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Josh Marcengill

January 9 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am CST

Author of:
Encounters: Pressing into Your Abundant Heavenly Supply

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Interview Transcript

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Shalom and welcome to this edition of revealing the truth will we cover the headlines the heartlines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Erik Walker what our encounters author Joshua Marcin Gill believes encounters or touches from happy fully satisfied God whose intentionality cannot be taught but must be experienced firsthand encounters the relationship that overwhelms our religion leaving us with pure faith passionate love and an authentic connection with the full Christian tri-unity or Trinity of God encounters are the raw materials that make up the full armor and Ephesians though the lifestyle that Jesus had in the open storehouse of heaven for us to use here on earth and practical ways to overcome debt loss and death encounters are the right of every Christian what Jesus paid for and positioned you to receive it’s time to open up the storehouses of purpose and equipping that truly release you into the wholehearted intention that the Heavenly Father has for your life while many to continue to find ways to dismiss and devalue the word work of God in the land of the living others cannot ignore the upsurge in daily encounters encounters is a book that will help you grab a hold of the way God is moving amongst all of us today Joshua shares some of his own personal encounters now the correlation of his stewardship of them resulted in a rich and ever deepening relationship to the Living God Joshua mark Segal is a graduate of the Bethel Atlanta school of supernatural ministry which is an official school in church plant from Bethel reading he works at Bethel Atlanta and runs a missions organization called Bibles for all ministry with his wife Mary Martha Gayle he got saved in San Diego California in 2007 finished his master’s in International Business Administration around that same time while working for one of the world’s top leadership organizations he’s been featured on CBN and a testimony story that was shared on the 700 club and all on other programs that CBN broadcasts he’s a certified financial sozo counselor has preached and taught the gospel in the US and abroad Li’s leads worship soaking and healing times and hosts a podcast called in bunt abundant encounters available for most podcast platforms you can find out more about their ministry at Bibles for all comm here to talk about his new book encounters pressing into your abundant heavenly supply is Joshua Marcin go Josh welcome to revealing the truth thank you so much rabbi for how to me it’s exciting to be here well it’s great to be with you you know when you look at your life today mm-hmm and you do that thing that Lot’s wife was told not to do and Paul says you know not that I’ve accomplished this but this I do forgetting what’s behind there’s a part of time and every believers life when they have to wrap their arms and hands around one was before so that when we give our testimony it not only is inclusive of what we came from but what we have become since that transformational moment and that’s what brings glory to God yes not what we came from but what have we done with this gift that he’s given us that’s in testimony that is edifying to God that is sharing the glory of God as to how he can take anyone before we came on the show I said you are I look at life and of course I’m a creationist of course of an Old Testament guy 44 years in the synagogue most of it there at Beth Jacob in Atlanta and I got saved in in a messianic synagogue in Roswell Georgia so you know you’re very familiar with the community that I spent 25 almost third years in first and Orthodox Judaism then in Messianic Judaism and what God has done is extraordinary it’s it’s amazing it’s kind of the the spiritual Darwinism we really are slime and pond scum evolving into a human being when we meet the Lord not not this idea that we were all descended from apes and but but if you take a look at the fundamental concept of it we really were nothing and God took nothing and made something something you know we were a leaky empty broken vessel so before we get into encounters and this abundant heavenly supply that’s available to everyone let’s go back in time to little Josh growing up and some of the dark places that you were that was your zip code your zip code was dark places yeah where did it all begin little josh and who was he exposed to and so I grew up and I would say a pretty poor family and to America’s standards I mean like that’s pretty relative when you go international but for an American we were probably making about $1,000 a month total my my father had received a diagnosis of HIV and and that put him in a spot where at the time he was he was seen as unpredictable there wasn’t a lot of information out there about HIV and what what it meant so people were kind of scared so getting a job and all that kind of stuff was kind of out for him and he was also wondering if he would just die and so we lived with that for probably 12 years before he and he committed suicide and I was 15 years old when he committed suicide and later on my brother also committed suicide I was very familiar with the just the atmosphere of a death the deaths felt like close companion almost many of my friends either committed suicide or died violent deaths myself I’d given my from the age of 9 I had suicidal thoughts and I stayed in that for 17 years every single day thinking about what it would be like and this is kind of dark so but I really did think about things like I would it would happen if I threw myself out of the car and I pictured that in the gory detail of what it could be I was my world was consistently challenged by by myself by my inner world was constantly wondering why I was if I was valuable not to do anything that I was doing and and just doubting it about myself my mom was she went to a Baptist Church and and tried to go us up in that she could tell that I wasn’t really enjoying my experience there and I think around actually the age of nine which is interesting she she gave me an option of deciding whether I wanted to continue to attend or not and I opted out because the only thing I heard from the pulpit even though this probably wasn’t what they were preaching it was just what the only thing I was hearing was that I would go to hell and that all my sins were completely insurmountable and and no a nine year old I didn’t really want to hear that every Sunday or any anytime so so that was kind of the end of my faith until the Lord came in and grabbed me up not and I was 27 years old when the Lord when he came he gave me an open vision and there’s a bunch of exciting things I could talk about there let’s go back to that because MZ’s and other interviews you know some things that you’ve written that you attempted suicide multiple times yeah you’re slitting your wrists yeah I slit my wrists I tried taking pills one time I remember using butane to to get high one time and I decided that it was easy enough I could just keep going and and and I I’m not sure if I died that time but I did pass out and and then I woke up later after after an experience with that and so there were a lot of like really close calls I believe the Lord you know he he still came and saved me in that time he knew the beginning from the end he had an idea of what he was going to do with my life and what he could accomplish but there was some really dark days I would I dealt drugs for a little while I thought I was searching for an identity honestly and looking for someplace where I could fit and even in that there was no empowering reality for me I felt very dark about it and and it all just it it was just it was just a meaningless kind of you know anyway but like not in a way that I would walk into the fear of God or anything but just in the way that it was it was for nothing and I couldn’t find purpose so I look for it everywhere I thought you know I’m Irish you know I could I could be an Irish guy you know I can be a mean guy that gets in fights at bars that was my idea of what an Irishman well as you know it’s just really silly nonsense stuff that’s out there in the world and that’s readily available to a lot of us but I was just really desperately looking for identity and in in it just led me in a lot of dark places like I said and drug use and those kind of things were really common there were a lot of years there where I didn’t spend a single day sober and it and the reason was I was looking for things that God does provide like peace and and you know drugs are counterfeits they’re there they’re not real I remember a smoking marijuana for example looking for peace like most people do when they do that and and what I would get instead was a lot of anxiety eventually a hate smoked kept doing that for such a long period of time my brain almost seemed it really turn against me I started having hallucinations that were very violent and and difficult and that actually convinced me to stop doing it as much and so there was there was seasons of of that and there were seasons with alcohol where I’d wake up in the morning trying to just be prepared and there was something in alcohol that would make me kind of feel courageous and those kind of things so I felt like I could take on the day easier if I would just have a little drink or something like that and so those things led me into some really dark places your belief system at that time was that you were unredeemable yes unforgiveable right so far removed from God that you were the the spectre of death yeah the supernatural realm of darkness I think a second you are a resident there that’s where you got your mail that was your zip code that was where that they could find you shroud of Darkness shroud of death on you even to the point where you believed that you would be dead by 30 yes and Here I am afford Issa so your father commits suicide your brother commits suicide these are devastating you were close with your dad yeah he was really my best friend and he was a wonderful human being he was the life of the party he was an introvert as much as I am he he was moral very extroverted and but he isolated himself because of his disease and because of all the misunderstanding he felt like a victim constantly he and had completely made up his mind that he could not overcome that and he also felt like I might die tomorrow so what’s the point so he felt very discouraged in that place just a lack of being able to understand what he was dealing with when he when he did commit suicide they actually found that his and if you know anything about the disease his t-cell count was very high so that meant that he was almost completely healed so it’s very possible that somewhere along one the generosity of God had healed him he could have walked out of that he but because of that mindset he was stuck in a place that he could not overcome and I understood it you know I was I was there with him I didn’t realize that that there was a war going on up here and and I’m glad that people talk about that a lot more these days because it to me it was it was really the saving grace of the Lord to help me understand that there’s here’s a battlefield right here I don’t have to you know it’s not flesh and blood it’s it’s it’s in my it’s in my head it’s so interesting because we we’re so prone to quote the passage the faith comes by hearing and by hearing the Word of God so if the ear gate is a place of entrance for faith and hearing the Word of God unless you have this incredible filtration system well then your ear is attuned to the wrong things and music that plants the the spirit of death in you speaks death over you the dark places through movies and things a sound that’s coming in it’s it’s a commentary on how powerful what we take in so if faith comes by hearing what else comes by hearing and something quiet it’s a big question that that you know we’re delighted when we stand on that great word that faith comes by hearing but it makes me question more faith comes by hearing what else comes by hearing and how do we discern that voice you’re hearing voices in your head throughout this whole process about your dad then your brother which all then became personified and you identified because it was familial it was maybe it was genetic maybe there was this predisposition in the family genes to harboring great depression great darkness great mental illness and there was no escape and so your mother and her endeavor to take you into an environment where you could hear an encouraging word you were predisposed with your filters to only hear condemnation not exultation to only hear devastation not elevation and so when you take a look in and and this is a clarion call for the pastors and the preachers all over the world watching this program that you need to measure your words and yes the truth of the gospel is is that you will get eternal life you’ll be spared from the pit of despair and from hell but if that’s your lead then that’s your loss because I heard it from people during the course of my life that they’d asked me a question out of the synagogue you know Gentile francais do you know Jesus that he’s the guy that saves they said yeah I said well if he’s Jewish he invests mm-hmm Jewish kids don’t save he we invest so I’m looking for the billboard that says Jesus and vet I then talked to me about him and maybe he’s got some good stock tips but you know the even the wording of Church speak is unfamiliar to the Jewish here so I can understand how things miss the mark you know people saying that yeah you know yeah if I’m not saved you know I’m a sinner and you know my attitudes I didn’t kill anybody are you talking about I never took a tire iron and you know when after somebody murdered on me who are you to tell me that um listen buddy I know I know about you too you know I’ve seen you drunk I’ve seen you get high and you’re telling me I got a sorry it’s it’s not it’s not flying so here you are you are a troubled youth yeah just put you in that category you were a troubled youth steeped in rebellion with a life doesn’t really have any meaning to me so it doesn’t really matter what I do right it’s kind of like King Solomon meaningless meaningless meaningless it’s all meaningless yeah that is a common what I would call a tape that plays in people’s heads so I didn’t know that these were voices for quite some time and if I could tell that real real quick the Lord revealed it to me after I became a Christian and it was an interesting way that he did that he gave me a month off from suicidal thoughts and then that sounds interesting but the the woman God had a lot of purpose behind it but I remember it because the day before it started I had I just had a really bad day barely made it through it honestly I probably could have killed myself that day as a Christian so I was very frustrated because I’m a Christian and I’m thinking God’s going to help me since there’s the whole process going on up there and that’s included in that battle thirty days go by and I am completely suicidal thought free and I’m like God delivered me I felt so valued I felt the love of the Lord over it it was so wonderful and it was my testimony and right before I could even give the testimony the 31st day comes and I have a massively difficult day and another one that I barely made through and towards the end of the day I catch on that I just had 30 days free of this why is it here and and in some kind of you know almost silliness I asked the Lord I said why would you let them come back why would you let them come back and and that word them just popped out to me you know it was just the the most the loudest I’d ever heard a word inside my head and the end and I realized that it was a it wasn’t necessarily me that was speaking it was my voice but it wasn’t me and then the Lord brought me to a scripture that really helped me which was Hebrews 1 and I think it’s verse 9 or 10 there at the very end it says angels are ministering speak spirits and so angels are ministering spirits this is you know deep but he showed me how how demons were angels and so demons too are ministering spirits so they minister there and the word minister is means persuade they they work like a pastor to persuade us of either goodness or death but in the case of demons obviously it’s it’s the the the you know the subject of death like how can how can you feel like you’re you know I mean you are worthless you are meaningless you should die this would be great if you were dead and there’s a fantasy part to it anyway so what was the Lord doing yeah he showed me Hooten that these thoughts were not me and just like that I was able to separate myself from them and that that equipped me like in Ephesians I was equipped and so that encounter and that whole experience was led me to a place where I was equipped to deal and actually fight in the battle that was waging in my head and before I was like weaponless you know I was just sitting there getting beat down I’m surprised I made it as far as I did and proud in a way that you know and not just of myself of what God could do to save me even in those deep dark days but yes the Lord equips us to be able to expose these things and now today they seem very silly they’re I mean you know it they didn’t go away but if they do come if they do come and I’m I mean they’re completely exposed they have no weight they have no ability to continue to fight I look at them and like that’s not what I believe about myself I actually have purpose I actually have destiny and and if I need to I will begin to just declare who God has told me that I am because those things actually do work to get my to get myself free from a battle you know so interesting when Jesus the the temptation they call it that the forty days in the wilderness of it after his new birth after God acknowledged who he was from heaven he’s carted out to the wilderness by Satan and three times he quotes scripture and he and it says and he frustrated the enemy and he departed well he didn’t take a sword he didn’t take a machine gun he didn’t cut off his head they didn’t stick him three times he smoked for the book of Deuteronomy three times he quoted the Word of God and it frustrated Satan and he departed from them yeah when we look at the and and and this this is something that I pray that our audience will understand yeah we lost our Dominion in the Garden of Eden because of sin we were created to have dominion over everything that had a name we see the process everything that was living was brought to Adam to give a name including his wife so he had dominion over all the earth all the creatures of the earth the earth itself he was called to subdue the earth and because of Satan’s lies he usurped our authority and the Dominion as the Prince of this earth went to him and so we operated it under that dominion of the Prince of Darkness the father of lies up until Jesus turned to his disciples recording the Book of Luke and so Luke 10:18 where Jesus declares I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven so good in 1019 and I give you the authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and overcome all the power of the enemy nothing whatsoever shall harm you the Dominion is given back to us through the shed blood of Jesus through his mandate placed upon us as believers to have authority over that which we were deprived of now if it’s authority of the enemy it’s over his minions as well the angels that fell with him that became the Nephilim the demons of this earth and how many are there well we get a vision you know in the story of the man who was barking and growling at people chained and what is your name and it says our name is legion for we are many well this is the time of Rome this is a Roman expressional legion is some 40,000 men Wow in a legion and that’s who what 40,000 Dan maybe twenty to forty thousand depending on on the size of the légion but 22 45,000 i are occupying this one individual that’s a massive amount yeah you know when God passed over in Exodus chapter 12 passed over the house and examined God himself he says got himself not an angel got himself not a seraph not a cherubim God Himself passed over each house and he dispatched the Angel of Death hmm so we know that even one of the heavenly angels the ones who rules and reigns in heaven and worships in heaven with God the one who’s part of the heavenly host will be the angel of death he’s not one of Satan’s guys he’s one of God’s guys so God is the author of life the giver of life but also presents this powerful picture that says that he also the look Joe but the Lord gives and the Lord takes away blessed be the name of the Lord well so you’ve had these confrontations yeah which your battle scars our victory it’s it’s the it’s the gladiator you know the gladiator didn’t wear a long-sleeved shirt he wore a breastplate but all of his wounds all of us shoulder his back were all exposed his arms well exposed to show all of his victories it was a badge of honor and and when you wear is a badge of honor for what God has done for you yeah you say you had a vision filled with attacking demons and encouraging saints yeah this is uh this is one of my favorite testimonies this is before I got saved now I mean I had gone to the point so my last effort of not being given my life to the Lord I didn’t know that that was what I was trying to avoid but because I was under deception but it was to be a good person and so I did that as much as I could but that too left me completely empty and desperate and so I think that’s important like being a good person isn’t the answer Jesus is the only answer anyway that in short but what where’d this had left led me to was a a place of like basic not completely atheist but mostly agnostic but I had a lot if God was real and he couldn’t possibly care about us I had a lot of really bad thoughts about if God is true then he he must hate us and he are he’s playing some kind of game and so from that place of desperation trying to be a good person and not feeling fulfilled by it I I think I just gave up and I said this is my last suicide attempt and and took some pills and drank a bottle of whiskey and I I just called out I said you know if you’re real that’s great could you just kill me and that was my my hope was genuinely that he would finish my life I didn’t want to live a different life or anything like that it was just could you just let this end I would rather not and this is I’m still hearing from suicidal thoughts and this kind of thing so the so I figured I thought you know I would die that night instead I wake up early in the morning so this is like four or five hours maybe later and I felt so good no hangover I that I I was like I’m just gonna go for a run I’m gonna go for a jog in the park so I went out went for a jog as I’m jogging I have an open vision I didn’t call it that then I didn’t have a box for what was happening to me in a lot of ways I thought I might be losing my mind it felt like maybe schizophrenia because I could see them with my eyes so and I was I was climbing them out in the back of Damien so I knew what schizophrenia was and I just thought wow and now I’m hallucinating in real time and so I see demons that lined the entire horizon as far as I could see there were so many of them it looked like there were levels of them so you know 40,000 legions you know and and they were intimidating they were black they look like charcoal they also kind of reminded me of like Lord of the Rings is kind of creatures and their facial features they were all unique they all had different expressions on their faces and those kind of things different weapons but they were solid black they they didn’t have any color to them so as so I’m jogging I’m seeing this and I realize I can turn it on and off with my eyes I can kind of look at them or I can I can just kind of try to focus on my surroundings and ignore them but at the same time they’re terrifying so I’m feeling very intimidated like what is what is what’s happening I felt the fear you know the presence of fear and and I kept jogging and as I’m jogging I I started to hear some someone running up next to me now I assumed they were real so I tried to ignore them and be polite like a jogger would and and and I do I do believe they were real but it was just different it was spiritual so in it was it was Paul from the Bible Paul spoke to me again I don’t have a grid for this so I didn’t know what was really happening but I don’t remember exactly what he said I know it was encouraging later on Peter runs up beside me from the Bible I did know who they were I had some experience with the Bible but not enough to really remember who these people were and much about them I tried to avoid it most of my life so but Peter I remember him being distinctly funny he was loud he actually made me laugh which is something I hadn’t done in a really long time I was just so dark in every way and and then eventually I even ran into Jesus on the same jog Jesus looked at me in the eye and and I saw a kindness in his eyes that astounded me I had no idea that Jesus was kind I mean it had never as far as I knew it had never been told to me that Jesus would be kind so that kindness startled me almost making me feel like wow I don’t think I know exactly who Jesus is and just that love and that the profound kindness in his eyes there was a fire there I remember seeing the fire and as he looked back at me but it really changed me and that was before I got saved later on I I found myself in church which is also obviously the plan of the Lord and much later on I began to really understand what this this open vision was all about but yet the demons themselves we Jesus and and I took care of them I wrote about a book about it so you can read about it in detail but uh but yeah I believe they came from my past they were they were the ones that were there from my brother I remember a moment that I had with my brother where I said and this is just Hollywood like understanding I said you know if there were any demons that bothered him just don’t go out into the world come to me and of course these are demons so they’re gonna honor that you know I just had no idea that I was living with these legions fighting constantly so but they were they were completely destroyed even even in that vision the Lord flooded them and they they they died it was it was a profound 45-minute long open vision before I even knew who God was or that he would do such a thing you know so interesting that what you’re describing is in the Bible yeah ii samuel 14 14 says like water falls to the ground and does not return we all must die but God does not desire that he devises ways for those who are strange for men to return so when you think about this and this is one of the most powerful passages in all of Scripture that while you’re asleep God’s not sleeping he’s devising ways to get you to come back it’s good to go back to when you were 9 sitting that pew and change your entire lens so that that would be a springboard to get on his radar to say here’s one that we’d let him write up to it but his mother gave him a choice what would have happened if your mother hadn’t given you the choice and said you’re gonna stay in church you’re gonna we don’t know but Romans 8:28 all things work together for good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose once you were finally one who loved him and were called according to his purpose you could then go back and reconstruct your encounters both both on the side of darkness because there’s encounters on both sides of this equation okay you knew what the encounters on the dark side work yeah but the encounters on the light side were so clear so provocative so uplifting so encouraging that it was life from the dead we’re talking with Joshua Massa Matt marcin gill author of the new book encounters pressing into your Imboden heavenly supply when we come back from break we’re going to dig into not just more of his story but the encounters that he talks about as he relates to Scripture and helps you navigate so that you too can have experiences like he had that it is not limited to just one but God has a desire for you to be in relationship and to have access to the court of heaven yeah guided aided and counseled and comforted and represented by the Holy Spirit as you bring your case before the Lord while the enemy the accuser sits at that prosecutors table hmm and you’re gonna get nudged by the Holy Spirit that’s gonna say don’t you remember what Jesus said when you stand before the judges of man do not be concerned what will come out of your mouth but let the Holy Spirit fill your mouth so you just be quiet and let me take over and all of a sudden Jesus looks at God and says dad this one’s not guilty I’ve got him covered put him on my tab come on all that is available to you to a personal relationship with God through a knowledge and a relationship with the love of Messiah and the full counsel of heaven through taking that Holy Spirit in you to give you power and authority God never spoke until he spoke through the Spirit Genesis 1 was until the spirit fell that God spoke when Jesus went into the water when he come out came up out of the water the spirit like a dove lit upon him and then God spoke the power and the anointing comes from the Holy Spirit not from you my friend often your degrees and for your knowledge there’s from your encounters with God in accepting his plan for your life where take a short break and we’ll be right back the Lord meets you right where you are and so does ignite Ignatians new live streaming outlets you can now watch revealing the truth revealing the Bible and prophecy revealed simulcast live each Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 o’clock p.m. Central Standard Time on YouTube live 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audience we take you deeper into the actual Bible and verse both Hebrew and English and connect the dots between the old and new Testament you can attend our two classes in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham or watch the program every Wednesday at 11 a.m. Central time on igniting a nation calm and all our other simulcast outlets for more information visit Shalom and what this edition of revealing the truth will cover the headlines the heart lines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Eric Walker and we’re talking with Joshua Marcin Gill author of the newly released book encounters pressing into your abundant heavenly supply Josh welcome back to this segment thank you so much bye-bye Josh take me into the book this chronicles your encounters but then it takes you to the next level and that is the how to you our audience can have the same encounters that it’s is it’s the the golden pass to Disney that’s available to anybody but you have to be in a position to receive and I think that’s really to have an encounter you have to be where you’re supposed to be and where God says and grow your planted be where you’re supposed to be and then be still and know that He is God and allow him to meet you where you are and that’s what he found you yeah and he has a way of getting us to those places thankfully I don’t know that I would ever be able to accomplish it on my own that’s for sure I probably I’m sure I wouldn’t actually the book I believe that we’ve all had encounters and one of the things that I do by telling my encounters is really invite people into seeing how hopefully they’ll begin to recognize wow I’ve actually had encounters I’ve been having encounters here and there and I was in this place but I didn’t hear I didn’t understand I didn’t see what was really happening and so I go through the encounter about running through the park in detail and what I got out of that was an understanding of the kindness of Jesus Christ you know and so encounters bring resources that are practical and I want people to be able to look into the encounters for to acknowledge that they probably had them and to explore with which this subject that can be kind of spooky in the Christian world or whatever I used the word intentionally because encounters to me it’s it’s a perfect container for this idea of that God is real he is here with us and he is very very willing and intentional to meet with us on a on a daily basis he wants us to have what Jesus had Jesus was representation I wouldn’t be able to speak from Scripture on this as much as I’m speaking from my experience and that’s where God saving was an experience and then he gave me a love of the Bible from there which I you know the Bible’s you can’t do it without it you have to have the interpret interpretive ability to be able to understand what God is doing I wouldn’t even understand most of my encounters if I hadn’t seen them in Scripture hadn’t seen the ideas revealed to me and I’m like wow that’s what God was trying to say there’s the wisdom of what what this this thing that was happening to me was God gave us emotions God gave us all these abilities to sense his his his presence his nearness he gave us the ability to to know him he gave as Christians we have a right to hear him and we have a right to experience him as the father so that’s that’s really what the book is about is helping people acknowledge that they they’ve likely had encounters and in by by sharing those encounters and we begin to create an economy honestly that comes from heaven to earth and it really is the thing that will will begin to to bring about salvation as a whole for for many many many believers and people so we understanding that your encounters are extremely valuable is a key to unlocking the economy’s of heaven in your life you know I mean when I share my encounters with people and this is something I noticed early on in my salvation I can see them accept hope I can see then it accept love from the father I can see that happened those things transpire so I mean if you even boil it down to a very practical situation like you’re in a business meeting and you’re the one that has peace in a very anxious tense situation but you’re the one that’s carrying peace in that in that room not only can you share it with everyone else there but you’re probably going to have the best ideas in that room you’re going to be the one that actually can make a good decision about how to move forward and so these these heavenly supplies are extremely valuable and they are part of God’s plan for helping to bring about the end time survival that never ends I mean it is really the revival that is sustainable and and can bring about hope for future generations you know the most important thing you said in all of that was that you find it in the Bible yes because you you’ve ever seen me on any show you’ll hear me say this often if it doesn’t line up with the word of God it doesn’t line up you know I will never argue with somebody’s testimony your testimony I wasn’t there but unless you take me back to the fact that it’s recorded in the scriptures and that this character and this experience and this you know the the the vision of Abraham sitting in his tent at the noon hour a very odd time in the desert to be sitting in the heat of the day but because this overwhelming gift of hospitality and is his just this divine appointment he sees three men walking towards him and he begins to prepare for this encounter and it’s two angels and the Lord and he has a meal with them and you had a meal with Jesus and you have this same encounter same kind of encounter chronicled in the book of Genesis and so if the ordinary and if an idol worshipers son if an hiv-positive suicide father a drug-and-alcohol manic-depressive institutionalize young man fighting as hard as he could against the demons can have God meet you in the park while you’re waking up from what you thought was going to be to death to darkness to despair now all the sudden you run into the Holy One of Israel this is extraordinary because he’s the god of the unexpected he’s the god of the extravagant he’s the God of the extraordinary this isn’t prosperity and this is love compassion you know carrying meeting you in your time of need and telling you just put your scared hand into my scarred hand again and I will take you out I will take you out of I’ll pull you out of that Darwinian news all right and give you new life and turn you into somebody that can be used for the kingdom and says you did not squander your gift you see you went on to get an MBA you you know working in a video store somebody tells you you gotta go to college so you’re working like a blockbuster and you know first time you ever hear this and what a novel idea oh yeah okay I’ll do that and you know the path that God had you on to take you out to bring you back yes is exactly you seen the other side which makes your testimony that much more powerful because we have a lot of people who deal with depression they deal with shame shame is a huge debilitated shame is a roadblock to a relationship with God your past is not to find your future and just because you tried to play God in your own life which was when you try to take your own life you’re playing God definitely that this is serving the dark side Luke I am your father you know come on over to the to the dark side but something about you that God rookie nice in you God sought in you not to say that he did not meet your father yeah in his last breath not to say did not meet your brother in his last breath we don’t know we don’t know right we have no idea what that when that heart stops the brain does not it still has a beat I’m just gonna why and you can’t ask a brain surgeon why he can’t tell you why it’s not an electrical discharge there’s activity what’s the activity why is that things still going in that’s flatlined here but that’s still going well yeah we don’t know the British Journal of Medicine write an article talking about the gods center of the brain and maybe it’s in that final moment that we do see and we do here and we get that Monty Hall experienced you want let me let me show you what’s behind door number one and now let me show you what’s behind door number two now you pick which door you want to go through okay you want to go down or you want to go up okay this is the escalator down and there might be prizes of all kinds waiting for you there or here’s the escalator going up and you have no idea what’s gonna wait for you at the end but you make the choice because each one of us has to make that choice and you made that choice yeah yeah and that’s what redeemed your life and turned you into the minister and the Ministry of Bibles for all yeah and I don’t want to fail to mention this that part of the proceeds of this book goes to support Bibles for every book written for every book purchased a Bible is also purchased to be provided for those that may not have access to it that’s a lot of our audience in the Middle East and Asia and Africa they’re under the thumb of Islam that are being persecuted but can watch on any device that can connect to the internet they can get this program and that’s why we do it this way we’ve been talking with Joshua Massengale Marcin Gayle author of encounters pressing into your abundant heavily supply if you visit igniting in Asia calm click on just the home page and you’ll see our lineup and when you see the name Josh Josh Marcin Gill just click on his name it’ll take you right to a link to the book and get a copy for yourself read about his encounters and find out how you can identify with your encounters and create an environment that is welcoming to God to meet you invite them to the table and he’s bound to show up yeah Josh thank you for sharing your story with us here on revealing the truth thank you so much rabbi for having me and I just love that I got the opportunity to speak with you today god bless you we’ll be sending you a copy of this video to post and use for time to come I hope to see you again my friend and if you ever come West to Birmingham let me know and I’ll have you I got a seat right here waiting for you awesome alright thank you so much god bless you we’re gonna take a short break when we come back we’ll bring you the next edition of revealing the truth.

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