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Lucinda Secrest McDowell

December 3, 2019 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CST

Author of:
Life-Giving Choices: 60 Days to What Matters Most

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Interview Transcript

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Shalom and welcome this edition of revealing the truth will recover the headlines the heart lines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Eric Walker daily choices matter we need to learn how to choose opportunities that are life-giving discovering that while there are myriad ways one can choose to spend their lives the reality is only a few essentials truly matter our next guest helps readers in their quest to find that which brings life joy and meaning of a world of endless opportunities this 60 day devotional journal helps women identify their personal challenges find freedom learn truths and choose their daily steps with confidence women will feel empowered to make choices for love authenticity self-care celebration and so much more Lucinda McDowell is a storyteller and seasoned mentor who engages both heart and mind while helping you choose a life of serenity and strength a graduate of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and Furman University she’s an award-winning author of 15 books including ordinary Grace’s and dwelling places known for conveying deep truth and practical winsome ways she co-directs the renew writers retreat lives in New England and shares words that Lucinda Seacrest secr est McDowell calm here to talk about her new devotional life giving choices 60 days to what matters most is Lucinda McDowell Lucinda welcome to revealing the truth thank you so much Eric it’s great to be with everyone today well that’s great great to be with you Lucinda you’re in New England I went to prep school in New England so I have yep I was in Sheffield Massachusetts right right there on 7a in the Berkshire Mountains right across the border from Connecticut and at this time of year we began with our 20-foot snowdrifts and it stayed that way all the way until April so I’m familiar with the New England winters was where I spent a good part of my youth was in a boarding school prep school in New England so beautiful area now you’re in the south and the interesting thing is that I never even saw snow till I was in college because I grew up in South Georgia so here I am 30 years in New England and yet I’m a southern gal who came to snow a little later in life but it is definitely a reality here well it is a beautiful place beautiful people different it all depends where are you in New England I need live near Hartford Connecticut ok I’m not too far from the Berkshires yeah ok so you know that the there’s there’s a lot of sage wisdom going back to the founding fathers that philosophy and wisdom you know it’s why it’s the heart of the Ivy League colleges and some of the more philosophical pursuing universities more dialogue for freedom of thinking is is inspired in New England it is a very interesting place to live as I mentioned my husband and I have been here 30 years I was from Georgia he was from Seattle Washington so God has a sense of humor I will say that one thing pertinent to what you’ve been describing of New Englanders is that for so many spiritually the intellect is sort of elevated as a God here in this area that’s you know that’s a blanket statement so it’s not true all the way around but you’re right that’s why there are so many there are a lot of wise thinkers in this area and many of whom know the creator and system and some who don’t yet well that’s that’s very true it’s kind of interesting now you grew up in South Georgia I’ve been in the South since 1975 so that’s going on 45 years of Southern Living I’m from Pittsburgh originally so it was a transition of coming to Atlanta when it was a little city it was a small town you know three four hundred thousand was the population and when I came to Atlanta growing up in South Georgia part of the Bible Belt really kind of gone across closer to the buckle of the Bible Belt what was it like for you growing up what were the influences were you a church family was Church a part of your life was that journey your parents journey and you were along for the ride and when did faith become your own thank you so much for asking I actually did grow up in a small town in South Georgia a lovely town and I grew up in a family for whom faith was very important and we and it had been for many generations including people grandparents and and different ones that had been people of Prayer and deep faith we were active in our church it was a mainline Church and so what was interesting was that I made a commitment of faith through the actually through going to communicants class and learning the basics at age 12 I made a profession of faith but it’s interesting because I feel like that that was my first step and for salvation but that as I grew older and even in my teen years I be as I began to read the Bible more and make it personal I realized that while Jesus was my Savior I had not truly made him Lord does that make sense it was like I had I was saved but I hadn’t given everything over and so it was almost a 1/2 step there as a teenager to just say and this really coincided with me going away to college and meeting some people of faith who were able to usher that in and I so I see that as really the blossoming time where he literally became my whole life and there was a time in the 70s in fact you and I kind of flipped I left the south in the mid 70s but there was a time there where I literally said to God I will go anywhere and do anything for you I’m all yours now and forever and that is a major prayer to pray and if you pray that prayer you know be prepared because God will take you on an adventure and it will be an adventure of of just going through every open door and being empowered by him when you don’t have what you need but that’s kind of how my faith journey began it did start in a Christian home I will say that even in that in the south at that time in that mainline church and in other places there was a movement Eric I’m not sure I think there was in Pittsburgh at the time too but we called it almost called it the Jesus Movement there was a lot of there was a lot of lay people getting involved in renewal and traveling even to mainline churches to give testimonies and to show how faith could be personal and not just institutional thank you.thank in 72 74 was the window of time I was at Penn State I was at Furman University yeah I was I was born in 1952 so so you are a little older than me yes there you go so I didn’t learn about the Jesus Movement until after I came to faith and I came to faith at age 44 so I went through I was in the synagogue for 44 years but I came to faith in a messianic synagogue so I’ve only been in the synagogue I’ve never been a part of what you would consider to be what you know as Christianity but what I know as first century Judaism so when I look at the New Testament it’s a first-century Jewish commentary not a Christian work and so it’s kind of I look at it from Genesis to Revelation many look at it Matthew to Revelation and back again it’s kind of a different different approach different circle and understanding but I ran into somebody who was part of Campus Crusade for Christ and after I came to the Lord and we were just having conversation and he said yeah we were on campus at the same time the same years and I said I never no one ever approached me and he said well we had a number of Jews that came to faith but I was a hippie he said we got some of the hippies but they were the hardest to reach because it was a fascinating time and I’ve had some interesting discussions as heavy you with others of us who lived through it from different places and but I know it was a it was a movement that God used and used to plant people like you and like me in various opportunities and so I am very grateful for that one of the first things that happened for me is that as I became a young adult finished college and I actually my first job was as a writer for a small magazine so I’ve really been a writer my whole life but I began to see that God had given me gifts in communication and I wanted to offer them back to him in writing and in speaking and I knew that because I had gone to a fabulous University but it was not necessarily a Christian University I knew that one thing I lacked and needed was strong foundation in theology and the Bible and so in the 1970s when women just weren’t doing this I did go I moved to Boston and went to Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary it was a seminary of people from all different denominations it was a Christian seminary and and I took my masters courses so that I would have a foundation so that whatever God called me to do I would be able to base it on God’s Word and on good theology so that was a very widening broadening experience for me and it did prepare me for much of what was ahead know when did your husband come into the picture and how did he how did this murder Seattle is a great question you kind of wonder don’t you and I’m gonna tell you it happened remember I told God I would do anything so I go to seminary I get my foundation in God’s Word my very first job out of seminary was working for an international organization called the Lausanne Committee for world evangelization and I was a communication specialist for a big event in Thailand bringing people from all over the world together it was in 1980 and so I worked there and while I was there someone who knew someone who knew someone put my name in for a position at a church in San Francisco they were going to have a brand new position called missions pastor a person who would train people to go cross-culturally and so I literally moved from the east coast to San Francisco one January not knowing anything about California but knowing God was calling me and you know what was so great Eric when i want.i i went to church that morning on the east coast flew to San Francisco into my new church for their evening service and the preacher at that time was saying these very words God said to Abraham go to the place that I will send you and I will be with you and it was an amazing confirmation as I walked into this completely unknown place but I spent several years on a staff of a very large church in Silicon Valley in 1980 that was quite the experience I was single I was nearing my 30s and I had been praying and God knew my heart was to be married and to be a mother if that was in his will but I had determined and this is very important though I wanted that in my heart of hearts I had determined that I was not gonna put my life on hold but that I was going to just keep moving forward each step as God led me and live a full life and so as God does one day a man I had an appointment with a man in my office and he was from Seattle and he was in ministry with youth with in Traverse City Christian Fellowship and we met I left the next day to go speak in Africa for a month and he wrote me in Africa that was back when we didn’t have all this kind of communication and Mike and I he wrote me and said when you come back to the States maybe we could get together and the Lord brought my husband and I together he was in Seattle I was in San Francisco and it was an amazing story you know what unfolds in our lives isn’t always what we thought it would be is it Eric so all this time I’ve been praying for perhaps a husband and children God said I’m gonna you know do this in an interesting way he brought to me a godly man who was a widower with three tiny children Mike’s first wife they had been married in Switzerland by Francis Schaeffer in the 70s with that whole movement he they’d been married for 10 years his first wife died giving birth to their third child and he had been a widower for three years when I met him and as the Lord brought us together I realized this was his story for me and I moved to Seattle I went to court and immediately adopted those children who did not remember their first mama and God began to build our family five years later we had another child and so I became the mother of four children but I became the mother of three when I walked down the aisle so that’s how God brought us together so in looking at and listening to your story there is a consistent theme as to how you made choices and it started with God’s will first every one of those situations the process you used was that it was seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and then all these things will be given unto you and then proverbs 3:5 and 6 trust in the Lord all your ways and lean not on your own understanding because it would not be understandable to go from Georgia to Boston to San Francisco to you couldn’t write the script of my life you would need the author and finisher of our faith to write the script which I tell people all the time and you’re so right the most important words and our prayers are thy will be done we can’t I totally believe in praying very specifically to the Lord and really laying it all out there laying out the desires laying out the questions bringing all to him but we must always have the caveat but nevertheless not my will but thy will be done and then we need to trust him and I find that as we trust him in the little things as we learn to do that day in life he’s there than when the big decisions come it was a huge decision to marry a widower with three children but but at some point we take that leap of faith don’t we Eric because he is the God who has made himself known to us there are whole lives thus far and we can count on him for the decisions in the future so as we begin to process this concept of choice we go back to the fundamental principle that God created us with what I kind of label as a contrary nature the angels were created with the same contrary nature and so we examine the Angels the one-third that chose to follow Satan I gave in to that contrary nature that existed in all creative things so when we look at this pattern and then we read to Paul’s struggle and conflict as to how to choose he says that you know I do what I got not to do and I don’t do what I should do and how how the processing of choices the choice made in the garden the choice made in heaven of which angels we’re going to follow Lucifer Satan hasatan the accuser we look at choices and how they’re made what motivates and what choices matter the most are the ones that change the trajectory of our lives engage our lives become our choices yes dictate what our lives will be and you’re so right when you were talking about the angels and the third that followed Satan here’s the thing our default is control we always want control now I’m more of a control freak than some people but I am a recovering control freak putting all at the throne on the throne of God and having him all my life but that is part of the choice thing too isn’t it we have to go to him and I think one of the hardest things Eric in choices is that you cannot say yes to one choice without probably having to say no to something else and that’s where it gets to be difficult and in other words it’s yes to say yes to this amazing wonderful question will you marry me to a godly man a man that God had for me that I really believed that was also a wonderful yes but all yes is meant that I needed to say no to other things to say yes to go into court and adopting my first three children also included the fact that the oldest one was born with lots of lots of special needs and that I would be saying no to to a lot of things and to certain lifestyle that I might have been used to and and that I was really going to be saying yes to mothering for many many many years and what that meant and so that’s why I think we definitely need God’s wisdom in all our choices certainly in the big ones but as I mentioned we the training ground for that or the small choices aren’t they when you look at your life and you look at the choices that you made I hear the words of Jeremiah this says when you come to the crossroads choose the ancient path and there you’ll find your peace and as I read your devotional and I looked at the table of contents just to see what direction you’re going in and I and I told you before we went on the air that I get pitches for devotionals almost every day there’s another devotional and so if you go to the if you go Amazon and put in the word devotional you will get thousands upon thousands of devotionals that are available and so the way I choose who to interview is by the relevance by their unique approach to a particular subject matter and this is the first one to cross my desk that had to do with how to make choices how to understand the process and just your statement of when you say yes to one thing you may be saying no to many other things reminds me of that old statement you see you hear it a lot that when God opens one door because another one God closes one door he opens another but the truth is when he opens one door he causes many doors and that is why we depend upon the third person of the Trinity the Holy Spirit and then because we don’t have insight into the future in the same way our sovereign God does we have to move forward based on what we know I I do thank you and I thank you before we went on air for choosing life-giving choices to feature today because each of the 60 choices in this devotion is a choice from God’s Word I make it clear from the very beginning whatever the choice is that day I base it on Scripture because God’s Word gives us so many life-giving choices there are many choices we could make which drain us and sometimes the ones we need to make drain us but the point I’m making is so often it’s not hard to choose between two good things I mean it’s not hard to choose between the good and the bad excuse me I made a mistake it’s hard to choose between two things that both look tempting both look like they could be God but how do you know and I don’t know if we’ll be talking about that more later but I believe this is a very good stopping point for us to go to break but one of the things that I’ve I’ve counseled people over the years is that when they are weighing decisions and they are all godly choices that they say how do I know I said you know if it’s clear that should I open up a brothel or a church well the answer is obvious it’s clear you choose the the righteous way but should I open up a Center for displaced youth or a center for recovery for women I’m trained in both these areas I said you know there’s times when God’s waitin on you and he’s already prepared the way for either direction you’re going to take but he has these people on this path that we you will bless and will bless you and as to these people on this path and when he’s waiting for you so that he can then unfold so it’s like taking a roll of paper towels and when you get them they’re stuck together and you’ve got to peel it away and and once you start you can unroll the whole thing that’s when you make the choice of which way you’re going to go and when you unroll it that’s the path and those are the people and they’re different people both are blessings waiting for you but God’s waiting for you as well because you have to be actively engaged this is being a believer is full-contact you cannot it’s not observation it’s not it is a participation sport full contact with the Holy One of Israel full contact with the Holy Spirit full contact with the teachings of the word and the full counsel of heaven and that’s exactly what the basis of your choices that you lay out in the 60 day devotional are is how to make those choices guided by Scripture not guided by and not guided by our past agree with you before the break I agree a hundred percent with what you just said and I’m excited to talk after the break because some about what people that are concerned that they might break the wrong choice yes and I just you know I want to lift up everything you just said because God has so much more for us and we can imagine and he can use our choices and so should I save that for later yes because we’re gonna go to break we’re talking with you senator McDowell author of the new devotional life giving choices 60 days to what matters most and we are going to take a short break but while we’re on break I want to invite you to visit igniting a nation calm and you’re going to see Lucinda’s name and when you click on it you’re going to see a picture of the book that Jason’s going to put on the screen for us right now and you’re gonna see it is a beautiful found life-giving choices 60 days to what matters most so at the break just visited 19 Eastern Calm click on the sender’s name it’ll take you right to the book cover and a link to purchase it and get your copy get several copies we’ve got the holidays coming up it makes for an incredible gift for the women in your life and I think it applies to men as well we’re gonna take a short break and when we come back we’re and continue in this discussion with Lucinda McDowell about choices and we’re start out with what matters 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devotional called life-giving choices 60 days to what matters most Lucinda welcome back to this segment of revealing the truth thank you so much I’m delighted to be here and as we finished a few minutes ago that section we were talking about the choices that God lays out and I have had so many people tell me what if I make the wrong choice what if I do the wrong thing and I just want to encourage us all I think that most people really are trying to do the best we can and most people of faith are seeking God they’re praying they’re asking him to show them what you and I both would probably direct them to do is to get into God’s Word because many of the questions that we have are made quite clear and what I find in fact the reason I write a devotional like this is so I can show where the Bible intersects with daily life because I totally believe that whatever you are going through today in the 21st century there is a biblical word for you from the Lord and so we do seek God’s Word we seek godly counsel in making choices and then there is a point where we choose and as I mentioned our lives are made of our choices so we we might feel a little fearful or just overwhelmed at making a certain choice and what I want to say to anyone who is feeling that right now would you just know how much God loves you would you just know that he is for you and he knows your heart he knows the words you said when you prayed or when you cried out and he wants to direct you and if you get on a path that is destructive if you get on a path that is wrong or not his best for you he can redirect you and it’s up to us to keep listening to stay close people will say to me how do I know it’s God’s voice and not just my own desires and I laugh and I go as I mentioned to you earlier I raised four children my two daughters were married so now I have six young adult children and you know what when they call me I don’t have to say who is this I know their voices because I know them so well I have spent time with them with four of them I’ve spent a lifetime and and that’s the way it is with God if we are spending time with him we will know his voice and so we choose but like you said earlier it might be a blessing on this side and go that path it might be another path we don’t need to be fearful he is with us wherever we go Gina’s talked very clearly that while he was in the world he was the light of the world and now that he’s going to prepare a place he says now you’re the light of the world let your light so shine and so we become vessels of God’s light and if the vessel isn’t cracked the light can’t shine through it and so all of us are broken vessels that these crack lines that we have in our decision-making where we had consequences some good there’s always consequences the good consequences or bad consequences are always consequences nothing is no and void in the life of a believer or in anybody’s life for that matter but we become brighter and our light increases by wisdom time experience and drawing closer to understand what God’s desire is for us and so you open the devotional with the first day of choosing what matters most what’s the message there what does matter most well I am at the season of life Eirik where I asked I don’t know how many more days I have with the Lord course none of us does no matter what our age but I have said to him I want to invest only in what matters most I don’t have time to fritter away on this and that I don’t want to get sidetracked on minor things I want to focus on that which is eternal and I think that God shows us that he tells us to focus on people to focus on being a person of love and grace and mercy to extend kindness to close our mouths sometimes and listen to where another person is coming from to be that light as you said and I just want to reiterate I mean we are kindred spirits here even though to our listeners we just met today but I fully believe that nothing is wasted with God so that’s why those bad choices those poor choices yes they left cracks yes some of us limp but God uses that and because of that we might have an entree into someone’s life that who would have never listened to us before and so it’s good to embrace whatever God brings our way and so I just believe that how do you decide what matters most I think you look at is this something that is life-giving am I going to be building someone up with the words that I say even if they’re hard words have I earned the right to say them in this person’s life or do I need to be quiet is that more life-giving at this time and try to figure out where they are so that I can be to them what is most needed it it’s a matter of I kind of live a praying life I don’t just pray although I do have certain times of prayers each day I very much believe in the old ancient way as Jeremiah says look at the crossroads so I do believe in those spiritual disciplines but also my life is constantly just shooting up a prayer lord give me insight into this situation and I find that he does do that and so I’m I’m saying live your life intentionally I think that’s how you do what matters most sadly and I speak a lot to young moms and you did mention that this book was intentionally intentionally for women but actually I never write for just women or men I write for them ever reads it and so often we’re so busy we are so overwhelmed with the demands of life that our choices become whatever our default is we just do the easiest thing we just do the thing we’ve always done and we don’t we don’t think about it because we don’t feel like we have time to think about it and so choosing what matters most is when you have time to intentionally say what difference will this make what difference will this make in the life of the person or the people that are involved in the choice what difference will it make for me what difference will it make for God my choice even our choices about what to post on social media does that honor God does it bring somebody down does it betray a trust so all of those things are because we decide to be intentional and not just default to the least common energy for making a choice and I don’t know if I said that well or not but I find that that’s the way God wants us to live you know when I looked at your devotional I immediately thought of Philippians 4 where Paul is writing and he says in the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus and finally brothers whatever is true whatever is honorable whatever is right whatever is pure whatever is lovely whatever is admirable if anything is excellent or praiseworthy think on these things he says whatever you’ve learned or received or heard from me or seen on me put into practice in the pit and the God of peace will be with you when you look at the topics of choices of choosing healing or choosing listening or choosing trust or choosing encouragement it is setting your mind to whatever is good whatever is right it all has to do with the foundational truth of God is that this esteeming the other more than yourself of taking the me out of the equation and putting the V back into the equation and not my will be done but your will be done and how do I choose what God’s perfect will is for my life well I have to apply a discipline and what these 60 days do is it creates a discipline of thought of how can I choose and what choices are available to me you know the Jeremiah 29:11 you know for I know the plans I have for you and their plans for good not for you but to give you a future and a hope is bracketed by jeremiah 29:10 where God is telling Israel they’re going into exile for 70 years because of their idol worship and then he tells them in Jeremiah 29 12 but if you will seek me and pray and and and so basically surrender yourself to me I’ll restore you back to your land okay you can’t just take the middle part and take the two slices of bread out of it and just say you know all of God’s plans for us are good that’s true we know that Romans 8:28 tells us that all things work together for good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose so the first choice we have to make is Jesus that’s the first choice and then we have to start listening for called according to his purpose and that’s where these choices come in and if I apply these choices I will have clarity into being able to hear clearly and know whether it’s not whether it’s me and when in scripture talks about God will give you the desires of your heart it’s the desires that he’s planted in your heart will be fulfilled absolutely in fact I I do love that Jeremiah and I’m think it’s so important that you take us we have these familiar passages like Jeremiah 29:11 but how important for you to put that into context of what had happened before because there are consequences of all choices and yet God can use everything it reminded me of Isaiah 30 and I love that too because we are told in quietness and confidence will be your strength in other words all these people these Israelites have turned from God but he’s trying to call them back to him to those spiritual disciplines and then the net very next verse is but you would have none of it and and that’s who we are we are rebellious people we need to choose calm we need to choose silence we need to choose rest we need to choose those things and then the next verses say when you will go in this path you will hear a voice behind you saying this is the way walk in it and yet again there’s the fulfillment that if we take that one step Erik toward God and just keep going that one step with what we know to be of God it might be from a verse that we read or like you said a devotional if we do that he will keep showing us the path to walk in and and I thank you for noticing some of these choices in this book I have to tell you my writing style here’s my writing style for a devotion and you know a devotion is often something that you read first thing in the morning or maybe late at night and and it’s intentionally short so I have had to train myself through the years to write short but deep because what matters most to me is what is the meat of God’s Word and the of life and so I don’t want to just write short and fluffy I want to write short and deep and that’s why this devotion will get you into the word to choose but then it also actually I love the fact that my publisher we were able to include some lines for journaling because just as you said this is an intentional process it is a partnership with God so that as you have read that choice for the day maybe that choice is to choose humility or to choose compassion you have an opportunity than to write down at that moment some words maybe God brought a person to mind maybe it’s a prayer maybe it’s a list maybe it’s something that came to you that you can then process later there’s an old Hebrew expression it says huzzah huzzah vanitas Eck be strong be strong be strengthened we all face these situations where we’ve got things coming at us I’m going through one right now I’ve got a 30 year old daughter with the 4 and a half month old granddaughter granddaughter she is a single mom and all right we’ve got a situation and so when I came in the studio this morning Jason my producer who’s been with me for ever said you know we’ve been under attack now for seven straight years and we have endured and pressed on expanded we launched a teaching ministry then we lost a television broadcast we have our own television studios and our own network and next year we’re launching a new church and we’ve been under constant attack and that’s just a reminder that we’re on the right path because the only people to get shot of the people on the front lines nobody gets shot sitting in in a living room in the field of battle you don’t get shot back in the barracks you’ve got to be on them on the battlefield so we take it both of us taking this incredible encouragement that in the time of trouble we know that God is there and that we’ve we’ve made it onto the radar of the enemy that we are obviously taking ground and he’s losing ground and he’s doing everything he can to throw those fiery darts so we choose every day to walk in strength we choose to walk in love we choose to look at as as you’re right to choose serenity to choose covenant to choose joy to choose to believe to choose deep our relationship it’s unshakable and the Word of God doesn’t – you see you were talking about battle and why did I include choose battle not because I wanted to be in battle but because we are in battle she just said Erik you and Jason and so the reason I say in day 42 choose battle is um it I talk about a situation where I never thought I was in warfare but I realized that all of us believers are and so then I choose to be armed for the battle and to be a warrior for the Lord so you’re right you know we have to make some of these choices we won’t we think sounds so wonderful and you know peace and serenity and all that but we also have these choices like you mentioned earlier choose risk we have to choose the scary stuff too don’t we because that’s part of where God is I think it comes down to the fact that we have to do hard things but we are never alone in doing those hard things and and that’s you know there’s there’s a prosperity gospel that has been around for a long time and people think it’s material prosperity but there is a prosperity gospel and that is spiritual prosperity i prosper spiritually for the last 23 years I have prospered spiritually my growth in relationship with the Lord my ability to communicate his love and being an ambassador of faith reaching the nation’s has increased exponentially because of that prosperity of knowing that it’s not me it’s me in partnership with the Holy Spirit that’s never when I opened my heart to receive Jesus what did I really receive I received an indwelling and that indwelling was of the Holy Spirit because I was declaring that Jesus isn’t here he’s in sitting at the right hand of the Father interceding for me so what did I really were open my heart to receive now I have the ability right to have an advocate a Paraclete a partner a counselor comforter one who I can sound and use the Word of God as my plumb line because does this decision lineup miss choice line up with the word of God and you know should I should I choose to embrace or should I choose to pull back what what is the word of God say who experienced the same set of circumstances it Moses go through this trial what about job and and his being such a reluctant my being a reluctant prophet am I being rebellious to God because I don’t want to do we all been there but but I don’t want to do that I don’t want to give up the seven-bedroom home I don’t want to give up all the cars and garages but I I was at a point in my life where I was very much willing to do that I was willing to count the cost in the choice and that’s something that you have to do you have to choose serenity you have to choose less in God’s economy often less is more unless is one of the choices in the the very last choice is to choose steadfast I remember when God gave me that word for the years for the year 2018 and I didn’t want that word because steadfast made me know that there was gonna be a year I had to stand firm where I had to bear up under which is what the word steadfast and perseverance means but basically our most life-giving choices are to keep going and I think that’s what you would agree is we keep going we keep pursuing God we keep putting one foot in front of the other we keep opening those doors and walking through them by faith and with Holy Spirit power and I think anyone who is listening today and our perhaps you’re in the midst of a a particularly difficult choice and you think you can see the ramifications on both sides and and some things we can’t see they’re very clear but we don’t know everything and just remember that God always has more than we can see in in art from our vantage point and that he will guide us and he will promise to be with us he promised it to Moses that he would be with him wherever he went and of course our Lord and Savior his very final words to us before he ascended where I am with you always and to me excuse me yes bundling beyond all of your expectations we’ve been talking with Lucinda McDowell author of the new devotional life giving choices 60 days to what matters most if you don’t know that you have choices if you don’t know how to process choices if you’re frozen in this limbo of decision-making if making decisions paralyzes you this devotional will set you free it’ll show you all the different aspects of choices that are available to you now you have a full arsenal now your quiver is full with arrows of strength and wisdom and understanding of what God is trying to show you in that season in your life and you will find in these 60 you may find that you’ve experienced many of them and some are still to come but you’ll be prepared for that day so I strongly encourage you to get a hold of the new devotional called life-giving choices 60 days to what matters most Lucinda McDowell thank you for sharing this hour with us here on revealing the truth I thank you and I pray for us all that all our choices would be life-giving and God can’t help us do that thank you so much for having me today thank you we’re gonna take a short break and when we come back we’ll bring you the next edition of revealing the truth.

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