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Jeff Davenport

December 12, 2019 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am CST

Author of:
I Am a Field: Becoming a Place Where God Grows Great Things

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Interview Transcript

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Shalom and welcome in this edition of revealing the truth where we cover the headlines the heart lines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Erik Walker when God tends our lives great things grow using the biblical metaphor of God as a farmer and one’s life as a field this new release I am a field draws the reader in from the very first page Jeff Davenport’s unique voice and narrative style and bytes readers to explore and understand who God is who you are and what God is doing in you I’m a field encourage with deep reflection about one’s relationship with God and all he is doing in and through your life you’ll find yourself refreshed and enjoy a renewed desire to experience more of him and make an impact on the world Jeff Davenport has spent his life helping others understand who they are who God is and what God is doing inside them as a mentor college pastor preacher screenwriter speaker coach husband and father he wants people to know what Jesus love is like and how they can live better lives he lives in Colorado with his wife and young daughters here to talk about his new book I am a field becoming a place where God grows great things is Jeff Davenport Jeff welcome to revealing the truth Thank You rabbi well we’re delighted to have you you know the Bible has so many agricultural references that and it’s so interesting I’m in Israel every year and have been for the last 16 years I have the 17th and the 18th trip already on the books and as as we walk through the Land of Israel and we see the prophecies about the desert blooming and God turning this this wasteland if you will into an amazing agricultural community it’s hard to take a look at the writings of Dickens who was there in the 1800’s said I’m sorry Mark Twain who who said it was unfit for habitation no nobody should live there well you know that’s kind of metaphor for who we are you know our lives are all of our righteousness like filthy rags before the Lord or a wasteland we’re really undeserving and unworthy of this incredible gift of salvation so most people think their testimony is how they were a troll living under the bridge before they came to faith but our real testimony comes from after that experience as Paul writes that anyone has a Messiah is a new creation the old has gone then there was come and we begin to be renewed refreshed reborn this concept of born again is a part of that and all of these are our illustrations of the field and the seed dying and and the wonderful beautiful rich pictures that God portrays but most people don’t reflect on that they reflect on this salvation narrative which is 90% of the church’s talking about really getting people saved you know that’s the message on Sunday it’s Jesus it’s all going to wind up about John 3:16 before we get into the book which i think is a beautifully written book seamless transitions and intimate connections with the scriptures I want to go back and examine your journey because you didn’t just wake you weren’t born this way this is how you arrived you have a story of your own to tell and we’d like you to tell that story so our audience can understand who you are where you came from your journey the influences and how you were called into what you’re doing today great first off thank you for the kind words about the book I really do appreciate that I I was born in Nashville Tennessee and after that my family and I we moved all over for I think the first 15 years of my life we would live somewhere for about two years and then moved to another city and then moved to another city and my father had worked for the same company since college until pretty late life for him and so the company would say oh you got to pick up the family the davenport family moving somewhere else wonderful jesus-loving parents a great younger sister and just a very solid stable for lack of better term kind of all-american family we lived in the suburbs wherever we lived and a very happy and again very stable growing up we were in the we were in the church building whenever we could if Sunday mornings and Sunday nights prayer meetings and Wednesday Wednesday nights which was great for me as a little kid because it just I think what’s one of the one of the most important things for a child is you just get steeped in Scripture get steeped in truth and so I was highly steeped in truth like a tea bag in a bag of in a hot water in a cup of hot water I just I got a lot of good truth inside of me but I but when I hit high school very very well behaved I loved following Jesus what started to emerge for me was there was a real disconnect between what I started to see as I saw following Jesus as a moral calling and that was about it just do the right thing man don’t don’t do this don’t do this and nothing against the churches that we were a part of I just think somehow in my little brain that’s how I interpreted relationship with God and that Becca started to cause some problems as it should I think I think everyone should get to a point where you go if moral living is all this is about this I feel like I got sold a bill of goods and when I went off to college I had kind of a crisis of faith and came to a point where I realized all this moral me trying harder to live it the bright life for Jesus and I’m gonna do the right things and not the wrong things and trying trying trying it was my sophomore year college I was home for the summer and I remember I just had a big giant for lack of better term breakdown and I turned to the Lord and I said I don’t think I can do this I don’t think I can do all the right things and I remember I was on a run through a park in Houston Texas and was crying out to Lord I just said I said I don’t think I can do this and I really felt like the Lord say to me in that moment now you get the gospel now you get it and that was a watershed moment for me where I moved from well I’m gonna try to do the right things and get everything in order to okay there is a love relationship with this God who has completely wiped away the sins of my past and the sins of my future and then I I heard a great teaching from someone a couple years later who’s that he called it the other part of the gospel and he said you know well we don’t get taught often enough is not only did Jesus remove all of our sin but keep bestowed all of his righteousness on us and not to get too religious termi but all that means is every good thing Jesus did it’s in my account like God looks at me and goes not only if you not done anything wrong you’ve done everything right and so when you start at that spot you look at God and go okay you’re pretty great and I want to spend time with you and I want to hear about your love for me and your love for the world and how can I walk with you and grow talking about growth grow into the person I’m meant to be so I you know maybe that was a little too high-minded for where you were wanting me to go but that when I look at my life I kind of see there’s the part before I had that realization and the part after and I can tell you I’m a much better human being in the in the after part ever since in in there really what we would call that dark night of the soul if you and this this process that actually everybody has to go through they can go through with a doubter they can go through with confidence but eventually you have to own your own faith you can’t be it can’t be the faith your father the faith your mother the faith of the church it has to be your own faith because it’s a personal the nations are not being saved the last nation to be saved was Nineveh so when we take a look in the Bible it’s individuals one at a time it’s one only one goes in to that holy of Holy’s it’s only the high priest and in biblically it was only once a year that he can go in but now we freely have access but we still don’t go in in groups it’s still one on one relationship with the Holy One of Israel so sophomore year of college and you have this epiphany if you will of who God really is so at that time what was your major I was a business major and I was really bad at being a business major and I was I was transitioning over to what at the time was called telecommunications but was studying radio television film and and writing for the medium okay and what did you see happen a change what took place in you once faith became active once you became engaged with the content not religion and I want to make that very clear is that there is nothing in the Bible religion is man-made oh yeah I come out of a Jewish background I raised in 16 generations of Jews every third generation rabbis I know about religion pretty well from both the Old Testament then when coming to faith at age 44 so for the last 24 years walking with the Lord and understanding what man and in and I say this that I often think that the worst thing that ever happened to Jesus was Christianity the we’ve we’ve taken this and we’ve become doctrinal dictators and theological terrorists and it’s about that revelation and you can’t get that revelation by going by a script or an outline for sermon series you get it because of a personal encounter so it always drives down to the individual so how did your one your worldview and to your curricular activities change when you added this new piece to it I think like you said it was a big shift from religion to relationship and that’s become a bit of a threadbare binary but it really was moving from okay I got to do all the right stuff – there’s a love relationship here and my love relationship I know many into I mean God’s grandpa who’s just given me sweets and and patting me on the head it’s much more about him wanting to grow good things in me but I but it was instead of being built on a construct of got to do the right stuff it was built on a construct of he loves me and he wants the best for me and when I believe I talked about this in the book but when I believe that he is ultimately wise like no one is wiser than him and he’s also completely loving when I get those two things in line I trust him so I started to trust him more and more with my life and would start to try to listen to the Holy Spirit what’s what’s he saying about me about my major what’s he setting about what I meant to pursue it also it’s interesting he brought up you know Christianity and and the whole church world thing it really started to upset the applecart on how I saw church and I stopped seeing it as well that’s the end-all be-all of spirituality and I started seeing church activities as more of a place of this is where I can get some fill up but really what what I meant to be doing is living out my calling living out my ministry and if the church at the end of the street isn’t allowing me to do that that was confusing to me okay well I’m supposed to be engaged and what I have to go to seminary and do all this stuff and I heard from a lot of friends a lot a lot of people very very wise people are like that’s not really the way God’s got things set up there’s not the people who do and then the people who watch the people do it’s you you just regular you you don’t have to go to seminary and become a preacher pastor person your God has callings on your life and those colleagues are irrevocable and you are meant to go live that out in your relationships and so that really started to change things and in college I remember looking around going you mean I could just start to as mentor a couple of younger guys but I’m but I’m not I’m not mister mister church man yeah you can do that and and actually God wants you to do it so I remember starting to build into a few younger other freshmen guys and it didn’t go well I’m scratching my head one I really know what to do but over time I started to find more and more life and that and actually find some traction there and that ended up leading to some opportunities where I did some work at some churches but I the whole time I remember thinking this isn’t the end-all be-all of spirituality the end-all be-all of spirituality is that that love relationship of walking with Jesus and I get if I can help other people do that and other people can help me do that and it’s over a cup of coffee somewhere I mean that’s a pretty that’s a pretty sacred place that’s a pretty sacred activity so I so it more than anything what started to change was as I was taking the path of my life I looked more and more to the Holy Spirit to Jesus to God to communicate to me what his plans were for my life and try to respond to him in obedience as much as I could again trusting that he was wise and loving and it’s led to a lot of great things it’s led to a tremendous amount of challenges but all in all I couldn’t be happier did you change your curricular activities did you change your major did you what what did you what did what course change do you make because there’s those that choose ministry as a job like a career path and there’s those who are called to ministry and those are a call to ministry are usually more fruitful there because it’s not a job it is a job but it’s a calling and there’s a distinct difference between a vocational trade and your trade is a pastor versus your calling is as a shepherd and they’re different they’re very different and distinct from a job and a calling how did you feel that played out in your life and when you you saw yourself drawn to more things of the it’s not the unseen realm the truth of the inerrancy of the Bible but the Living God the Messiah the power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit things that were the intangibles and finding the how to present them in a tangible way that’s that’s a transition from media which is what part of our ministry is is a media ministry so I think you could if you looked at my resume know all the jobs I’ve had you could let’s say there’s the jobs where I’ve worked at a church and there’s the jobs where I haven’t worked at a church for lack of better terms and if you were to track that you would see this line going back and forth and it would probably be pretty confusing and yet for me I had felt like I’m just following God and sometimes he has wanted me to my calling and somehow do it in a professional setting again for lack of a better term but again those callings are never gonna change and so when it became it started to become clear to me after college that God had put something in me that I would say it was around use the word shepherding that that’s dead-on I think we we don’t understand what the word pastor really means but as a shepherd looking after other guys hearts and showing kindness and guidance and love to them so I felt like God called me towards shepherding and at the same time it’s what starting to emerge was God had given me some gift for teaching meaning when I would communicate God’s truth to other people from the Scriptures I was able to come up with a metaphor or something you know and speak about it in and engaging enough way that people would it would click with people and they would go Pasha I see this more clearly and I actually want to follow God more so as the shepherding and the teaching gifts started to come out more and more in my life again I would have to turn to God and go how is this gonna play out like am I supposed to go be a pastor person and I just felt like God would hold the answer back and just go just follow me on the next things and so for me after college what that led to me mister Jesus loving okay imma follow Jesus and I want to I want to live out truth and it was okay now go to go to film school in Los Angeles and so I moved to Los Angeles and went for got my MFA in screenwriting and a nice little college there studying how to write movies and that didn’t go against my calling a matter of fact I would look at it and say you can do a fair amount of teaching about truth through your writing and I was looking for ways to do that and so after I finished my MBA my MFA in screenwriting I took jobs in Los Angeles trying to make my way as a writer meanwhile I was volunteering at a church place a big church place in Los Angeles and I ended up teaching there Singles department every Tuesday night I’d get up and honestly I would just take a talk I heard someone else give and recraft it here you go guys it’s kind of what I’m thinking about God and here’s some truth and started to find some traction there and so it wasn’t just okay I’m a screenwriter or oh I’m a teacher Bible it was it was both and I think that’s one of the things that’s most important about the kingdom is that it’s not it’s not minor it’s not all this or all this you’re just following God as you go and so I did the I talked teeth I topped the singles Department for a while and then honestly I got to a point where I had a script that was about to sell in Hollywood who’s gonna be a big big deal it was going to change everything it was a dream come true a super excite this one actor was aw he’s committed to it and I mean I went okay I’m quitting my little day job this is what’s gonna happen and sure enough that thing just fell apart and it was kind of typical Hollywood story where you find out oh I don’t think everybody was being completely honest with me and it was it was it kind of destroyed me but right at that same moment someone offered me a job as a college pastor for Pepperdine students in Malibu California which is a pretty good list and I thought I don’t want to I don’t want to go become a professional teacher I want to I want to be a screenwriter but I felt like God telling me that’s what I needed to do and so for three years I got to work at a church organization and work with Pepperdine students and it was kind of job of a lifetime it was lightning in a bottle we had a blast I got to teach college students at Pepperdine who had a very similar mindset of the mindset I had in high school at the beginning of college which was hey there’s a god out there and following him as a moral pursuit and I’m gonna follow him as a moral pursuit and I got to speak grace and the gospel to those kids just like my college pastor got to speak it to me in college and so a lot of great things happen and so I did that for a while and then we moved to I met I met the girl who I was gonna marry and that’s a whole crazy wonderful God story but again it was about walking with Jesus and listening to him and and going okay there’s no way this girl is ever going to marry me this is bananas what a silly thing and I remember lecturing God going god you just don’t get it and I think sometimes maybe I don’t know if this is theologically correct but I think sometimes God eyes at us and I think I kind of rolled his eyes amigos just trust me and sure enough miracle upon miracle my wife and her together been together 15 years so we moved to Denver and I took a job again teaching at a church still pursuing screenwriting and did that for a couple four years and then I started working professionally as a screenwriter writing some television movies with a buddy and a partner of mine we did a few of those so again kind of going out of that professional ministry world and then took a job as a copywriter for an organization but then went back into doing some curriculum writing and back and forth until today my my full-time job is I’m an executive speaker coach I work with executives thought leaders people who have to you know big big time people small time people who have to communicate and I work with them and help them present more clearly deliver more clearly yet at the same time about every night every three or four weeks I preach at a church nearby they’ve been very kind to let me do that I’m preaching this weekend for services and it’s it’s that both it’s the boat that I really love I feel like I feel like we maybe it’s primarily in America but I think we in America see there’s the clergy and the laymen and boy I I’m not I hope maybe you agree with maybe you don’t but I think I think that line is a little arbitrary and I’m not sure that God is always going yeah there’s the people who do and then the people who watch we’re all we’re a nation of priests right like we’re all meant to be meant to be ministering to one another in some form or fashion well according to Scripture second Corinthians 5:17 through 610 makes that very point is that any anybody who’s Emma sighs a new creation the old has gone the new has come and you’re called into a Ministry of reconciliation so this is the this is the ordination you know I went through traditional ordination but not until I wasn’t ordained so I was 55 until I completed my I come back to do my postgraduate work in my late 40s early 50s after 35 years in corporate America did I finally answer the call the at 13 I said I wanted to become a rabbi and my father basically said what kind of job is that for a Jewish kid go out and make a living and that’s what I did for 35 years until I came to faith and then finished my postgraduate work was ordained as a rabbi and as a Southern Baptist minister and came and planted a congregation so you know I understand God’s path is like the song a long and winding road and that’s exactly what it is you know your story parallels the book of course and the book is written by you as a representation of reflection of what every author does and they first write the book to themselves and then they take a look at who their audience is and they go back in and say okay well yeah I think I’ve talked to myself enough now I need to talk to the reader and you know getting bogged down in my own illustrations I could write a whole book and that would become a you know a novel or something else but you’ve chosen to take and draw the comparison to as the book is titled I am a field and so when we look at this field we have to define what kind of field it is is it a fertile well nurtured well fertilized while producing I’m much older than you but in early elementary school we learned about crop rotation and things like that there were scientific in nature to replenish the soil and you know the the the concepts in science of returning back to the soil and allowing certain crops to wilt ER and go back into the ground and other crops need to be cleared from the ground and so it’s very interesting the agricultural correlation of course God uses many of them and those that would say that these are metaphorical actually they’re not metaphorical they’re actually sound agricultural concepts that put into practice would yield a good harvest he talks about the ground and the preparation and if we look at ourselves to the field then we too need a certain amount of preparation I always equate the ground and the heart and that’s because God does that and he says you know your heart of stone is going to be replaced with a heart of flesh well every every field before it’s cleared has many stones in it and requires a cleansing we’re talking with jeff davenport author of i am a field becoming a place where god grows great things you’ve heard Jeff’s story about how God has used his life as a field to both grow and to nurture and to produce a crop worthy of recognition and his mentoring his teaching and his role in conveying God’s message of unconditional love and relationship when we come back from break we’re going to dig into the concepts of this entire idea of soil and the seed and sowing and growing and how that correlates to the Word of God and how your journey can be enhanced by a deeper understanding of what’s contained in these page where until your short break and we’ll be right back the Lord meets you right where you are and sodas ignite Ignatians new live streaming outlets you can now watch revealing the truth revealing the Bible and prophecy revealed simulcast live each Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 o’clock p.m. Central Standard Time on YouTube live Facebook live vinny o periscope and through our website 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verse and both Hebrew and English and connect the dots between the old and new Testament you can attend our two classes and Tuscaloosa and Birmingham or watch the program every Wednesday at 11 a.m. Central time on igniting a nation calm and all our other simulcast outlets for more information visit Shalom and welcome back to this edition of revealing the truth where we cover the headlines the heart lines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Erik Walker and we’re talking with Jeff Devon for it author of the new book called I am afield becoming a place where God grows great things Jeff welcome back to this segment appreciate it Jeff you you start the book you know with a chapter called the end you have to chuckle at it just because you called at the end where the end but since God knows the end from the beginning it’s actually really quite appropriate walk me through and the audience through the fundamental concept that you’re presenting here as I’m a field and then break it down to those components as it relates in the natural and how you see God revealing supernatural truths through an examination of the natural and that’s where we live we live in the natural trying to comprehend supernatural truth and so you draw that connection and make those parallels and so if you’d kind of take us on a journey into the text that would be greatly appreciated well first off the book came out when I was a college pastor for some Pepperdine students to be honest there was a Tuesday night that I was going to be teaching and it was about I think we were teaching at 7 o’clock and I think it three o’clock I didn’t have a clue what I was going to talk about and I remember just opening the scriptures looking through and I just stumbled upon first Corinthians 3 where Paul talks about how he says there the one who plants the one who waters have one purpose and they will each be record and rewarded according to their own labor we are co-workers in God’s service you are God’s field God’s building and that you are God’s field really struck me I’m a metaphor guy maybe I’m simple-minded but I am always loved the parts of scripture that say look this is difficult to understand so Jesus or the author of you know whatever part of this says let me let me describe it into something you do understand so we see as you mentioned we see a lot of agriculture in the Bible and you know in the audience they would say you get this about agriculture now you can get this about your life and so when I read that thing and I don’t know it on about agriculture you know I knew what I knew from growing up in school they did you know how soil works photosynthesis and watering plants sunlight that sort of thing and I remember reading that you are God’s field and I felt like to some degree God just downloaded a bunch of stuff in my heart about if I saw my life as a field then I could probably get a better sense of what God the farmer was doing and so I taught that that night and it got a lot of traction people responded really well to it and I ended up teaching that concept a few more times and that eventually led me to build the book around it and as you said it begins with the end and the end is all about a farmer a farmer doesn’t look at a field and go gosh I don’t know I’ll give something a shot and let’s see what happens a farmer I mean a good farmer is intentional a good farmer says these are some things that I believe I can grow on this field and I believe in the same way God looks at our lives and doesn’t go for I don’t know we’ll figure something out as we go God says I know what I can specifically grow in you that’s going to be a boon to you and your life and to the people and the people around you and everybody that you run into I think we as as Jesus followers sometimes feel like our lives are chaos or just do what we’re reactionary we’re just responding to ba turn on what I have to do at work today and what’s going on my family and it helps I think to think that there is a God out there who like a farmer looks at our lives as a field and says I know the things that I can grow specifically in you and honestly when you get that sense of God viewing you that way it takes the pressure off like it takes the pressure off me having to sit down going off water what do I need to grow in my life there’s a good God who says hey if you ask me I know what those things are now with that I think we also can ask and go hey god I’m starting to recognize a dearth of something in my life boy it would be beneficial to me would you start growing this in me and I think often God goes off what a great ask I would love to grow that in and so I talk about this a lot in the book but I had reached a point in my life I maybe about 10 years ago I realized I was way short on perseverance I gave up on things really really easily and you know I felt like God would challenge me to things and things to get hard and I go huh I move on to the next thing but I would watch friends and people who I really admired have these amazing things would be happening in their lives and I tried to figure out what sitting between them and me and I realized I think I don’t think they give up easily I think they stick with things and I think they don’t let failure take them take them down and so I remember one day I was in my basement doing some work on a project that I remember asking God God would you start to grow perseverance in me and I believe that God said in that moment I’d love to now it wasn’t a suddenly you have perseverance I don’t think that happens all that often but it was God starting to say okay I’m on it like a farmer I’m gonna start to tend your field and I’m gonna start to need to remove some things about how you think about yourself and how you think of me and I’m going to need to plant some ideas inside of you and I’m going to nurture those things in you and over time you know you said earlier we’re never done we’re never or never perfect till till we get the glory but God has started to grow that it has been growing that in me for some time if I hadn’t have believed that God was intentional I think that’s a big word we need to believe about God is that he is intentional about the things he wants to do in our lives if I hadn’t believed he was intentional if I hadn’t believed he was trustworthy and I’ve had if I didn’t believe he was loving I probably would have bought into it and I would have gone oh you’re not gonna give it to me today uh-huh I guess I give up and I’ve seen that over and over again I’ve seen that in the lives of friends and people who are following Jesus that when they ask God for something or God says hey I’d like to grow this in you when they respond to that and let God do what good things happen I’m in a season right now it’s but if funny you you he said a nice and it’s a lot on your show but you’ve said the word Shalom and that that’s that’s my word right now like I’ve asked God recently will you grow of what I’ve asked is will you grow a piece in me and just this morning and funny funny strangely enough just this morning I was studying up on piece and reading about the Greek word and then obviously the Hebrew word Shalom and it’s not just oh no war or oh I feel good but that idea of wholeness and when I heard that I felt like God go see I am starting to grow this in you more and more this wholeness inside of you so again I think if we if we see God as a farmer in our lives of field Katie bar the door anything can happen any great thing can happen in our lives so when we look at the field and I you know I tend to think about an old illustration that was given to me about a couple that’s sitting on their porch in the rocking chair looking out over their acres of corn and how neatly the stalks are and how perfectly straight for miles and miles as far as you can see and they’re sitting back elderly couple rocking along and a car pulls up and they just happen to drive in and say my goodness this must be the most wonderful life that anybody can imagine the peace and the tranquility that you have looking out over this amazing view and it is really quite awesome when you see a parcel of eight you know hundreds of acres of planted corn right before the harvest there is there’s they’re tall there it’s perfectly straight the rows are incredible and they respond by saying where were you thirty years ago when we were taking boulders out of this field I the size of a car and when the mule died to pull the plow we hooked it up to Grandma and when grandma died I had to do it and when I got to be too old we had saved enough money to get a tractor and here we are now you don’t know the half of it of the preparation of it and the seasons of preparation in our life you equate the harvest in a way which you have the gifts of the Spirit the fruit of the Spirit and then you have other and and the other category fascinated me you know two of them are deeply straight out of the scriptures but the others are ones that you are presenting to say that you can add to into your life rich nutrients and develop new products and we’re seeing that as we agriculture has taken a new turn in this non-gmo gluten-free every category people have to change their growing methods in order to bring more nutrient-rich food into the to the source so how do we do that and what are some of those things that we will accomplish that that are they have to be subsets of the gifts of the Spirit and the fruits of the spirit for the fruit of the Spirit I know TD jakes was quoted as saying that one of the one of the fruit of the Spirit is patience and he said his is like a reason it’s still a fruit but at times it gets quite dried up and so you know as we draw the parallels in correlation between okay you know I can get that list peace patience to all these things but what does that really mean and so you give us the third column which I greatly appreciate what contained in that third column and how am i life be changed by that well you know going back to your I love your story about the old couple on the on the porch because it made me think you know we all want to we all want to end up being old people who are stable loving non grumpy wisdom you know faucets who are just people come to us in our old age going ah you are just wonderful nobody wants nobody wants to grow up into a crotchety old person yet it seems to happen it seems to happen so how do I become an old person who at the end of my life people come to for wisdom and guidance about Jesus what you have to do the work long time before you have to let God grow the things in you and it takes time it takes it takes it takes time it takes effort it also takes like I’ve said a tremendous amount of trust and I think becoming that and it’s not just about being an old person it’s about being a person today who is exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit it gives to the spirit and yeah that other category does roll up under underneath the fruit and the gifts if I say God I just I know I mean I know dudes I was just with some dudes last night who were praying this god I know you want me a bit a better husband so will you grow me into a better husband well I think God goes well I think we’re probably going to get some of the fruit of the Spirit here I don’t think you grow into a good husband and not have peace patience kindness goodness same with being a father same with being someone who is a better employee you know these are all things that God wants to use to train you up to train up your character so that you become and I talked about this in the book so that you become more and more conformed into the image of Jesus and yet it’s a unique expression of that for you in your life and in the situation that God has put you in whether you’re a father or mother or a grandparent whatever that is God wants to use that situation to grow you under the person meant to be so that other category can be any number of things it’s anything good that would help you know it’s like taking the picture of Jesus and shattering it to some degree and saying this sliver right here if that’s growing in me that’s gonna make me a little more like Jesus and this sliver here if I’ve got more of that that’s going to make me a little bit more like Jesus I think God is I know God is always looking for examples to craft our character and grow us into the image of his son that he loves as we look at the preparation phase and we take a look at this picture of God removing our heart of stone and replacing with our two flesh that’s just the first step in the process now you have to have good a or tech health you have to have you can’t triglycerides and cholesterol and all these other things and if we draw the parallel between the heart and the soil and heart disease and all these things there is a pruning there is a weeding process of making sure that what we’re taking in and if faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God what other things what other pollutants come by hearing that caused our crop to wither cause our crop to be filled with pestilence and then we have an enemy to deal with it’s going to sow weeds among the harvest and how do we look at that parallel and how it plays out in the book that’s you did on I mean those weeds are the killers there is you can’t believe in a loving God and not believe that there’s an enemy out there bent on our destruction he doesn’t want to say his Bible says he wants to steal kill and destroy not tickle and annoy us he wants to steal kill and destroy and he does that primarily I believe by taking God’s truth and either perverting it or getting us just not believe it all together and so a lot of those weeds I mean you could put a lot under the category of weeds from me the most important one is the things that I believe it’s just it’s miss beliefs miss beliefs about myself miss beliefs about the world and miss beliefs about God so again as like going back to when I was growing up I had a Miss belief about God I believed that God was a big moral moral being in the sky who’s keeping track of my moral failings and that was that weed was choking out the plants got had for my life which was about walking with Jesus and a love relationship and so when God opened my eyes and spoke to me by His Holy Spirit hey that’s not who I am well I had a decision to make and I can either decide to side with what God was saying or what the enemy was saying and I think we do this we do it in big giant moments in our lives but I believe we do it in little tiny moments all throughout the day I’m in a season right now I just heard a preacher fella yesterday talking about how oh we end up we end up talking ourselves out of the good things God wants to grow in us and I thought man I am just constantly siding with the enemy siding with the enemy when I talk to myself about God can’t do that in me or I’m disqualified or I’m too armed no no those are weeds and we have got to be vigilant you know you see this in Scripture over and over again this command to be vigilant watch out watch out watch out watch out I don’t think we’re good at watching out as Jesus followers I think we we are we are being taken unawares that all says do not be unaware of all our Peter but do not be unaware of the enemy’s schemes we have to be aware of his schemes and for me that’s one of that’s become one of the big things that I find that I communicate the most about it’s weird you know to talk about the enemy this much but I found myself constantly sitting with people or when I’m teaching at the the church that I help out or I hope that some of this is in the book but hey we need to be aware this is the enemy’s tactic towards us and we have got to go open our eyes and go oh my word this has been eating my lunch and I’m now gonna move away from that and try to go towards the truth that God has for me well you you lay out a an outstanding portrait and I am a field coming a place where God grows great things you take us from the plan to the soil to the obstructions to the seed sowing growing and then there is that period of waiting right receipt us to germinate and then you have to go through in between the waiting and the harvest there is constant maintenance and checking for pests and insect and things that erode at us and if we are honest with ourselves we have to be aware of what is impacting your life and what we’re allowing in to our life that is going to make it so the harvest is not as great as it could possibly be and of course the final chapter on the kingdom which is what all this leads up to is that being part of the kingdom means your joining your field with many other fields your joining your harvest and sharing your harvest with others that not everybody grows the same crops your diet is not of one item and therefore each one of us has to pursue the gifts given to us in order to find the harvest that’s going to contribute the most to the kingdom we’ve been talking with Jeff Davenport author of I am e-field becoming a place where great where God grows great things you can get a copy by visiting ignite a nation calm and on the homepage scroll down to the 10 o’clock hour you’ll see the name Jeff Davenport click on the I want the book and it’ll take you right to our source to provide the book for you chief Davenport thank you for sharing this story and your life story with us here on revealing the truth Thank You rabbi Eric I really appreciate your time Shalom to you Shalom to you we’re going to do a short break and when we come back we’ll bring you the next edition of revealing the truth.

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