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Lenika Scott

December 2, 2019 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CST

Author of:
Angelic Allies: God's Messengers, God's Warriors, God's Agents

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Interview Transcript

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Shalom and welcome to this edition of revealing the truth will cover the headlines the heartlines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Erik Walker the world has confused so many people into believing that angels range from fat babies with wings to what someone becomes when they die our next guest will demystify angels providing sound biblical doctrine on how these angelic allies operate as you learn more about angels their assignments and how they’re commissioned you’ll become more aware of what is happening in the spiritual realm around you her powerful teaching compiling with compelling testimonies of angelic encounters will reveal how to create and open heaven over your life and home how Jesus partnered with the Angelica realm how the prophetic and angelic realms operate together and how to partner with angelic activity how you can ascend to new levels of operating in God’s supernatural power how would you like to release heaven on earth in a powerful new way by partnering with the one that God’s assigned to you your angelic Ally lenita Scott and her husband Gregor marketplace ministers operating as a prophetess intercessor and prayer warrior lenita lives that a true child of the Kings setting captives free through the power of God our minister he focuses on obedience to the Holy Spirit and being sensitive to the father’s voice she’s passionate about seeing others led to Messiah she and her husband have been blessed with six beautiful daughters joining us now to talk about her new book angelic allies God’s messengers God’s warriors God’s agents is lenita Scott lanique Oh welcome to your edition of revealing the truth thank you so much for having me I’m so blessed and honored to be on your show sharing with the people of God today god bless you god bless you well you know before we take a journey into the here and now I want to go back to the vend and the there alright I want to go back to the beginning because you are a preemie yeah you’re just you’re just a little bitty thing who couldn’t wait to get out I and get about the father’s business so you had a early jump on life take us back to your earliest remembrances and how you were raised up in the admonition of the Lord and how you came to own your own faith and see that God had given you a key to unlock doors that you had no idea what lie behind them but you were willing to press forward so take us back to those preemie days yes so oh my god you know here recently I was just reflecting on the goodness of God and even after just releasing this book I don’t even think I realized even at that point that the angels were there helping my mom my life is a miracle I was born at about 27 weeks so my my mother she her water broke and she ended up having to get on the bus rushed to the hospital she was early of course you know seven months six and a half to seven months pregnant and they had to of course induce labor and I came out I was only three pounds then I dropped to two pounds right I remember her telling me stories don’t have my grandmother who is her mom fighting I was just fighting I was fighting she said I was so little that they could only just hold me in the palm of my hand but I realized today that even during that moment because the Word of God says you know before I knew you I I ordained you and I sanctified you we’re set apart as a profit right in the belly and so I didn’t even realize and I think I’m still coming to the realization of even at that time there was a fight there was a fight that was warfare going on but God’s grace is so good his grace is just incredible it is sufficient and I’m here and I made it and so I was born premature I had to stay in the hospital for a long time before my mother was to bring me home I even remember mama saying that when she went to bring me home that day that there was a nurse trying to take me they couldn’t find me so even that you know the enemy was trying to take me out and then now here comes someone who is really trying to kidnap me because she had gotten so close to me as you know the nurses they work very closely with the preemies and the babies and so I couldn’t hardly breathe I was little but but again God’s grace was there so I was born premature I was a very sickly child always in and out of the hospital in and out of doctor visits but the hand of God was on my life and it was always a love for God I didn’t really understand it then but there was always a love for God just wanting to know him more I remember when I was a little girl I would you know go across the street to one of the Deacons ok he would go to Sunday School and I would run across the street with my little dress on and I would get in his car and so we went to church and then my mom and my grandmother and my other siblings they would come to church later but Sunday school I love Sunday school and you know as I got older I got more inquisitive as to the things of God I could feel the calling though I didn’t understand it when I was 17 I gave my life to Christ meaning I confess Jesus as my Lord and Savior and went on to college during those times was about you know about 4 or 5 years I wasn’t kind of pulled back I felt god I was having dreams I was having dreams of him returning Jesus returning because at that point Christ’s hand was still on me and I remember after we lost my brother my grandmother got really used my grandmother’s death to really bring me in and It was as if he was saying now is the time so now I’m a young wife I’m a young mother I’m in my 20s and I need it I need it god I I was away from my family raising a child my husband hid and I’ve just recently gotten married and I was grieving and God began to just say now draw draw he began to draw me close to him and I got saved and that was in 1997 I got saved I rededicated my life meaning and fool to him and I have been walking with Jesus ever since it has been a beautiful ride there’s been some trials from ups and downs the wilderness experiences but one thing I know to be so is he is real Jesus is on the throne he is the way he is the truth and the light and he is revealing his self in the earth RAM for such a time as this oh my goodness I can share so much I could get to talk about him all day because I love him so much and I didn’t even realize that when you say yes when you say yes not your wheel not my will but thine will be done right it is gonna look totally opposite there which you would be and so as a young wife I surrendered my life to the Lord I was working a job and it seemed like I would go back to work and I would get pregnant and I don’t know if you can see behind me but we have been blessed with six daughters we have a very large family a very large family it’s like every time I would go back to work I would get pregnant again and so finally I was like okay God what do you want me to do and he said stay at home and that’s when he began to teach me the art of Prayer praying and fasting turning down plates land before him really surrendering my life to Him prayer over my family so that curses will be broken I have witnessed miracles I have seen God bring healing to our family I have seen some things and of course we’re gonna get into the angels but that’s when the supernatural begins to unveil and expose itself although I was not one that was introduced to us to the supernatural at an early age I was not it came by teaching from the Spirit of the Lord Holy Spirit began to teach me and begin to train me in the things of the supernatural and I just opened myself up and I yielded and I said Lord I’m available whatever it is that you want to do and my life do it how you want me to say it I’ll say it which you want me to teach your people I’ll do it I just make myself available and things begin to unlock and things begin to unfold and then the experiences begin to happen and so we’re here today on your show and I want to say thank you just for being that beacon of light in this world the world needs sound doctrine in these teaching but most importantly it needs Jesus and I’ve listened to a few of your interviews after I had gotten the invitation to be on your show and I was smiling because even for me personally and I know this is about the audience today but even for me personally I had been asked in God I was saying God I want more teach me even about Israel and you know your land I want to know more because there’s so much more and when we get to a place in God when we think that we know it all then we have done ourselves such a disservice that’s always more revelation there’s always more than God is revealing and also pointing out and we’re such an exciting time it is it’s it’s it’s an exciting time because as people move into this Christmas season it’s one of the few times that angels are openly spoken about in the narrative of the angelic visitation to Mary the angelic visitation to Joseph then the angel there when we take a look at the life the death the resurrection there’s angelic encounters all throughout the Bible lots and lots of scriptures and what you do and and I want to emphasize the sound biblical doctrine you have at the end of the book you have the list of scriptures scripture references to angels and people take for granted it doesn’t resonate with them the book of Revelation the letter to the Angel of the church at Ephesus a letter to the Angel of the Church of Philadelphia they don’t stop and think to themselves my goodness does every church have an angel does every person have an angel a guardian angel is that really true well when God talks about the angels he commands his angels about you Paul says be kind everyone because you just might be entertaining an angel so they walk among us they operate in our natural atmosphere as heavenly sent the fallen angels we have no problem understanding spiritual warfare mo and those are fallen angels those are the demons those are the your father fell who followed the angel who was promoted to the ark highest level of the cherubim he was over all the hierarchy of heaven and one third fell and followed him there’s so much misunderstanding and very little good preaching that’s being done especially in the mega churches where a large large number of people are getting fed down into the supernatural realm and we are we are transcending in to the spiritual realm because angels are spirit even Jesus said that the angels do not have flesh and blood like we have they are ethereal they are they are divine but they are not deity and there’s a difference and there’s a difference in those two words that I want to make very clear Jesus was deity God incarnate the angels are divine meaning created by God they are divine heavenly hosts but they are not God so a lot of people interchange those terms and it is not correct only God the Father is divine I’m sorry is deity a Jesus is deity and the other aspect of the of the compound unity of God is the Holy Spirit that is deity other than that not the mama not the brothers not the Peter Paul’s and the berries and we need to be very clear about that so we don’t pray to the angels and and when we do we introduce a whole different type of of idle ology as opposed to ideology so let’s start with just the Ministry of angels just a clear understanding from you because you start the book out with a clear understanding of an establishing as a foundation your cornerstones your foundation stones as defining and understanding what is the true Ministry of the angel so just for it’s just some clarity on you know just even a definition of an angel it’s an angel is one who is sick a messenger who sent the angel is God as we know where they are God service and as you said they are spirit vans as it is recorded in the Bible angels exist in heaven but they also exist in the spirit realm which is a level of existent higher than the physical universe and you can find that Scripture in first Kings 8:27 and also John three and six angels they’re also referred to as spirits I mean the word angel is derived from the Christian Latin word Angelo’s which is self into Greek Angelo’s which is translated into the Hebrew word millat Milaap meaning the messenger and the worker of God the Angels as God was giving me this book he told me you know just to write about the different roles that they have the different functions and so also different names like so that we can interpret them and you know very simple so they are God’s hosts they are God’s army they are God’s messengers as we talked about that just a few minutes ago and they are God’s worshippers they’re God’s protectors right so they protect the Saints they protect those that are heir to elevation they are gods Guardians I also got agents in God’s service and so when you are looking at some of the roles and some of the functions that they do they do so much and yours very fascinated right about Eric that you would even share that so much or many you know are aware of fallen angels the demons you know we have all of these different types of names for them and there’s nothing wrong with that because what fear is real let it be known warfare is real if it was not real then the Bible wouldn’t declare you know in Ephesians 6 where it says therefore put on the whole armor of God right the shield the breastplate the helmet right your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace and it’s very real um we’ve even had experiences what we literally have seen angels with swartz in their hands they’re fighting but we talk about that too much and one of the reasons that the Spirit of God dealt with me about he said my people my people the Angels the the this subject has been minimized then there has been some great generals in the kingdom that have taught on angels angelic beings what it mean the scriptures around angels and the life of Jesus Christ we may even cover some of that today depending upon if we have time but it has been so minimized to the point where many of God’s people are not talking about it and I remember before I go into some of the roles that they serve and I also have scripture that would back them up is that when I began to start to talk about it not that people was looking at me like I had two heads but many people were looking at me with this look in their face like really and my thoughts were you don’t know about this information and then that’s when God began to download after some experiences I want you to talk to my people about it more because the reality is as we get to the close of the return of Jesus Christ we’re gonna see so much more Jesus himself is showing up I had an encounter just three weeks ago in my prayer room where the Seraphim showed up in my prayer room and one of our daughters that has visions that see in the spirit realm she saw this angel there and then two days later as I’m now going through Scripture to teach my children because one of the things that the Lord said you will teach your children you will teach them you were trained them and operating in the prophetic the supernatural how to hear from God how to allow their ears to be very sensitive to his voice and as the Lord is just telling me what to say to her he’s telling me go ahead and look she see this beautiful Seraphim it had six wings and had a sword in his hand on helmet right this was a huge warrior angel that came from the throne room of God we felt a fire of God in the prayer room and so at that point my husband came down we all came down we got in a circle and we begin to pray so now we’re also learning cuz there’s of course we know there’s different dimensions right now this angel is here but God why what’s the purpose what is the message what do we need to do what’s the revelation we gotta make sure we’re to hear you and it came with a message for our families two days later the Lord said now I want you to begin to go through Scripture and show them in the scripture so we went and we found one of the scriptures and that’s in Isaiah 6 and 2 which says above him where the Seraphim each with six wings with two wings they cover their face with two they cover their feet and with others they were flying as we’re talking about the scripture we’re in Ezekiel and we are in Isaiah I’m teaching now two of my younger daughters the Lord Jesus stepped in my prayer room right look I talk about another vision where he stepped in the room right at the service and now here for a couple of seconds he came through he walked through and everything in me just cringed with the fear of the Lord and I said oh my god you know and with what I’ve been sitting just prophetically is that he is wanted to visit his children he’s wanting us to have these experiences not that we worship the experiences or we idolize the experiences of the angelic of the supernatural but what happens is that did not make me want to see an angel more what it made me want it to do was cry out to him because he is holy and made me want to reverence him and made me want to get down on my knees and say gut for God I live for God I would say it made me just want to just really have my heart just so so focused on him so what do ‘angels do they carry out so many different roles I’ve written about some of the roads in the book they communicate God message right I talked about the fact that angels are drawn to what God is drawn to right the holy the pure look of right right those other things they’re draw to they love worship oh there’s been times when we’ve had worship in our home and you can feel the atmosphere change and we’ll be in a prayer room and you can see they’d start coming out of the in the living room right coming into the prayer room they love worship they also observed you angels they observe you angels they protect you they bring also deliverance there is amazing story now rabbi Aaron he started off allowing me to talk about how you know when I was premature there’s a story in the book of one of my beautiful sisters and Christ she is an apostle God put her on a fast he said I’m trying to get your attention and what happened was her baby wasn’t gonna make it she’s in the hospital God spoke to her through her father who was a pastor he said you need to stop running from God God is dealing with you she went on a fast she laid out everything and the third I think it’s the third or fourth day they the hospital are called her and said that get here and so she thinking maybe something had happened to the baby the hospital’s like get here she got there the doctor and our nurses in the hospital is in an uproar said we don’t know what happened but your baby took out the breathing tubes because her baby had turned rape and God spoke to her and God said I’ve sent an angel your fasting your obedience just surrender s your yes back to me see God is looking for a people that was saying yes yes to your will God do what you want to do with me use me God I don’t care how your story looked in the past but use me and God sent an angel he said when you are fasting and praying in the middle of the night Austin and Angel to bring healing to your baby I’m filling to preach come on it we try to teach today but angels may also encourage you they bring strength you know Jesus who in the Garden of Gethsemane right at the end you remember what he said Oh father you know remove this cup from me and then he went ahead got himself together nevertheless not my will but dying will be done and guess what happened the Angels they came and the Word of God says that they strengthened at him in other words the Angels that were already there they gave him the strength to continue to what continue to do the wheel of who him that sent him his father right your father so the Angels they really release strength I felt many different times when I’ve gotten weary just you know in warfare and life circumstances of life I literally feel the angels of the Lord coming in giving me strength I remember when I was writing the book I got frustrated and there was a time when nothing was flowing I wasn’t tapping into information not didn’t have a scripture or nothing it was like what’s going on and God he spoke the next day I received all of the chapters of the book and he said I sent you scribe angels I said what this hour since you scribe angel song in my prayer room writing and I could fill two angels standing right behind me and they were downloading the things that I needed to birth this book the Angels they care for the Saints at death that’s also in the Word of God the Angels they bring and they also help with deliverance when there’s healing and deliverance coming forth in ministry for the seers that can see in the ramp of the Spirit anytime ministry is going for some time of pure ministry with a fire God has shown up to drive away evil forces demons the angels they will show us the angels day brain provision they also bring wisdom the Angels bring victory you all they do so much they also release judgment right so a lot of us don’t want to talk about that oh my goodness so Eric one day I got up I was going through a very intense battle this was last year and I got up and instantly I heard Holy Spirit say I release angels of justice and I said Wow and then you know he took me to some thirty-five where the Word of God says contend with those that contend with me fight against those that fight against it so it’s it’s so it’s such a beautiful thing to see you definitely don’t want you know people to be hurt but they’re real enemies that sometimes get in the way of the will of God for your life and so what happened is you need angelic divine protection and also assistance to clear the airway right you know even when you go on a plane right what happens that great way it has to be clear for that plane of a god and so some of you who may even be listening today you need the angelic help of the Lord you need God’s army you need got spiders to help you that runway could be cleared so that you can take off even as the Eagle that you are so that you can accomplish the very will of God there are times when I’ve gotten spiritually congested if you will you can feel the resistance in the air and I would say okay god I need some warriors right and we invite the angels to come in and we can feel them and also see them fighting on our behalf right so that God’s wheel can be done oh my god I’m just talking to talking stop it Oh what – we’re gonna go word work about to go to break but what you’re hearing is a spiritual enthusiasm for the fact that here’s someone who not only personally has had angelic encounters but has the testimonies of others in this book of angelic encounters now we have absolutely no problem whatsoever seeing Gabriel or Michael the Archangel the defender of heaven we have no problem and seeing that picture in Isaiah 6 where Isaiah’s in the throne room of God where he says I saw the Lord High and lifted up in the throne and in the hem of His garment filled the temple and the angels the Seraphim surrounded him saying holy holy holy is the Lord God of hosts the whole earth is filled with his glory as they worshiped the king of kings and Lord of lords and then the Word of God came forth if you partner with your angelic allies your heavenly allies if we go back to the basics it’s the power on the anointing of the Holy Spirit it’s partnering with the full counsel of heaven and the full heavenly host we know that when Jesus comes back the heavenly host comes with those are the Angels 2/3 that did not follow Satan as a powerful army that defeats the army of the Antichrist that brings about the redemption of the world it’s the answer to genesis 3:15 the oldest prophecy in the Bible you know about angels because there’s one garden in the Garden of Eden and not a single person has ever seen GaN Eden the Garden of Eden because that angel is there protecting it from human eyes we’ve been cut out until God brings the new heaven new earth back down and opens up the gates of the Garden of Eden again that’s paradise we’ve already seen it in the beginning and there’s an angel in that story you’ve given it no thought to oh it must have just been for him must have just been for Joseph must have just been for Mary must have been just for the church no it’s for you and if you don’t use the angelic divine creation of God who has your best interest at heart that God has assigned to you then you are not partnering you cannot receive the fullness of God in your life unless you embrace all father son Holy Spirit and the angelic allies the one assigned to you the one that this little preemie two pounds two pounds and here’s two people that know I came to faith on December 21st 1996 one year later she came to I was 44 years old and I know of the power of the angelic encounter and it’s available to you and that’s what’s contained the pages of these book angelic allies God’s messengers God warriors God’s agents by off it’ll make a Scott we’re gonna take a short break and when we come back we’re gonna talk about some of these angelic encounters and some of these testimonies that will just blow your mind because these are not ancient 2,000 years old 3,000 years old these are last year these are three years ago these are five years ago they are today and it’s not the sensational and it’s not that you can have an angel named Bob that you call to come down to your service and you can have a conversation with them and that’s being marketed in the world and I’m telling you that that’s not truth that’s not what the Bible says you don’t command the Angels God says in Psalm 91 I command the Angels you can petition God through the name of Jesus to dispatch his angels on your behalf but you cannot command the angels you have no authority you are created a little lower than the Angels but we’ll talk about those truths as we talk about those testimonies will return from this break we’ll be right 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you know it’s it’s you have a great story to tell and I get a lot of books to review and preview before they whether I have them or not and so we do about 700 interviews a year I get about four or five thousand pitches and there’s a lot I throw out because they’re not biblically sound and that’s part of our tagline is biblically biblical truth all right and there’s nothing in this book that is not supernatural all right but there’s the everything is supernatural but nothing is sensational or man-made these are testimonies and we are overcomers by the word of our testimony in the blood of the Lamb and so what you did and I honor you for this is you didn’t just say this is my story I’ll tell it the way I want to tell it what you did was you laid out a very factual representation biblical representation all the way through but you use the testimony of others to reinforce the lesson give me an example of some of those profound stories of angelic encounters that moved you to what I like to say is provoke you to jealousy and so oh my god and it was the Lord’s idea who placed it on my heart to do that he said I want you to not only share your experiences but I want you to share some of the experiences of those that you know and are trusted in other words there are fruit too to follow behind what they’re saying and one of the experiences that we write about that I wrote about in the book was an experience that one of my friends we are but our babies are two days apart so her son was born August the fifth and I my firstborn they were both of our first one born August 7 and she said that she was going through a very difficult time in her life and she was sleep and she woke up and there was an angel in the room and she said that this angel was speaking to her actually telepathically like she knew what this angel was saying and the angel revealed itself and the angel said that his name was Uriel that’s so she saw a light in a swirl in the Angels hand she said it had on beautiful colors of red and gold which are heavily colors and basically the angel gave her one word and that word was mantle and what happened was she began to really you know pursue God in another way I guess she was going through some things in fact she was going through a divorce having been married very young we started out very young and so that was one of the encounters that she had another encounter that was very touching to me and this was one of the reasons I wrote the book or shall I say and this this particular experience happened and God said write a book on angels and this was a few years ago and my daughter our daughter one that is a seer she sees the angel she was in fact seeing the angels when she was a little girl I knew that she was seeing angels because she would be looking all smiling and we said this child is seeing angels and when she was about three years old out came her mouth the Angels mummy they don’t even have to knock on the door they walk right through the door so she started to talk about them more frequently right but this particular experience happened I would sleep my husband and I we were sleep and one o’clock in the morning I heard in the spirit realm four knocks four to five knots to sound like they were knocking on the door and it was a call for me to get up to pray and as I got up holy spirit begin to reveal to me that my children and my nieces were in danger spiritually right they were on vacation in Atlanta Georgia we at the time we’re in Virginia and the Holy Spirit began to say praying so I’ve started to pray in the spirit and I remember even drifting off and there was another shake get up get up this was about 1:30 in the morning the next day we called them to see what was going on there was any you know and they basically said that during that night they had been tormented by an evil demonic spirit a couple of the young teenagers which they were teenagers and young adults they saw the spirit who was tormenting them and we asked him what time and he said was 1:30 in the morning right I also had smelled smoke in the spirit ground and so be God so then the next day we get up and we will come we come from a praying family so we get all of the unclothed aunties were all on the phone praying and just diffusing anything that was trying to come up against and tap attack these girls later on that day we called them back to see how they were doing and our daughter who is a seer she while we were on the phone she look up and there was a four-story tall angel armored up 4 stories standing like and I’m talking about apartment building stories tall arming up and one of my other sister-in-law she saw a vision of an angel standing in front of the door right prior to hers mentioning that there was an angel there she saw a vision of an angel standing in front of the door with a swarm in his hands whirling this war so that was letting us know that our prayers had been answered that he has sent divine angelic protection that the girls were going to be safe any type of attacks that were sent out that they would being canceled in the name of Jesus those are a couple stories I also have a beautiful story of my sister one of my other sisters who was going through a hard time in marriage she had went out of the house she was going through that night she felt an angel rubbing her back around that same time she was in her closet praying and she was worshipping God but she was so and so much pain her heart was very heavy and she saw angels come into her prayer closet and they put vows up against her cheese and she didn’t even know that there was a scripture in the Bible that talks about him collecting our tears they came in there they put vowels up against her as if they was to collecting the the tears and then they flew all right and so that’s a very encouraging and comforting story because a lot of times when we’re going through we typically think that God don’t see us that he don’t hear us where is he you know other angels they’re comforting us but they are and that was also such a reminder that God cares for you he cares for his children he cares about the very things that because that we are concerned about he is so concerned about us there’s so many different stories their batons and I’ve been on a fast I’ve literally have seen the glory cloud come in my home I write about that there are times when I felt a prophetic blanket come on down from heaven and I’m literally feel the prophetic blanket down there different times and I and that I’ve seen division one time oh my god I saw Michael dropped something off no I didn’t see Michael in terms of how I’m singing you right now but he dropped something off on my bed it was so real that when I woke up I said what is this and I thought that it would be there but it was in the spirit realm and even at that point though this happened a few years ago I didn’t even realize the parallel to one day you’re gonna be talking about the Angels one day you’re gonna be discussing Michael one day you’re going to be asking God to release Michael there even in times where the Spirit of the Lord would say I need you to call on Michael pray and ask me to release him this happened a few months ago and I write about part of this in my book and I know that we’re probably happy to bring us a close but I got to share this one it’s so powerful we were going through severe attacks warfare God said asked me to release Michael to devise a plan for you to release high angelic help I received and received a bronze feather it was a golden beautiful bronze feather it appeared and wouldn’t it appear one of my daughters that see she saw an angel wing and it’s way it was huge she said mother is so huge and has gold and bronze in it and I could feel this angel at work in our home fighting for us a couple of month and this happened two and a half years ago before the book was written a couple of months ago I asked God to release that same manger because I needed God to fight for me and some things a few hours later I go out in my living room and there’s another bronze feather that has laid itself on my Ottoman in my room and God was showing me I’m celebrating things in the realm of the spirit say you know lenita the first time you prayed it took four days for this to happen you pray this morning and a few hours is here I’ve sent this angel on assignment to diffuse some things with you but I need you to tell my people that I’m celebrating things in the realm of the Spirit of your prayers they’re even being answered quicker and there’s such the line you know the line from the supernatural is so dead and your prayers of me answer quicker he was wanting me to encourage the people of God to continue to pray to continue to pray Word of God the Word of God even tells us that they hearken unto the Word of God hearken means to he in me their ears perk up they listen intently to and as you release the Word of God in regards to your situation or your circumstances or whatever it is that you are dealing with the angelic forces they will come they will protect they will defend and they will fight on you even right now as I’m on here I literally feel an angel stepping on my left side and now let me just kind of get it together because they kind of just mess me up you know as I hear you talking people don’t realize everybody in the kingdom could be having these same encounters if they would take off the shackles of man-made tradition and man-made doctrine and just go back to the word if I’m gonna stand on something I’m gonna stand on the Word of God and God has a lot to say about angels now when your friend asked the angel it’s name I was waiting patiently to hear because Uriel is actually a name that’s in the Apocrypha it’s actually a name of one of the angels that’s in rabbinic traditional there are more names than there are contained the Bible in other documents and other records than the Bible’s that you and I have and yura means light of God and it was one of the names now I had she come up with some name and he said his name was Stephanopoulos I would say to you you know I’m sure she had an encounter of some kind but God only lists certain names in the Bible then we have some extra biblical text that was not canonized but is used to clarify and there’s about six or seven other names reference there and Uriel is one of them and so I always always look for the biblical integrity of someone’s statement of their encounter when they say what is your name to see whether or not because if it’s some other name then I would would not question that was an angelic encounter I would just question which side which team they’re batting for all right because it’s the Fallen Angels that are still traversing and tormenting the earth and they are worked for the father of lies and in the master of disguise and can and so one of the ways that you know and one of the tests that I will tell you is that if you are having an encounter if that encounter is talking to you about your future that’s an angel of God if that angel is there to talk to you about your past that’s an angel that fell and follow Satan because only Satan reminds you of your past God only reminds you of your future very very clear lenita scott you are a power to be reckoned with you are I know that the next hurricane season comes along I can guarantee you that will be alan iike in the elves okay one’s coming because you are hurricane for the lord and an ambassador of heaven and excited on fire and this is available to everybody this it’s contagious it is available to everybody that believes in the power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit and being able to embrace all that God has and we don’t have to understand it but we can gain tremendous understanding and if we were to open ourselves up I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a person who would tell you oh they don’t believe in angels say to their child as they send them off to school now I pray that the Lord would send His angels to protect you in your drive as a rear guard and a front guard and a side guard and so you look at them and say but I thought you didn’t believe in that stuff well well I you know I just want to make sure that I get all my bases covered but you know you could really have some authentic encounter in a spirit-filled life that is not scary or off-putting but is experiencing all that God has for you it isn’t that what we want for each other we want all that God has for you and God gave us all so we could have all and that was through the shed blood of Jesus so you can’t have anything we talked about in this last hour unless you say yes to Jesus that’s your Launchpad that’s your starting point that’s the beginning of your journey and once you’ve said yes and you’ve turned away from this world and you’ve turned your eyes towards heaven and to be heaven born just to be born again and to accept God’s atoning blood his sacrifice for you and then all this is available and you may look back in your life and say I had somebody in it when I’m in eighth grade who said something to me I didn’t understand but now it comes back to me and they were prophesying over me they were praying for me they were leading me and planting seeds if you’ve never said yes to Jesus now it’s your time to repent and all you have to do is say you’re sorry and that you believe that Jesus died for your sins do you believe that in your heart you profess that with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and you too can have a whole heavenly host fighting for you in angelic allies God’s messengers God’s warriors and God’s agents to operate in your life lanique ascot god bless you and your six beautiful daughters and your faithful husband and your ministry and may this book bring great eye-opening experiences and supernatural encounters to all who embrace it thank you for being with us here on revealing the truth thank you so much for having me god bless you god bless you we’re taking a short break and when we come back we’ll bring you the next edition of revealing the truth.

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