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Joe Newby – The Conservative Firing Line

July 1, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CDT

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Author of:
Banned: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad

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Interview Transcript

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Lohmann welcome the cessation of revealing the truthful we cover the headlines the heart lines and biblical truth I’m your host mechanic rabbi Eric Walker and as we do on the first Monday of every month at 12 o’clock hour we bring on our good friend Joe Newby from the conservative firing line and he is the author of the book banned how Facebook enables Islamic Jihad and Joe welcome to revealing of the truth good morning Eric how are you today I’m doing great thank you very much so Joe you must be absolutely going crazy there at the conservative firing line with your hundreds of thousands of followers and your original contributors from Edina Nicky to say Higby to just some really great authors and contributors that’s a great Holt that are really weighing in to trying to get America to wake up to what’s really going on Washington and it seems that there’s a pattern that every day there is a crisis du jour and the crisis d’Azur is whatever it is that’s the new new issue impeachment but we still haven’t closed out the FISA issue we haven’t closed out the Clinton email issue we haven’t closed out any of these things are we ever going to close them out you know there are days Eric I got to tell you I actually asked myself that more often than you know some of these things especially with crooked Hillary Clinton have been going on for you know decades I mean this is a woman Eric who has more than 40 years experience lying and scheming and plotting doing one thing or another to essentially wrest power unto herself she’s power-hungry she’s power mad back in the 2016 election I came right out and I think I’m probably one of the few who have I came right out and said in no uncertain terms that Hillary Clinton is without question the most evil person ever to be nominated to the White House by a major party I mean the only way for the Democrats to get even more evil than Hillary in my opinion in 2016 and on up through today so far as for them to actually nominate Satan himself the this this woman Eric she is up to her eyeballs in in corruption every every pore of her body reeks corruption lies I mean this this woman I could tell you stories that I heard from when I lived in Arkansas about Bill and Hillary Clinton it’s frightening to think that she was actually that close to becoming the President of the United States and and what even scares me more is that there were people who sensibly were on our side of the aisle alleged conservatives who were perfectly fine with having her and George Soros and all of her little minions actually take over in this country to do whatever they want and I I thank God that Donald Trump won because I showed her to think what this country would be like if she were in the White House right now it’s beyond my imagination that the Republican Party is hooking Senate has not exerted they are half of the legislative branch right and if they find one half the convey the House of Representative to be out of line or to be inappropriate to have exceeded their power they have their own sets of checks and balances within the legislative branch and Mitch McConnell should have called out Nancy Pelosi on her being out of order and announcing impeachment proceedings without it going to vote without it being presented to the house without it being presented to the Senate but but they’re laying back like they are dead birds with their feet sticking up on the air and I’m embarrassed I am too and and I’m I’m also questioning why is it that Lindsey Graham hasn’t stepped up in his role as the Senate Judiciary chair to take up some inquiries of his own why why is why hasn’t she done anything there are so many things Eric that they just frustrate me to no end and and have somebody like Mitt Romney for crying out loud even after Donald Trump endorsed him for the Senate’s Mitt Romney is out there doing his part everything he can to undermine Donald Trump it frustrates me to no end I I heard something coming home from work this morning and I was listening to Rush Limbaugh and I think he hit it right on the head as he so often does I don’t I don’t think the Democrats oh yes they they want impeachment of course they do I don’t think Democrats will be happy until the entire Trump family is dragged into the street out of the White House and shot in in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue but I think rush limbaugh hit on something this morning when he said that all the Democrats really want is to be able to peel away a couple of Republicans so that they can come out and say with a somewhat straight face that this is bipartisan when you and I both know that it really isn’t it’s not there’s nothing bipartisan about this there they’re just trying to peel away a couple of week need linguini spine Republicans to go along with their harebrained ideas in their harebrained notion this is why I think Eric that Trump’s base has got to stand up has got to rise up in mass and flood literally flood the House and Senate switchboards with calls demanding that they bring Adam Schiff they bring some accountability and and stand up and and do the right thing we have a few Jim Jordan to name one and there’s a couple others Devin Yunus has been just absolutely brilliant I love the way that he went after Adam Schiff for actually trying to get nude photos of Donald Trump from from what he thought were Russians in the know when in reality they were pranksters but I like I said there are a few Republicans but there’s not enough there’s not enough Republicans coming up and demanding accountability for what Pelosi and Schiff are doing especially when you stop and think Eric that both Pelosi and Schiff have ties to the Ukrainians what’s up with this we have not some reason held anybody accountable for anything nope there’s no there’s an election coming up and everybody saying oh well the election will be your chance to make your voice heard but there is a lot of a lot of time a lot of time and lots of things are going to happen during that time there are many people very upset why is nobody speaking out now how is it that Jay Sekulow how is it the tom Fitton have all this access to all the spies information that have all this this enough for report much more than Muller had on the Clinton on the Russia hoax why are we not bringing that out and in dating turning this over to the proper authorities for either the Inspector General or a special prosecutor to engage in this this takes me back to Jeff Sessions I expected two years of draining the swamp he’s been gone a year or three years and the swamp is filling up yeah pretty much pretty much it that’s why I say it’s very frustrating and I think III think there’s a frustration across the country especially among Trump supporters and and and you know it’s it’s no longer just Trump supporters you know not not the what you would call the the die-hard from Ace that supported him back in 2016 there are I’ve been seeing stories of Liberal Democrats rank-and-file Liberal Democrats who are fed up with what is going on they see this this double standard they see the two-tier system that we have within the country within that within the justice system and they are not at all happy they don’t they don’t like what they’re seeing Pelosi and the Democrats do what what have they done legislatively Eric they’ve done zilch zero nada what had they done for prescription drug prices nothing well what are they done to bring down the cost of health care nothing what have they done to help secure the southern border nothing in fact if anything they’re fighting like cats and dogs trying to keep the southern border open so anybody can can come into the country whether they’re legal or not whether they’re criminals or not they’re the ones attacking the Constitution trying to get rid of the electoral college they’re the ones trying to strip you and I of their of our right to keep them bear arms you’ve got I was going to say Eric’s wall wall but I’m in bed O’Rourke out there saying you know yes we’re going to take your ar-15 oh really [Laughter] look that’s a phone that they’ll get that in the other room so so what are they so what what are they what what are they doing Erica sorry for the phone you know what are they doing really when you sought me think about it now they’re not doing anything that’s it there’s no legislation being passed there are no bills being drawn up there’s no presentation for it things are happening but they are at the level where they’re coming out of committee and these are some older things not a lot of new stuff I just don’t understand and we’re very much like the parallel and Israel where we have a prime minister but no Parliament therefore nothing can be done right and the Democratic Party has said we hate Donald Trump more than we love America we hate Donald Trump more than we represent you I and we all have our jobs on the line we’ve all come up for reelection I or the end of our political career in November 2020 they don’t act like they want to be reelected well the problem I think is there there’s an arrogant condescension especially among the establishment well types in both parties both Democrats and Republicans when you look at the at the sheer statistics the the stats clearly shows that the vast majority of incumbents will get reelected no matter what they will get reelected it’s very rare that an incumbent actually loses his or her seat most of the time they get reelected because they’re there they’re in Washington they spend most of their time raising funds preparing for the next election that that’s pretty much all they do so until the electorate figures out wakes up and figures out hey this isn’t working you know we’ve we keep reelecting the same clowns in the office over and over and over and over again expecting different results and guess what we keep getting the same thing at some point people have got to wake up and say something’s not quite right here yeah at least that’s what you’d think so what’s the answer Joe turn limits you know I there was a time when I would have argued against term limits but I’m to the point now I’m thinking you know what we have term limits for the president for good reason maybe it’s time to start imposing term limits on members of Congress as well two maybe three terms for House members and no more than two terms for senators that’s that’s kind of what we’re I’m where I’m headed erection I’m heading because what’s happened is we’ve got you know career politicians in Washington and and all they do Eric all they do is spend their time raising money that’s all they do they don’t they don’t really don’t do much of anything else are they they go out and they they make speeches and and they they do appearances and town halls and things of this sort but most of their time in Washington is spent raising funds for the net selection and I think until we start putting a cap on that and say okay no you’re supposed to be a citizen legislator that is you go to Congress you represent the people in your district in your state and then after a couple three terms you come home and guess what you get to live under the laws that you helped create and I think we need to get back to that sort of I think a voter revolution I think that’s the only the only thing that will ever really work do Republicans care enough to get out of this seat to do anything you know I think I think some do I think there’s quite a few there who are so comfortable in their position that they don’t want to you know that they don’t want to rock the boat they don’t want to make waves I’m reminded of the time when what was his name Mitchell was the House Minority Leader and and his motto was for all practical purposes go along to get along and you know we’re the minority we can’t really stop anything and and I think there are far too many Republicans who are in this mode of rolling over and sucking their thumb when when things get a little get a little hard because they they don’t want Democrats or the media which is pretty much one of the same pointing a finger of blame at them and calling them dirty names and I think Republicans are gonna have to obtain the backbone and get out and do something useful and if they won’t then the voters need to tell them guess what you’re out of here you’re fired we’re going to elect somebody else if you’re not you know man enough or woman enough or you don’t have the backbone to do the job we’ll put somebody in there who does it you know Eric that’s that’s one of the things what that like so much about about the politics where I live typically speaking those of us who live up here in North Idaho we we don’t typically I’ll say typically don’t really like the same person to Congress over and over and over and over and over again we might well I think Raul Labrador he was there I think for four terms but that’s that’s rare that that really is rare since I’ve lived here and all the times that I’ve been here most of time they’ll get elected maybe twice maybe three times and and then that’s it when I first came up here back in the 90s I met a woman by the name of Helen Chenoweth and she kind of reminded me a little bit of Sarah Palin back in the day I mean she was a firebrand and she didn’t she didn’t tolerate anything she she was the kind of person Eric who would have fundraisers what was it endangered salmon barbecues for fund raisers I mean that that was the kind of person she was she not politically correct at all she didn’t care you know people called her name she just went about her business and she did it with a smile on her face right but the thing I liked about the politics up here is that if we don’t feel that our representative is doing a good enough job we’re not gonna let him or her sit there for 15 20 years and continue to get reelected over and over and over again we’re gonna do something about it even if that means electing a Democrat and that’s actually happened the time or two up here not Austin but it’s actually happened so in my view we’ve got you know one of two things either number one the electorate has to get more involved more informed and actually get out and vote learn about the issues and and make an informed decision at the ballot box or or we enact term limits in my view those are the only two things that can be done I I don’t know what else that that we can do so here we have these buffoons in Washington we have a Senate which we control can the Senate not come out with bills that are being sent to the house to get them to have to ask upon those bills should they not be pumping out so much paper that Congress that the house has has to put it in committee has to get it out of committee and so caught up with the Senate’s agenda that then enough time for their own games well the problem I think we have there is the the Senate prides itself on being the quote most deliberative body in the world the problem is I think constitutionally and I know there will be people who argue at me about this and that’s fine but constitutionally I believe that any bill where spending is involved has to originate in the house because the house is the ones with the purse strings so yes the Senate can introduce legislation but it’s not a case necessarily of them sending it to the house the house has to come up with something vote on it and then the two bodies have to come together in some kind of a committee a joint committee of some kinds to try to hash out the differences between the two that’s the problem that you run into there it’s just it’s it’s mind-boggling that America is frozen and that each day the news carries the agenda of the Congress and then they go down their path of interrogating and questioning people who might as well work for TMZ or the National Enquirer they have no credibility whatsoever they are here say they would not meet the test of evidence in a criminal court of law but they give them 8 9 hours of time and these are taxpayer dollars right when does the taxpayer say I’ve had enough well technically they say that at the ballot box but then again it gets back to what I was saying before we need an electorate that is a informed and B is energized and motivated enough to actually get out and learn about the issues and make a decision at the ballot box and unfortunately you know you you swerved into something Eric you’ve mentioned the media and you know more than once excuse me and I think that’s that’s a huge problem right there because the the media what we call the media I mean I I think of you and I what we’re doing right now is part of this thing that we call the media because we’re putting information out we’re putting our opinions out people can watch us listen to us and they can make up their own minds they can say hmm yeah maybe these people know what they’re talking about or maybe these people are giving you something to think about but the media quote-unquote media is not interested I think in informing anyone Eric the the so-called media or what I call the Democrat media Tom phlex is actually there to pursue the Democrat Party agenda or or as Russian others say to lead the Democrat Party agenda because you know if you look at MSNBC and CNN if those are the only two places where people get their information they’re going to be woefully ignorant on just about any given issue I remember years back oh gosh oh is it 2010 or 2011 it was quite a while ago I remember reading a story and I remember I did a post for it at examiner.com when they were still around about a man who he had done some crime he had shot somebody done something he’d gone bananas wacko and and I think it was something like he blew out his television set with a shotgun or something to that effect anyway when he was before the judge he he actually told the judge that it was MSNBC’s fault that that he did this and I’m thinking you know that was nine or ten years ago but I can’t help but think that maybe there’s a few out there on the Left who are doing nothing but getting saturated with this information and fake news and propaganda and hatred from MSNBC and CNN and we’re going to start seeing more violence I don’t know if you look at News Buster’s but if you don’t Eric I recommend that you do in fact I recommend everybody in your audience go to News Buster’s dot o-r-g News Buster’s dot org and they they do a fantastic roundup of the liebelei biased things that are happening within both the print and and broadcast media and almost every day I mean one article after another MSNBC MSNBC MSNBC and when you put it all together I you know when you pull all of that together you get the impression that we’ve got two networks MSNBC and CNN that are so anti-trump so full of hatred not just for Trump but for his supporters that they they’re basically fomenting hatred and violence against Trump and his supporters and if those are the only two outlets or people get their information you’re going to have a lot of very violent very angry very upset misinformed individuals and that’s what we’ve gotten the electorate today well you’re exactly right we’re talking with Joe Newby from a conservative firing line calm with conservative insights into what’s going on in Washington with recommendations to follow news busters to follow the people who run the Tom Benton’s group which is you forgetting the name Judicial Watch you just to watch and all the FOIA Freedom of Information Act filings they have that is to keep your eye on the secular and the work they’re doing eventually all of this information has to come out about Clinton about the Clinton emails about the FISA abuses yet we are focusing on Adam Schiff inventing fictional Trump quotes on Scarborough fight Fox News by registering your friends to vote Democrat now they’re talking about breaking the federal election laws and having you register people this has become ridiculous this is nothing less than revolution and anarchy and it’s being played out by the news media which unfortunately is losing so much money that they cannot afford to go on much longer and that’s the reality of what’s happening we’re doing a short break and when we come back we’re and continue to talk with Joe about what’s happening so we can expose in combat liberal media bias we’ll be right back the Lord meets you right where you are and sodas ignite Ignatians new live streaming outlets you can now watch revealing the truth revealing the Bible and prophecy revealed simulcast live each Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 o’clock p.m. Central Standard Time on YouTube live Facebook live vinny o periscope and through our website WWII and acecomm no matter what device you are using our program will automatically scale so you won’t have to miss a single program and if you happen to miss an episode you can always subscribe to the igniting a nation YouTube channel and access over 1,000 interviews and never miss your 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information visit forward-slash events Shalom and welcome back to this edition of revealing the truth while we cover the headline start lines and build which I’m your host messianic rabbi Eric Walker and we’re talking Joe newbie as we do on the first Monday of every month to 12 at the 12 o’clock hour for the conservative firing line and conservative firing line dot-com Joe welcome back to the program thank you very good to be here again Joe every time I see a headline and the name joy behar yeah they now want to put a new Christmas song out change a beloved version of a Christmas carol into a an impeachment anthem well this is this is a deranged left I mean all you have to say is Joy Behar yeah and you pretty much subset it all that seriously Erica adds it that’s it joy behar not yeah you don’t need to go any further I mean look that this is a woman who makes a career I mean she gets paid by ABC to come out and say stupid insane ignorant things and and I’m not saying that to be mean I’m saying that because well quite frankly it happens to be true I remember back in 9/11 after it shortly after 9/11 Bill O’Reilly was on the view and he made the comment that it was Muslims who flew the airplanes into the World Trade Center we know that to be a fact okay Joy Behar when just absolutely bonkers she would offer rocker she stomped off the set and you know from that point on my my opinion of Joy Behar is pretty much as I’ve described to you i I don’t put really any stock in anything she says quite frankly because I know that a it doesn’t really carry much water and B it’s it’s going to be essentially fact free and and not you know really quite honestly not not worth the time listening to it unless you just want to watch TV to get outraged I mean that’s so I’m I’m ugly enough and stupid enough for prime TV yeah I know I mean III think you and I could do much better than the harpies on the view quite frankly yeah but you know I listen to things and here’s the song it’s a rewrite of joy to the world and they’re singing it it says joy to the world the time has come inquire indict impeach let every heart prepare is doom he’s broken protocol but stays above it all our protest is genius or Neanderthal you know if I was called you and the and earth all that would be racist or what we’re being caveman or phobia yeah yeah caveman a folk that’s that’s about it I mean arrogant it’s you know the left is has become a parody of itself the modern left I you know I I have come to the conclusion that the democrat party along with their allies and what I call the Democrat media complex which is a propaganda machine ABC NBC CBS CNN New York Times Washington Post ad nauseum are deliberately pushing this country to the brink of another Civil War I don’t say that lightly I’ve been saying it was quite some time and and I was really surprised when I heard pastor Jeffress talk here not that long ago about the Democrats creating a civil war like fracture within the country that’s exactly what they’re doing he is exactly right and and Donald Trump picked up on that you know he put out a tweet basically putting out what pastor Jeffress said and the left went bananas Oh Donald Trump’s calling for civil war no he wasn’t he he put out a quote of paraphrase a little bit but but he put out what this pastor said but the pastor is absolutely right you know when you’ve got william weld a former governor of massachusetts who’s now running against Donald Trump and has zero chance of winning anything okay when you’ve got william weld coming out and saying execute trump and that’s what he said he said this on national television execute Trump the Trump is a traitor and he has to be executed okay the left cheered him the left loves it the left loves that kind of talk you got people like this this guy at CNN he writes for The Daily Beast and a few other left-wing outfit his name is Rick Wilson he’s probably one of the most unhinged Trump haters out there right along with Jennifer Rubin who is allegedly a conservative she happens to write for the Washington Post between the two of them who needs MSNBC and CNN I mean these people are deranged Eric they are absolutely unhinged and seething with blind hatred of Donald Trump and it doesn’t matter what Trump does it doesn’t matter 90% of the country could vote with him and support him he could cure cancer and these people would come out and demand that he be executed impeached indicted and thrown in jail Eric what we’re seeing is a radicalization of the political scene the likes of which I have never seen before in my life and and it scares me frankly it concerns me greatly is there enough momentum in these Trump rallies and he’s having them a few we’re gonna see an increase after the first of the year obviously right will these have the kind of effect if the numbers if the economy numbers line up we’ve got two things involved we’ve got this Mexico and Canada agreement that if it gets signed it’s very important right we have China which gets signed very important okay those those two alone our election clinchers because they put the jobs back in America right but without them then it becomes a matter of the wall immigration sanctuary cities and medicare-for-all and free college well for each of the students not three to you and I that’s that’s that that’s a kicker on you know anything that is you know quote-unquote free it really isn’t free we all pay for that in one form or another Medicare for all isn’t free you and I pay for that with our tax dollars Social Security anything that is quote-unquote government guaranteed or government assured is not free and this is something you know far too many people forget especially I think those in the you know in the Millennial class who listened to the likes of AOC and Ilhan Omar and even you know to some tunic Stan Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren when they talk about free you know these that there’s a class of people out there who somehow think that all money in this country belongs to the government no it doesn’t okay the government has to take that from you and I and everybody else who works okay nothing is free it may seem free to the person who’s getting the goodies but somebody has to work to put in the hours to make the money for the government to take and that’s what a lot of people unfortunately don’t understand so I think people are waking up to that Eric and I think that’s what you’re seeing at these Trump rallies this this that you know walk away movement I think is attracting a lot of people I can’t tell you how many times I have seen comments on social media from people who said you know what I used to be a Democrat not anymore because these Democrats are crazy they’re nuts they’re out of their minds and it’s mostly over economic issues but it’s also in it’s also in you know due in part to the unhinged nature of the Democrat Party and their allies in the media there’s going to have to be something that’s going to frighten the Republican Party enough that makes them think they’re losers they don’t believe that impeachment is going to work they don’t believe that there was collusion so they don’t respond they don’t believe that there is they believe that this Biden connection with Ukraine is real but they don’t believe anybody can do anything about it so they don’t respond they believe that the sighs abuses were real but they just don’t respond right they don’t push it to encounter engagement they don’t push it forward and say look we’re we’re in your district Nancy Pelosi we’re in your district we’re going to be your party you’re the elected representative from this district you don’t just represent the Democrats in the district you represent the district in the district and we’re saying to you we want this on the floor we want this brought to a vote we want these issues and if all of them did that listen just because they’re Democrat does not mean that over the last three years people haven’t changed their minds about what decision they made and right poles three years ago and they’re looking at a bloomin idiot that they put you know you look at Ilhan Omar and I’m sorry that’s just the stupidest thing you ever did you put in Ohio CA or a C or a ocf ALC or whatever her her dynasty is and say this woman opens her mouth and nothing comes out of it well nothing it makes much sense I’ll put it that way yeah the the squad I think is what’s driving the Democrat Party now the AOC Ilhan Omar receded to lead you want to talk about unhinged there you go right there I mean that that’s about as unhinged as as they come here not too long ago when we put up something about Rasheeda Talib now so impeach the MF t-shirts I mean who would have thought Eric five years ago who would have thought that you would have a member of Congress actually selling such a shirt it’s just it’s remarkable these are what our children are supposed to be aspiring to be I remember JFK I remember Eisenhower I remember Truman I remember Johnson I remember the idiot Carter but this is what your aspired to do was to serve your country with honor and dignity and represent America to the world whereas the strongest unified force in the world and we are a laughing stock of America we would sit and we would watch Parliament and we would laugh at the men getting up there with their wigs and with their there I don’t know what you would call it but it was just an act and so many words wrapped around so many things you don’t even know what they’re asking for and they were requesting a cup of tea well you got to admit though Erika okay you know the Parliament you got to admit though they they know how to have a very lively debate they do I enjoy listening to Nigel Faraj just hammer his his opposition you know in the in the Labour Party I thoroughly enjoy that they’ve got good guys over there just like we do here but you know the thing that the thing that we’ve got here in this country unfortunately is an electorate that has become complacent and has been propagandized by the mainstream media to think a certain way and then when you top that off you top that off with what social media is doing to deliberately stifle the voice of those of us who are you know to the right of Center while at the same time helping the voices of those at you know CNN and MSNBC and so on and so forth it’s no wonder that we’re in the shape that we’re in right now this is why I keep harping on this whole thing people have got to wake up and smell the coffee and educate themselves and here are all sides of an argument the other only alternative is to instill term limits and enforce it that way that’s the only that’s the only option that we have otherwise we’re going to have you know 435 Ilhan omar’s in the House of Representatives and and you know god help us ever happens we’re doomed in my opinion and their first legislation piece of legislation will be assisted suicide whenever the government decides you’re ready to die yeah we’re going to assist you in that and unfortunately free and it will be free and everybody get paid for it they’ll be free we’ve been talk with Joe Newby host of the conservative firing live.com as we do on the first Monday of every month at the twelve o’clock hour when we give you the consistency of political point of view from a biblical worldview Joe we look forward to seeing you next month I believe it will be on a November the 4th and at the 12 o’clock hour until then we wish you and your family at the very best hope your wife is recovered she’s recovering she’s getting stronger and more Andry by the day good good glad to hear it and many blessings on you or in a short break and when we come back we’ll bring you the next edition of revealing the truth

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