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Chonda Ralston/Joni & Friends

October 15, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CDT

Author of:
The Gospel In Hard Times for Students: Study Guide with Leader's Notes

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Interview Transcript

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Salameh locals edition over you building the truth will recover the headlines the heart lines and biblical truth I’m your host and rabbi Eric Walker many of you are asking why am I going through this where is God what I need and why does God allow suffering hard times come to everyone in various forms degrees and stages of life and when they do it’s human nature to ask why why me God how can such tragedies be part of your plan looking back on more than 50 years as a quadriplegic a wheelchair having endured chronic pain as well as the battle with breast cancer 2 times I can assure you that God isn’t afraid of our questions right Johnny arson tada in the most forward in fact he wants us to cry out scream out in here with me months because when we turn to God and his word for answers we’ll find a loving father who promises to never let us out of the saint and who wants to turn our tragedies in the triumph joining us today is Conda Ralston who has served as an editor and contributed for numerous Johnny and Friends resources over the past decade including the gospel in hard times and the gospel and hard times for students she’s also the author of the children’s book God made me unique whether the journalism and nonprofit background child is passionate about sharing stories inspire others act action on behalf of people who are vulnerable and marginalized she has served as a leader in both women and children ministry started an inner-city youth outreach in Dallas and helped launch an adoption support ministry she currently resides in the Arkansas with her teenage son you can learn more about dying friends at WWE Jo and I and friends are G here to talk about the latest release from Johnny and Friends the gospel hard times the study guide with the leaders notes is Honda where all tada welcome to this edition of reviewing hi there thanks for having me well we’re honored to have you how did you get involved with such an amazing organization it’s it’s a funny story and honestly nothing nothing but God just weaving it all together I was a journalism I have a journalism background and had been a writer for many years and I was at home with my son and I was part of a writer as the Dallas Christian writers guild and through that I made a connection with a staff member of Joni and Friends started to do some freelance work and and for years I had been praying for God to let me use my passion for writing for him and and so he chose Johnny and friends us as the way to answer that prayer which is pretty amazing well as you got to know her personally and the organization the overarching message maybe the vision of here she is a quadriplegic 50 years in a wheelchair a survivor or a thrive or one who says I will not let this define me I’m going to redefine it’s not going to be a disability it is going to be a supernatural ability it is going to be something bigger than I am and it’s contagious it is contagious absolutely it’s funny because you know he said in my in my bio there that I helped start an adoption support group so I have have always had passion for adoption and foster care I adopted my son and and so I just always thought that I would that I would I would end up in and once I learned at the ministry I I didn’t have a history with Johnny and friends and wasn’t very aware because I didn’t have a direct connection to disability at that point in time but once I learned about the ministry and the work being done and then I met this woman and I learned more about Johnny Erickson tada it absolutely just ignited a fire within me I then I say you know there were to be a doorkeeper in the house and melhores is the verse I said yeah I would honestly take out the transfer she is so inspiring and and and the work of the ministry in so many areas i work in the publishing administrative resources department within the Christian Institute on disability which is a vision that Johnny had years ago to reach the younger generations to help them understand to just bring up the younger pastors too you know we just have a children’s book as part of this package all as part of that vision that journey started off with to help folks understand that our mission and the fact that we need to be able to reach those affected by disability and serve those families and those individuals the common cry for people going through hard times is how do I get out of this and what I’ve learned from [Music] exposure to paraplegic quadriplegic people who have gone through this come out the other side they said that’s not the question and God wants you to ask he wants you to ask what right and and and the other side for some of those people like Johnny you know they’re still in a wheelchair but it’s just like you say the the question is how can I continue to honor God what does he want to do through me through this tragedy through these hard times through even say you know financial hardships or or mental illness what can do to teach me and how can he use me to influence those around me and and it isn’t boring not easy and johnny is the first person to say that it’s not easy but I mean not only as she looked through it’s over fifty years now in a wheelchair with quadriplegic that you mentioned having battled breast cancer twice and she is so inspiring on so many levels even when you see her intimately as as a staff member or I will never forget when she gathered us together as a staff too when she announced her first battle with breast cancer and so we weren’t really sure what to expect she she gathered us together as a staff across the country we have ministry offices around the country so she gathered us all together and you know in front of our computers and this and at our headquarters and and she made the announcement and she proceeded to tell us that you know what not everyone has been impacted by disability not everyone will understand our ministry directly but almost everyone has been impacted by cancer and so we’re going to trust God to use this we’re not gonna waste this cancerous what she loves to say and as he proceeded to sing great is thy faithfulness and I sat in front of my computer what’s he just rolling down my cheeks again just just inspired the more you work with her what is you see is her driving force that she wants others to grab ahold of what is what is kind of a monster what is kind of the firework the watch the word the scripture that she wants people who are going through the walkway um you know as a ministry I would say it’s a it’s the verses in Luke 14 beginning in 1421 where you know we call it the Luke 14 mandate and it’s where you know the the host of the the dinner party ghosts commands his servants to go out into the streets and to bring those that you wouldn’t necessarily hit in that day in that time see it at dinner party but he commands us to go out and bring in the blind and the lame and and those folks that’s our ministry the first set that is behind everything we do is a ministry I would say for Jonny personally to I mean in just my from what I’ve seen from the outside looking in is its Romans 8:28 it’s that we can trust that God it is working all things good even when they don’t make sense even when we’re hurting and and she’s not trying she she doesn’t ever come across as somebody who who won’t say it is hard and she admits as a young person struggling and even wanting to commit suicide when she was first in Jordan and stuck in in rehabilitation and then she admits as a cancer patient you know turn into Ken on on a couple of occasions saying boom I don’t know if I can do this but yet she has trusted guys she continues to trust God and that that is as I think what what draws so many to her life in her testimony and I will be your legacy now this new book the gospel and a hard-times how is this compared to other works and other projects and why this book for this season we were approached by a new growth press they have been excellent partners to work with to produce a package of resources one of the things I loved about working we all loved about working with new growth is that they’re not afraid to tackle some of these tough issues in these these hard questions that people are asking that sadly we’re not we’re not hearing a lot about it in our churches and from our pulpits and so as Christians we need to be able to have a place to go so that was definitely part of the draw was that we we’ve seen the struggles in our world be it as we said you know everything from the disability but to divorce to financial struggles to disease I mean we really tried to touch on hard times over all that we are all broken and we live in a broken world but also weaving through that the emphasis on the fact that you know not only do we all face our only brokenness but we are also very interdependent on God and on each other or we should be right I mean because I think more and more we’re socially isolated in our day and then our time our friends are online you know these online communities which are not bad necessarily but but it’s a call to help Christians understand that church needs to be a safe place churches need to be welcoming from one and all and we need to have places where we can take off the masks and get real and ask some of these tough questions and seek the answers in the words and find out you know what does Jesus want for me when I’m asking it in my room where where can I tell me for encouragement as we look at resources that are out there Bible studies guys there’s something unique about reigning about someone who this experience and be able to sit down and listen to Johnny talk about her struggles and her questions and her willingness to go into the I don’t know and I’m okay with not knowing the answer to that question I don’t know but God does and when he wants me to know if he wants me to know he’ll tell me and until that time I a man arrested in the comfort and the shelter in the cleft of the rock until the time comes that he reveals it and if he doesn’t reveal it there is no promise of understanding there’s no promise of the Bible that he will not take me to the desert there is no promise in the Bible that I will not have infirmity or affliction it says that I will have prosperity and abundance but if that’s spiritual that’s not visible I have I this is so temporary now fifty years a long time she’s been a great sport for a very long time fifty years is a long time me water to believe it fifty years is a long fine but may I interrupt and say we need to say happy birthday to Johnny today is her 70th birthday happy birthday Johnny person Tata was just a inspiration a delight powerful sense of humor a conquerer spirit more than conqueror and inspiration of so many but if she’s also been an inspiration to caregivers and people who are taking care of those who are infirm because there so many people that have to attend to her needs and it’s just really quite remarkable it is and I would say it along with with Johnny has been as far as an inspiration for caregivers is her husband Ken part of this resource package that we did with your press is again delving into those tough topics we have four mini books that are part of this package and one of those was actually written by Ken Tata and it is about when a marriage is affected my son and he too is very transparent and very real about the struggles even going into it eyes wide open and so what we try to do in the ministry is create resources to support husbands and wives and and and children that are now caring for their aging parents because the fact is is that know we may not all be affected by disability directly right now but at one point in life we will be right we have aging parents and something could happen you know at any minute that we have no idea so caregiving is a huge component and creating resources to support and inspire and equip and encourage caregivers is a is a real priority for Johnny in France as we look at this particular piece the gospel and hard times and we take a look giant broke her neck and dieting accident which which we know is the same kind of injury that Reeves Christopher Reeve so we kind of followed him along because he was a actor and well-known celebrity searched anymore then the world does the world needs her more than the church needs are met and I can assure you but as you began to lay this project out were you assigned with the project in this particularly the gospel in hard times you’re editing role and um actually I’m so proud to say that the way it works within our publishing administered resources department is is that I was part of it from the very beginning when we were laying the framework for what new growth wanted from us and and what what the framework would be and it was an honor to it it’s always kind of like birthing a baby they say this almost was very special because I’ve had my own personal struggles the last few years my teenage son was diagnosed with ADHD and he’s fine with me sharing that but sort of struggle and so you know even when I became when I came on staff and he had involved with the ministry I had no idea at that point in time that God was equipping me and helping me to edit and write stories and share the things that I have learned about these we call them hidden disabilities like ADHD and and those disabilities that are obvious that one day my own son would be having similar struggles and similar issues so the interesting thing that what I love about Johnny is that she’s very honest and open about her own story and she’s obviously woven throughout the book and chapter 7 is very much about Johnny’s story and all that God has done through her life but we also talked and and share the stories of many other people Nick boychik who was born with no arms and legs and it’s an inspirational figure traveling around the world there’s mental illness discovered there’s in the team study there are a lot of the issues that teams are struggling with loneliness social isolation teen suicide so although Johnny is the key figure throughout these resources we’ve really tried to to make it where almost anyone could relate to the the underlying message that we’re all broken we all live in a broken world it’s a lie that somehow a lot of us in the in the Western world and bought into that you know once we become Christians it’s going to be this you know easy sailing so to speak that in fact jesus warned us that in this world we wouldn’t have troubles so let’s not be surprised and let’s turn back to him and in return the church’s involvement in making sure that there is caregiving that there’s support that there is somebody to look after the caregiver that there are resources I would tend to say that there are many that are falling way short of having even handicapped accessible facilities let alone providing support for families and I’m not talking about delivering a casserole and so this becomes something that if I do this study as a small group in the church and I bring it into the kind of saying are in the next year what do we want to add dimensionally to the services we offer at our church do we want to serve our local community do we want to be more sensitive to the needs of those that either can’t get out or who need help in getting out who we should be ministering to but we have overlooked to them and there are many who are isolated and overlooked so this is the gospel and a hard-times and just how to get through hard times but it’s also clearings all for the church to rise up and answer the call to help guide the lead and provide for the needs of those in the community it absolutely is and you know I’m sitting here and I’m looking at your igniting a nation network logo there and to be honest that’s our hope we hope to ignite a fire under the church and and Christians in general to help them to understand the call that that we have so many hurting individuals and families out there so we break it down and the different lessons lesson six is one body many parts and we explain and we dive into you and help within that small group setting to help people understand that in fact we are all gifted they may look very different we have this tendency to to look at the pastor so their worship leaders those that have the gifts that you know these high-profile get some singing union and whatnot are teaching but in fact we all have gifts and we are all called to be a part of the body and scripture teaches that when those that we would consider the the weaker amongst us when they’re left out then actually part of the body is missing and we suffer as a whole so exactly we want to inspire this study we hope as a small group there’s a call to action section of the study each week that just is it’s kind of introducing those small group members to just a small step a certain you know change that they can make within their own minds or within their own body their own congregation to as you said to welcome all to maybe maybe there aren’t some people that are homebound that that we need to go the next step to make sure they’re involved we need to come to a break but we want to talk more in detail about each one of the six weeks that are laid out in this this study and talk through each part of it and really hit on some of the essentials to encourage people to want embrace it as that are evaluating and thinking about what the next studies going to be able to work talking with I’m sorry we’re talking with Carlton who is a part of Johnny and Friends and is worked on this project as editor and served as a contributor for many of the Johnny and Friends resources over the past decade including the loneliness in my hand which is called the gospel and a hard time a study guide with leaders notes we’re gonna take a short break and when we come back we’re gonna dig into the actual text of the book and take a look at how its laid out and how you can implement 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leaders know kinda welcome back to great to be back Shonda when we go through these hard times we’re asking the question why am I going through this where’s God when I need them all these things there is a methodology and us being able to break these questions down and explore Scripture and see others who were equally as afflicted whether or not it was with the same affliction or with whatever affliction there was that they were going through and how God played it out for us to be able to see how he operated in their infirmity and how we used community how we use people in their lives how it was that friends lowered a man down through the roof how it was that the people the blind man trying to get into the water all those who say well okay there’s many examples so how do we bundle them together and learn from them and that’s exactly what you’ve done in the gospel in hard times so kind of taken us through this there’s eight specific lessons the first one is hard times harder questions and what are we looking at there this is the the company to the reality of there’s tough times we’re going through go through difficult period right and we check we we really wanted to make and we’re very intentional from the beginning to make this book relatable not everyone is you know going to relate to quadriplegic but there’s there’s blindness there’s mental illness there’s there suicide there’s you know divorce almost any struggle that you can think of we really try to touch on so and we started in the beginning with lesson one each lesson has a take away which is just kind of a summary statement so for less than one it is God wants to bring good from our suffering as lead into him and trust him with the results so lesson one is kind of about acknowledging these misconceptions that we have that life is going to be easier or that we shouldn’t have problems but but indeed that we should expect to have struggles and suffering just as Jesus did you know and as you said you make you guys gave several great examples up friends coming alongside you know we see in Jesus life that whenever possible he healed he loved on folks and he restored them to community right like with the lepers I mean he wants us to be dependent on God dependent on him but also to be dependent on each other we are designed to live life in community so that’s kind of what we go back to in Lesson one you know it’s very interesting that for years I have preached in now over a thousand churches and it’s a message that is often requested and the core the message is is that when people come up against an obstacle they often curse the obstacle they curse the barrier the blockage whatever it is and that is absolutely antithetical to the scripture God wants us actually to embrace the obstacle knowing that our blessing is on the other side of breakthrough that’s where right that’s where we receive the blessing is on the other side of breakthrough unless we have breakthrough there is no growth there is no and James talks about that he says counted as pure joy perseverance brings the seed rest trials all of this so if I think of my life I’m going to go through a series of I look at them as the the the Olympics the hurdles they’re going to be hurdles and I’m gonna have to run this race and I’m gonna come to a hurdle all right and I may in practice as I’m practicing for this this lake test I may hit the hurdle and knock it down I may fall down and what have I learned from that well I need to step closer I need to run faster and it I just okay and what well how do I feel when I finally accomplished that I didn’t knock one hurdle down now I can now work on my speed I can now work on these other areas but I have to refund I still have to learn the basics and we still have to approach problems as opportunities for God to be apart so the first lesson hard times hard question says if you don’t involve God in the equation you are going to suffer in hard times with hard questions Medicus but if you involve God in the equation you will find a way to survive possibly thrive and even be assigned because God can trust you with a mandate a mantle a message a platform because you handled it well right exactly just just like Johnny gets out and early daily life you know and something that jumped out at me while you were talking is is we even go through in that first lesson just briefly touch on the stages of grief because you know we’re not trying to act like these things are not hard but it’s we’re not trying to to gloss over there is real pain and real suffering in this world but it’s processing it it’s it’s acknowledging it it’s feeling you know everything that that that our human nature just naturally feels but yet still trusting God going back to the scripture and understanding that everything that we’re enduring Jesus says I understand I’m not a distant God I’ve been there and I’ve been through it just like we’re here in Hebrews yes so as we move through this we find the next message goes from a hard time I have no answers I have hard times I have hard questions but I have no answers but love of one who wants to come alongside of me and wrap their arms around me and take my scared mat and put it in their star down and this is the message of this second chapter how did you get approached to that understanding that Jesus identified well we point to that verse in Hebrews it’s Hebrews 4:15 you know for we do not have a high priest who is unable with our weaknesses but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are yet without sin and so the second lesson we start off with the recent tragedy in Branson Missouri where a one of the tourist boats capsized right and we talk about a Christian kids that were teenagers that were on an on a mission trip those things just simply don’t make sense and and we struggle and we say why why and and to be honest we don’t have the answers we don’t know obviously you can point to someone like Johnny and her life and saying oh well because God wanted to use her to start this ministry that’s you know distributing wheelchairs in third-world countries and has impacted millions people right but for most of us the truth is is that we’re not going to have the answers as she said we’re not going to know why but what we can do is lean into the fact that Jesus loves us that nothing comes to us that’s not first filtered through God chance you know we talk about the sovereignty of God until something bad happens the grace of God the wonderfulness of God the beauty of God the richness of God bad-apple until you hear it or you hear of some some situation and all of a sudden this is what am i into a doctor whatwhat are you doing and you gotta help me god help me and we’re supposed to seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and then all these other things will be given to us and we serve God order and if we don’t go to him first he will find a way to get our attention so that we do want going to him or we eliminated a great source of power we’ve denied the power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit which is where the power given to us was came from Jesus 40 days walk the earth said I am leaving I will send you I will send you that a comforter I will send you to the council I will send you to the one who will come alongside of you and it will help you navigate but a court of heaven yeah and and one of the things that I’m really proud of that we we did study as so many of us are our visual learners now decently and we love to see things come to life and videos and YouTube all that and so so say for lesson two example each lesson has a video component that’s optional the disciplines don’t have to do it but we really encourage the small groups and they are segments from our giant resolution series that we did for several years and so in lesson two we feature captain Brian Bolton who was severely and tragically burned when his leaves a helicopter but a plane crashed in the military and and so just facing cannot only horrendous pain but a future that was uncertain is you know he lost his career and his livelihood everything and just the the testimony of what he and his life endured and how their faith endure and in how the holy spirit let’s say empowered them to make it through and and now that they can continue to point back to God and say he never left our side and he was faithful the entire time and this is what he did and we can see on the backside of it so we really each lesson includes one of those visual components that that I think it’s really helpful because you know no obviously we’re not going to experience something like John here or or an airplane crash but it kind of makes us feel like okay but maybe what I’m going through maybe I can make it through you know my social isolation or for my financial struggles if they can overcome that it’s just inspiring it it honestly this where it is so you then talk about a feeling and you know this is we have to find that place we do but if we have to become American inside or we cannot become reconciled we can happen you know and the truth is is that we have to find our place of healing within ourselves within our personal relationship with Jesus and being able to let go and trust me do this if we don’t have the answers and even if we don’t understand why but the challenge that we’ve been working and the lesson that referenced years in Lesson four of the study is that we want the churches to be a place to hear we want our churches to be congregations where those who are hurting and Charlotte and a transparent can take off the masks that we’ve been on and our you know the German girls and be able to come alongside one another and acknowledge you know these are my struggles maybe you may not be struggling with that or maybe this isn’t your season is struggling right he talked about that they’re going over the hurdle for that he wants to heal us and comfort us so that then we can provide that same comfort to one another you know it’s he does come down to the Ministry of one muttering that was the beauty of the last line of Acts chapter 2 it says God added daily so their numbers those been saved mm-hmm God that did that because the people were taking care of each other they ministered to one other they shared it with one of they prayed for one another they had everything in common no one was in need because they looked after the needs of one another and so I did a sermon and I did a eulogy with a funeral service and the funeral service was that the congregation had lost a very valuable member and that was the person’s name was someone else and because every meeting I was in I would say well we need to get something to this well let’s get someone else to do it so well something okay yes someone else has died and now it’s time for you to step in for someone else but I did this whole it was it was all set up as a whole funeral service for someone else because because that was the most often I would hear people talk about well we’ll just get someone else to do that you know maybe you can ask somebody else and so there is a place of healing there’s also the role of healing of what part can i play and that part may be a phone call a wellness check there’s the small things that anybody can do you a Starbucks exactly you know you mentioned caregivers earlier offering you know just a couple hours be able to adjust that they enjoy or maybe thirty they’re behind their standard there are so many ways that we can kind of long sigh women another union suppose someone else is that group that’s really just sending them over there and you know we are just trying to understand doesn’t have to get the program it doesn’t have to be complicated it really is a matter of letting folks welcoming down even a feel safe getting to know you know making a phone call is so easy Oh your next one is bringing the broken God the truth is all of us are broken right this cup is made of solid metal and it does not if I put a lay in there you would not know it because it cannot reflect late all right so when God says let your light so shine that man will see your good works and bring glory to your father in heaven it’s through the cracks in my veneer it’s through the cracks in my vessel that my light can come through it’s not in my perfection this is perfectly formed all right ain’t no light can shine through it it’s only through my broken my cracks by my shattered places where the light can can come out then it can be noticed and it can be a blessing to another that in my brokenness I in my I’m strong in the broken places these treasures and jars of clay right and these jars of clay are cracked jars of sight these are not perfect we only have a couple of minutes left the last lesson is entitled reasons for hope and second Peter 3:15 is a challenge to the body to have a ready answer for the hope that they have and unfortunately most people’s hope it is 2,000 years old my hope is is that he died on the cross that’s my hope well hope is never pass past hope can never be 2000 year at all hope is always the future tense event Hogan is always what’s to come that’s what is based on well it’s coming his return is what my hope is based on so here I am I’m facing this gospel in a hard time the reality is is that I’m not gonna walk again the reality is I’m not going to run on a marathon hey how long 68 years old never run a marathon and I just never made it there well Bryce scripture says that only the would get it wrong when no one is changing them so I excused but the message of hope that we want to leave with the people is that even in the most difficult times God says he will never leave you or forsake you what is the message of hope in the gospel in hard times you want people to walk away after eight weeks to months to vote at the time and effort to walk away from it with a hope that says what right um and we were yes this is not an easy set we’re very brutal it’s very tough topics so we wanted to sit in on the hope that we should all have the answer to you know why we can’t be nice why to smile and sing pretty songs and meets and inhabit away that is it’s just confusing to discern right and so you sort of that said we need sugar and it’s personal testimony of adding co2 despite of all the disturbance it again you know today relieve manipulating us and the other man is that we delay our hard times circles everybody has seats and entrust the understand that has purposed in it and through it many times I pulled it out of the Sun to encourage these words I said a problem to the pastor that I would be agreed no matter how long and in our circumstances of our time God says it’s only temporary no matter how long it takes and for the guy for the job and in 50 years and 350 years a long time but if you will tell you that she knows that there’s an end waiting for her whether she will dance she was saying she will walk she will feel no pain she will not stop her you know in our eyes there’s a place waiting for her she’s not a hurry to get there she’s playing hold on over this length so that you can do more and she’s an example to all of us but no matter how long it takes and we’re gonna trust him the doorman each time so he is our rock and our Redeemer he’s our foundation him we will trust we were talking with John Ralston from the group Johnny and Friends a wonderful fabulous ministry to find him at Johnny and Friends thought o RG great resources to help anybody and everybody through the challenges of any kind of disability but especially the gospel and hard times a new study guide with leaders notes and videos from Johnny and Friends about how to get through the difficult time it’s a clarion call for the church to step up and say it’s not up to somebody else it’s up to us and if it’s going to be let’s do it here let’s provide for our own community and if we do that we won’t need so many organizations around the world filling in the void because we’ll be doing what God has called us to do that’s right Chandra Ralston thank you bang Johnny faint Johnny and Friends for all of the wonderful work may God bless all the works of your hands I sure will my pleasure thank you thank you wearing a short break and when we come back we’ll bring you the next edition of rebuilding Luther

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