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Derick “Dizzy” Grant

January 8 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am CST

Author of:
Results: An Athlete's Devotional

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Interview Transcript

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Shalom and welcome to this edition of revealing the truth will cover the headlines the heartlines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Erik Walker in the sports world the championships get all the credit but it’s the day in and day out commitment along the journey that is responsible for those results our lives are no different if you want to get to heaven you must first learn to follow and walk the walk of faith as Jesus did throughout your life remember the results are a byproduct of what you did in the beginning middle and end of your journey and God is there with us through all of our successes and all of our failures opening doors to the next bigger but our opportunity our next guest encourages you to continue to walk in your faith to learn to fully trust God for guidance and direction well it may seem like there is no path God will see you through it Derek grant played for the Harlem Globetrotters for eight years entertaining millions of fans or on the globe in 70 countries during his time with the Globetrotters he sucked the first four point shot in basketball history during a nationally televised espn2 special in December of 2010 he’s an alum of Ashford University having earned his bachelor’s degree in business leadership and a master’s in organized organizational management magna laude currently he is a professional skills trainer who works with countless NBA and WNBA players as well as kids to give them the same opportunities he was afforded to Lauren learn more about Derek dizzy grant please visit Derek grant grant speaks comm here to talk about his new devotional results and athletes devotional is Derek dizzy grant Derek welcome to this edition of revealing the truth well it’s a it’s an honor and a privilege I grew up with the name Abe Sapperstein on my lips my quasi uncle you know how you grow up and you have uncles that have up nothing to do with your family they’re not you know they’re not no tree no limb no branch nothing but at in the 50s everybody that was a close friend of the family you didn’t call mr. so-and-so they were uncle so-and-so and my uncle was the guy behind the Civic Pittsburgh Civic Arena and then going out and getting the talent and he brought the Globetrotters in and I got to go back and meet Meadowlark lemon who pawned my little nine-year-old head I mean you know this is like 1961 you know back in the day and I think I’m pretty sure I’m a Dave Saperstein he’s traveled with a team a lot was very involved in the promotional aspects of it and you know everybody knows that goodwill ambassadors of the Harlem Globetrotters the talent is extraordinary and the hijinks and the fun and and you know it had to be extremely satisfying for you to have been a part of that organization I know that in the book you talk about how hurt you were at the end when when they told you that you weren’t coming back and that’s all part of our faith journey and all part of when God says no and learning to say I said no to that what are you saying yes to so faith is what this book is all about and I want to go back to your childhood I want to go back to your dad working his way up the ladder at craft food what was the moral fiber what was the message it was the influencer in a community grew up in was matriarchal society strong grandmother or a mom who had who could have played for the Globetrotters because her arms stretched as far as it could further than you thought it could before she whacked you on the back of the head I used to think my mom was Stretch Armstrong she’d go across an entire dining room table and never get up out of her chair all right so you know what I’m talking about oh yeah all right so tell us take us on a journey back to the early days of your faith and then the seven-year-old watching the first time on TV and how and how that changed your vision and your life and how your faith was impacted by that journey yeah my parents both of them grew up in rural South Carolina during sixties er and civil rights movement they were they were taught they were taught to work hard that was like that was that was that was life for them you you show me his work hard regardless of the circumstances sometimes the odds are stacked against you you still show up and work hard my dad was one of nine he was the third youngest he lost his father when he was 7 years old so you know his mother never went who never remarried so she raised nine kids by herself working two and three jobs and my dad was the only one from his family to go on to graduate college no one else did and he was only one of two to graduate high school so he had ingrained in him at an early age even though environmental circumstances may say you can’t succeed the Lord has another plan for you your job is to just continue to keep moving keep moving forward and that’s something he instilled in me and then on my mom my mom sighs she was one of three her father was the son of a sharecropper they didn’t have much she wanted to play sports growing up she was really athletic but her dad told her you can’t stay for practice and do extracurricular activities because we need your hands on this farm so you know she’s kind of the she’s the one who holds our family together like most mothers she’s the one who instilled in me you know pick up your bootstraps figure it out you know keep the Lord first and you just keep working hard and that that’s kind of how I grew up we grew up in church both my parents they retired now and they both are actively involved in their church but growing up I was going to Sunday school we went to church we went to during the summer we went to Vacation Bible School so this might my godly foundation was established when I was young and thankfully now that I’m an adult I’m thankful my parents did that because I always tell I tell my kids now I told my athletes I train your foundation is established at the beginning at some point a disaster will happen something tough will happen you’ll lose somebody or you know you’ll go through hardships something will happen that will wipe away what you built and you’ll fall back to that foundation and what your foundation is built on will determine whether or not you’ll let you’re able to get back on your feet and thankfully my parents established and me and my brother at an early age Christ is your foundation he’s the solid rock that you will build on cuz you know well as with anybody yes I got older I went through some tough times in life and there was one name that I called on there was one name that I always called on and then I always felt there and it was it was God it was Jesus and you know I’m like I said I’m thankful that my parents raised me that way now I have two kids I was seven year old in the five year old and you know we pray every night now we I sit down to read with my devotional with my 7 year old before he goes to school and he thinks it’s cool cuz he gets to hear daddy talk about when he was younger and you know he’s all eyes and ears but he doesn’t realize now I’m helping establish his foundation because I know at some point God will use a hardship to mold him to torse his destiny and you know my son to fall back to his godly foundation like I did we moved around quite a bit growing up my father was fortunate enough to get a job for Kraft Foods and started working his way up the corporate ladder and we ended up moving gosh six seven times growing up so basically every three years moving and that’s that’s tough on a family that’s tough not just socially but cultural yummy we believe at one point from Rochester New York down to Covington Lousiana that’s a that’s a huge cultural difference and my mom used to always say I’ll never forget his used to always say she have tears in her eyes knowing that we were leaving she’d say God wants us to be here for a reason there’s the reason why we’re picking up and going to the next place and picking up and doing this and and while it forded my family to be able to provide for us there were lessons throughout the journey that you know now that I’m an adult I can appreciate them that we’re being learned it was more than just picking up and moving it was cultivating my ability to adapt cultivating my ability to be able to walk into a room being the new kid at school nobody knew who I was I was unable now because of that to go into a room of 1,500 people and feel comfortable because I’m comfortable in my own skin because I was forced to do this when I was younger I I what I found over over the year so this is what God does God puts us in uncomfortable situations and circumstances not to hurt us but instead to form us and mold us and develop us and you know I work with athletes all the time now and I try to tell them you’re going through a tough time right now but there’s a reason for it God is trying to mold you and develop you it’s not to hinder you it’s never never to harm you I think so so often sometimes in our society we get caught up in only focusing on the negative that we miss sight of what’s to be learned from this whole thing what is God trying to do in my life right now what is he looking to do and now I just try to honestly have my heart open my eyes open my ears open when I’m going through tough times because I know there’s something I’m supposed to take away from this and my goal now my life goal is to pass this on to generations that are coming after me what whether it’s helping them establish their foundation in Jesus Christ or just teaching them and say hey look I know times are tough right now but but God we’ll never leave you nor forsake you and there’s a reason why you’re going through this and this is this is the way I was raised you know it’s funny I tell people now and people say oh you played the Globetrotters and have to travel 70 different countries and do all these cool things this started I was just talking to my mom about this yesterday on the phone and she she grew up not being able to do things because of racial barriers she’s like you got to do things that I didn’t to do growing up she’s like so I always wanted my children to experience more and immerse them in cultures that they would have never gotten to he’s like she’s like that’s why we would go listen to the symphony we’d get tickets and go listen to symphony or we would go she’s like I took you guys to go see the Harlem Globetrotters and before that I had never I did have a basketball as a soccer player I played soccer and they brought me a little basketball a little mini basketball from the game and I could admit I can see it clears yesterday dribbling that ball down the street Rochester New York walking back to our car and that basketball was the foundation of my basketball career that was we didn’t have a basketball hoop at home so I’ve got the driveway be freezing cold and I’d be out there dribbling and then finally I convinced my dad to get a basketball hoop but that was that was how it started and it’s it was cruel once I did get on Harlem Globetrotters and actually my last year on the team I actually played in that same building that I went when I when I went to go watch them when I was seven years old and we got done in practice and I kind of felt in my heart that this was gonna be the last time around and I went up there I went to I can’t remember where I sat and I went up in the kind of the nosebleed section of the arena after practices just kind of sat there and it was kind of surreal because it was like everything went full circle being a seven year old the seven year old little boy who was sitting at the edge of the seat washing the Harlem Globetrotters and now here I am a Harlem Globetrotter and kind of towards the end of my career and just sit here it was it really it was cool and this is like now what I enjoy most about life is anytime you could see when God’s hand isn’t something that’s a blessing that’s a blessing I started keeping a gratitude journal recently of everyday have to write down five things that I’m thankful for hmm and while sometimes we forget the small things is where God’s hands are that’s where guy’s hands are so i sat there one Hoonah I was the last year of my career and I sat there and I was able to kind of soak everything in I look back on him like me and this was this whole journey this whole journey was 25 some 20-something years guys hand was in the whole thing right he was in the from the beginning when when I went to the game as a seven year old and all in between he has orchestrated this whole thing and that’s what I just try to I mean I try to look at life that way now you know it is you talk about growing up in a faith household moving you know that Abraham experiences I want you to go the place I’ll show you won’t you leave your home and go here and do these things and the obedience of Moses and the journey of Abraham and and really so many throughout the scriptures when Jesus sent out the disciples they were going into communities now they were they might have been known or that could have been unknown they might have been identified as their prior self as opposed to their present self and you know people should be able to notice the transformation as you entered college played ball had a stellar collegiate career and second all-time point scorer inducted into your your four-point ball and I guess your uniform and your shoes I forget what it was or inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame first four point that where does a four point shot come from that come from the foul from the center line or behind this kind of by half-court so you imagine the half-court line it’s at corners by half court so it’s 35 feet from the basket and to give you some context the NBA line is about 23 feet from the basket so it’s 12 feet further back it’s there’s almost by half court so it’s quite a heave and you know I had the opportunity you want to talk about God and how God can orchestrate things and do things in a supernatural way that man just can’t we can’t we can’t comprehend and well I got credit for that four-point shot nobody really knows the backstory behind this and I tell this now because there’s a faith element to this we played two games that day and the producers purposely had us play two games because there’s going to be aired on ESPN and when you’re dealing with sports sometimes you just don’t know how it’s gonna play out so they had two games so they could pick which game would be best for TV well the first game we played I had other teammates who were shooting four corners in the game and they were knocking him down they were hitting them and I didn’t make one four point of that game that first game and then the second game I hit two four pointers in a row and that just so happened to be the game that they aired so technically I may not have been the first person ever to hit the four point shot but I was the first person that was aired on TV and I’m the one who kind of in my career took off after that my professional career took off after that and I was just kind of sit back and laugh and be like wow like there was a 50% chance that they picked the second game to appear on TV and I just look at it I’m like this was this was the way it had to be and not because of me because I needed to achieve these things it had to be this way so God could get the glory down the road and it took because that four point shot my career took off within the company I’m growing I became kind of face of the organization to face the company and now God says okay perfect now I can start to humble you on it and get you on this spiritual journey so you come back to me and I get to glory for everything and that’s really what happened probably my 6 year on the team when my son was born there was a shift you me perspective changes once you have a child in my father I knowing his background not having a father and seeing how great of a father he is to me I wanted to be that I didn’t want to be gone nine ten months a year not being able to help raise raise my children so once we had my son it was like I got a there’s got to be something I got to do something different I can’t be going all the time and I could start to kind of have a ship and I would kind of think about what do I want to do and up with my playing career when it’s all done and that was really probably my sixth probably my seventh years when God started to really change my heart and it was my eighth year my last year on the team when I help you I was I was born again because I went to church growing up you know I knew of you know the Bible in church and God and Jesus but I didn’t have a relationship the relationship wasn’t there and it was my eighth year on the team that I found or yeah I found Jesus always knew where I was I found this relationship and it was it was a day it was actually in 2014 it was March of 2014 I was in I was in Providence Rhode Island I had been sent off to go do we call it a a advance ambassador so make sure you PR you go to hospital as you go to schools you got a radio stations TV stations you’re you’re letting everybody know you’re the Paul Revere of the team you’re letting everybody know the globe charts are coming to town and normally you get sent off for a week and you come back to the team and you continue to play why I got sent off for three and a half weeks and that side of things it’s a lonely world you have a rental car and you have an itinerary and you’re on your own you’re going to radio station your data so you’re starting at 4:00 in the morning and you’re going to about two or three o’clock in the afternoon you’re getting done hop in the car drive three hours to the next city you get up you do it again weekends you have off you just and I was doing this over and over and over again I got to my last my last stop was Providence Rhode Island and I was just miles down the dumps was me I felt as though my career had reached his climax and personally inside I just felt like I’m losing myself and then I started to not get involved in things but my judgment wasn’t what it should have been it wasn’t the way my parents had raised me to be and and God was shifting my heart for this and I got sent off and they said I was in Providence Rhode Island by myself and it was a Sunday afternoon I said I’m gonna go get something to eat I’m gonna go get somebody I’m get my car and I go to the mall and I was like as somebody in the line to get this chicken place was just ridiculously long and I said you know I’m not gonna let me go go sit in my car get on my phone see if I can find a place to eat and I’m sitting there I’m in the parking spot of this parking lot of this building and it’s the furthest spot away from the building because I never planned on going in that building where that building happened to be a movie theater and I’m parked in the furthest spot and the parking lot was practically empty now somebody who if somebody was watching from the outside they would say okay well he’s gonna go in that movie theater why would he park so far away he would go park right next to the buildings because I never plan on going in that movie theater now before I know it Here I am I’m walking into this movie theater and I’m buying a ticket I can remember I can remember like who’s yesterday I had never planned to go see a movie in the only movie that was playing at that time was the son of God mm-hmm the story of Jesus Christ and I um I wish I could put into words and emphasize how I was not that was never my plan I didn’t even know the movie was out and Here I am now buying a ticket and I it was a Sunday afternoon Here I am sitting in here in a movie theater on a Sunday watching a movie about the story of Jesus Christ and I was the only one in that movie here and I’m um I’m sitting here crying hysterically washing this I have goosebumps I’m getting the chills and now obviously I know it was it was the Holy Spirit it was the Holy Spirit coming to me and I’m sitting her watching this and that movie changed my life I sat here and why I seen Passion of the Christ before that but it didn’t do to me what this did because my heart was in a place to receive it and from that day on it was almost like like like the veil was tear you know taken back and I could I guess life was different life was never the same after that and that’s why I say I actually started my journey that’s when I started my journey to establishing and working on every single day having a better relationship with Jesus and now that’s I mean it’s I have one day I hope it’s a movie one day because I it’s that was the beginning of this life that I’m living now well it’s extraordinary of course that your upbringing that foundation you talk about that you know people have a perception that the Globetrotters you guys must be multi millionaires and have these huge contracts but I looked up the average salary today of a Harlem Globetrotter seventy-five thousand dollars a year it’s not a glamorous it’s no worse you get a lot of coverage but it’s just it’s not it’s not the NBA it’s not it’s not the big contract it’s it’s $35 an hour to play ball is exactly what it works out to be and people you know you put on a great show and a great demonstration but hotel to hotel and it I’m sure that God had you there for a reason and that reason was for you your ambassadorship was for the Globetrotters not for the kingdom of heaven and it’s interesting because that’s exactly the journey of both Joseph and Daniel they had dreams and visions but while their dreams and visions were marinating they had to get behind the dreams of other people to lend their shoulder to helping the bear and the Baker and Pharaoh before Joseph’s dream could come to pass Daniel given these dreams and vision but until he served Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams his dreams did not come to pass and so if you parallel your life with that God and parted to you this foundation this vision and while it was marinating you had to serve not the kingdom but the king Abe Sapperstein and then the follow-on people that bought the team and now the the Charitable Trusts or entertainment company that owns it now you had to serve their needs ok and then God meets you in that place where you’re all by yourself you’re the Elijah you’re sitting there at the front of the cave on the cliff and you think you’re all by yourself you’re all alone and there’s nobody there and he meets you in a movie and that begins your spiritual journey which is just absolutely a stunning testimony when we’re talking with Derek dizzy grant formerly the Harlem Globetrotters he’s now Derek grant speaks dot-com he’s out as a speaker working with young athletes and ball players on not their game but his game his playbook the Bible and he takes you on a journey in this devotional a personal reflection and the challenges that take place in an athlete’s life but no different than the challenges that take place in anybody’s life is just as applicable for you as it is for an athlete because we face the same kind of challenges we’re going to take a short break and when we come back we’re gonna rejoin Derek and we’re gonna dig into some of the lessons contained in this new devotional called results in athletes devotional by Derek grant we’ll be right back Shalom I’m messianic rabbi Eric Walker executive director of igniting a nation’s ministry our ministry is a teaching ministry and through our television programs revealing the truth revealing the Bible and revealing prophecy we share a wealth of information with you we conduct in-person teachings around the state of Alabama every week over the course of the past 12 years I’ve compiled an extraordinary library or sermons teachings video series and commentaries that all bring a Jewish believers perspective to the Bible as a ministry it’s our desire that these teachings be made available to everyone that is why we have created the biblical truth library that allows you unlimited access to all of the audio and video teaching this for a fraction of the cost imagine being able to study alongside a messianic rabbi at your own pace and learn about prophecy Islam Judaism Jesus’s life the prophetic significance of the Feast of Israel and so much more for just a small monthly quarterly or annual subscription price in addition two new classes are added to the library every week these teachings if purchased individually would cost over three thousand dollars but for as little as fifty cents a day you can have unlimited access to every sermon every teaching every course and learn at your own pace and your access fee is tax-deductible you can watch on any smartphone tablet PC or smart TV and can start and pause the teaching at any time and start right back up when you are ready to continue I want to personally invite you to explore the biblical truth library and gain insights into the scripture like you have never had before simply select the subscription option that’s best for you igniting a nation.com and click on the biblical truth library to start your learning journey with me today Shalom and welcome back to this edition of revealing the truth for cover the headlines the heart lines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Eric Walker and we’re talking with derek dizzy grant farm billy of the harlem globetrotters who’s written a renewed devotional called results and athletes devotional Derek Daisy grant welcome back to this segment of revealing the truth thank you great to have you with us so you have this epiphany this realization is you sat in Providence by the way that’s where max broadsky of ESPN is from that’s his hometown so he’ll love to hear that story about Providence he’s been right he made sat in that seat but I doubt it he probably had box teas but how God took you from seven years old to what 30 30 yeah 32 years old 32 years old 25 you know that’s the exact amount of time between the time that Joseph had his dream and Genesis 50 where he has the dream fulfilled it’s 25 and exact 25 year period well it’s really quite extraordinary to see that we made that reference before so here’s a 27 year-old eye and this dream is birthed in you that’s what you want to do that’s who you want to be alright and here it is 25 years later and you’re back in that place and you’re all by yourself and and and and you’re sitting up in that seat where you sat as a seven year old and that was towards the end of your career you didn’t come back the next year that was the beginning of the end as God at taking you on this 25 year journey to refine you to perfect you to really prepare you and marinate I always talk about marination you know long you marinate the meat that more tender it gets and it’s quite a God’s story because of you would think that with the faith background you’d be an ambassador to the Globetrotters for faith you’d be leading prayer meetings and those but that wasn’t the calling on you at that time that wasn’t birthed until you had this revelation of this child of the end of one season and it’s it’s interesting that basketballs always referred to in seasons that God has sees the parallels are very clear in these sports analogies of the playbook and the seasons and the win-loss record you know in our life it’s really there’s there’s the agricultural side of the Bible but then you’ve taken this athletic view of really connecting experiences with the truth of Scripture so what was it that led you to come up with a devotional so my family and I we live in Indiana now I’ve been living here about 10 years but there was a span from June of 2018 to June of 2019 just recently we moved down to Florida I was coaching high school basketball and had a business partner slash friend who was my head coach and I coached with them and yes hey let’s move down to Florida I go down to Florida with them and then before I know it things go south quickly and it was a really bad situation where I mean I come to find out he’s on the run from the FBI and this isn’t who I think it is and my family it was really it was the toughest time I’ve been through my life and I can remember just sitting there feeling like I’ve lost hope thank you know I had this relationship with Jesus I was in the desert I was in that was the Israelites in the desert saying like God I know you didn’t bring me out of captivity for this and I needed something to give me hope because at the same time a kid that I was mentoring / trained in basketball we moved out of Florida and I felt like I abandoned this kid and his kid needed me and then this kid went down the wrong path like that and he’s sitting in jail now for attempted murder and I realized then I’m like I have to do something this is like I have to do something to help people and give them hope because I’m feeling what it feels like right now not to have hope so in and I tell people this when I wrote this devotional I wrote this literally it was like Paul when he was in prison I was in the worst place spiritually emotionally financially physically the worst place and I was sitting right every single day and this is this is what came this is what came from it was a devotional and I wrote it for athletes because when I was writing it I was writing it with all the kids that I trained in mind all those kids that I can’t touch and speak to and help I’m writing this with you guys in mind and that’s that’s really how the book came about so it’s this book holds a special place in my heart because I know where I was and where my family was at this time and this helped us get it get us through it what a part of your wife play in this we have really talked about her and her influence as I’m sure that you are equally yoked that you would not have married somebody who didn’t share this this new epiphany that was was bringing you into right relationship with Messiah what part did she play in speaking into you and sharing this struggle and all of that it she’s I realized this now I did it for the longest and it took this is the this is my mom always tells me what maeín meant for bad God meant for good and this was part of going down to Florida and going through that hardship was I realized that God speaks to me a lot of times through my wife and for the longest time I would just kind of say oh okay what and dismiss it and then we would we go through this hardship and you know you know God God prepares to you he you know he humbles you so that your heart is open then it’s not hardened anymore and you’re able to receive that I got to a point where I was just I was willing to listen to anyone and everything and my wife was telling me and then when we made it out of the storm I was I had time to reflect and see that she was right she’s always been right she is she’s told me things that maybe I didn’t listen or maybe I wasn’t as intentional as I should have been and what this did for our marriage and what this has helped us with is I mean she can tell me to go wrong a roof backwards I’m gonna say okay what time you wouldn’t even be there because I like I really truly believe that God speaks to me through her and through me since we’ve known each other she’s she’s been on you know her spiritual journey and it’s like imagine being at like a fitness gym and she’s on her treadmill you know and I’m on my treadmill and you know I see her level going up and I’m trying to get my level up and then she sees my level gone up and we’re running this race together now and it’s been I’m so thankful I’m so I had to write something yesterday for an interview and I said they asked me what’s your relationship with your wife I said I my wife I didn’t believe in soulmates I didn’t believe in you know growing up and all that stuff but now I see like it was ordained by God for us to be together in a equally yoked is the perfect way to say it I as much me for me and her life and her for me in my life and my wife’s heart is as here as I’ve ever as anyone I’ve ever met and I was describing her yesterday in an interview saying that the best way to describe her is she’s sweet she has a pure soul and she’s she’s sweet so she’s she’s helped me immensely and I’ve done the same for her and just embracing struggles and hardships together you know we’re like you’ll always have strength in numbers and we always that’s the other thing about moving down Florida as we were away from we had no family so here we are going through these tough times with just us and two little kids and we’re having to figure this out and that now is a badge of honor that scar that we have is a badge of honor a play we made it through this we got through it and God was with us the whole time and that has been the beautiful thing on this journey is still seeing that even though it was so bad and you’re going through tough times now his hands are still in it his hands are still in it and this is all plan for your life and it all worked it’ll work for the good you know I tell couples when I do premarital counseling before I marry them is that and I say to the man and I look at him it says sometimes you hear from the Lord and he sounds just like your wife mm-hmm that God’s messengers don’t always look like Gabriel you know as bringing the message or someone that carries a card introduce themselves as a prophet it’s in the little things it’s it’s understanding why does a ball bounce right you know what you know what’s the air what’s the air inside of it what’s the in it for us write the word wind is Ruach in Hebrew Numa and for spirit and it’s a wind it so that’s what keeps the ball and Flay today is what keeps us in the same way word nothing but a meat sack of the spirit you know fill filling this up so that we when we hit hard we bounce higher and if the ball is properly inflated the harder it hits the surface the higher it bounces and look and that’s us the more we’re not puffed up with knowledge but the more were filled with a spirit like a basketball right to proper inflation the harder we hit the higher we will bounce and you know what I got out I mean I started thinking and listen there is nothing like a good athlete and I am nothing like a good athlete so I read this and looked at these these devotions and said you know when you can take and translate parallels sports analogies and the Bible being a playbook a team being the body looking at the captain and looking at the manager and looking at the owners and you know what master do you serve and you examine in the trials and the training you know the word train is right there in the Bible in the instruction for parenting train up a child in the way they should go train so you know this is not just memorization of Scripture this is living life and life has listened sprained ankles torn cartilage builders separations rotator cuff problems you know do you concussions unexpected muscle tears hamstring all those things that are and can be career ending how do you how do you deal with it if you don’t have something greater than yourself to turn to so how did you set the book up what’s what’s the approach you took and think on some of the more profound devotions in there the stories you’ve already told us you’ve connected some of those stories with devotions in the book yes yeah and so that’s that’s one thing I wanted to I wanted to get through is you know when I tell people other book it’s these are all real-life examples of things that happen in my life I wanted to be as transparent and vulnerable as I could so you could relate to me I wanted you to say you know what that that that same thing happened to me that same thing I actually got let go from my job I know how that feels to be fired I know that so that was the whole point of me writing this as being as vulnerable and transparent as I could because I was at a place where I was vulnerable when I was writing this and some of my favorites one of my favorites one is number 31 now where I wrote a hundred of them because most seasons are about three to four months long about a hundred days so that’s why I kind of stumbled upon a hundred and one of my favorites is God has a purpose but you have a plan and the whole premise behind that is like coming out of college I just knew I was gonna play in the NBA I just knew I was gonna play in the NBA or go overseas and you know be making a half a million dollars a year doing you know playing basketball so I had a plan but God had a purpose for me God knew that I had to go play for the Globetrotters God knew that I had to get to a place spiritually where I needed him more than anything so that he could read remould me and refined me get you to a place where I could better his kingdom I don’t know if that happens if I go play in the NBA I mean I don’t know I guess that’s only something that God could answer but I wrote these devotionals with hope in mind like my tag my kind of my tag phrase or scriptures Romans 5:3 25 and nowhere in rejoice and great suffering or produces perseverance of perseverance produces character and character produces hope and I try to tell people if hope is what we’re trying to get to right we all want hope you got to go through the suffering first to get to it so when you’re going through your suffering you’re going through your tough time know what comes after if you can just Wis stand and continue to hunker down and put your faith in the Lord you will get to where you’re trying to get to and that’s that’s where this devotional and I’m hoping and praying that it gets to the hands of as many not only athletes which is people in general I’ve made it my life’s work now to if I can be around a game of basketball cool but my life’s work now is to to bring people to Christ and let them have that anchor of hope so they can get through life with a smile on their face even though their needs may be skinned up you know I’ve got a board member who’s got a 15 year old son that Scott he’s a moment scratch golfer at 15 and has a very bright bright future playing varsity’s sophomore and he’s playing senior level golf and winning championships and he’s who I’m gonna put this book in the hands into I could put it into the hands of coach Gary Cramer of Fellowship of Christian Athletes who’s on staff at the University of Alabama based on their season the way they finished up the football season they probably need this more than this young man but I’m like a grandfather to him and I’m gonna put it in his hands and coach Cramer can go find his own resources and maybe he’ll hear this I know he’s a follower of the program and maybe he’ll get it for the whole team to read and to use as an athlete’s devotional so FCA would be a great place for you to put this in ions and reach out to when you talk to people who you know don’t believe what’s the difference in your approach between how you are reaching the pre believer I don’t I don’t call anybody unsaved anymore I do me is a pre believer all right so if you don’t know the Lord yet you’re just in the pre believing state all right that’s where I was for 44 years before I came to face your pre believer okay you go from pre believer to believer and that’s the process you go from JV to varsity that’s the process so you know so you go from pre believer to believer what’s the difference in your approach between a pre believer and encouraging believers when you’re out there speaking in the schools and coaching of team I’ve found that over the years of doing public speaking people best relate when you’re vulnerable there’s a lot of people I’m not saying as guilty of this but a lot of people are insecure because they may not have knowledge of the Bible and people who are kind of pre believers you say I talk to them and I can I can see that they they kind of shy away from it we naturally as humans dismiss whatever we don’t understand so if we don’t understand it and we just kind of push it away well a lot of people are like that with a bi way you look at the Bible and say man I was you know so there’s so many parts of it I don’t understand it and we just as you get older you just kind of shy away from it and when I speak to people who are maybe early in their walk of faith I always try to be as vulnerable and honest as I can and then in with my hardships because I know just because you may not you may be a pre believer you’ve gone through some tough times so I tried to come down to the level be vulnerable with them and then show them the miracle that and I’ve had it happen numerous times Rock told them what I’m going through and I’ll be like you know but and then this happened they’ll just kind of look at me like you know just a little drop off man it there was nothing but God that’s how it happened and I have a buddy of mine who told me he said our job is our job is to to catch them not to clean them so I just kind of dangling from just and then that it strikes that they get curious and then it’s well I’m gonna hear you speak some more and then I and then no before you know it now they’re wanting to go a little deeper and I always say someone’s heart has to be in the right place and that’s not anything that I have control over but I always try to no plant seeds that hopefully when their hearts ready got a water in it and it’ll blossom well I found great wisdom in the pages of this new devotional called results and athletes devotional by Derek grant you can get it by following the link on our website igniting nation.com go to our home page and you’ll see the program schedule right there on the home page and you’ll see Derek grants name there click on it it’ll take you right to a link to get the book I strongly remand it recommitted it it’s also great for parenting for counseling for youth groups for non athletes but anyone who has an interest in seeing how life unfolds and how you can respond to the challenges because your blessing is always on the other side of a breakthrough never on the side this side on the challenge side it’s when you overcome that’s why overcoming is synonymous with victory and victory is what we want because we run the race that God has for us to find love and care in the loving arms of our Father through the shed blood of Jesus empowered and filled with the Holy Spirit of God Derek kissee grant what a great pleasure and honor it was to interview my friend a great to hear your story it’s powerful it’s compelling and I hope that lives are changed all over and that God pours out upon you and Avalanche your blessings in this coming year well thank you and thank you so much for having me and I pray the same for you and that your ministry may continue to touch lives like it’s done so many times thank you so much god bless you my friend keep in touch yes I will god bless you thank you we’re gonna take a short break and when we come back we’ll bring you the next edition of revealing the truth.

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