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Dr. Dave Beckwith

December 3, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CST

Author of:
I Love the World--It's People I Can't Stand: Jonah's Journey of Brokenness and Yours

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Interview Transcript

Note: transcript was automatically generated by YouTube, so there may be typographical, gramattical and spelling errors.

Shalom and welcome to this edition of
revealing the truth will cover the
headlines the heart liens and biblical
truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Erik
Walker in this age of rage racism and
Prejudice hatred flourishes many pat
themselves on the back for being a
loving person while they despise the
person who mows their lawn or their
co-worker of the person and the other
political party or obnoxious Uncle
saying you love all the people in Africa
and Asia is fairly easy but quite a
different matter when they move into
your neighborhood we all have someone
who gets under our skin drives us
battier strikes fear in our heart at the
thought of seeing them the true test of
Christianity is how we treat the person
who is difficult to love our next guest
Dave Beckwith and his wife Joanne are
both serving its standing stone
shepherds Dave as a senior pastor
emeritus for Woodridge Woodbridge Church
in Irvine California
we served as a senior pastor for nearly
20 years he also serves as a retool
trainer for converged worldwide a writer
and small group leader for Saddleback
Church and a lead pastor for churches
going through transition
Dave’s ministry experience includes camp
and youth ministry church administration
over 30 years as a senior pastor here to
talk about his new book
I love the world it’s the people I can’t
Joanie’s journey Jonah’s journey of
brokenness and yours is Dave Beckwith
Dave welcome to revealing the truth hi
good to be with you
so I always always get a chuckle
whenever that title is stated and I love
the world it’s people I can’t stand and
we all we’ve all got somebody that
drives us nuts so that we could insert
in there well when we look at our family
trees that that’s really where it begins
it’s interesting that it would be
something that would come out of the
animal kingdom would be what we call
family terms
yes and the the only time I ever invoke
anything related to Darwinism has to do
with a particular relative and they they
apparently are the ones that crawled out
of the swamp out of the primordial ooze
and are a living example of that they’re
the ones that get on that’s the uncle
Charlie that you talk about but before
we start with this journey you’re always
a senior pastor you weren’t always a
writer you weren’t always you are
actually at one time little Dave
Beckwith growing up in a family
environment and I want to hear the story
of your youth your family what it was
like growing up in your world and what
your journey to faith was like yes most
of my growing up years were in the
Midwest in South Dakota and I was part
of a very dysfunctional home a lot of
anger and abusive behavior both
physically and verbally and emotionally
and this was part of a setting I grew up
in I I don’t I don’t resent that now I
just see how God has used it to shape my
life but anger was was a part of the
adrenaline of every day it seemed like
you you get up and with a family of
eight and some somebody was always upset
about something and slamming doors and
and yelling and kind of the adrenaline
to get going for a day was to get get
angry and upset so how did you get
introduced to the love of Jesus yeah we
had an evangelist who came back and led
both my parents and myself to Christ
didn’t totally change our dysfunctional
home but I was a six year old at the
when I came to came to know the Lord and
within a few months after that in first
grade they asked you know what you want
to be the teacher did and you want to be
a fireman or a doctor or a nurse or
whatever and I said I’m gonna be a
pastor and so I knew my calling
very on early on that’s at fascinating
that and I can see that the
rough-and-tumble environment of South
Dakota kind of has its own image yeah
yeah the Badlands and the whole
reputation for right still the Wild West
Waldo’s do you know that you know it’s
it’s eat or be eaten it’s you know bang
out a life of be tough you grew up to be
a tough tough you know you you had to be
able to take it yes definitely so in
your calling how did you proceed into
that you did you go off to seminary or
did you go right into ministry when it
came time to go to college I had a close
friend by by the way John soon which
many may recognize the US Senator out of
South Dakota I grew up with with John
and with his brothers and they all came
to know the Lord at the same time that I
did and then we had the connection out
in California so that took me to Biola
where I went to Biola and and went on
from there to Talbot
I majored in business and always had
kind of a tug toward the business world
and but God kept directing me back to
pursue the ministry
so in ministry who were some of the key
influencers in your life because you now
are in a ministry which helps pastors
yeah with with struggling with with
either personal or congregational or any
number of issues you’re kind of like the
pastor’s pastor yes
you know so much of the journey of what
God has taken me through has been the
preparation for this and I sometimes ask
pastors are good do you know of anybody
who hasn’t gone through a rough time as
a pastor and it’s just about universal
and that’s part of being in the ministry
but we also find we’re losing a lot of
pastors prematurely that they had no one
to turn to no one to be able to talk to
that they can talk in confidence and I
always say a pastor who is faithfully
sharing the Word of God walking in the
spirit he’s going to take hits every
week it might be a board member who’s
upset with him it might be his wife
who’s struggling it might be his
teenager and the honest truth is
probably 80% of the hits that a pastor
takes he can’t tell he can’t share with
anybody can share with the board he can
share with his staff and so where does
he turn so isolation is one of the the
great enemies in the ministry and that’s
part of what we work to combat it is and
I’ve told people that’s because I’ve
been through it yeah it is the loneliest
job in the world it is that you have to
keep people at arm’s length you even
Jesus only had 12 and one of those 12
betrayed him right so you know even the
Messiah went through the same kind
of situation I went through a marital
and congregational betrayal seven years
ago that destroyed 750 families because
of of Lies and they were confirmed as
lies but so much damage had been done
because of the mishandling instead of it
being a Matthew 18 very private
conversation it became a very public
accusation and then there was forensic
evidence to prove the accusation false
but the damage was already done he’s
just uh yeah all all too often that’s a
case and well my own journey and part of
what I write about in the book I call it
Jonah’s journey but it’s also Dave’s
journey and what God had to take me
through breaking me teaching me to love
some unlovely people in my life and so
that it’s been by journey as well and
it’s my joy now to come along other
pastors my wife comes along now spouses
and share for them so we’re just saying
a ministry absolutely explode that’s
incredible we’re in 28 countries now in
five years this has happened and I have
62 Shepherds that that I supervise at
the western us well it’s absolutely
wonderful I went to when this happened I
went to a counselor who specialized in
pastoral betrayal and I was counseled
through the restoration of me job and
the confirmation from the counselor was
he was also a pastor of a very large
Anglican Church he said I want they
basically gave me a one-year severance
because the way was mishandled they they
basically paid me off and I had to
remain silent for five years he said
take the year but I went but but I am
NOT confirming that you are released for
ministry he said I absolutely am telling
you you are not that there is a call on
your life I want you to return and I
want you to return on Holy Week in my
church in my pulpit and we usually fly
in people from Ireland and Scotland and
from England as part of the Anglican
Church but but that next year that
following year 2014 I want you to do
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday of
Holy Week and preach in my congregation
he said that’s the most affirming thing
I can do for you is say take the year
heal and then come back and deliver the
word and and and start back in and go
back in and start in my pulpit you said
because I believe that you have
accomplished what God has sent you to do
and that is to forgive to find that if I
keep my mouth shut
God revindicate me and approximately 90%
of the people who bought into the lie
over the last seven years have now come
to me in private and apologized and said
they were sorry and my response to them
was what Abimelech said to abraham he
said what was it that you saw in me that
made you think I was capable of such a
he was holding him accountable for
pastor Sarah as his sister instead of as
his wife and he said what was the thing
you saw on me that made you think and
that was my question to them what was it
in me that made you think I was even
and they said well when we thought about
it we realized we never saw anything in
you that was it would indicate you would
do something like that yeah and so
people are very prone to become
suspicious gossip slander and you know
God writes six things God hates seven
are an abomination and the seventh one
is those who plant seeds of discord yes
so you say that we see that illness this
the same journey that you were on yeah
so let’s let’s go to that because I know
that this is Dave story and your journey
and it’s one that you call I love the
world it’s the people I can’t stand
Joanie’s journey of brokenness and yours
I kind of subtile it title it are you a
reluctant prophet how you know you start
out with everybody loves a good story so
start us out with the goods I love good
stories okay and so I try to wrap
stories the other thing I love is humor
and I write with humor and stories and
and then wrap it around
rock solid biblical truth and so pick up
one of the the old-time great stories
with Jonah it’s an absolute classic but
then I run the parallel with my life and
the lives of other people when I’m first
one end at the ministry I confess I
wanted to work with the successful
people you know the people that they
were moving forward and the people that
were hurting uh you know I didn’t really
have much time for and so God had to God
had to deal with that with me on that
and freeing me through my own brokenness
so much of my ministry now is to those
that are hurting or depressed or going
through a really hard time
so God has certainly changed my ministry
and changed my life around through the
process you know isn’t interesting that
God takes us on journeys of our own that
we may not understand in the moment but
we find out that in retrospect that he
was preparing us for something and in
that preparation it hurt yes right you
know there’s so much now that I see as I
look back to all my ministry and there
were hurtful and painful things that
didn’t make much sense at the time make
a whole lot more sense now as I’m coming
alongside another pastor and realize how
how I can understand what they’re going
through Dave in the story of Jonah and
for our audience that doesn’t know the
story would would you some ate it for us
in the day Beckwith style the story all
right right story God said go Jonah said
no and God said Paul
that’s one summary of it of course it’s
running from doing the will of God and I
believe he was prejudiced and paranoid
of the Ninevites
I wonder if maybe it had a family member
hurt or killed or something by the net
way he had a deep-seated hatred of that
but more than that he was paranoid of
them and the terrorists of today had
nothing over on the Ninevites they were
that they were the originators of a lot
of the terrorism and they skinned people
alive they hung your hides on walls that
put out eyes and and so there was a
basis for the fear that Jonah had
doesn’t excuse his disobedience so
anyway he does the most crazy thing
besides to head to
what would be modern day Spain which is
Tarsus and and God sends a storm on on
the sea I think I think it may have been
a hurricane when you read the
description of it and maybe hurricane
category 3 4 or 5 because it was an
enormous storm and somehow Jonah’s
asleep in the hold of the ship and so
once the sailors waking him and they
realized who the culprit is here and
he’s running from the Living God and he
begs them it’s really an assisted
suicide request rather than just jump
over himself he has the sailors throw
him over and then got arranges for a
fish or a whale could be either one that
swallowed Jonah I do a chapter talking
about what modern research we have on
what kind of a fish or whale it was and
then when Jonah is swallowed by the
fissure of the whale I entitled that
chapter checking into rehab this is a
rehab center for Jonah and so Jonah I
don’t think he waited three days to pray
I think he got down to praying as he was
sliding down the esophagus of that fish
and I think confessing his sin and God
was dealing with them so after he’s
vomited from the fish God gives him the
command again it goes to Nineveh he sees
one of the greatest awakenings that that
history has ever recorded and but then
chapter 4 is a great one because we see
Jonah still God working on him we see
him angry and very depressed so I deal
with the subjects of anger and
depression and burnout as well so that’s
kind of a quick summary
so in our calling you and I’m mutual
calling got to preach the gospel to
reach the laws
to minister our instruction our
admonition is to feed clothe take the
most wretched but our first cynical
tendencies to want to buddy up to the
big donors to the big givers to the
clean-cut and the ones that are going to
support us and it’s kind of interesting
that God lays out a pattern for loyalty
in Scripture and gives us many many
lessons about authority and loyalty and
in ministry there’s a dual loyalty and
people that there’s a couple of
different camps there’s those who are
loyal to the vision but not to the
leader yeah and there’s those that are
loyal to the leader but not to the
vision rousseff and then you have the
core which are loyal to the leader and
law to the vision right that that’s what
we have to develop because we have so
many that are man followers today and
when they elevate the man and the man
Falls the ministry is devastated I had
that in my congregation and it wasn’t my
congregation I was
it’s a congregation I planted there in
Birmingham that God called me to to lead
but he he took me to that Genesis 50
moment looking at it and saying what
they meant for evil God meant for good
so that many would be saved and now we
have a global television network there
was a hundred and twenty countries prime
time in the Muslim in Israel and the
Muslim comes to 55 contiguous Muslim
nations surrounding Israel
and every day I’m getting reports of
salvation after salvation after
salvation out of Pakistan and out of
Afghanistan and out of Iran and so many
places because of these kind of
conversations and their hearing because
they can’t get a Bible they can’t hit
and so they hear about people having
encounters with God and they hear our
description of Jesus they say yes yes I
saw him in a dream that’s the story I
heard about that’s the very thing and so
what the end of I was I was limited to
Birmingham Alabama now we’re at 120
Nations I couldn’t have gotten there had
I stayed there I couldn’t be here and I
would have never left the family that I
was the father over I would never
abandon ever it would have been when it
was time to put me out to pasture would
I have stepped down and I still would
have stayed on as rabbi emeritus never
would have left voluntarily it had to
happen this way so that God could open
up the floodgates so when we look at at
how we can identify with these kind of
situations what experiences occur in our
lives that an understanding of the Jonas
spirit if you will right fear-based
decision-making prejudice all those
things how do they play into
Jonah’s journey of brokenness and our
own right by the way let me just say I’m
thrilled to hear of the outreach that
you’re having what what are great and
how God redirected your life you know to
be able to make all of this happen
so yes Jonah had to get
refocused and I’d love to know that the
end of the story we won’t know until we
get to heaven but I’d love to think that
Jonah got his act together and his life
turned around and lived among the
Ninevites and loved them and so at least
that’s possible
whatever burial sites for Jonah is in
the city of Mosul which is which is
modern-day Nineveh so that is that is a
possibility very much so very much so
we’re talking with a Beckwith author of
I love the world it’s people I can’t
Jonah’s journey of brokenness and yours
you know there’s people in our life that
just rub us the wrong way but God loves
us and to be honest we probably rub God
the wrong way ourselves yeah we were a
wretch before now we’re just a saved
wretch we have not arrived and we will
never arrive what God wants us to do is
continue the clean-up on aisle six in
our life and to continue to walk along
the way and the path he has for us and
that starts with the journey of not
running from him but running towards him
and accepting his plan of salvation
which will start you on a path of
renewal and regeneration as a new
creation in Messiah so we’re gonna take
a short break and during that break I
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we’re gonna take a short break and we’ll
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Shalom and welcome back to this edition
of revealing the truth will cover the
headlines the heart liens and biblical
I’m your host mechanic rabbi Eric Walker
and we’re talking with Dave Beckwith
author of the new book
I love the world it’s people I can’t
stand Jonah’s journey of brokenness and
yours Dave welcome back to the program
good to be here Dave you know we look at
Mosul which is ancient Nineveh we look
at what’s going on in Iraq and we see a
pervasive Islamic agenda that is just
scratches the surface of the wickedness
of submission and the kind of
persecution of that environment yeah the
hope for me as a Jew is that as I look
at the story of Jonah and that his his
entrance into Nineveh his sharing the
word and the head the king was the one
who declares and all of the people
declare with him and it reminds me of an
old expression so goes the head so good
so goes the bottom if you want to kill a
snake you cut its head off
God always judges the head of the nation
so if you have a wicked king the people
suffer if you have a if you have a
righteous King the people are blessed
America if we have look at the
difference in the prosperity under an
Obama administration versus a trump
administration that just in the
treatment of Israel Genesis 12 and 3
I’ll bless those that bless thee I’ll
curse those the curse thee and so it
gives me great hope that Paul’s words of
all of Israel will be saved the nation
of Israel be saved
I now see it here
in the story of Jonah but these are all
people who have adopted and as we look
across the world the division within the
body of Messiah and I just did a
monologue last week within 19 specific
segments of Christianity there are a
total of thirty 3791 denominated within
those 17 divisions that is the most
divisive group of people that agree on
one thing and that is Jesus is the
Messiah and it’s you I look at that and
say well if the most important thing is
accepting Jesus our Messiah
why are we so divided by everything else
by tradition by doctrine by theology if
all that matters is all that matters and
that is Jesus is Lord then why are we so
divided it goes back to this story of a
prejudice of a predisposed emnity of
total and complete misunderstanding yes
yes absolutely
well well stated so you know the Book of
Jonah stands as an incredible testimony
of God’s love for the for the Arabic
world and for the entire world for him
to go and to to love and preached it and
Ninevites that was a great great
movement that God had and a movement of
those people turning to God so the same
thing can happen today and he is
happening today the awakening that’s
taking place all across the world
absolutely thrills my heart I spent some
time there in the chapter talking about
the Great Awakening which
the Nineveh was I start talking about
what’s going on in the world today the
tremendous turning to Christ that’s
happening I use China as an example
communism is as hoped to stomp out
Christianity and it just keeps growing
and incredible things that are happening
at that country but Africa as well in
many countries of the world great
movements for God are taking place right
now you know it’s interesting that we
would call that a great revival we see
something similar happen with the woman
at the well yeah with the Samaritans and
she is a single voice going into the
city brings a revival because she says
them you have to come out and see this
guy you got to come out in me he knew
everything about me and revival broke
out and it’s another parallel another
mirror to one voice right the voice of
one another
Isaiah this is the John the Baptist the
voice of one crying in the desert
prepare ye the way of the Lord God uses
one yeah so many times throughout
scripture so when it comes to you and I
and our brokenness he has a history of
using broken people yes yeah absolutely
so and I’m testimony to that God’s led
me through that that journey of broken
let me make one comment there you’re
talking about the unity of Christians
and our disunity as the case may be we
believe Jesus is the Messiah but I think
Ephesians chapter 4 gives us a great
passage on that it says be diligent to
preserve the unity of the Spirit in the
bond of peace that’s knowledgeable says
preserve it and then he gives seven ones
those seven ones were like a little mini
stay but it’s not five ones it’s not
three three three ones that are there at
seven and neither is it 12 or 10 it is
seven in those seven what I thought
that’s the basis if we share those in
common one Lord one faith one God a
father of all one spirit one body of one
baptism we share those seven in common
then we’re brothers we’re brothers and
sisters were we bad together we can have
our differences it’s okay but we band
together and preserve the unity of the
Spirit in the bond of peace when we look
at the disparity or the diversity you’re
from South Dakota I’m from Pennsylvania
hey I’m Jewish
you’re a Gentile but we have a
brotherhood and a unity in a common bond
that cannot be broken it’s greater than
anything that exists on earth yeah and
that is our shared faith in Messiah
which makes us one yeah and when we take
a look at God edifies one
first of all himself here o Israel the
Lord our God Lord is one that is a comp
ATS of plural in the Hebrew it’s a
plural one right not a singular God’s
never referred to in the singular one
he’s always referred to in the plural
one as a matter of fact as we look at
that we see again behold how good and
pleasant is when brothers dwell together
in unity yes but we have these
prejudices we have these things we’ve
been taught I grew up in a period of
time when the Catholic Church blame the
Jews for killing Jesus and so I grew up
in a Catholic City Pittsburgh and as a
young boy I was called a Christ killer
now in 1973 the Pope declared that the
Catholic Church no longer blamed the
Jews for killing Jesus now every Jew
heard so it’s true for nineteen hundred
years you’ve been blaming the Jews for
killing Jesus it wasn’t an absolution it
was a confirmation of your condemnation
of anti-semitism of your confirmation
that you’ve been anti hating the Jews we
my people are the most persecuted people
the most hated people the most reviled
people in the history of mankind
and it’s because of an early prophecy
the earliest prophecy in the Bible is
genesis 3:15 and that is is there’ll be
mt between the seed of the woman and the
seed of the serpent and we represent the
seed line of messiah and the enemy wants
to take us out because we are the seed
line of Messiah Jesus was a Jew and the
Jews will call for his return so if you
can take out the Jews Jesus doesn’t come
back so we know why everybody hates us
we know that anybody who leans towards
the teachings of the dark side even
members of denominational Christianity
that are anti-israel you know it’s
different being anti-jewish in being
anti-israel you might not like Israel
politics right but Genesis 12 and 3 says
I’ll bless those that bless thee I’ll
curse those that curse thee and all the
nations the earth will be blessed
through thee it’s pretty clear of your
choice between blessings and curses as
to where you stand and so when we look
at these prejudices and there have been
prejudices even Martin Luther the great
reformer in the latter years of his life
turned against the Jews and was quoted
by Adolf Hitler yet he is revered and
not reviled he’s revered in Christian as
one of the greatest reformers but people
forget that period of time in which he
called us lower than Apes that we were a
people to be shunned to be exterminated
and so we we know the
that the force is strong in this one the
the dark side is it’s kind of calling
this bright the whole Star Wars picture
but we see that in the people of nineveh
and we take a look at this wickedness
and this horrific behavior this carnal
idol-worshipping heathenism human
sacrifice just the most vile of the vile
and with just the spoken word can change
a nation yes how much healing can there
be and that spoken word yes you know I
look at Jonah’s Serban if you would you
know what is it six seven words law my
opinion allows the servant you know
there’s no introduction there’s no humor
there’s it’s a downer all the way and
everything it yet God turned around
would use that didn’t even offer a hope
it just said you know God is going to
destroy Nineveh so God used up unlikely
servant and a likely candidate for it
and the padena bytes of repentant it’s a
story of God using a stubborn heart a
Jew to go and proclaim the message and
blessing a Gentiles right so you know
it’s a fascinating story they there’s
many who try to turn it into a
mythological tale talking about it being
more of a poetic kind of narrative but
you cannot proclaim the inerrancy of
God’s Word and that all Scripture is
god-breathed and then a lot of section
of it and say but this one that can’t
really happen not only can it happen
did happen because God said it happened
and that’s good enough for me that’s
what faith is all about
we are carnal by nature yes we are
sinful by nature we are predisposed not
to love but to be self we are charged to
go out and take dominion over the earth
so we’re supposed to be honkers we’re
supposed to be but Jesus came along and
it’s not the softer side of God there’s
just one God one God’s heart he was a
perfect reflection of the Father’s heart
we are called to mirror that and that’s
hard to do it’s hard to love the
unlovely it’s hard to love the unlovable
it’s hard to love some people out there
it is and that’s that’s a journey that
God has earth on I say we need to love
the world and the people we can’t stand
and God God uses a process of brokenness
to break the hardness of our own heart
our own prejudices and biases and things
that get in the way and through that
creates a tenderness in our heart for
even that person that we can’t stand
that we’re having difficulty with and it
might be across a racial divide it may
be other characteristic whatever that
happens to be but God wants to shape us
and allow so that we’re we allow his
love to flow through us it’s not my love
it’s God’s love flowing out through my
life and brokenness is the journey that
he uses to to bring that about
at some point Jonah became aware that
this was a divine appointment and one he
could not resist Dave how do we get in
touch with our prejudices how do we come
how do we
strip away the veneer and look in the
mirror and say you know what I really am
prejudiced now I know when I got saved I
had many prejudices because I knew I
could play golf at a country club but I
couldn’t be a member because I was a Jew
yeah this is 1975 1976 1977 1978 I could
play golf at that Country Club but I
could not be a member because I was a
Jew and in their bylaws no blacks no
Jews that was in their bylaws it wasn’t
until the PGA said you can’t have a
tournament here unless you take all
these discrimination discriminatory
factors off so I was predisposed about
Gentiles because I had been persecuted
as a Jew right so I had to come to terms
with that and be able to vocalize that
especially in my acknowledgement of what
God did with Peter and Cornelius and
understand this reconciliation what Paul
writes in 2nd Corinthians 5:17 all the
way through 610 is how we’re supposed to
live out this life as a believer but
Dave how do we how do we get in touch
with those prejudices what steps do we
have to take and and and that’s part of
the book is this examination of your own
heart to find out what what part of your
heart is the old Jonah and how do you
turn it into the new Jonah well the
route that’s always there with prejudice
is fear so there’s some reason that we
fear that person so we have to go back
to that route and identify what is that
but why don’t we fear that person is
that fear rationale at all and identify
that and then realize that God loves
and wants to display love through them
and God is God is big enough to deal
with my fears so that the fears don’t
control me because that’s what drives
the prejudice and allowed God to take
care of take care of the the fears but I
grew up in South Dakota there were not
very many black people in South Dakota
obviously and so when I came out here I
came just shortly after the LA riots and
my mom was petrified about her board
wasn’t coming out here and what was
going to happen and so forth so part of
my overcoming whatever fear was there I
don’t know but I had a deep-seated
prejudice against Blacks I really had no
basis for it but I went into Los Angeles
Watts area where the riots had occurred
I worked down there three years I coulda
loved those people and we developed a
ministry through Biola University we
were taking 300 students a week into the
black community and loving those people
we saw hundreds and hundreds of
conversions and people come to Christ so
that was crashing through a barrier and
that that’s one of the way so you look
for opportunities where God could use
you and you surrender that fear and then
you say all right God show me how I can
be an agent I can be a vessel for your
love you know you make such a great
point is that we all have a past yes and
a lot of our decision-making is either
based on guilt or shame and we draw from
the negative as opposed to the
incredible positive of this regenerated
life in Messiah and we kind of deny in
our own way the power and the anointing
of the Holy Spirit that can transform
take that heart of stone and replace it
with a heart of flesh
you know I was physically circumcised on
the eighth day but my heart was
circumcised at age 44 on December 21st
of 1996 and when that circumcision took
place my mouth got saved in my brain got
saved my soul got saved my wallet got
safe that’s that’s an area that
sometimes it jumps right over the wallet
area and passes by but my wallet got
saved too and you know in ministry and
we’re all called to ministry every one
of us is a believer is to be a
reflection of Messiah and we should
Harbor no prejudice and when we come in
touch with that prejudice we really do
have to dig down and find out what the
fear center is as you call it in the
book is you know your your wake-up call
and coming to grips with the fear that
drives you Joan I had to get in touch
with the fear yes and very well stated
it’s quite an incredible story yeah you
could you close the book Dave and
chapter what matters most and I’d like
you to close out the show we’ve got
about two minutes two and a half minutes
with kind of a little message about what
really matters what matters most well
that is that is so crucial and really a
great summary for the book it doesn’t
matter how eloquent of a speaker I am it
doesn’t matter how much I know it
doesn’t matter how much I achieve all of
those things are
what matters what matters is what I live
a life a look I honestly believe that
for any person who with all their heart
loves God and loves people around them
that person in God’s eyes is a success
that is how you build a successful life
it doesn’t matter how many plaques you
have on your wall or how many books
you’ve written or how many
accomplishments that you have or all
those other things I think when we get
right down to the bottom line what
matters most is is love and I can’t
think of a greater compliment that a
person could receive and somebody to say
that he or she is one of the most loving
people I have ever met
I can’t think of a finer compliment to
have than that and so I say love God
love people love people the way God
loves people and allow him to love
through you so not only love the world
but of the world and the people that
drive you a little crazy so long away so
God will use your life if you do amen
it’s the story of Jonah contain the new
book called I love the world its people
I can’t stand
Joanie’s journey of brokenness and yours
authored by David Beckwith you may be
going through your own Nineveh
experience right now God is calling you
and tugging at your heart strings to do
something and you are reluctant to do it
it means going where you’re afraid to go
or you’re reluctant to go but God wants
you to grab a hold of his hand and as my
good friend Peter rosenberger says he
wants you to put your scared hand into
his scarred hands that’s a great
statement and let him lead you into that
way he led Jonah into that place and if
God’s calling is on you be reminded of
the words when you stand before the
judges of man do not be concerned about
the words that will come from your mouth
but the Holy Spirit will fill your mouth
with the words to say and that requires
a relationship with God not a knowledge
of God but a relationship with God
through the shed blood of Jesus so your
first step on this journey is to say yes
to him and receive that love to know
what pure love is all about that for God
so loved the world he sent His only
begotten Son that whosoever would
believe in him would not perish but have
eternal life and he did not send his Son
into the world to condemn the world but
to save the world and you my friend are
part of the world and he came for you
if you’ve never known love his love is
extravagant extraordinary and will equip
you to begin your journey to love those
that you can’t stand Dave Beckwith thank
you for sharing this great story with us
here thank you for the privilege of
being on so good to chat with you good
days ahead days ahead god bless you may
the lord bless all the works of your
hand we’re gonna take a short break and
when we come back we’ll bring you the
next edition of revealing the truth.

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