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Laurie Ditto

September 25, 2019 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am CDT

Author of:
The Hell Conspiracy: An Eye-witness Account of Hell, Heaven, and the Afterlife

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Interview Transcript

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Shalom and welcome to this edition of Revealing the Truth, where we cover the headlines, the heartlines, and biblical truth. I’m your host, Masonic rabbi Rabbi Eric Walker. Imagine not having to die, but seeing heaven. Imagine not having to die but seeing hell. Is it even possible to have either one of these experiences and what would be God’s purpose in showing them to you? Our next guest has written a compelling account of her experience and has been assigned to share a powerful, even shocking message with the world. Laurie ditto travels around the world sharing her testimonies of heaven and hell to reach people for Jesus as director of my father’s reputation she trains peoples in the prophetic to hear Jesus for others Laurie and Mike ditto have been married for 35 years have two daughters 11 grandchildren here to talk about her new book the hell conspiracyand eyewitness account of Hell heaven and the afterlife is Laurie ditto Laurie welcome to revealing the truth I’m glad to have you here Laurie take me back to your formative years take me back to childhood take me back to your faith journey where you were influenced was it traditional did it exist at all was it Pentecostal was a charismatic was it mainstream what would what was your background foundation for your faith thank you I might mom so we went to church at the Catholic Church and my father is Baptist so we got a little bit of both sides of the Word of God so I really enjoyed being in the Catholic Church I enjoyed my my my favorite part of growing up I think wise decisions of the crop really struck me and the power of the sting I’m forgiven of sin so when you were in the Catholic Church what impressed you was this image of Jesus very visible of Jesus on the cross that’s one of the only denominations or parts of Christianity the kid still keeps Jesus on the cross nailed it to the cross there’s the Evangelical Lutheran movement that has the resurrected Jesus on the cross he’s there but he’s unattached to it he’s standing there but his hands are free his feet aren’t nailed he’s he’s a present but not crucified so it’s the other side if you will of the rest of the crucifixion in your foundational teachings and understanding and relationship with God how did that develop over the years as a child into young adulthood and then into marriage as to what your belief system what did you believe about God yeah I believed he was real inside of the Catholic Church I think I wasn’t afraid by scripture that nun said taught us that it pleased God to crush his son I at the same time inside of the Baptist Church there was a real hunger for the word of God so I believed in God I had heard that there was such a thing as a personal relationship with Jesus but I never I never encountered that from 2000 so if a child you went to church with my parents I spell out a church for the high school and got married we had two daughters and each of the daughters I knew one of them know that God is real but I couldn’t give them a foundation who he was and how he really remade it to people so Mike and I knew it didn’t go to church so we’re talking about you’re married 35 years 2000 is 19 years ago so 16 years into your marriage 16 years with Mike and where was he in this faith walk in this faith journey so Mike his family had fallen out of church when he was just a boy because of a tie this year though he really didn’t have we didn’t have any real Christian friends so you know church was not an important factor to us and when I got saved it really stressed him out in fact he said to me I I didn’t marry easily I don’t want to do so here you are you something happens to you something if happen to get invited to go to a conference in Kansas City and so unusual for somebody to get a flyer or to open their mailbox and have something in it or have somebody dropped by a neighbor saying hey thought you might be interested in this what happened to you how did you come to know about this event and what really based on your background would cause you to even consider making this journey traveling to go to something as radical as as what’s being presented to you well well at the time I was suicidal I was in a lot of trouble taking medication in fact I had planned my suicide different times I didn’t go through with it because as I was planning it out the thoughts kept coming to me well you know you don’t want to leave your children here so you should take their lives as well and that that was just unthinkable so during that time a postcard came to my house and I don’t know why it came but invited me to accompany and just I just held it and I knew that my answer was going to be there I had to go there so I I said to Mike I said I wouldn’t want to go here well he was excited because I wanted to do something I was going to get up get dressed and go somewhere that’s only does he look like yes I want you to go so next thing you know I was at the International House of Prayer in the city it was at that time a small trailer and I was I was shocked that some of the things that go on yet because I really didn’t have a Pentecostal background so to feed people you know worshiping God with blends or advancing seemed very very strange I thought people worshipping God with their hands up that seems strange and what was even more strange was if they were admitting on their face I couldn’t figure out what they would need um and I think the thing that was the was the key for me was there was a there was a woman man and I went to stay by because she seemed the most normal and she was pretty long times and that just really sparked – because of when I was a child and I had went one time when I to church with a friend she was a girl and so I had seen it but you know my mom had warned me against it so here it was is this real and that day at that kind of hostile Church there was a senior Saint who saw how Friday like you can use this yeah bringing Heinz over me and it brought me such peace so here’s this living doing this I think that sounds prayer I want to know God if you’re real I want to know is this real if it’s real I want it and it’s not real than they first thought because if you know otherwise it’s in a theory and I started seeing that kind of Awesome doing awful it’s it’s a great tool in our lives I wish everyone had it so here you are you’re caught in two worlds you have this belief system that out of Catholicism you had to have heard that suicide would prevent you from entering heaven that that was an unforgivable sin within the Catholic Church and that since your last act was murder and you could not repent for it it was unpardonable and therefore you were going to be banished to hell then you’re over here on the Baptist side that says hey no big deal once saved always saved doesn’t matter what you do as long as you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord you’ll be saved you know we’ll do whatever you want man God loves the sinner he just hates the sin so you know you’ve got a ticket to ride you can go live whatever life you want it’s just that simple it’s easy breezy just say yes to Jesus and you’ve got a ticket to heaven so here you are straddling two theologies that are completely and you’re you’re in this depressed state almost manic-depressive because you’ve been preparing this for a while you’re not happy with your life you’re miserable you’re contemplating you know all the other kids behind you don’t murder your kids that’s the only reason why you’re not the thought of going to hell or the thought of having sin or that did that didn’t matter it was just you weren’t gonna be the mom the murderer kids right I was looking back I was my mind was being tortured I can say now that it was demons speaking to me but I remember those thought that kept bombarding me was you’re using somebody else’s here let me you know now no unknown realized that not every thought that’s inside me is mine and not if he thought that the inside name is coming from God and so but at the time I didn’t know so yeah I was I was I was ripe and ready for salvation so you go to this International House and I have to be honest with you I it’s just sidebar I had a friend of mine call me and tell me that he was he worked with me at AT&T; and he said he was leaving because he was gonna work for IHOP and I said why would you leave a corporate position to go to work for pancake house and he said no it’s the International House of Prayer and that was the first time I was Jewish I wasn’t a believer yet so I I had no idea what he was talking about but have come to know Mike Bickle and the work of a vie hop so I know the environment you’re talking about so a one prays over you praise and your your seeking after this gift of tongues and you’re now finding yourself sitting there filled with the Holy Spirit consumed to the point of overflowing you’re now praying literally saying in a language that it’s not a language in which you are familiar with so words are proceeding from your mouth that you cannot define you’ve never seen them in a dictionary you’ve never heard anybody overheard a conversation in the background you have never sat on the floor United Nations and listening to all the different without an interpreter I so this is Laurie ditto from rural Kansas a young missouri rural Missouri even even better Roma Zuri sitting in Kansas City Missouri at the International House of Prayer speaking and singing in tongues so what happens to you next so I heard the voice of God and when I heard him I knew so I I had I had started singing in tongues I was like wow God answers prayer so I left Branson hotel came back and held it there and you know came back I came back with a list to have God answers there as I wanted people and you know it was crazy because I was suicidal it was like if I would take all the sadness and the depression away but that never entered my mind what I wanted was a lot cabin on Lake Superior’s I was from Upper Michigan I wanted to focus on vehicles somehow I thought my name didn’t explain anything to both I needed one and make me one and the third thing I thought I would ask my lord wrote these because someone should have asked him for that already and if I had already used one of my wishes somehow I thought God must like the genie in the bottle three wishes and I had to give one up on the plaintiff up world it’s because I figured some important person should be asking God the world peace and I sat there and I stepped in and I’m waiting thinking God was gonna come me in the forest no it’s he’s speaking in tongues real and I was happy to know that I had it because there’s there was bloody and whatever I was saying but it sort of felt like maybe I had wasted one of my wishes and all of a sudden you know in the race of whom I was discouraged what’s taking so long God hear me one day answer me in an instant I was in heaven looking it was remarkable when you see me know who he is there’s no doubt he’s just here’s everything that you’ve won and more there isn’t really waves on the earth to describe how awesome is our Lord amazing so here you are you have your list so I’m going from a suicide now to you’ve proven to me you’re real because of this gift of tongues and I’m gonna go back I’m still suicidal I haven’t lost that part of me but but I’m gonna come up with my list and if you can perform these things then you’re really God right right well and you know I think I was believing that God was there and then he was in the room I just thought that you know at that time in in 2000 there was this name it claim its name going on and I had heard Christians talk about how you know if you want that all you got to do it is name what you want and claim it because God is not a respecter of persons and so I thought great this is my way in he’s talking to me I’m gonna get this log cabin and you know lost people don’t really think about your spiritual well-being first we just think about you know physical things and that’s where I was so more than just getting an answer to your request I think you have three items on your list and they weren’t really extraordinary items were they I mean world peace that’s a biggie but world peace you know as a believer of course now a world peace is Messiah you know it’s not peace on earth and goodwill towards man it’s having Jesus to come rule and reign so while you’re there you’re you’re all the sudden you’re there but you’re not there well what happens and where do you go I I don’t know how I got there and that’s been a question was was I wished all of you there Jesus just coming yet the part of me that would listen to him you know I could see everything and I sense in my heart how much he loved me and I was moving in something that looked like a body but my my physical being and what I felt about myself was that I was dark I was I was sinful it felt like if there was anything in heaven that didn’t belong there it would have been me because you know I had all this pain inside of me and that’s what Jesus wanted he he said to me give me that and he reached out his hand to me I saw a room like on his wrist it was a terrible room it wasn’t on the live room it wasn’t good in blood anything like that but it was this room that was foolish show me work point to me right here yeah right there yeah okay that’s the place of the nail right here right that’s correct okay if it would have been here I the his weight would have ripped there isn’t there’s not enough there’s not enough tissue there’s not I’ve seen you but you have a V here so the crucifixion nail goes in here and now the weight because you’re at this bone right here now has the ability to support this is the all the misnomer of the hand it is here I and this is this is this is and I have to tell you I have to look for validity I have to look for big a biblical integrity and an author that I bring on the program so they can have listen I’m a believer that with God all things are possible and there’s there’s as you know there’s prophecies and there’s prophet liars and there’s people who out there who are making money off of fantastic sensational stories okay and so what I have to do is I have to examine your story and say okay is what she’s saying to me lying up with what I know to be true about the Bible and what I know to be true from the Hebrew writings from the eyewitness testimonies from Josephus from science all that has to line up and had you said to me and his hand was pierced here I would have said Lori it was great to meet you I wish you a great deal blessing where I think break go to commercial and I will be on with our next guest and I will just let you go very sweetly because that would not have been true right and so for me being a Catholic kid you know the only place I had ever and I really studied the Stations of the Cross when I met Jesus and I knew him to be God the wound was in the place from what my belief system event and I remember thinking well that’s in the wrong place and you know Jesus didn’t stop me like that and then and say Lori your theology is all wrong you know at that time I knew that even though I was coming to God ignorant he was willing to take me at that place I’m next usually they’re taking it is you know an enemy because now I’m gonna tell him hey that’s not another place but he was after something Richmond he wanted he wanted me to know him he wanted to be able to to touch my spirit in such a way that I would believe beyond a doubt that there’s a God who loves us and who is for us and my life matters so seeing him and seeing what he was liking and looking around heaven was absolutely amazing and I I would get stuck looking at one thing that and the thing that I noticed about the Lord the most is his absolute patience he’s not in a hurry and he will let me explain even though there’s no words to explain him he understands it better than my explanation you know how to do if you take me from where I was into who I need to be so while I was in heaven there’s no one to explain this he turned himself on like like light my I knew that Jesus is the source of all life that I was seeing and he would turn himself he was turning himself up and he was so bright I shut my eyes and he had to turn himself that down so that I could I wouldn’t I wants me to behold him so that I can become like him so I me there was so much more to God he had barely started to turn himself up now I that the reason why I could only behold his light in such a small amount was because I don’t have a life of obedience I didn’t know him so Pippa suggesting him not at God not that God can’t show himself to anyone but my spirit wasn’t able to see God nowhere near full I’m not trying to say I barely before him and he was so patient he asked me a question he said give me that so when he put his hand out that’s when I noticed the woman he said give me that and I understood he was after pain and the only thing that I could think of he was after things that are wrong and you know I’m suicidal looks like why don’t I give God that it was almost like that was that was in my mind maybe too hard for God to think that way so the only thing that I could bring to anyone smokes they rats and at the time I was looking through half packs of cigarettes a day I thought well he can’t take care of that and so when he said give me that I I said no I really thought that God would come and punish you this is my understanding if you sin you don’t do exactly what God wanted especially in the presence of God you know that’s it your toast is there exactly and he chose and that do I noticed the most patient being I’ve ever been in the presence and he’s shown what loving so kind so convincing so did he take it from you yes actually it was there was a few things that happened but yes he he he he didn’t take it first like like a fight like grabbing it he showed me who I am he asked me to look inside of him and I saw those there was a word there was one word one word which was the key you were imprisoned you were locked into this place of darkness and he was searching you for one word one action that he required of you that he was trying to get you to the point for you to do that he had already done for you but you had not done for yourself what was that word I needed to forgive there you have it Laurie that is what he asked you to do and when you did that you were set free amazingly and he were completely and 100% set free from all oppression depression dizzy disease disease all those things that were afflicting you because you were able to forgive you see I will tell you this is the picture of Satan and God and it was Satan’s pride when we cannot forgive ourselves but yet the Lord died on the cross for our forgiveness we are putting ourselves above him by not allowing ourselves to forgive ourselves is that is saying to him you are lord and master of my life but I put myself above you your forgiveness is not sufficient to set me free and here’s patience in extracting it from you letting it come out of you like a magnet to it – and now deep inside it it has to move very slowly and you don’t even realize how slowly it’s being attracted to this magnet until it finally comes out of you and when it comes out of you it flies across I and attaches itself to the magnet okay because it’s got to go through this thick rough spot and all of a sudden your pride is now ripped apart and you are now allowed to be humbled and forgiveness restored you so then you open your eyes and where are you sitting I’m back in the room at the International House of Prayer in their prayer room and I know I am a new person that I knew I had there was no more need for cigarettes I knew there was no more nature of the medication that I was on and I knew I was a new person because now now I am now I know who Jesus is not just that I miss favorite you know I know you a you are you absolutely are his favorite alright and I am his favorite and Jason’s his favorite and your husband is his favorite and this is the God who is no respecter of persons he loves all of his children all who bear His image we’re talking with Laurie ditto author of the hell conspiracy and eyewitness account of Hell heaven in the afterlife what Laurie is describing to you I have heard a thousand times from Arabs coming out of a desert experience where they saw a man in white dressed in white approaching them from a distance and the closer he got the brighter he got until they realized that they were standing face to face with the Messiah himself this is not a book that is sensational this is a book that is supernatural and there’s a huge difference and I wanted to make it very clear and I put Laurie through her paces right to make sure that her account lined up with Scripture she wasn’t talking about ascending into heaven through death and descending by being reborn she was talking about that encounter that she had that each one of us must have in some way shape or form but here’s what happened to Laurie second samuel 1414 happened to Laurie it says like water falls to the ground it does not return we all must die but God does not desire that he devises ways for those who are estranged from him to return and the way that he got Laurie’s attention was by having her in her physical body sitting in a hardback chair in Kansas City Missouri and all of a sudden she’s not transported as if an out-of-body experience but in the spirit God takes her Lord do you happen to remember how long in the natural this period was no while I was well I was in the presence of God he was not in the hurry to send me back so before I left you know I asked him is there anything that I can do for you and he just he just he put his forehead to my forehead rabbi and his hands on my shoulders although I felt very hugged and very safe and he was not going to move before I mean which is so comforting to me even now no he owns time he has time for us and he was so patient there there I didn’t leave until I knew that I knew that I was ready and was wanting to go and do whatever it is that he’s assessment me to do so but I’m earth I don’t know how long I was away from the room and when I got back it really it didn’t matter because the time that I had spent with God radically we did me we made you know you didn’t come back at 3 o’clock in the morning with everybody gone and the building all locked up and somebody’s somebody’s shaking your shoulders and saying hey lady you got to leave here we got to shut down for the night all right we’re not talking about hours and hours and hours we’re talking about in God’s time that this could have been a second it could have been a minute on the clock it could have been five minutes on the clock and nobody around you was when you opened your eyes there weren’t a hundred people gathered around you one looking at you staring at you saying you disappeared as a beam of light through the ceiling and we didn’t know where you went none of that happened did it nope nope I came back everything was very normal in the room you know I hadn’t drawn any attention to myself in the time that I had been away but everything in me II was different even though it felt like nothing in the room had changed I was new and the room was the same so I agree I don’t think I don’t think I was gone any length of time that because no one noticed me see and this is this is what makes this an authentic story this is what I went to Kate’s your story you see had you told me you were gone for nine hours and that when you came back there were people who were had a search party for you because you had been taken out of the room and the chair was empty and there was a great woosh and the word lights shining and and a search party and all this I would go you know Laurie I’m having a real hard time swallowing that but you’re telling me that time was irrelevant that the you came back to the same room in the same seat in the same setting nothing in the natural environment the Rin had changed people weren’t gathered around because they saw this beam of light or they heard this this this supernatural voice oh that bore witness to it no you’re in the spirit and God is revealing to you the same way he revealed to Daniel in this spirit the same way you were visited Joseph in a dream the same way he revealed to John at Patmos in a vision the same way he revealed to Peter by the vision of a corner of the food in the sheet you had the same experience that many others in the Bible had exactly in the same timeframe where it wasn’t over a period of time it was in i we would normally go to break now Laurie but we only have about 17 minutes left and I want to fast forward for 2008 alright and I want to jump right there because this is very important so we’re now 8 years later all right you’re eight years of settling into this newfound faith to this cleansing you have certainly provoked your husband to complete and total envy and jealousy he doesn’t even know who came back from this this person left this depressed wreck left and this beautiful glowing happy loving endearing wife and mother came back and he’s wondering give me that postcard which was there LSD on that was there some kind of do we need to send this to get tested because what happened to you and so you share with him your experience and what happens yeah Mike like to the changes that were in me I got really involved in the church I started meeting with senior Saints we prayed and prayed and started asking God for my family to be saved and Mike took me back to IHOP because he felt that I misunderstood the people there I was just too it was just too much and my kind of God encountered this unit and then we put our daughters in the prayer room and hopes that God would encounter their life and started going to church and then from Michigan we that move here to Kansas City and we became staff we went on staff yet and I work in the evangelism department and on the day 2000 there was a river Thursday it was August 28th 2008 it was an evangelism meeting I was standing at the back of the room working the sound machine and what happened they were singing songs about the lovely boss and I really have a look he wants I want everyone to have this this opportunity to know our God so there were songs about the lost and so I left during the part of the song about the lost and I came back when the worship team was still was still playing but the front of the room I felt it first so I opened my eyes I felt that he entered into the room first so I physically felt something I looked up to see why was the room so hot in the front of the room two realities came together I could still see the front of the room with the worship team but all of a sudden the second reality became stronger than the first reality and I saw these huge massive gates open I heard them and this his arm his hands without fingers but the dark came out of that leg to the back of the room where I was and it it stuck me in the in my chest and nothing I stomach grabbed me there and I tried to break it fall by falling backwards because whatever it was I knew that’s very bad up there I wanna go there and this this force this arm brought me in and as I was I was trying to break its hold I watched the thickness of these gates that I was passing [Music] where there was an opening from from the dark side you couldn’t see her the opening was and I instantly heard and knew the things you are in hell eat only for unforgiveness and an instant regret because I knew that my Lord had forgiven me everything I knew his patience and working with me and he knows everything his willing to help us you know why we are where we are you try and bring up witnesses he knows everything and I knew that I was guilty I’m not forgiving him having tried to work with me so it wasn’t that I couldn’t forgive it was that I wouldn’t forgive and that’s what landed me there and it was the most still it is the most intense thing that’s ever happened to me the knowledge I believe that I was real but I didn’t think that one bit I could ever go there I I wanted to believe that once I once I gave my life to Christ and I was I was a hundred percent right with God but you know loving God is obeying on he said if you love me obey me and he had tried working with me through my client times through the Scriptures about forgiveness through bible studies through discipleship and the recycling others to understand that forgiveness we must forgive and when I got to hell I understood all of Matthew 18 and at the end of everything Jesus says something very upsetting it’s upsetting that and so my Heavenly Father will do through you also new lorry don’t forgive and I knew the Lord’s Prayer I mean the Catholics which said the Lord’s Prayer every day several kinds of day so I mean will expect forgive us our trespasses as but you know sometimes you just have so much pain and I don’t know that maybe it was part of my identity and I mean if I needed to let that go I’m a Christian I not a bitter forsaken person my mother and a child of God but because I insisted on holiness unforgiveness that’s that’s the the sin that took me to help it it’s worse than only thing that I can tell you about how because there it’s not like here hell was created by the Word of God and so that word of God is alive it’s and it will continue so though people have asked me wasn’t God there I never saw God I couldn’t catch his eye like please have mercy on me but God is there in that is there’s a very word was is what created it and so it will exist because he made it informed it and you know I knew that hell was not made for me I knew that hell was made for Satan and the demons and Satan was ploy to hurt God there’s nothing we can do to forgot but to convince us not for well God not too old baby and so I was hurting God while I was there I was really hurting myself it was it was so intense I remember the first thing that I tried to do because the heat was so hot I’ve never there’s no there’s no weapons was my skin started dripping off of me and I tried to keep working my skin on my body you know no time at all looked like the others that I could see you can’t see his skin color and you can just see people with no skin and all the frame is burned it was it was intense it was terrible and the largest and worst part about it was the regret and while I was there I knew that as far as the people in hell what was happening to them and and I came back and studied this because I had no idea what this is I knew that God had taken a part of his clothes and crossed his heart he took his clothes and ripped them and had that ripping was against my life hell I knew that once he’s done this whatever that meant it was such a powerful ending the heavens way of I’m done with you that’s what I understood and it was there’s no way to explain the absolute horror well what you saw it what you saw now as you saw believers the you thought were believers people you recognized as Christians you people you recognized you thought who knew the Lord but the truth of the matter is the Bible tells us that they’re the sheep and the goats and the goats do not make it into heaven because they did not treat and it’s actually the Jewish people he said whatever you did to the least of these he said depart from me I never knew you and they said but we prophesied your name and we did these things he said yeah but I was hungry you didn’t fed me when I was thirsty you didn’t give me anything to drink when I was in prison he didn’t visit me when did that happen he said whatever you did to the least of my brothers okay think about what’s been done to the Jews in the name of Jesus think about how we me my family my people have been treated for 2,000 years and then before that now here you have now from 2,000 years Jesus comes as the Jewish Messiah and anti-semitism and Jewish Jewish genocide is in the millions tens of millions six million alone in the Holocaust you’re gonna see people being held accountable and then there’s those believers to take the mark of the beast you have forsaken your salvation you cannot go back and so this was a straw certainly revelation to you that you saw people that you thought were and and in the same way look yeah I I will I will be honest with you it’s the same we’re in heaven you’ll be you’ll be just as surprised to see some people in heaven as they’ll be surprised to see you but it also works the opposite way that if you’re heading down to eternal separation from God into the lake of fire you’re gonna be just a surprised to see some people there that you had this this notion about but there was all but there was also a revelation given to you and a message given to you and that is why the book is called the hell conspiracy because there is a conspiracy and a conspiracy means that there is a diabolical plot to convince you that something does not exist or that there is a thought or a doctrine or a theology that’s out there that is a trap you’re being drawn into the sweet smell and the sweet odor and and the beautiful picture of portrayal of this promise the but the promise was never made man perverted God’s Word turned it and made it so that was more appealing turned it to make it so would suit your lifestyle to become tolerant and it is a conspiracy and it’s your eyewitness account it’s a message that God entrusted you to write this book to carry this message forward and we’re going to say right now if we’re stepping on your toes you need to move your feet okay because we’re not going to back away from this message okay you need to tell me until our audience the message given to you that is the lie from the pit of hell it is not a promise from the gates of heaven it is a life and the pit of hell what does that lie it’s being perpetuated in the world today once saved always saved and well let me tell you what that meant what that means rabbi is that on the day that you were saying what people think once saved always saved how they how they portray that is on the day that you would say that God saved you and forgave you from every sin you’d ever done in the past and then on that day at that minute you will be forgiven of every sin that you ever do no matter what you don’t have to repent again you don’t have to walk out your life with the fear and trembling with reverence of God with obedience that God is so great it’s fall that God is so life-giving that don’t worry that it would be an act of works for you to repent once saved always saved all all the Christians that I saw and how they lived their life believing that line once saved always saved and I wouldn’t have said that I believe that but that’s how I live my life well let me understand let me understand clearly because on the day that I say yes to the Lord okay I am forgiven and I am a new creation second Corinthians 5:17 Paul breaks it down and makes it very clear he says anyone who’s in Christ is a new creation the old has gone the new has come and we’re called into a Ministry of reconciliation so on that day that I have said yes to the Lord my slate is wiped clean and I will not have to give an accounting at the day of judgment when I stand before but but if I am faithful to forgive if I am faithful to forgive others their sins against me and and faithful to ask God to forgive me my sins today I don’t get an automatic forgiveness because I accepted the Lord twenty-three years ago I need I need to and and Jesus made it very clear how should we pray when we pray he said you pray our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses this is a daily forgive me of my trespasses as I daily forgive others their trespasses against me this is an everyday new beginning that if I’m walking in forgiveness and I’m asking for forgiveness and we’re then encouraged in the book of Job confess your sins one to another first your honor confess your sins one to another and God is faithful to forgive us our sins that means you can’t have these little dark darlings of your heart you can’t tuck away this sin that you think that God’s going to go ahead and just brush over because you said yes to him this is absolutely not what the Bible says and there’s something that man is peddling as a false doctrine that was shown to you in hell because you recognize people that you saw there that God revealed to you that this is the case they bought into it and look where it got them and that was why God assigned you with two things one was your father’s reputation great to be a defender of the faith and to be an advocate to carry God’s message and to reveal and blow the lid off the hill conspiracy this is an eyewitness account of Hell heaven and the afterlife by Laurie ditto you can believe or not believe that is up to you as to whether or not she actually had this vision and this experience but I can tell you after having read it and looking at the scriptures there’s nothing unscriptural about a single word contained in this book okay this book lines up with Scripture it does not line up with your doctrine it does not line up with your theology but it lines up with God’s theology the lines help with God’s Word that’s why Laurie did I was here to share that message with you go to ignite a nation calm click on today’s daily broadcast calendar click on lorry ditto get a copy for yourself and ask yourself the questions that she asks what do you really believe do you believe that all you have to do is believe in your heart and profess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and you be saved and you go out and do whatever you want live whatever with your life you want your yes you are forgiven daily and I look forward to the day that I stand before the Lord to receive my reward for what I’ve done since he delivered me from the life that I lived but if you’re walking around doing whatever you want any way you want and believing that God is going to overlook every bit of it just because one time 28 35 45 years ago he’s saying he wants you as his ambassador you are his minister and he’s expecting you to walk in forgiveness and to be the light and to let your light so shine that man would see your good works and bring glory to your father in heaven that’s the yardstick he’s using that’s the measurement are you walking in forgiveness are you giving forgiveness and are you receiving forgiveness he even talks about if you bring your gift to the altar in there I realize your brother has something against you leave your gift go be reconciled that’s forgiveness and that’s what the message of the gospel is all about is living a life of grace mercy and for given Asst Laurie ditto thank you for sharing this profound story with us here on revealing the truth Thank You rabbi it is my desire that all of us would look very deeply at our Christian walk and then decide doesn’t line up with what we read in the Bible or have we created a religion of our own amen and amen we’re taking a short break and when we come back we will bring you the next edition of revealing the truth English (auto-generated)

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