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Dr. Kim Maas – Prophetic Insights

March 30 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CDT

Author of:
Prophetic Community: God's Call for All to Minister in His Gifts

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Interview Transcript

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Shalom and welcome to this edition of revealing the truth will we cover the headlines the heart lines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Eric Walker Kim Moss is an international speaker and founder Kim Moss ministries incorporated she’s trained and equipped churches ministries and individuals the United States and overseas to operate in the gift of prophecy she holds dual ordination with you at an international Church of the Foursquare gospel and the apostolic network of global awakening she earned a doctor and ministry at United Theological Seminary and a master’s in divinity Kings University Kim and her husband Mike live in Moorpark California you can learn more about her at kim mas mas com Kim is the author of prophetic community and is joining us today to launch a new monthly segment seeing the second Friday of every month at 11 o’clock a.m. entitled prophetic insights with dr. Kim Maas so it’s my privilege and my pleasure and my honor to introduce you to our friend and someone we have a great deal of respect for and that is dr. Kim mosque him so great to have you back so nice to be here thank you rabbi Eric love being here well it’s it’s it’s our blessing because one of our commitments to it’s in our Charter when we had the vision which came like a waterfall there was a 10-day period in which 12 different people received the same vision and they were in all different parts of the country and I went to meet with each one of them and it was all I hadn’t seen or heard from them in maybe five or seven years and it was all we have this vision and we have this envelope and we have this vision we have this envelope and the whole thing was is that I was going to move from talk radio in to go in front of the camera with nothing commercial that we were gonna bring the unadulterated Word of God unapologetically and we didn’t really care whether you liked it or you didn’t like it and that if you had an issue with it take it up with the author God himself and that that if we had a guest on that didn’t line up with the word of God I would tell them you have to open up your Bible right now mine’s right here you show me where it says that because I’m going to show you where it says the complete opposite and if you can’t defend your position then you have a choice you can either let me read it to you and we can have an intelligent peer-to-peer conversation talk about the reality of what this says actually in Hebrew and in English or you can say thank you very much for having me on your program and say goodbye but we are going to stand on the Word of God so when I had you come on to talk about prophetic community and the whole concept of creating a perfect community of the gift of prophecy being active and alive in a new way not in the office of the prophet Elijah the office of the prophet Isaiah the office of the prophet Ezekiel the office of the Prophet the dynamic has changed because the landscape has changed I had never had anyone come on who wasn’t a so grounded in the reality that says that unless I dust off all of the junk that prophecy has gathered and and get down to the the it’s like a diamond ring that hasn’t been cleaned in 40 years and it’s the most beautiful most faceted gorgeous thing but it’s just now piece of dirty it’s just a dirty Rock right you took the time in your book to polish the stone and I was and I told you this on the air I said I could not be more proud of you for for doing what has been needed to be done for a long time and it was almost like I wanted to take you on the Kim Massa apology tour you don’t want to apologize to the world for making this so confusing and letting you and allowing you to believe that the there isn’t prophecy today and that you’re not capable of having a word of knowledge or or bringing forth the prophetic word it doesn’t mean you’re a prophet and you can go get business cards printed up and brochures printed up and have to have an office with a big sign that says profit hopefully you did it in such a classy way that I said this is someone that I want to have represent the gift of prophecy to a global audience that much of our audience operates in it all the time after Asia parts of Europe but our North American audience knows pink hair and and how to buy 55-gallon drums of dried rice in case the in comes and you’re not prepared to have the right amount of food but anything in between doesn’t exist because it’s either super sensational and it’s so crazy and ridiculous and and animated and you just brought it down to into the same level that your teacher and my teacher Jack Hayford rata brought it to us and just said this would be real and so thank you for that and for for taking us on this journey of receiving prophetic insights from you as you coach us and our audience in this incredible gift that is not only personally life changing ministry changing its community changing so let’s back up a little bit and go back to the book prophetic community and talk just a little bit about the vision and about how you approached it and what the message of it was okay I wrote the book because in my experience growing up of course we didn’t believe that the prophetic was something in operation today and and that the prophetic actually was happening only in the preached word and I think that you and I believe the same thing that the preached Word of God is also prophetic act absolutely because God’s Word was written by the Holy Spirit as he led men along and so it is a revelatory word from the Lord and so interpreting the word applying the word is actually a prophetic act prophecy has three parts it has the revelation it has the interpretation it has the application when when Peter stood up and that on the day of Pentecost filled with the Holy Spirit he interpreted the revelation of God the mighty rushing wind and the tongues of fire that were on on each person’s head and then the speaking in tongues the other tongues however you would interpret it interpret that and there are a few different interpretations of what that actually sounded like but the people heard something and saw something and they asked a very important question what does this mean and so Peter stood up among the twelve and filled with the Holy Spirit he began to interpret he preached a sermon the first sermon since the pouring out of the Holy Spirit the gift of the Father and he interpreted he answered question and so when we stand up to preach of course it is a prophetic act but as I came into the charismatic movement the Pentecostal movement I came first into a Pentecostal church it was a very seeker sensitive church at that time the seeker sensitive model was very popular when I came into that church I didn’t see a whole lot of the moving of the Holy Spirit but it was during that time that I received the infilling of the Holy Spirit I got touched in a and a mighty way by the Holy Spirit and I thought that every person in the charismatic church in the Pentecostal church was having the sort of encounters and phenomenon they were experiencing the phenomenon that I was experiencing I was hearing God’s voice I was having visions I was having dreams that would then come to pass and and I soon discovered that that wasn’t really true and how we did prophesy at that time in that church was that once a year we invited a precious man dick Mills did you know dick Mills I did not Oh a precious prophetic man prophet who who greatly touched so many people but he was very well known in the Foursquare Church as I’m a Foursquare pastor so Foursquare Church and we would invite him once a year and he would come on a New Year’s Eve and he would pick some people out and he would prophesy over their life and give them passage of Scripture which I greatly appreciated the passage of Scripture and and then he would preach a message and go and we would all be left like wait wait I didn’t get a prophetic word and and you know you start resorting I think I mentioned this in my book you resort to things like wear a bright red shirt sit in the front sit a little taller pick me pick me and but I didn’t see that in Scripture and you you opened up this segment talking about scripture and and growing up in the Baptist denomination I I greatly appreciate the love of God’s Word that was instilled in me and of course it’s the foundation for everything and if we and if we grounded if we can’t if we can’t found our theology on the Word of God then it’s not really theology you’re really believing it’s something else not really the God who has revealed himself in Scripture and so what I found in Scripture was something different than asking a prophet to the church once a year and that began a journey for me that when I reached the time to do my doctoral dissertation I absolutely knew I wanted it I wanted to look into that I wanted to see what description really say about prophecy we have so many good books as you well known and you you know very well Rabbi Eric and you have some great guests on your on your program who are also very prophetic and I have written amazing books on the gift of prophecy but I wanted to look at the New Testament church and the role of prophecy in the New Testament church as it relates to the Holy Spirit the person of the Holy Spirit when I began to look into that I discovered that prophecy the prophetic prophetic community was actually part of our identity as a church and that as Paul has said in first Corinthians chapter 14 that all may prophesy and and we all ought to be prophesying we we should pursue love but also desire to prophesy and eagerly eagerly pursue the gifts of the Holy Spirit especially to prophesy and that that gift is so incredibly important because God is looking for a people who will hear his voice speak his words obey his word and fulfill the mission of Christ and so this is why I wrote the book I wrote the book not to be just another book on the gift of prophecy and how to prophesy how to hear God’s voice but to begin to rediscover the prophethood of all believers and to rediscover that part of our vocation as the people of God is to hear the voice of God and to speak his words Kim as a Jew forty-four years in the synagogue I knew this passage like the back of my hand and the passage goes back to numbers chapter 11 yes fire from the Lord and Moses is standing there and he’s telling the Lord this is too big a job for one man to handle and God says to him gather 70 of your elders together and I will take up my spirit which is on you and I will share it share it with them I won’t diminish it I won’t take it from you I will take I will take a part of it I will there’s plenty it’s it it multiplies there’s always enough of God right so much so what happens is is that the spirit falls on 70 68 or prophesying and then they stop that’s it they prophesied they stopped but two did not stop Eldad meda did not stop and they were going through the camp prophesying and a report comes to Moses and the report to Moses is that that that there are Eldad and Medad are prophesying in the camp and Moses says what are you jealous for my sake he said I wish that all the Lord’s people were prophets and the Lord would put his spirit on them yes the answer to that prayer that statement which was put in a prayer when it says I wish that is a prayer this is a rubber genie red rub of them rub it I wish I wish I wish they’ll just pop out the word I wish is being weird there’s a prayer of supplication to the Lord and he’s saying I wish I pray that all the Lord’s people he’s not saying he’s not limiting to the Hebrews he’s not limiting this to the Israelites he’s calling this the Lord’s people and he’s not talking about just he’s talking about the garum not the goyim the goyim being the Gentiles the Gary maybe all who pitch their tent with the camp of Israel who believe in the Jewish Messiah you become a garyun and so he’s saying that it’s my desire my prayer is all the Lord’s people were prophets and that the Lord would put his spirit on them this did not happen until the second Pentecost this period of time is the first Pentecost this is the giving of the law 50 days after the exodus we’re looking again at 50 days after the resurrection we’re looking at a period where 3,000 died and we’re looking at a period of 3,000 were saved we’re looking at a period where it was written on tablets of stone now it’s written on their hearts when we’re seeing Jeremiah 31:31 being fulfilled behold I’ll make a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah won’t be like the Old Covenant that’s right and here it is we have this very the oldest most most Ventura greatest prophet of Israel absolutely who says he wants all his people all God’s people to be prophets and we blow that off and say nope that ended that’s over no it was fulfilled it was fulfilled in a came to pass because of the way it was presented as a prayer or asking the Lord to fill this prayer and we now know we can now connect and say for the first time we recognize the connection between these passengers in Acts chapter 2 yes and the last words of Acts chapter 2 the last line of Acts chapter 2 is the most powerful words in the Bible and God added to the numbers daily being saved God through the power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit through the prophetic word given yes added to their numbers that’s how God wanted his church bill yes yes prophecy is a magnificent I want to say to a but vehicle for building a bridge between non-believers and the reconciliation that they are needing with God that they can have with the Lord it’s a it’s a powerful vehicle for for people in the church who are needing to hear a word of the Lord need to know that he is near and that his word is true and that everything that is said in Scripture is is for them now and that his promises still come to pass prophecy is a very important gift I would dare say it’s one of the most important gifts of the Holy Spirit because involves the voice of God we were created in the image a and as part of those who are created in the image of God we have been created with the ability to hear God’s voice and then respond to the revelation that he brings when he speaks because everything God speaks he does everything God speaks is revelation faith is actually responding to revelation which is why in the garden Adam and Eve they they had been given the word of the Lord but when that the serpent spoke they responded to that revelation by putting their faith in that word and then they fell and they forfeited all that God had given them in the garden at that time and praise God he has he had a plan and he gave us Jesus and we’ve been reconciled I’m thankful for it every single day but from the beginning in in that Moses passes that in the passage that you just described for Moses ISM numbers 11 29 Moses is echoing God’s heart that from the beginning he has desired to have a people who would who would have a real the kind of relationship with him that they would have a conversation enter into the conversation hear his voice and obey his words you know I I love that Moses that that Moses said that for many reasons you know in my book we talk about exactly what you said that there’s a fulfillment of that passage of scripture when Pentecost happens and the Holy Spirit is poured out but what I also love about that passage is that Moses was the kind of leader that wanted the Holy Spirit for all people not just for himself he wasn’t the kind of leader that was saying oh you know I I’m insecure about Who I am and in my own position a relationship with God and so nobody else prophesy this is only for me and and of course Joshua was that leader that said Moses their promise I’ll make them stop you know and and Moses says don’t be jealous for me you know and prophecy really the Holy Spirit is supposed to be for all of us not just for leaders not just for specially anointed people we’ve all been anointed by the Holy Spirit because it’s it’s all of us together that we we are each the Temple of the Holy Spirit but we all form the Temple of the Holy Spirit and we have we have work to do to finish the mission of Christ on this planet where did we get moved out of this you know the Catholic Church we can hold them responsible for the oppressive heavy-handed but there’s a five hundred year period of from the day the Reformers came into the picture when scripture regained stature that it was no longer catechism that it was now it wasn’t the Vulgate it was now the we would look at as as the scriptures as the Holy Scriptures where where did we drift away and and what caused the drift because we we usually can pinpoint history things that have happened that have caused us to to be moved socially economically or politically away from something that is true and we’ve had to fight to get it back it’s like we’re fighting to maintain our identity as the fact that marriage is between a man and a woman there’s only an X and there’s only a Y that’s all there is okay and although the rest of the alphabet is great for Sesame Street it does not apply to a man and a woman there’s an X and there’s a Y that’s all there is and that’s not God designed it and we’re fighting that battle and we will stand and we will fight until the very end and we will not yield there’s not gonna be an X and a half and a Y and a half and it’s not going to happen I’m not going to do it so what happened where did we because it was it seemed that the great sermons and I don’t come out of Christianity so this is really all new to me like that they came to me for the release of the Lost sermons of Spurgeon and said we’re releasing it in Birmingham or publishing it in Birmingham we want to release on your show and we’d like to release the lost sermons of Spurgeon and and they were saying and this is such a huge thing the universities here all this is here and I said I have just one question I hope you’ll forgive me for asking but who who who is who is who is Spurgeon because I came out of the synagogue when the synagogue Christianity is not in my world I’m not in Christianity I’m a I’m a believer I’m I’m a Bible guy I’m a bit less does that make me a Christian only if you say one thing do I believe in the teachings of Christ yes okay that is the beginning of the end of the conversation of my Christianity because if you ask me one more thing I’m gonna have to say no because because you can sprinkle you can splash you can dunk you can actually go to heaven dry what what what a concept yeah I can go to heaven dry whoa I’ve just I’ve just rocked the theology of the nations that I don’t have to get wet to go to heaven I can go bone-dry and so there’s a lot of this and I don’t know how this happened and so I want that did not go to heaven – right exactly this talk yesterday with my friend we were driving back from we’d even gone I had to go get a bracelet fix at the at the mall and her very girly thing and and as we were driving back we were talking about some of the miracles signs and wonders that were that we’ve been seeing and some of the some of the major Falls that we have seen in in recent days among leaders that were very charismatic and did some miraculous things but we said you know I think that that it’s that when we get to heaven we be surprised who is there and who is not there because just like you can go to heaven dry you can do miracles signs and wonders and Jesus can still say I didn’t really know you because it’s about our relationship right so it’s really quite extraordinary we’re talking with Kim us our special our that we do on the second Friday of every month at the 11 o’clock Central Time our entitled prophetic insights with dr. Kim Maas author of the book prophetic community and I encourage you that if you even wonder what is prophecy if you even wonder what does that mean today why is it still talked about is it just a past thing is it a present thing if you don’t understand it at all if you’re looking for a fundamental understanding of the biblical application of something that Paul says sink after the higher things and he’s talking about this being one of those gifts he talking about speaking in tongues is seek after it’s not required and so those denominations say if you don’t speak in tongues if you don’t say fix my honda then you’re not going to heaven then I’m sorry that’s not in the Bible it says that if I believe in my heart profess with my mouth that Jesus is Lord not that my Honda needs fixed we need to clear all this up because there is so much confusion and this is the clearest presentation I have ever seen I’ve ever read and I’ve ever heard and I encourage every one of you go to igniting a nation calm click on just you’re gonna see it when you get to the home page you’re gonna see the name Kim Moss click it it’ll take you right to a place that says click here to buy this book click it buy it get it read it it will change your life we’re gonna take a short break and when we come back we’ll return to prophetic insights with dr. 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Kim Moss author of prophetic community and host of this hour on the second Friday of every month at the 11 o’clock hour entitled prophetic insights with dr. Kim Moss Kim welcome back to the program thank you so much I’m so happy to be here Kim when we were on break you mentioned Ord yes and the word was sanctuary yes and so I’m going to take the opportunity to connect prophecy and sanctuary because prophecy is comes out of a safe place god only invests the prophetic word in a safe place somewhere he can trust that it will be cared for for whatever period it’s cared for until it is brought forth okay that’s safe place is a sanctuary it is the place where God dwells and you dwell with him it can be a place a thing my home is a sanctuary when people walk into my home yeah they say I don’t know what it is but I feel like I have gone front through a time portal I’ve gone into a different dimension when I’m in Israel in Israel every year two weeks of every year I have for the last 16 years two weeks of every year and when I stand at the Kotel the wall I have my place and I’ll wait or I’ll move people I’m Jewish I’m okay with that I’ll move you out of my place because I have my place at the wall and there a couple times a year so when I step into that space I am transported somewhere else and I am surrounded by that concept of that peace that passes all understanding that is sanctuary it is the safe place it is the Holy of Holies that only can be entered into you know we don’t have that anymore because the curtain was written – okay so we don’t have it in the physical realm anymore we only have it in the spiritual realm but I because of my faith in Jesus is my Messiah because of my profession of faith and because I have one who will lead me into I have my Paraclete I have the Holy Spirit right who is going to become one with me so that I don’t even have to be concerns about what words will come from my mouth when I stand before the judges of man before I started but I stand before god it’s in my utterance and groanings it’s whatever God already knows but that sense that I have I can be sitting right here and I can go into my sanctuary so I want to take you to the picture okay God says in the Book of Numbers I want you to make a garment and I want you to make a garment and on the four corners of that garment I want you to put fringe it’s called seat C TZ i t’s EIT CT CT okay in Hebrew it’s translated wings uh-huh now I want you to imagine me with my prayer shawl over my shoulders hanging down and when I lift up my hands you’re gonna see drape down at an angle fringe yeah and I will appear to have wings Wow this is the hem of His garment because when I lower my hands what happens to the friends they now drop down okay and they’re right above the ground okay God is not a bird No all right but yet when I’m he who dwells in the shelter of the Most High under his wings we take a look this whole connection all of this okay when I go into my prayer closet for me as a Jew when I take my prayer garment and I take it and cover my head and I go into that sanctuary that that place of peace now the word sanctuary I won’t even know how its defined it’s probably defined as safe place a building a structure but sanctuary is that safe and secure place that I know 24 hours a day seven days a week that my salvation can never no man can snatch me out of the hand of God that’s confirmation of the most peaceful regardless of the chaos of the world I have a place I can go and in that place that I go wherever it is whether it’s in the cleft of the rock whether or not it’s into my bedroom whether or not it’s into my church whether or not it’s in my closet wherever it is that is sanctuary and that is where God will speak to me and that is when he will prophetically implant in me when I am in a place where I am doing what I’m commander do which is one be holy because I am holy and to be still and know that I am God and when I put all those together I’m now putting myself in a posture to receive a prophetic word in any other posture interferes it’s it’s I’m on the wrong Channel yeah I got 1,200 channels he wants you on channel 1200 and you’re on 1199 you’re really really close yes you’re just not there that to me if you asked me what it is sanctuary that is what sanctuary is that’s beautiful thank you for explaining that that was beautiful because we don’t even call no we in modern English we call the place of worship we call it let’s gather in the sanctuary but it’s actually in Hebrew it’s beit knesset it’s house of assembly it’s not even sanctuary it’s the house of assembly it’s the place of gathering all right so you’ll meet at the place of gathering all right because there was only one holy of Holy’s and so what do i do without the Holy of Holies I have to find that sanctuary and that’s how I recreate that sanctuary posture surrender that ha ha bow down low and you find that it’s he’s talking all the time all the time all the time all the time but when the time but when I’m in that place there’s nothing that’s more clear when I’m in my sanctuary [Music] very good that’s how I know now that’s just just me rabbi er that you know that’s that’s that’s my expression and an explanation for what that is and so if you want to operate in the prophetic you have to put yourself in position to receive yes yes absolutely true it’s in your book and and and posture and reception and unlocking and opening all this is a part of this is insight into operating in the prophetic so if we demystify yes the prophetic does it become demystified or is it still it’s still mysterious yes serious because god there’s there’s a tension between what is knowable what is unknowable right about God and I tell people all the time it’s not magic in that magic is like wishful thinking and if I if I wish hard enough magical thinking is wishful thinking if I wish hard enough it will just come to pass and it’s not it’s not magical thinking but it is supernatural because it is a God that is otherworldly he’s he’s Jesus came fully man and fully God but but God is spirit and and there is a mystery about him we we see through a glass darkly there’s only so much that we can know until we are with him and then we will have revelation of him that we don’t have right now and that we can’t really receive just right now and so there’s always mystery and I think that we need to always hold that intention understanding especially if we’re going to be people that prophesy I know that you have you have known people who you know who are like this but you have a prophet to come in to your church or someplace and you know I missed your big prophet and I have a word for your church as though named every and they know how just to apply everything and do everything and and they come in and it becomes a manipulation and a control they come to give you a word because they feel that they have seen something about you and your church or about your family about your ministry that they want to correct but God God isn’t working like that he will give bring a word of contracted correction he’ll bring a word of direction he’ll bring a prescription he’ll bring a word of encouragement he’ll bring a word of love and affirmation he’ll bring a word of confirmation he will do all these things through us as we release a prophetic word but what he’s not giving us license to do is to use that revelation to control or manipulate or advance our own agendas or to bring our opinion to bear on someone else we’re we’re the messengers and God is the one who wants to be at work in his people and in his church and in the world and in all these various places so it is it is a fearful thing to operate in in this beautiful gift called prophecy and we need to hold we need to build in our in our lives personally a sanctuary so that we are a sanctuary in which God meets with us and we abide in him and he abides in us and his word abides in us but so that we can release the prophetic word and allow God to be the one at work and not try to be the one at work in someone else’s life you know scripture tells us New Testament scripture tells us you will know them by their fruit yes how do we apply that because it’s a much different standard okay when you know as a fruit inspector you know your your preference for ripeness and my preference for ripeness are different for instance the line of pears I like a really hard almost bitter Bosc pear okay not everybody likes those okay they’re not this soft mushy okay so like they sit there and everyone looks at and walk by and we’ll but for me that’s that’s a that’s a pear that’s something that’s got okay but I’m a fruit inspector okay so I’ve checked out of those other fruits I don’t like them I like that one and but that does that doesn’t negate the fact that the others are also pears and they also have some nutritional value and some pleasure too so not all are the same so if that’s the case and God uses things of the natural to reveal supernatural truth to us when we look at this reference to you we’ll know the profit by their fruits how do we apply that today well I think that you made a good point just a minute ago when you said regardless of the ripeness it’s still a pear you know because a good tree bears good fruit a bad tree Bears bad fruit regardless of its ripeness right regardless of its maturity and so you have people in the church who are so afraid of beginning the practice of prophecy because they might get it they might get it wrong and then they might get called a false prophet they might they might be it might be said of them that they are very bad fruit but but and but an immature prophetic person who’s not used to prophesying they might just they might prophesy out of their discernment they might prophesy out of their their for someone but their their motive isn’t to draw someone away from the Lord their motive isn’t to gain personal attention and fame and fortune and/or power over someone else and so it’s it’s fairly easy in in my experience to discern the difference between good fruit and bad fruit the good fruit of the Spirit of course is love kindness patience forbearance you know long suffer all of those all of those fruits of the Lord faithfulness and so if a person in their in their life is is displaying the good fruit of the Holy Spirit they are a part of the church they’re trying to learn they are reading their scripture they’re growing even if it’s in slow increments but they are mindful of the Lord and and and following according to their level of maturity at that time then even if they miss a prophetic word it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad fruit it just means that it’s immature fruit and they they have a lot to learn still but when I I have been in several places I think in my book I give probably my best example I have several of them but my favorite example is this one that I was I had given a talk on training on prophecy and I had a very mature pastor come and say Kim I I don’t know what to do about this I hear what you say but I had a church and a prophetic person came into my church wanted to have their ministry their prophesied over me some good things I was happy to have them begin and but over time started demanding finances of me that we didn’t have an in church started demanding position that I didn’t feel that he was ready for started demanding to have more power among the congregation that that I didn’t want to relinquish that I felt like was not for him but was for myself and my wife as senior pastors and and so he began to prophesy over me prophesy I’m using that in quotes prophesy over me that I was going to lose my my family I was going lose my finances I was gonna lose my church and I was gonna lose my reputation he said within three years and he said in three years that happened so is that prophecy well you know what was that to me that sounds like a curse that doesn’t sound like that’s that’s the first word that popped into my mind and so but what happens is that as as we were talking about before you can put your faith in a good word or a bad word right you put your faith in whatever kind of revelation comes your way this is why it’s so important we test the Word of God by Scripture by the Holy Spirit’s the word is escaping I’m having a senior moment by the by the resident when it resounds in our spirit by other leadership who know God’s Word and who are mature by those around us who know us and and of course we wait on words if we don’t have a confirmation but what happened there was that this this person came into the church and began to manipulate and control this pastor that’s the bad fruit we’re talking about they wanted finances they wanted power and they wanted position those are all those are all other gods that’s witchcraft it is it’s witchcraft and so when he began to prophesy those things he released a curse that has a measure of power but when the pastor became afraid and put his faith in that word believed it and took it it gave it power to come to pass in his life and so in some former fashion over those next three years he cooperated with that curse and allowed it to come to pass when really should have should have thrown the guy out of it well you know called him to repentance and if he didn’t repent ask him to invite him out of his church and and began to declare instead the promises of Scripture over his life because God will not curse us God will not condemn us God wants the best for our ministries and for our families and even for our finances because he’s asked he’s wanting us to prosper in the Lord even as our soul prospers and so there’s a prosperity there’s an abundance that there is available to us in Christ even even when we’re going through trial right even when we’re going through testing even when we were going through suffering that he wants us to have and and this is a perfect example of the bad fruit that a false prophetic word can have when we put our faith in it we have each been given a measure of discernment and we we it you know people are into these essential oils and so you you you take these essential oils and you mix them and you dilute them and you do all these things with this we’ve been given a certain measure of discernment and if we don’t use it and we don’t refine it and we don’t feed it we don’t nurture it we don’t allow it to grow then we fall into the trap of surrendering to the strongest spirit in the room now from age 40 page 44 I was a new age minister I had AI in two weeks I went from having gone to a meeting to being the one all the money was being given to in two weeks and that went on for three and a half years and I had cars and people were giving me amazing things and all I was was the strongest spirit in the room I had nothing to do with the Holy Spirit I wasn’t a believer I was just a fast-talking salesman they came out of the corporate world and and convinced them all that this guy who wrote this book conversation with God was the real deal he’s turned out to be a complete fraud and a fake and of course during that time I met a bunch of people who want to wind up leading me to the Lord and you know my life completely changed but I know about that that strong very strong spirit I’m still personally in my being the way God created me I is to be a strong tower he created me to be a powerful force a word and a powerful force through him in his word not my word not my strength but history but that unfortunately we have run out of time that’s how much fun we have during this but you can tune in next month on the second Friday of the month at the 11 o’clock hour for our prophetic insights with dr. Kim Maas author of prophetic community and we’re continuing the conversations talking about real the real deal of prophecy as in regards to the Bible as in regards to end time prophetic work and day time daily time prophetic work and understanding the difference between the two Kim thank you so much always a pleasure to be with you may the Lord bless you and keep you and all of your travels keep you safe and we’ll see you right back here next month okay so excited to be with you thank you so much my honor and privilege thank you God bless we’re gonna take a short break and when we come back we’ll bring you the next edition of revealing the truth

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