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Jonathan Jenkins

January 14 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CST

Author of:
Thou Art the Christ: A Devotional on the Life of Jesus

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Interview Transcript

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Shalom and walk when this edition of revealing the truth will cover the headlines the heartlines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Erik Walker Matthew Mark Luke and John give four different views of the story of our Lord and Savior Messiah Yeshua Jesus Christ their accounts are compelling but many struggle to understand why each one seems to have been written to either a different audience or emphasizes certain aspects of Jesus life not contained in all four Gospels oftentimes these gospel accounts of Jesus life are incorrectly said to contradict one another several authors including 80 Robertson have written complex studies that harmonize the gospel I personally have a 46 part available series on the harmony of the Gospels giving you the amplified version with Hebrew commentary of the life and times of first century Judaism that’s available through our biblical tooth library found on agnya nation.com there is still a need out there to take the harmony of the gospels in the chronological view of the four accounts and add rich deep meaning to the messages contained within and lay out the length of Messiah from his birth and the why and what should we be contemplating in that our next guest has written a new practical and easy to navigate devotional that harmonizes the gospel in chronological order and breaks down the narrative into 11 sections highlighting the life and times of Messiah and the rich applications contained in every stage Jonathan Jenkins holed Bible holds Bible degrees from from William Mary William Carey University and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary after teaching secondary English for more than two decades he became his parents caretaker in their final years during his mother’s 43 month battle with colon cancer he began steps to enter the writing ministry his passion for God’s Word has been his comfort and his inspiration throughout his he attends Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church in Gallion Alabama and you can find more about him at the number to the letter R the number three ministries.com that’s to our three ministries.com here to talk about his new devotional thou art the Christ a devotional on the life of Jesus is Jonathan Jenkins Jonathan welcome to revealing the truth Shalom Shalom and how are you I’m well this morning despite the rain despite the rain yes if I went in a rainy day in Alabama not in Georgia may be raining in Georgia but that’s not what the song was about Jonathan I want to go back to the early years because you wound up being your mom and dad’s caretaker your dad passed first and then you navigated your mom’s care it was a career change for you caregiving is something that this program features of one distinct and deliberate segment called hope for the caregiver because there’s over 60 million caregivers in the United States and the caregivers nobody pays attention to them no they don’t it’s 24/7 and we work with one of the foremost authorities on caregiving Peter rosenberger who talks about listen and we’ve got to take time out for the caregiver you have to put a system in place to give this person a break because they are no good if they are getting sick and then who’s left to take care of the Louisville group so it is my hats off to you for dignifying your parents life and stepping up to being in their caregiver it’s a it’s an honor not a joyous but yet a a true biblical concept where the family along with the church ministers to the aging population and pays honor to the foundations they laid for true and and you said to go back to the beginning then and the end would not have happened had it not been for the beginning I had an older brother he died 16 months before I was born I do not think there’s anything worse in life than for a parent to bury a child my parents carried that grief with them to their last day and in raising me I I cannot speak for my brother I imagine it wasn’t much different but in raising me they were very deliberate my father was a Deuteronomy 6 type of father the Shema even though he could not quote it he lived it well let me give already in some insight into that you know I 6 verses 4 through 9 shema yisrael adonai eloheynu I don’t know I find here o Israel the Lord our God the Lord is one the ohaf God and I Ella heffa I love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and all your strength and these words that command you this day are to be upon your heart you shall teach them to your children when they rise up and when they lie down and when you walk along the way and you are do find them as a sign as a front lip between your eyes and on your forearm and write them on the doorposts of your house and upon your gates and so this was its foundational this was my dad most homes someone reads a bedtime story my dad read a chapter out of the Bible and so the Bible became the my first book as a child I can still sometimes feel the impression of dad sitting on the bed and holding the Bible in his hand and he would read a chapter each night when I came to the Lord myself he handed me a Bible and he said now you can read it for yourself his responsibility had not ended as my spiritual guide but his responsibility of feeding me was over because I had come to the Lord I had taken the route step and dad’s God had become my god you know we actually have been Judaism going back to ancient days and the Messiah was called to the tour at age 12 or 13 read from it and give a commentary his commentary was short he said in the hearing of this word it has been fulfilled but nevertheless a commentary the modern ceremony of a Bar Mitzvah or abutments well the parents get up there and say that we now relinquish responsibility for you not in the natural we’ll feed you and clothe you but now you are directly responsible to God for your excellence they no longer are going to weigh on us you’re going to hear now and what I’m doing is I’m releasing you into the hands of the Father that you may now have your own relationship we are no longer the ones that God’s going to contact to talk about you he’s in contact you to talk about you will play the part of parent but we’re not going to play the part of God’s emissary and adjudicator on the earth and so your father did that to you through the passing over the – home of the word and you know as I studied Judaism in seminary I began to see things that my dad had done without being Jewish and you know you know Paul Paul talks about that right Paul says that if you as a Gentile do something by nature right which is in accordance with the law right it is credit to you as righteousness for me it is what is expected of me as a natural branch grafted into the olive tree I’ve lived this life for 68 years I was raised up in it I studied it I was ordained in it and so this was this was my rabbinic all and Jewish upbringing and Paul addresses that he just says and for you who was given to do it don’t forsake it you’re still responsible and for the Gentiles heart is inclined towards the Lord you’ll find yourself embracing certain things and lo and behold you all three to read about it and say oh my goodness I’m doing I’m doing that right and God specifically separates that out and says that is considered be by God as an act of righteousness that’s right dad was in a lot of ways my first seminary professor mama on the other hand not opposite but she was I always called them the left hand in the right hand of the same body mama was in another room while dad was reading the Bible to me and she was praying the power of a praying mother has it’s indescribable about the power that can happen there and so that beginning my experiences with God were mine they did not squelch them the in fact when I was called the ministry after I admitted it publicly I had never talked to mom and dad about that struggled with it for about five months privately just me and God and when I admitted it publicly everybody found out at the same time my parents found out and the church found out all at the same time and that afternoon at Sunday afternoon me old dad said I knew something was going on I knew something was going on and and it was it was a joy of having parents like that that I was so naive growing up that I thought everybody had parents like that but the truth of the matter is as I got older and I be 55 this year really in the last 15 years I have discovered that I was truly blessed two of the most incredible human beings that I could meet and they were in my house or I was in their house right and the fruit of that is it really is the fruit of an ancient tree you see Isaac tending to his father you see this foundation of the family unit stays together stays together when my family came from Eastern Europe and they lived in the same place and the when I had cousin come out of the displaced persons camp the Holocaust she came to live there we were very maternal he driven the whole family was gathered together my Jewish training began early early on I was the only one of the nine grandchildren that had the affinity every third generation my family has been a rabbi I was that generation therefore it kind of fell to me to become the the one that my grandfather embraced and said come with me young man come with me young man I didn’t know where I was going and I didn’t at first meaning until it finally came into wholeness but your dad got ill dad was a heart failure patient for ten years during 2004 probably was one of the roughest morning’s of my life because I was actually arguing with a doctor to actually provide treatment but by the grace of God I had that another 10 years and and one-on-one with him for his last eight months he was certainly ambulatory I often would ask mama where has he gone and it he had just gone in the yard or maybe he had even gotten into his vehicle and gone to town but we knew that his heart would not last forever and he was 87 and he would quite often tell me he said I don’t know what I’m doing and and he would say it as a joke because he had outlived his father his mother his grandparents none of them had gotten to their 80s and so he said I’m charting new territory territory that nobody has told me how to walk which for me I watched him because he still would take that time every day to read his Bible and he it was a calm that came over the house when he would read I knew exactly where he was because he read the Bible in the same place every day and you know this amazing man all of a sudden at 4 o’clock one morning my mother woke me up and said your father’s not responding to me and I walked in and I took pulse at the neck the wrist in the in the ankle and I knew there was no pulse or giant a spiritual giant to be gone that was that was rough but at the same time mama had already been diagnosed with colon cancer mm-hmm and I had to put my grief on delay because colon cancer patients generally or thirteen months from diagnosis to death and so that was on Mama’s seventh month and I knew I didn’t have much longer at least I thought I only had six months longer I actually had 43 months total from diagnosis of death again another gracious God that we have so I did I had to put grief on delay with Mama in those years after dad passed away she was grieving because she was the last she was the oldest sibling of her family but she was the last she had already buried her brother and her sister she had buried her parents of course she had buried her oldest son she had buried her husband so she was with grief in that time that she had delayed and we we had a lot of conversations my time alone with myself would be when she would be sweeping and I picked up dad’s habit of taking the Bible during that time and and I can’t say that I read only one chapter a day some some days it was it was several but she came to her final set of treatments was in the spring of 2016 and we completed those treatments and we came home they were they were light but they still sat during energy right and one night she said do you know what I miss most of all and I said you know I thought about a 63 year marriage and I thought hmm I have no idea what you miss most of all right and she said I miss you and your dad sitting here at the table discussing the Bible and we would dad and I would we always set opposite one another at the table I think because he needed to make eye contact with me I was that type of child but as I became an adult and even though I lived in my own house I would I would venture over there because there was good cooking over at their house just a mile away and we would settle into biblical discussions and and mama would sit and listen and and there in the spring of 2016 she said I miss that most of all they the verbal commentary on scripture quite honestly it dawned on me at that point that since I had delayed my grief that I to mr. he be walking together of spiritual brothers is important but when one is your physical parent you you get the wisdom of another 6070 years and that’s I had missed that she had missed that so what you did was you began to I began to write one page devotionals for my mother mmm she would rise about 10 a.m. I would rise at 4 a.m. now that is my habit it’s not anything I set for myself it’s just habit and so in that six hours I would hammer out a one-page devotional from the life of Christ and I followed the the model of 80 Robertson I did move some passages around for some theological reasons in some cases in that other cases it just seemed to fit better somewhere else but every morning when she would rise and and come to the table there was a page at her place at the table waiting on her and she would read that while I would prepare her breakfast and we would start the day breathing treatments and and all of that she would finished that that page and she would hand it back to me with notes in the margin and this was touching her this was really moving deep within her and [Music] it was something that became an integral part of your life together yes it did and we the first one I gave her was in April of 2016 we had completed her last round of treatments in March and and I did it five days a week and she was able to get out and about but she didn’t she didn’t want to you know you’d had to pack up oxygen because she was also needing of that as a result of the cancer and other things she did not want to be a bother and so Sunday she would watch there was a Fraser memorial out of Montgomery and she would watch sure their service and she would take her notes as if she was sitting in the pew but you know in five days a week I would have a devotional for we did not discuss the devotional because as I said she would write notes in the margin and sometimes they were edit or comments do you think this comma belongs here and does it belong somewhere else and and I would jokingly say I have an English degree and and she said no I still think that comma needs to be moved so we were interacting and she herself had a ministry a shut-in ministry for that she conducted she sent birthday cards anonymously to people and she would acquire listing of birthdays from local churches or listing of birthdays out of the newspaper the local newspaper and she would send birthday cards and honestly they would be Christian birthday cards and with a message and participate in her ministry and not knowing how long it had been going on mm-hmm it was something that was just between her and the Lord but when she needed feet to go the mailbox I became part of the ministry and and I would look at the card and I said wow we’re sending that person a birthday card and because some of them were people that our family had had strong disagreements with over the years and so she still sent that anonymous birthday card sounds like an incredible work upbringing good foundation and the Word of God and like many of us who have read the Gospels through and I have a various point of view the same way all books are written to an audience Matthew wrote his to a Jewish audience to establish that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah John wrote his to make it very very clear that he was the son of God you might say that mark was establishing that it was the Lamb of God and the Gospel according to Luke was a compilation of not first-hand knowledge like John and Matthew had but by some eating as a doctor as a physician but Jewish might say but Jewish but Jewish we have the legal foundation for establishing his Jewish identity because he went into the temple and Gentile couldn’t go in the temple so Peter would have been charged with that and knots with preaching the gospel as Paul had been charged with bringing a Gentile in my temple that was the worst offense preaching Gospels secondary to that so the fact that Peter was never stoned for that or imprisoned for that offense and he brought Luke into the temple tells us Luke I had to be Jewish you couldn’t go in this there was no Gentile pass to get in it was you were relegated to the court of the Gentiles all of this culminated with this devotional that helped to take the some complexities of trying to figure it out why was Jesus born here but he’s ministering here why is he 30 here but he’s a baby he’s an embryo he’s prior to conception over here what why did God choose to do it this way and like every author like myself it’s written to an audience you have an audience in mind and God had an audience and mind as these Gospel writers had an audience man who are they going to reach and what message that they need to hear but now here we are 2,000 years later and we want to look upon this and we want to understand it and we’re chronological people we want to look at history as it unfolded we won’t look at Jesus’s ministry unfolded I mean let make sure we understand we don’t miss along the way some important sequential occurrences that took place where did the woman at the well fit and where did the disciples casting out demons and reason did it where did a Lazarus day did he go where the shortest verse of the Bible where Jesus went you know where is all that chronicled and what order and where were they and what were they doing but region were they within the Galilee were they in Caiaphas’s I’m sorry and a Capernaum where they were staying at Peter’s mother-in-law’s house were they in Jerusalem and when in Jerusalem were they literally housed in Jerusalem or did they retreat to other places where they were felt more welcomed and that all is contained within this so it’s not always devotional but it is taking the 80 Robertson harm a the Gospels breaking it out into a chronological borders so that you can grab and harvest the passages and the life lessons to go with it we’re talking with Jonathan Jenkins of the author of the book thou art the Christ and devotional on the life of Jesus I don’t know that it is a one-of-a-kind but it is the first one and as my audience knows I see over 2,000 books a year I interview 600 of them in our read all 600 and every publisher sent them to me and I have not seen one that is set up like this so I wanted to have you on the program we’re going to take a short break and then we’re going to dig into a couple of examples of how Jonathan approached these 11 sections what’s contained within them and how they have a logical chronological sequence to them and the message that goes with it so that it can become a devotional for you we’ll be right back the Lord meets you right where you are and sodas ignite Ignatians new live streaming outlets you can now watch revealing the truth revealing the Bible and prophecy revealed simulcast live each Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 o’clock p.m. Central Standard Time on YouTube live Facebook live vinny o periscope and through our website WWE and calm no matter what device you are using our program will automatically scale so you won’t have to miss a single program and if you happen to miss an episode you can 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Wednesday at 11 a.m. Central time on igniting a nation calm and all our other simulcast outlets for more information visit forward-slash events Shalom and walk like this of revealing the truth when we cover the headlines the heartlines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Eric Walker and we’re meeting here in studio live with Jonathan Jenkins author of a new devotional thou art the Christ and devotional life of Jesus based on a chronological view of the harmony of the Gospels continuity by eighty Robertson Strong’s exhaustive concordance and of course a good dictionary Jonathan welcome back to the program thank you thank you Jonathan used lay the book out in a very interesting way chronologically but yet categorically you know these eleven categories are exactly what’s laid out in the Gospels his incarnation his offer of a new life his Sermon on the Mount of Beatitudes how he trained his discipleship program and what’s interesting about that is that many many many churches have discipleship programs but if they were to look at the discipleship program contained wood and extracted from the Gospels put into a chronological order it in itself would be a discipleship program that was modeled exactly how Jesus modeled the disciples how he disabled the disciples each one of these categories is an independent teaching you know the turning point of course David Jeremiah but what was the turning point and in his life and ministry how he trained the 7070 is a very important number right I the Moses was called to gather the 70 together and God would take a spirit of Moses and the Book of Numbers and share it with them we see that the was Joseph in the 70 which was all that we were a whole nation of Israel for just 71 right that’s the if we were the speckled Newt we would stop a billion-dollar project in its tracks so you didn’t disturb the environment of a speckle of news right yeah we were on the brink of destruction yes it was Jesus sending out the 72 by 2 okay the number 70 is the sin huh number the Sanhedrin that had the high priest and the 70 members this senator plays a very important part and Septuagint and the Septuagint which was the first time the Hebrew Scriptures were translated into another language correct and we’ve now reversed engineered it because the Septuagint gave us the template for understanding how you would take a language Hebrew is a very idiotic language and Greek is not so much so the literal translation is not as clear as the idiomatic thoughts remember just because the New Testament was written in Greek doesn’t mean they had Greek combines although for 400 years in the intertestamental period the Greeks were very influential and we did assimilate into a lot of the Greek thinking those that were entrusted with the recording and the Paul coming out of Turkey not out of the influence of the sizes the greeks brought a pure Jewish mindset and Jewish thought to the process John the revelatory uses all the idiomatic word pictures that’s a stretch in Greek to really understand the expressions that he uses if you don’t go back to the ancient Hebrew text to the paleo Hebrew and look at it and say Leviathan and all seven of those churches the angel the search those are the seven Jewish churches they have they have a great distinction not made in the text the way it is but that is one of the very unique distinctions was the church he planted word Jewish churches and they were inviting to the Gentiles because of the Peter Cornelius gateway opening as you began to develop this what was the rhyme and the rhythm you had to strike a the rest of your fluidity is not sporadic it’s not peaks and valleys there is a discipline to writing and you wanted to convey that discipline on the pages of this book so that I could adopt that discipline in my devotional life in my study and have accomplished really reading the four Gospels but in a very different way than sitting down and starting with Matthew one and the genealogy of Messiah at my side right my point right off the bat is the very first entry which 80 Robertson did not have is first and that’s mark 1:1 because if I’m going to meet Jesus I need to know who he is and for me being a former English teacher mark 1:1 is the most important sentence fragment in the world sure share it with our audience so they know at the beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ the Son of God there’s no verb there Jesus himself is the verb there are titles he is the Christ the Messiah he is the son of God but there’s something theological here that I had missed and all the years I had read mark 1:1 the beginning of the gospel a gospel without an end and even even when you get to a revelation and you see the judgment is over in your in Revelation 21 and 22 and the sanctified or living in heaven the gospel is not old because that’s part of the story that’s part of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ that it is an eternal life so that became one of the foundation key verses that when I came to a passage and I said how does this fit I had to go back and say this is a foundational verse how does it match up with mark 1:1 John 3:16 begin a Baptist myself John 3:16 also pattern you know where do the people fit in are you a whosoever believing in Jesus Christ or the anticipation had with people during his ministry they were one of the two whosoever’s they were either choosing to follow him they were choosing to reject him what’s so interesting is is in the narrative there is also the middle ground and it’s whether or not not whether you know you accepted Jesus or whether or not the gospel reached you so you have a group the gospel is not during Jesus ministry he says very clearly two times one to the one at who came to him and asked for the blessing and he said I didn’t come for you I came for the lost sheep the highest of Israel when he sends out the 70 gives a very specific instruction he said do not go to the Gentiles go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel so he came for the Jews he made a very clear his evening journey out of what we referred to as Palm Sunday for me the tenth of Nisan the day at the selection lambs that evening as he departs he tells Jerusalem that they’re not gonna see him again until they call for his return he’s talking to the leadership he never talked to the body the body had already just said that they already said blessed is he who comes named the Lord we see the first revival break out in the Bible to a people group that were rejected by the Jews and rejected by the Gentiles and that was the Samaritan Samaritans because they were a half-breed they were one part Jewish one part non and therefore they were neither fish nor fowl so they were not accepted by the Gentile community not accepted by the Jewish community but yet he makes a deliberate pilgrimage to the woman at the to beat it as well where life is at the well and a woman knowing that that’s the place of women and not just any woman but a woman who was not even in Samaritan Society correct she was there by herself right she was an outcast and so he tells her everything about herself she believes him and he gives her instruction going sin noir and she goes into the village and revival breaks out well this is the voice of a woman preaching the gospel today we have this huge battle going on about women having a voice I seem to chronicle a mine and my texts that that’s where it began that’s where it began that’s where it began to the resurrection day as it was spread so note the understanding of it how much have you incorporated into this gospel message the concept that Jesus said I only do what I saw my father do I only say what I heard my father say now as a an ordained rabbi and ordained Reverend a Baptist minister I’m of the clear position that we have a record everything that God said and everything that God did relative to this narrative it may not be completely kind of everything God did across the globe in universe but for us to follow the seed line of Messiah from genesis 3:15 all the way to the birth of messiah and then for the return of messiah this was what mattered this is the focus God had for us did you incorporate some of the Old Testament references weaving them into this narrative because without them to be devoid of what he was saying when he said especially in the seminal amount I’ve given the Sermon on the Mount on the Mount 16 times right the only words I speak on the Mount of Beatitudes are the passages from Matthew five and six that’s it I don’t add anything to it it was sufficient for him to say it deliver it and then people go out and very quietly contemplate the surrounding galley area and look at it and think and ponder that he was somewhere in that area not in a place where the monastery is now but did you incorporate that so that in this devotional you also get to reflect back on the fact that I joke all the time and Jesus did not come out of the womb of Mary with a briefcase with his plan of salvation in it this was not a long-term delivery where the baby came out and would not let go of the handle of the brisket it was the Father’s plan of salvation and Jesus was the we talked about the first and the last the beginning the end he was the last not the last God but the last sacrifice for the atonement of sin God instituted the first sacrifice the Garden of Eden he was the beginning of a sacrificial system and Jesus brought an end to the sacrifice for sin before God in the millennial reign there will be sacrifices for sin but when I sin against you I’ve got to bring for reconciliation not for my relationship with God but my whores right lationship and people don’t really understand that but yet it’s a part of the narrative so in your reflecting back into the Old Testament weaving it into this message is this almost in a category of an amplified yes devotional on the gospel and its foundation of why Jesus said what he said referring back to where the father did the same thing there were several times in Scripture and in the four Gospels where Jesus would quote part of a passage either from Psalms or the prophets and even the Torah and in each of those situations I tried with room limited of course to always put the reference there and show how Jesus when he was in his arguments with the Pharisees and Sadducees how they had drifted away from God’s initial intent and in the Torah what God had tried to revive the nation of Israel through the the prophets and he was you know being the author of the word being the word incarnate he gave the people a grasp of the Old Testament as living when he fulfilled a prophecy he was living it that was part of his disciple training if we are to follow God if we are to be his servants then we are to follow what he said and so I made sure that those references that Jesus was making were actually put into the text the Sermon on the Mount is one of those places where I included his reference back to what the Torah had said but then again also you had those continuous arguments he had with the Pharisees and Sadducees those running debates and he would even then say maybe three or four words of a passage in the Old Testament and I would trace those out because and and today’s day when I went to seminary you had these big lumbering books Brown driver and Briggs and and you had your Thayer’s and you had what with the internet all of that is there all you need to know is the strongest number and you can connect and and and find I don’t believe I could have written this book 20 years ago okay the world is certainly filled with commentaries oh yes and if you if there’s farmland around you you know that a commentator yes is a spud of brown suffice for how would I take my education from spud when I can take it from the inerrant Word of God that’s right we’ve run out of time but for audience this new devotional is maybe for you a way for you to digest the Gospels in smaller bites and larger application and that’s the goal of a devotional is how can I hear the word and be a doer of the word which is the instruction more given don’t just be a hearer of the word be a doer of the world well if I don’t understand the word I don’t know how to do it but in this very practical thou art to Christ a devotional on the life of Jesus harmonizing that the Gospels put in chronological order and containing a devotional something for you to be able to take the text and apply it to your life to think on these things extremely well-done visit igniting a nation calm you’ll see the name Jonathan Jenkins and the 11 a.m. slot on today’s program calendar all you got to do is click it it’ll take you right to a link to get the book you want to thank you Jonathan Jenkins for being with us don’t forget to our three ministries that’s the number to the little our number three ministry is calm to find out more about Jonathan Jenkins and to ask you any question you want after you get a copy of his book we’re taking a short break and when we come back we’ll bring you the next edition of revealing the truth.

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