didn’t just rented a chapel had a pastor Marius and you know and at that time and it was we were hanging around it was really interesting is because we got married at Dakota and then we were sitting around the pool thinking man I really I really need to probably get my stuff together man that’s like a really pi should start attending church you know on a regular basis cuz at the time I really wasn’t and just so happened when there was a guy sitting over across the pool and that’s just the way God works and um you know and you’re sitting a guy sitting across the pool he comes over and he introduced himself said hey I heard you talking about church you know and I said yeah thanks that was because I go to church I’d like to invite you to it I said great I said what church is that needed he told me the name of the church was his fellowship church here in grapevine and Texas and and I said great meet I said he goes where do you live in the apartments and I told him where I live and he said that’s interesting he goes I live directly below you your floor is my ceiling I said fantastic I’ll come knock on your door on Sunday and he was will go to church and he did and to make a long story short we went to church that Sunday he ended up moving out I never saw him again and I up recommitting my life to Christ in that church getting baptized in that church and that’s the church that I took my daughter to every single Sunday and where she was accepted Christ and where she got baptized he’s just amazing so when you decided that the marriage wasn’t working out you went to the pastor and he counseled you to divorce her yeah well I went to the pastor shared with him what was going on you know and there was some things that were happening in the marriage and he felt you know he felt some service there were certain things happening you know that he felt like yeah I think you know I think you might you know this isn’t reconcilable then I think you might want to think about you know moving on and then he dress my issue we dressed other issues that were going on in the marriage in and though at that time it I I actually just tried to fight to keep it going even though I you know even though I wasn’t completely happy in the marriage I thought man like much like Barbie you know my mom and dad had been married forty some odd years I mean I’m gonna make this work come come hell or high water I’m gonna make this work and and again so that’s a way I fought for it I did even though I you know I wasn’t the best husband she probably wasn’t the best wife but I was gonna try and stick this out and she ended up filing for divorce and then that kind of led to my path and you know me and it’s being single for as long as I was and probably going through a very dark period because it was about three months after my dad passed that she filed for divorce we’re talking with Barbie and Richard Armenta authors of the right combination finding love and life after divorce you’re looking into honest transparent people that are telling you the truth that’s probably the story of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people that have been hiding behind a mask of their past and not being willing to be open for fear of condemnation they all know John 3:16 for God so loved the world that he said there’s only we got the son that whosoever would believe in the him would not perish but have eternal life but they don’t know John 3:17 mmm and that is God sent his son into the world not to condemn the world but to save the world and they did living under this shadow of condemnation and that’s why they haven’t told their story and they’ve hidden their past discussion indiscretions their past marriages and they are bound up in the past and held captive and they forget Jesus’s assignment Jesus came to bind up the brokenhearted and set the captives free for captives to our past and unless we’re honest and open he is the only one it’s interesting that Richards his profile was if you’ve got I’ve got the lock if you’ve got you know I’m the lock I’m looking for the right combination you know God is the right combination and he’s the one that set you free and they’re willing to put themselves out there there’s going to be ridicule there’s going to be debate there’s going to be on our network page doesn’t mean how could you possibly do this and I can say that look let he who is without sin cast the first stone I am a single man who has a 30 year old daughter and a three month old granddaughter and I’ve been married and I’ve been divorced and God has entrusted me with a ministry that reaches into 120 countries and has over two and a half million viewers and over half a million followers and churches planted all over the world because of the truth and it will need that you know the truth and the truth is all of us are broken all of us need the Lord and he’ll meet you right where you are we’re gonna take a short break and we come back for and talk about that fateful day when Richard said the words I is that I am committed to not having sex outside of marriage and he actually stuck to it and how that sent Barbie reeling we’ll be right back the Lord meets you right where you are and sodas ignite Ignatians new live streaming outlets you can now watch revealing the truth 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different category you know I’m actually in the the geriatrics right right our categories are knee replacements hip replacements you know heart disease you know we have we have these classifications looking for a woman that has only had one bypass you know we have we have a whole set of old people sites but here you are you’re out there and you’re you’re living the dating world and what your intentions were your intentions to find through a personal on Yahoo the woman of your dreams so for me you’re asking her asking I’m asking Rico suave so I’ve been single for quite some time about eight years and as I say it it’s like I really was God was that you know try I was finding myself you did trying who I am in Christ alone and I think really what happened was my sister got really tired of me hanging around her house she goes you need to go find somebody you ought to go online you know there’s like god I want to really go online man about that where’s your single for eight years yes and and your sister tells you you need to go find somebody she’s like some pretty sure she’s like you need to stop hanging out over here so Barbie was your headline looking for a slow learner [Laughter] because cuz this is this is really I mean this is truly a god thing okay only only God could have created this because your stories it so don’t line up at all yeah three though it’s the first three of those eight years I will say the first three of those eight years I was I was in a very dark place I said I dad died wife filed for divorce three months after that and I mean I found myself sucked back in and deep into the in the world that I was you know had always dabbled in but that time it took me down a very dark road and you know ended up getting addicted to a drug and checking into a faith-based treatment center and that’s where I drilled chair with people that’s truly where that was my saw to paul moment it was my road to Damascus I mean I walked in there one man God showed up in such a powerful way I walked out another man walked out the man of Paul and walking things out and saying all right everything I surrender and but that’s when so I would say five years really so oh three two oh eight was when I was really focused on singleness focused on who I am in Christ Who I am by myself nobody else I don’t need anybody else and I got to figure out this this is this relationship first and so yeah I was a slow learner but God was God was lessons put this way it was a seed that was planted that he was nurturing he was tending and he was watering and growing and so yeah it took me a little while and then finally as I said in no way that’s what my sister said you know get online and I thought ah okay reluctantly I did it and but the reluctance brought me this beautiful life and here we are so so you i’m the lock and you looking for the right combination and looking for the right combination it’s a great line great line so Barbie you’re now out looking for to plug a hole you’re single you still have two children and this was not the life you had envisioned so what made you decide to go look in the personal oh I had been I had been online dating prior to the Yahoo Personals I’d been on bats calm for a little while and been on some good first date you know that’s a nice guy but no one no but I really I was looking because I was hoping that there was something more that I wasn’t just gonna be single forever now that I’ve been divorced twice but I didn’t really believe it you know I just thought it was too late for me that I wasn’t it was too late to have that you know big family that I always dreamed of having I love my favorite thing in the world is having big family dinners together and now my family of five was family of three and you know I just thought I’m not gonna have that and it’s crazy now because our family is growing by leaps and bounds but and that’s how God can redeem and restore and I think those were the things to want to teach me but in the meantime I’m looking for Who am I now I’m looking for my value I’ve you know not consciously but I’m looking for a man to tell me unbeautiful and you know just yeah and but that week that I met Richard I just didn’t want to be lonely because it was spring break and my kids are gonna be with their dad and I was like well I guess every day 7-day free trial and that’s free trial ever oh we saw she got the bonus plan right but you’re still operating from a negative place because I remember a line in the book that said that you considered a meal as a good meal a successful meal if you didn’t burn something right so so there was always that little that was always that little edge to something that that hopeful but you know back in the days it was you know I had a great beat but I didn’t like the I didn’t like the words you know if I give it a 78 there wasn’t that hundred percent mark for you but here you see this guy walking towards you you answer the ad and you feel something something something something clicked in you chemistry endorphins oxytocin there’s there’s a release okay so you you catch them in your eye Richard what do you think so you you obviously were quite prepared because you invited her to go dancing and you had flip-flops on so you had an extra pair shoes in the car yeah this is a guy that apparently came prepared yeah one thing I love to do is I love the dance so this one on back and forth you to you invited him to your home for dinner he drops the bomb on you and says that listen you don’t mind if we don’t have sex it’s too soon for me I believe with the words that was that was your excuse it’s too soon for me and then over time it began to be the message of I want a godly relationship and that was the words that came out of your mouth Barbie what words did you hear well at first you know when someone says you know let’s wait I’m not doing that you think oh this is awesome because when you’re sitting around with your girlfriend’s we all say can’t we just find a guy that doesn’t want to just have sex you know can’t we find someone that actually wants to get to know us and then you’d find someone that’s actually doing that but you don’t believe it and so I’m thinking you know that is this true or is he just not like me am I not pretty enough am I not whatever enough and my girlfriends are saying he’s just not into you y’all are just friends you’re wasting your time right and I asked him and he’s like isn’t this what women want to be respected and I’m like yeah but like it wasn’t feeling that thing I was looking for he wasn’t validating you know all those things that really I needed to be looking for god I always joked that God would bring a hot guy to tell me to point me to him because that’s what he did and I kept having to go to God for my value for my identity for all the things that I had been putting those God expectations on a person and he didn’t allow me to do that because he had this wall up probably self-preservation because he’s never dated this way either but it was it was difficult you know a lot of ways we had some great times we would have a lot of fun going to the movies with fathan but you know there was also it was very difficult for me because at the end of the day I’m at home alone thinking what am i doing hmm yeah so what was the turning point when did it finally click that he was a pathway to God and God was trying to a message to you and he was using this man that you were falling for to deliver the message to you that the better way is his way and that if you get on board with his way you can have it all right right let me have a moment for myself because we had been dating and it may have only been like three or four months and I was just literally middle of the day in my bedroom and I just hurt like felt like I was inaudible but it felt audible because it was so powerful of God just saying you know who are you doing this for me or him and I knew the real question was if this doesn’t work out what are you gonna do next time and I knew the answer to that because it’s the guy wanted to probably wouldn’t and so I literally in the middle of the day and my bedroom got on my knees and prayed and just had to surrender that to God for myself and then at that point if he had changed his mind I wouldn’t have because now it’s between me and God and that was that was really the turning point for me and just figuring out you know who I was in Christ and what I wanted and it was at the about the two-year mark with him I realized you know what this is just too hard and if I don’t get the guy in the end I knew God was changing me and I was creating this whole and complete life outside of the man in my life and really for the first time because I went from my parent top to being married went from being married back to my parents house back to another marriage I mean like I had never taken this to figure out haven’t that relationship with God and so what is it so what is the message today of the right combination I mean I think the message today for the right combination is find your you knows is especially if you find yourself divorced you know seek in the Bible says it seek God first and all that you do you know and then he’ll reveal the rest of you I mean it’s just I mean you know he because he wants you to have it all you know to have the abundant life he wants to give you everything he promises in the Bible in what I think is that people start seeking him but when it doesn’t come fast enough for them they decide to take it back into control into their own hands and then make their you know and come out with their own outcome you know and so for me the Bott the message of the right combination is there’s only the only right combination is with God in know and that’s and that’s kind of what I meant actually need my tagline padlock looking for the right combination I’m looking for somebody who has Christ know and so for me it was that’s that’s the right combination I mean it’s what you have in the three chords there is no relationship unless you’re bound by the third chord and that’s you know in having Christ surrounded you and tight and holding you tight you know and so free ad to me that is it for the right combination it’s seeking first the kingdom of God and all the has for you so but I also want women to know that it’s not too late you know I thought it was too late and you know when John 10:10 when he says the thief comes to steal kill and destroy and then I’ve come you may have life and have it abundantly he doesn’t mean unless you got divorced and lets you screw up in some way you know it’s he has that for us and it’s just that believe that it is for us to even if we happen through some things and just believing that it’s not too late honey just in a think the whole story is really you know for us is that God is the Redeemer is the Redeemer of all not some not maybe not if but if you accept him as your Lord and Savior he redeems at all you know so in order to have that I have to I have to be willing to say I am broken I am damaged goods I am unworthy but God yes but God and people are stuck in that place that says that I’m broken undamaged I’m unworthy I’ve been married I’ve been divorced I’ve got children I’ve got this I’ve done these things all these things all this is unforgivable I can’t even forgive myself for some of the things out done and when you do that you climb up on the back of Jesus you climb right on top of him you plant your feet on his shoulders while he’s on the cross and you say look your grace is not sufficient until I can forgive myself I’m not letting you down off this cross and that is the worst form of pride possible so you’ve got to accept God’s grace and forgiveness say that is who I was and it’s never late to become in his transformed into his image and therefore when you’re willing to make that leap you wanting to accept what He desires for you he’s willing to forgive yes divorce yes yes he’s willing to take it God Almighty the father is willing to take it in to and say I forgive you of this you have repented of it yes and I am gonna take it and I’m gonna cast it as far as the East is from the West I am I will never bring it up to you again and if you are reminded of it it is not me so you rebuke Satan and you tell him to get behind you but God can do a new thing and he says can you not hear me can you not see it can you not perceive it he said I am doing a new thing amen and so to those of you who are divorced and say well the church told me that if I get married again I’m an adulterer if I do this I can’t this if I do this I can’t do that and there’s a lot of doctrine out there there’s a lot of interpretation out there and there this is not saying hey go do what you want be Free Willy and just go have a great time and there’s no consequence no there’s great consequence okay there are children involved in this that are hurt by this they are damaged by this they need therapy because of this there’s a lot involved in this but God can see you through it and God can heal you in the broken places and God can bless this couple who her third marriage hizmet second marriage yes they can bless it as if no marriages occurred before and that this is the only marriage that God is involved in right now in their lives is between Barbie and Richard Armenta and if you want their story you can have it it is available to you it is part of God’s story it happened between King David and a woman named Bathsheba they gave birth to a son named Solomon who became the one of the fulfillment of the Davidic promise the Dybbuk covenant that David would always forever have a king sit on a throne of Israel that meant King Messiah came through that lineage so if he can bless that don’t you think he can bless you Richard and Barbie Armenta you can find them at right combination dotnet you can go to igniting and nation.com click on today’s broadcast schedule click on their name it will take you right to a copy of this book the right combination Barbara and Richard are meant to finding love and life after divorce thank you for sharing your story here with us on revealing the truth thank you so much you’re welcome god bless you we’re gonna take a short break and when we come back we’ll bring you the next edition of revealing the truth

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