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Dan Darling

January 7 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CST

Author of:
The Characters of Christmas: The Unlikely People Caught Up in the Story of Jesus

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Interview Transcript

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Shalom and welcome to this edition of revealing the truth will recover the headlines the heartlines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Erik Walker here we are on the new year with Christmas behind us and an opportunity to reflect back on that celebration with its sparkling lights and piles of gifts and heartwarming sentiments it’s certain was easy to get caught up in the flurry of activity at Christmas and forgetting about who’s at the center of it all how do we recapture our love for the Christmas story for Jesus and better understand those who played a pivotal role in his birth maybe you and your church covered this maybe you didn’t and it’s something that our next guest is passionate about he takes readers back to the time of Christ’s birth looking at the unusual group of misfits societal outcasts and often overlooked characters in the Christmas story from the angels to the shepherds to the innkeeper and even Herod himself he brings each one to life explores the role and the Christmas story and digs deep to reveal truth from their lives that impact believers today he fresh fresh fresh takes on characters like Joseph Mary the innkeeper Simeon and Anna of the Weizmann and shares insight into the song of the Angels the shepherd Herod Zechariah and Elizabeth as well as gives a detailed look in the surprising people in a lineage of Messiah Daniel darling is a prolific author and speaker believes Christmas music should be sung all year round he is currently serving as the vice president for communications for the ethics and religious liberty commission he’s the author several books including I – faith real the original Jesus and the dignity revolution he’s a columnist for home life and a regular contributor to in Touch magazine Christianity today and the gospel coalition his op-eds have appeared in USA Today CNN The Washington Times Time magazine Huffington Post National Review Washington Post and Four things he served in churches in Illinois in Tennessee here to share his new book the characters of Christmas the unlikely people caught up in the story of Jesus is Dan darling Dan welcome to revealing the truth it’s great to be here with you today and glad to be here talking about Christmas yeah it’s sad you know it’s interesting if you find say why are you doing a Christmas story now well because starting right before Thanksgiving the Christmas buzz and the retail world began to start to distract and the radio stations began playing the Christmas music and the stores began to hang the garland and put up Santa Claus and all that and the card section of the store changed and the candy canes were hung and all of a sudden the distraction of all the commercial aspects all the glitz and all the glamour and all the pressures of what the retail gift of the year and was this toy store gonna run out of this and all the things that were taking a consideration but all are really secondary and peripheral to the real story of what the celebration was so maybe because it was a couple weeks ago that we can now all have the tree put away and have the house cleaned up and everything back to normal it’s time to really reflect on what do we just do and how can we prepare ourselves to do it differently when we do it next year and so I think the timing of it is God ordained and we had to reschedule we were gonna do this several months ago but God and His infinite wisdom said no we’re gonna time this so that we can do this reflecting back on whether or not did you talk about these people in the Christmas story did you have these conversations did you examine the messages contain with each one of these character studies and the answer is going to be a resounding no we didn’t we were too busy rehearsing for the play rehearsing for the chorus reversing for this preparing for that setting up the kid doing all the busy work of Christmas and not taking the time to really understand the real larger picture that God wants to present through this message but before we get into the the book and the characters of Christmas let’s talk about you your journey to faith and what the early influencers and development your life were whether it’s parents or grandparents or community or maybe none of that so take us on a journey back into the life of Dan darling so yeah that’s a great question so we go back to actually my parents my father grew up on a kind of a broken home a nominal Christian family but no they didn’t go to church or anything and he when he was in his early 20s he walked forward at a Billy Graham crusade in Chicago the 1971 Billy Graham crusade and actually on my wall in my office I have a picture of that and somewhere out there in the audience he’s out there and he gave his life to Christ him and his mother walk forward and it really changed the trajectory of whole family you know his siblings became Christian then and and then he you know he not long after he found my my mom who grew up who’s Jewish grew up in a Nam you know they were they were not very Orthodox they were just kind of you know socially secular with common secular sitting fairly secular yeah I mean they they kept some of the practices she became a Christian they got married and so we I grew up in in church became a Christian at the age of four my mom led me to Christ and have really always loved the church and loved new-new from early on that I would be doing something involved in ministry work loved the church you know dedicated my life to Christ you know when I was in middle school to go to into full-time Christian service and I’ve always been on two tracks really I’ve always loved the ministry and I will always love kind of cultural stuff in politics and and I’ve always been a writer you know I’ve ever since I was junior high just started writing just loving it and the Lord has been kind to allow me to have different opportunities to kind of use my gifts I’ve pastored before now I’m an executive at a denominational agency at the ear I’ll see here but I also you know I’m an associate pastor I write books so bunch of those things I’ve been married to my wife of 17 years Angela we have four kids we live in Nashville so it’s the Lord’s been good to us had you embraced any part of your Jewish heritage that’s a great question I haven’t really not a ton I mean I’ve been to Israel four times and I just love Israel I mean if it was up to me I’d go every year you understand you’re entitled to citizenship I am I know that yes I could actually serve in the military if I lost about a hundred pounds or seventy pounds but yeah and I haven’t embraced a lot of it but I I’m very intrigued obviously by it and really have become very much a advocate I think for not just for the State of Israel but also for Jewish people and I’m I’m actually quite distressed at the rising anti-semitism I’m saying you know here in America but also around the around the world well it’s it’s I would encourage you to to certainly embrace your yourself as a Jewish believer when you have a Jewish mother that is from the days of Ezra Nehemiah from the Babylonian captivity we could always identify who the mother was wouldn’t always know the father was prior to that of course it was based on the lineage of the father and from the seed of Abraham so was always a paternal lineage until the time of Ezra Nehemiah and the raping of the Jewish women that it was became the standard that it’s obvious who the mother is you may not always know who the father is but I have Jewish parenting on both sides of my family grandparents great-grandparents great-great-great I’ve been back to all of our points of origin points of immigration also been to all the camps that my family were in who stayed in Europe and in Ukraine and I’ll be making my 17th trip to Israel in two months when you dig deep inside in your blood and we’re just recognized here in America now as a nationality as a nation we are now protected by government edict that says that we are now as we should be because God said we were a people set apart we were to be a nation and from the two he would make one one new man and so there’s only two people groups in the Bible Jews and Gentiles which makes this narrative about the life and times of first century Judaism of the Jewish Messiah in the context of why are all these characters and what was what were the social and legal mores at the time of the birth of Jesus what was this message to Joseph and how distressing could that have been to Miriam Mary let’s go back to their real names Yosef and Miriam last name not Christ as many would believe that Joseph and Mary Christ had a little boy named Jesus Christ but listen I spent 44 years in the synagogue before I came to faith 20 now 24 years ago so I know what we thought that mr. mrs. Christ had a little boy named Jesus we had no idea of this Christ and and why would we what what did it have to do with us and of course having coming to faith it after being in an active in the synagogue all my life these were stunning revelations and and my grandparents were the religious ones my parents were not my father was Hungarian immigrant and wanted nothing to do with persecution thus the name Walker not Jewish but both of it was our family name and so they changed it so that we would never were raised to tell people that we were Americans and when people say what are you our answer was war Americans that’s it said you go no further you know don’t ask you if you’re Christian if you’re Jewish you just answer you’re an American said that’s all you have to say so it’s very interesting that the reported levels of anti-semitism are certainly on the increase but the levels of anti-semitism have really never changed not in the fourth level of 4,000 4,500 years since Abraham was called to be set apart and our time in Egypt with Pharaoh and then on to Haman and Herod and Hitler and now the current rise anti-semitism that’s reported is is disturbing on many levels especially when it’s at the hands of churchgoers it’s at the hands of denominational Christianity that stands against Israel and considers Israel to be an apartheid country and condemned by denominations of churches that will no longer pray for Israel and will boycott Israel and not understanding that the politics of a nation have nothing to do with what God has spoken about his covenant relationship with Israel and as a believer you’re grafted in to the Commonwealth of Israel your inheritance is the same as mine and that’s laid out in Genesis 15 it’s a land covenant it’s the land of Israel is your inheritance and that’s where Jesus will rule and reign from why would you want to be why would you love the Jewish Messiah but hate the Jewish people I love the Jewish Messiah but not love the country he was born in and ministered in and will return to rule and reign from so it’s very interesting when you look at your Jewish roots and even your identity in Messiah is a Jewish one and the characters that you look at in context are have to be examined through that lens your early writings have all been engaged in a book or the original Jesus expository study of who he was a rabbi and how do you what inspires you to write what you write and to chronicle what you Chronicle well I think you know I I just love writing and communicating the gospel to in various ways I love the scriptures I’ve been you know I feel like when Paul talks to Timothy and says you from a child you’ve known the Holy Scriptures and and it’s interesting because you know the rhythms of my childhood that you don’t even think about when you’re a kid going to church three times a week memorizing scripture singing hymns okay you don’t even know half the time what it means but what it does to your heart and it’s just this rich treasure and God’s always give me a love for the word on for love for the church and really I’ve always thought my calling was to really edify the church and and and and and write to the church whether it’s you know helping Christians think through how do I live out my Christian life in this culture so this is why I write the the dignity revolution we talk about human dignity and how should Christians think about human dignity in the way they look at themselves but also look look at their neighbors or the original Jesus where I’m really just kind of deconstructing a lot of you know false kind of American views of Jesus instead of the real Jesus and really the characters are Christmas you know I’ve always always loved Christmas every time every year comes around I just love December I love the music I love everything about it and it’s such a rich narrative when you read the Gospels you read the story of the Incarnation it to me Christmas is like a multi-faceted diamond that you could look at from so many different angles and I really what I wanted to do is in this book is really look at the different characters and the different people who are swept up into the story of Jesus you know we’ve made them famous 2,000 years later you know the Shepherd’s in the Weizmann and Joseph and Mary and Simeon and Anna but in the first century these were not famous people these were ordinary people these were people in a backwater town of Nazareth which was a you know which is a backwater town in Judea which was a backwater part of the Roman Empire they didn’t have social standing they didn’t have money they didn’t have prestige there were common people who were faithful whom God used and it really tells us something I think about the kingdom of God that that makino God is mostly made up of ordinary people you know there’s a few people who have prominence do you think about the church today the way God is growing the church today yeah there’s some people that are fairly famous and prominent but mostly the church is growing through ordinary people that God is using and so this is kind of the story that I wanted to tell even with this and to really encourage Christians to think well around Christmas about about what the Incarnation means from a prophetic standpoint there are two very specific references in the Bible to the watershed prophetic fulfillment one is the birth of the Messiah prophesied all the way back to genesis 3:15 that the seed of the woman would come into the world and the second is the last week of Jesus life were 28 specific prophecies were fulfilled over a four-day period these are the prophetic confirmations of what God was saying so that when we look at at what’s happening in the Middle East as we look at the alignment for setting the stage for the campaign of Armageddon that we have very strong foundation of prophecy fulfilled that leads us to believe that all of the prophecies will be fulfilled just as accurately and precisely as the first 2000 is about 2500 of the first 2,000 which have been fulfilled that the remaining 500 will be fulfilled the exact same way that the first 2,000 were which is exactly the way God said that they would be and so all the way back to King David all the way back to the psalmist’s all the way back to the the words of Jacob over Judah as as he proclaimed that the separate scepter would never depart from his hand and that that through his lineage a king would be raised up the promise to David King will always be in your lineage to sit on the throne of Israel and we look at the all the prophecies about for unto us a child is born the Virgin will be with child these were our prophetic statements of the Old Testament being fulfilled in the actual birth of the Messiah and the people involved a Levitical priest whose father’s is is the father of John the Baptist and he plays an important role in this and the examination has to be in the context of the life and times of the birth of the Messiah socially economically politically legally under the Mosaic system how these things lined up in order to really understand the real players in this narrative I think it’s a very important relevant study that few may have ever done they know the names of some of these people but do they know the background of some of these people and you do a phenomenal job of explaining that in the book we’re talking with Daniel darling author of the characters of Krishna the unlinking people caught up in the story of Jesus if you’ve never examined who the real players are you know Jesus is the product he’s the outcome of all of these different players doing their part in bringing about either as a messenger or as a receiver or someone obedient or somebody who seems to have a supporting role but when you really take a look at their character they are an ordinary person who does extraordinary things for the protection and the life of our Messiah to be able to come into this world when there was someone 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talking with Daniel darling author of the new book the characters of Christmas the unlikely people caught up in the story of Jesus dan welcome back to this segment hey I’m glad to be back here and glad to be talking about the characters of Christmas when we were just coming out of break you made a statement and the statement was is that in telling the story of Christmas all of the details matter that’s true I mean I think you know if if we believe that the Gospels are part of the inspired canon of the Word of God the New Testament Canon this is god-breathed breathing out and speaking to us using human instruments of course then we have to know that nothing in the Bible is filler nothing is just kind of an aside and and particularly in the Christmas story the details of the Christmas story you think Matthew and Luke really predominantly tell the story both of them are very detail oriented Matthew being a tax collector think of an accountant IRS type person very detail-oriented counting money so he’s going to get his story right Luke being a in some ways a journalist but also a doctor again very detail-oriented so even the things we kind of passed by so for instance you know there’s we’ve kind of mythologized the idea of the innkeeper so we don’t really know if there wasn’t innkeeper but it’s interesting to me when you read the story that Luke makes a point of saying there is no room for him in the end so here Joseph and Mary come back to the ancestral hometown it’s a long arduous trip that’s already difficult she’s already well pregnant they get there we don’t know what they found there some scholars believe it was a cave some believe it was a roadside Inn like the parable the Good Samaritan some people think of that might have stayed with family I’ve actually been to the Church of the Nativity and I’m you can go underneath her and some kind of grotto there some people didn’t feel that’s where Jesus was born but what we do know Luke said there is no room and just imagine for a moment the creator of the universe the one who hung the Stars the one who breathed life into human beings as a Creator because Paul tells us in Colossians that he upholds all things by the word of his power he the one for that created human beings there’s no room for him in the world he created but also I think there’s an interesting irony here that the one for whom there was no room is making room for those who believe and I think that’s what Luke is trying to say that the suffering servant comes there’s no room but he’s making room for those who believe we don’t know who it was there that that met them someone had a tell Mary and Joseph that there was no room wasn’t a was it a proprietor of the establishment we don’t know but I do think those details matter in looking at and examining as you have what were some of the most profound things that came to you and he revealed in the book that the average believer average churchgoer has probably never considered in this story of the birth of the Messiah hmm that’s a great question I do think there’s a couple things here I think one is just how what Mary and Joseph were signing up for when they said yes it’s true Mary would be blessed among woman we know the end of the story they didn’t really I mean they knew some of it but Mary is a young teenage girl not yet married she’s a virgin what she was signing up for by saying yes she was saying yes to a life of hardship of difficulty of shame really you know Mary and Joseph got visits from the angel assuring them this was from the Holy Spirit but their family did their mom their parents didn’t their their their relatives didn’t so they probably wouldn’t all believe this story that she was carrying the Messiah in fact we know that Jesus family even in Nazareth didn’t really believe the Messiah story and so they they had to be willing and she had to be willing to be an outcast in many ways to be an unwed mother in that society in a small tight-knit community an honor and shame culture very difficult but she was saying yes and she could say yes because if you read her prayer she understood what this baby was this was the one who would inaugurate his kingdom and turned the world upside down that would be a check on the power the powerful and and those who prey on the vulnerable he would you would usher in a new king and ultimately he would be this one who would save people from their sins Mary said this is my Savior so she could do that but Simeon would later say that a sword will pierce your soul and let’s think of the suffering she had to go through beyond the shame she had to watch her son grow up and be scorned and be mocked and abused be be misunderstood and then she would be there at the foot of the cross as as he’s dying and agonizing death and peeled off the cross but Roman soldiers so but Mary could say yes to the will of God because Jesus would ultimately say yes in the garden and take the cup of God’s wrath and it’s the same with Joseph I think Joseph is probably the most obscure he’s the one that we kind of forget there’s not that many songs written about him but here he was committing he also took shame of being with a woman who you know had a he was committing to parenting a child that was not his own but Joseph always did the next right thing whatever wasn’t front who’s faithful he didn’t have much power or authority or or money but he did what was right he did the next right thing he cared for the son of God and he too could say yes to taking on the shame of this baby because that baby would take on his shame at the cross you know when I’ve examined the story because this was new for me I knew Christmas as a hallmark event I didn’t know it as a anything so after I came to faith on December 21st of 1996 four days later his Christmas I had never thought of Christmas in my Jewish life and all the sudden now I’m confronted with I’m believing in this story and I have now because I stayed up all night to read the New Testament after I accepted the Lord on Saturday morning at about service I went immediately to the store broke Sabbath laws went to the store made a purchase of a new Bible and went home and read the New Testament and didn’t put it down I started in Matthew and I didn’t finish and I understood it because it was all Jewish thought there’s no expression contained in there that’s a Greek thought it’s all Jewish thought because it’s all Jewish authors so I come to this narrative and I’m thinking to myself why why Joseph why a man named Joseph why was his name Yeshua Ben Joseph Jesus or Salvation son of Joseph okay why the name Joseph why not Ben why not Phil why not Rob why not Dan you know all good wholesome names why Joseph he was he to suffer like the Joseph of Genesis was he to suffer and be despised by man was he the embodiment of Isaiah 53 was this going to be a world that was going to be harsh damn coming in and he was going to need someone of comfort somebody who was familiar somebody who you know maybe because of his skill I don’t know God’s not random and names are very very important and we know in the Hebrew construct of the Old Testament name have so much revelation and meaning and the New Testament as well so much revelation meaning in the name why Joseph because under the Mosaic law would be considered to be a violation of his father her father’s covenant to deliver a bride who was pure and yet God saw to it that she would pass the test for virginity but they didn’t consummate their marriage until after so there would be no physical evidence that she was a virgin this was very important in the mosaic system and in the cultural environment that they were in to be able to say that she was pure and if she wasn’t pure that he could return her to the Father and nullify the marriage because it was presented under false pretenses we look at the story of Rachel Leia this was a deception perpetrated upon Jacob and so it all has relevance it all has importance and yet he was willing to do which she was also willing to do how rare and how unique a character and a relationship with God what would you do and your wife do if you receive this message that says your wife is going to be pregnant and it’s going to be by the Holy Spirit would you say yeah right who is this would you share that with somebody and yet we don’t see them going out and talking about this when you look at their character what was it that God knew and that he could send the messenger Gabriel to speak to them the same one that met Zechariah in the temple Elizabeth’s husband father John the Baptist’s hmm it’s amazing to look at the pureness of character and to hear the words obedience is better than sacrifice and how many can really say that they’re so tuned in to the Word of God and to a move of the Spirit as we see in the character of Mary and Joseph that they would go against everything they knew just because you weren’t a student of rabbinic Studies and and a part of the Pharisees or a part of the educational system Peter was was revealed as what they call unlearned he was an ignorant he wasn’t illiterate he was actually an extraordinary businessman that had a lot of Commerce going on but he didn’t go to the sit at the feet of the rabbi nor did Joseph he was a stonemason carpenter if you will so what was it about their character that you were able to reveal that gives understanding into why God used them and what role they played in with their faith in this story well that’s it that’s a great set up and I think you know there’s a couple things going on here I think one we have to say God delights throughout the story of the scriptures the one story in you know the story of Scripture is not always about the characters of it’s about God he he plucks Abraham from a pagan nation that makes it makes out of him a nation he plucks David’s greatest king from the Shepherd fields out of obscurity God delights in doing this and and so part of the narrative of this is he chooses the least likely people the people who the world might not say are the people you would choose in terms of who do you want to be to care for Stuart this great responsibility of the Messiah but on the other hand God also knew you know Joseph was a man of character first of all he was he was in the right bloodline he you know he was in the line of day of the family of David as was Mary so establishing Jesus legal right to the throne of David but Joseph was faithful Joseph always the Bible says he was a righteous man he’s a faithful follower of God he he always did the right the right thing he didn’t think of the way even he treated Mary before he had the angelic vision just when he you know it’s it’s interesting to me that Luke says you know it basically that Joseph found out see Matthew Luke I can’t remember but it was discovered that Mary was pregnant which is so funny and so understanding because how was it discovered did that Mary tell him was there a baby bump and how long was there between the time that he noon but when the angel visited we shortened it all together but it could have been weeks or months how many sleepless nights to Joseph have then what am I gonna do with this how am I gonna do this he always did what was right you know he could have done to one of two things he could have publicly shamed Mary which would which was probably the common thing and the thing that most people expected you to do think of the woman caught in adultery in John where she’s brought out in shame she could have been publicly shamed possibly even killed yes but he doesn’t do that he instead puts decides he can put her away privately which causes him personal shame and hurt his reputation but he did it because he didn’t think about himself he thought about Mary and then when the angel comes he said it says he immediately got up and married Mary know to take on Mary who’s pregnant in that community would be a huge you’re taking on shame you taken on responsibility he gets up immediately and does the hard and difficult thing God calls him to do when he has to go back to Bethlehem he takes and does the hard thing and takes him back when he gets the vision from the angel to go to Egypt he takes impacts everyone up and flees to Egypt and so we always just see Joseph always doing the right thing always doing the faithful thing and that’s the kind of people God looks for he looks for people who are available who are faithful not even spectacular even gifted just who’s willing to put their yes on the table and say okay I’m going the supporting cast if Joseph and Mary are the lead actors lead players in this story they’re the incubator for the Messiah how they treat each other how they live during this and then to continue to hear from the Lord as you would expect that if Lord dispatched a messenger Navi in this case a Moloch an angel that he would continue to protect them and guide them and they would be obedient so when Herod who put a hit out on all the two-year-olds and under making they’re sleeping not knowing the details but hearing that attention was being focused and that someone greater than him was had come unto the earth that he was going to do his crazy act and want to destroy them that they heeded the call to flee until the threat passed and the threat passing was Herod’s death so they are the lead actor and actress in this entire narrative they’re not a supporting role they’re the lead players but there’s other people along the way and when you look at the tradition that they took Jesus as a baby to be dedicated in the Great Temple in the Second Temple in Jerusalem that they lived a even as far out as they were even not being raised up in this mosaic system but the whole country was of the Jewish world was living under the same set of 613 commands given in the Old Testament there was no New Testament this was the only system in place the supporting cast what were some stunning revelations for you about the supporting players that never get talked about well I think one of the one of the people that is really interesting is our Simeon and Anna they kind of leap on the page from nowhere and there’s this couple you know and they they believe there they’re not a couple but they they’re waiting for the Messiah everyone in Israel is cynical no one everyone is you know they’re seeing the Roman flag high above their land they have false messiahs that come and gone they were they were they people were waiting for the Messiah but they didn’t actually think it would happen you see this even with Zechariah that okay we’re praying for this but you know I don’t know man I don’t know if it’s but but there were some a remnant who really read the Hebrew read the scriptures and believed and they they read the prophecies they read where it says that unto us a son is given unto us a child is born and so they’re waiting in the temple year after year people probably think they’re crazy who’s that old guy over there he thinks is his kind of have he’s waiting for the baby come you know just like people think we’re crazy to think Jesus isn’t gonna come back again right and same with Anna and yet one day the Holy Spirit whispers in simians ear this is the one that that couple that child and he comes over and he blesses the couple he blesses Jesus and then Anna comes over and these were not people that had a lot of power prestige Simeon was a priest he was older he we don’t even know much about him but he’s faithful Anna was a widow who probably had very little social status there was no safety net back then for for what else he probably some people feel she might have stayed at the temple so I like but but here they were and they believed and what’s interesting is Simeon says now I can now I can die and what a great message we having encountered Jesus we can now face our own mortality we’re ready to die and that’s really question that face is everybody you know are you ready to face your own mortality and if you’ve met Jesus who that baby who would look go on later to defeat sin and death would defeat death is the final enemy Simeon could die because he knew that would happen what a great great awesome part of that Christmas story and yet the narrative that we hear has nothing to do with any of that I think we’ve strayed so far from the real not just the meaning and you know a lot of people say put Christ back in Christmas and it’s it’s much more than that it’s understanding prophetically that all of these the coming of Messiah the birth of Messiah was foretold by the psalmist foretold by the prophets and that that these same this miracle birth is maybe just one step higher than a baron eighty year old woman getting pregnant and giving birth to Isaac both of them would be considered miracle births mm-hmm so a virgin an 80 year old barren woman it’s the what are the odds okay what are the odds it seems almost more likely that a virgin could become pregnant somehow than an 80 year old barren woman so we see the foundation being laid for us to be able to receive and then we’re told specifically that the Virgin will be with child and that for that that’s that’s I always like to say it’s a play on words that that’s inconceivable yeah well and that’s the theme of Scripture though there’s a theme throughout Scripture of God birthing something out of what was considered dead right you think of Sarah her infertility think of Hannah you think of Elizabeth I’m the this is a pattern and I think it’s a it’s a it’s a signpost to the kind of new birth that God wants to birth in us right that God is doing a work a new creation work he’s as Ephesians says he’s making alive what was once dead in us and it’s it’s sign of the new birth it would seem that in this narrative in this study that we’ve kind of over commercialized we’ve sit almost the scriptures aside because of tradition and you and I from our lineage and heritage are a people of great tradition great universally celebrated traditions across the world every synagogue on Friday night has Shabbat services and a very similar liturgy all across the world a very uniform celebration can walk in at any time during a service and know exactly where you are in the service based on what prayer is being recited at that particular time whether or not I’m in Tokyo Japan whether I’m not in Jakarta India or whether or not I’m in Philadelphia Pennsylvania it’s the same Christmas tradition some are more to the crash or the the scene and the baby Jesus and others are just the tree and the commercialism of it but the book takes an in-depth look at the character and I think that it’s not just the characters but it’s the character of the characters and it really is a dive into the personalities to the faith to the tuning into what God is doing and we’ve become a people that have become maybe not tuned in to what God is doing in this season and we benchmark certain seasons Easter Christmas we benchmark those but are we really listening and watching to see what God is doing in that season and that is the challenge raised after reading your book of saying am i tuned into what God is doing in each season not just the big ones but in every season and if I can understand what he’s doing through other people what he’s done through other people in the Bible that I can have my life radically impacted by modeling after those who model what Messiah described in his three and a half years of ministry of what that character would be like and these are the reference points these are the people who demonstrated the character that is what we are trying to be conformed to and transformed into and it’s a great tool for taking us unplugging us from the lights and the garland – back to the word which breathes life to the dead Daniel darling author of the characters of Christmas the only thing people caught up in the story of Jesus it’s saying very good read a different perspective than you’re gonna find almost anywhere else and I highly recommend it Daniel darling thank you for sharing this with us here on revealing the truth well thank you and thank you for having me on I’m honored to be here god bless you my friend we’re gonna get short break and when we come back we’ll bring you the next edition of revealing the truth.

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