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Michael Medved

December 17, 2019 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am CST

Author of:
God's Hand on America: Divine Providence in the Modern Era

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Interview Transcript

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Shalom and welcome to this edition of revealing the truth where we cover the headlines the heart lines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Erik Walker many may question the very existence of God and if they do believe in the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob many questioned if God who once blessed this nation birthd on judeo-christian values has withdrawn his special blessing for the United States history shows that in troubled times such as the Civil War the assassinations of the 60s and even in today’s divisive America God’s hand is still on America our next guest brings new insights that demonstrate the miraculous provisions for this nation using our nation’s past and some of them in your obscure of examples of his divine providence that has shaped the very blessing that this nation has and continues to enjoy Michael Medved daily three-hour radio show reaches more than five million listeners on more than 300 stations coast-to-coast he’s the author of twelve other books including a number of New York Times bestsellers he’s a member of USA TODAY’s Board of contributors a former chief film critic of the New York Post and for more than a decade co-hosted sneak previews the weekly movie review on PBS an honors graduate of Yale with departmental honors in American history he lives with his family in Seattle Washington here to talk about his new book God’s hand on America divine providence in the modern era is Michael Medved Michael it’s an honor and a privilege to have you on our show today well thank you Eric it’s great to speak with you in your prior best-selling book the American miracle you chronicle God’s hand on the founding fathers as well as other events I think 12 you recounted in that book in our early history and established that many of these events could not be mere coincidence but a demonstration of God’s sovereign power in raw in American history is this book a sequel to that sure I’ll tell you exactly how it came about is originally when I was doing American miracle it was beginning to look it’s 400 page book and it covers American history from the pilgrims from 1620 up until Lincoln’s assassination in 1865 asking a question how could a sovereign God who Lincoln passionately believed it and believed in God’s role in history and in shaping our history how could God have taken such a instrumental figure and Lincoln often used the term describing himself as an instrument of the Divine Will and the new book picks up right on the same night as Lincoln’s assassination which involved the attempted assassination of somebody else Secretary of State William Henry Seward and so we follow that because truly the story of Seward which leads directly to victory in the Cold War which is the part part of the story that I think people need to know that launches this question of the continued and somewhat less striking involvement of the divine and what I mean by that Eric is that the what you’re what you’re really dealing with here is in the first years of the Republic America was so unexpected it’s so against logic no one could have predicted that this great power would have originated in North America but in subsequent events it’s it’s tougher because America is already a successful powerful nation and yet when you look at this pattern of happy accidents one of the points that I make and I think it’s a very very important point is that if you have a pattern happy accidents it’s still a pattern it’s evidence of intelligent design and not random evolution in this new book God’s hand on America you Chronicle 10 events demonstrating divine providence in each story you share of an almost supernatural intervention that changed the course of history do you believe that our destiny as a nation is predetermined even when so many now reject the notion of a divine design or Power greater than man himself well there is a Power greater than man himself but as you know in Jewish tradition we believe in the here at home sheet and in free will that that people are unable to interact with God what I do think is predetermined is the instrumentality of the United States that the United States receives divine blessing not as a reward but as a means to impact us role in history of the last full chapter in in God’s hand on America is about dr. King and dr. King very famously said the moral arc of the universe is long but it bends toward justice in other words the United States has been used as an instrument as a tool for helping the uplift of all of humanity and helping us all have the opportunity to choose richer and better and more beneficial lives and the fact that that most americans have made those of work which Isis I think still think that’s the case it’s a good country and it’s an enormous ly important country and if you believe that God has any role in history at all what other country would he choose he’s not going to choose Belgium it’s going to be the United States of America it’s interesting that one of the most impactful experiences of your life was being 20 feet away from Bobby Kennedy when he was assassinated in 1968 and even quoted many times saying that traumatic events shaped your life more than any other significant event there here we are fifty-one years later and the landscape has changed but you were there bearing witness to one of the first Islamic radical attacks in the form of Sirhan Sirhan as you look back in retrospect in light of today’s alarming rate of Islamic influence terror attacks around here in the world and you reflect back on that particular instance how have you your view your vision your understanding and really seeing that you saw the tip of the genesis of what was going to come and is being fulfilled now even today well it’s it’s a it’s a complicated question I wrote more extensively about my own experience and my my own political and spiritual and personal transitions in in my book right terms I first of all and and this I think is important for people to remember sirhan sirhan most people don’t even know that he is honored right now by the authorities in the the palestinian territories there are two different schools that are named after him there are public squares that are named after him the murderer of Robert Kennedy is viewed as a hero by Islamist Nazi advocates in the Palestinian world the irony is that seiran’s background was not Muslim it’s Christian and/or so-called Christian but obviously he had long abandoned that in this fever of Palestinian nationalism and which in which he lived in 1968 here’s here’s another important thing Eric and I think it’s it’s really crucial for people to know the history is what he was reacting to in killing robert Francis Kennedy was a debate that have been held simp literally days before in June of 1968 during the Democratic primary for president United States and the primary was between senator Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota and Senator Robert Kennedy of New York and what they were arguing about was the question of giving a selling phantom jets to Israel now that was very controversial then because the United States did not repeat did not provide aircraft to Israel the aircraft that Israel used to win the 1967 war as I’m sure you know were French they were mirages we did not have that Israel did not have American planes or American assistance and that came later and part of what what I try to do in God’s hand on America is to refute some of this idea that well basically the the reason that the United States is involved in the Middle East is because of Jewish influence or some kind of malevolent conspiracy here in America because the truth is and there’s a simple chapter in this book that our founding fathers and before the founding fathers even the Puritans who set up the pilgrim experience the Puritan experience in Massachusetts Bay in all of New England saw themselves as purposefully attempting to fulfill what what is specified in Genesis 12:3 which is those who bless the Jewish people will be blessed those who curse the Jewish people will be cursed what’s fascinating to me is that people believe that before there was any Jewish population to speak of in the United States and at the time of the first census in 1790 there were 2,800 Jewish people who were reported in the country and it was a nation of 3 million so you’re talking about less than 1/10 of 1% of the population and yet there were early Americans I quote John Adams in my book who anticipated a he says an army of more than a hundred thousand Israelites coming to liberate and he doesn’t say Palestine he says Judea and he wrote that letter in 1819 you know it’s fascinating that that one of your chapters in the book you talk about the history of Jewish influence in America started long before the events which cultivated in a tidal wave of Russian Jewish emigration beginning in 1981 coinciding with in turn America success and rise to world power and it does tie back to that and I believe it ties back to that Abrahamic blessing and our alignment with Israel so this is as personal to me as it is to you as our families emigrated here from the students and the programs of a rising sentiment in eastern and western Europe against our people a kind of of a two-part question for you do you see America’s role in support of Israel with the rise of anti-semitism continuing after this current administration because we’ve had I think that Harry Truman was was really the Cyrus if you would and playing the part in recognizing Israel you had Nixon whose mother was really the the inspiration behind his support to answer the call to send support to Israel and then you have the current administration which is recognized Israel that has acknowledged Jerusalem and just past that we are not just a religious group that we are a nation something that God has called us out in Scripture as a nation so with the rise of anti-semitism as you and I have seen across America and across the globe it seems to be more and more desecration of synagogues and cemeteries and more rhetoric aimed against although we’ve had a long history of it we’re not immune to it but there’s a possibility that in four more years there may be a change if this current administration continues four more years after that based on trending you know it back to back we don’t know but how do you see that do you see America taking that turn there’s that great socialistic outcry today in America which is really in some ways an anti-israel agenda in the narrative when they’re pinned down to ask about it they’re critical on the Democratic side of Donald Trump’s position and close-knit relationship with Netanyahu and with Israel well it’s look I I think your concern is absolutely appropriate and one of the things that I know Israelis care about most and and and people like my brother my brother made alia thirty years ago and he’s very prominent in Israeli affairs my for my four nieces and Mike I have but one nice and three nephews the three nephews and the needs of all done their their service in the IDF and the Israel Defense Forces and so my brother has skin in the game and he will tell you the most important thing that Israelis worry about is Israel becoming a partisan issue and and that’s part of why I wrote God’s hand on America and the two chapters about the involvement of Jewish immigration and shaping American Filho Semitic not anti-semitic attitudes that have always characterized our country what’s important about that is it’s never partisan and it shouldn’t be partisan and it identifying one party or another as the pro-israel party is simply wrong I know the Democrats have tried that for years tried to say well those Republicans they’re anti-semites Jews aren’t welcome there in the Republican Party the truth is one of the things I found out Eric is that Senator Robert Taft who was known as mr. Republican and ran for president in one of the nomination in 1952 Robert Taft was one of the most outspoken Zionists in the United States Congress he was the only member of the US Senate who actually called for American military intervention during Israel’s war for independence Truman didn’t and again the the idea that the pro-israel identification and priorities should be associated with one party or another rather than with an American point of view I think it’s dangerous and I do do hope that with all of the partisan passions we have right now in the United States that regarding that issue we would be able to surmount them and I and I and I honestly think we will again one of the things that amazed me in in doing this book was just how pervasive this sense that part of America’s destiny part of its purpose involved actually the rebirth of the people of Israel and the State of Israel I write extensively in the book about the first council general to Jerusalem that this country dispatched in 1840 when Jerusalem was a village of about fifteen thousand people a plurality of whom by the way were Jewish in the Ottoman Empire and his name was water crescent and he was a Philadelphia Quaker who had dabbled in a great variety of religions he actually became an early Mormon then he left the Mormon Church became a shaker which didn’t work for him he eventually had had six children and and shakers believed in Fermin celibacy but many in it Warda Cresson was dispatched to Jerusalem in 1840 he landed carrying a dove of peace in a cage and waving an American flag and he was convinced that it was no accident that the Americans symbol was the eagle and that there are as you very well know so many biblical prophecies about the Jewish people coming back on wings of eagles he thought his role as an American was to facilitate the return and this is 50 years before Herzl and kresson later in his life established really the first key books the first scientific farm where he would hope that he would help to lead Jewish people to come back to become farmers again and using scientific techniques and farming the land that he bought for that purpose is today a mecca FIM which is a very nice neighborhood of Jerusalem which happens to be where my brother lives in any event what I what I record in the book is crescens debate with Herman Melville the author of Moby Dick who came to Jerusalem he was looking to find himself after his novel got a very disappointing reception in in 18 1857 in any event Melville believed that Israel would never be reborn the Jewish people were dead people the dis man and he believed that America had to be the new Israel and and Cresson made the argument that no Israel would inevitably be reborn and that America’s most important role a most unifying role at a time of American division on the eve of the Civil War would be in support of Israel in any event water crescent won that argument very obviously if you look around and you see today the flourishing and dynamic and vibrant nation of Israel you know not to dwell on this being a singular subject within the book but this is the one part of the book which is both historical and forward moving the other events the other nine historical events happened and are recorded and expounded upon the book but this one is one that has the next chapter to it which has not been written and because of that I wanted to spend the early part of the interview with you talking about that so the question becomes then is that you know where we are today what do you see is a consequence to America if we do not continue in this path of support of the State of Israel was the Obama administration and the economic fallout of the years of his office were they somehow impacted by his disdain or lack of overt support for Israel and we see now a period of prosperity in a White House and an overarching view of Israeli support as being indicative that if we don’t continue there’s a consequence and if we do continue there’s a blessing what what do you see as a consequence of America we don’t continue in the path of support for Israel again when you talk about continuing in a path of support for Israel I am I I know this is this is in a very political season when we’re coming up to a presidential election where we’re in the midst of a ridiculous impeachment crisis which i think is travesty and i wish that that weren’t happening there’s a great tendency in American politics to view people that you don’t like and that you oppose as more destructive and cataclysmic than they really are and at the same time to hail people who you admire and support as more messianic and and and more utterly wonderful and decisive than they really are i otto von bismarck the german aizen councillor the the iron chancellor once said something I think tremendously important that it is the job of the statesman to listen for God’s footsteps in history and then to grab his coattails and hang on in other words it’s to recognize the direct that God is trying to steer our world and to try to assist the Almighty in that in that effort rather than to resist that particular direction and now having said that I think it’s it’s tough I don’t I think it’s reductive and far more complex than that to say that America is rewarded for good behavior I think America has been selected the same way that the the Jewish people were for God’s purposes and at no point in the Bible as you know does it say that the Jewish people were selected because they were better than other people I think at no point was America selected to fulfill God’s purpose because we were better than other people it is the idea of being a divine instrument is trying to be worthy of that instrumentality trying to fulfill God’s will there’s a I talk in my book there’s a an encounter that Lincoln had in the middle of the Civil War where he says well we will prevail mr. president because we are on God’s side and President Lincoln reportedly said I am far more concerned because God is on our side and Lincoln said I am far more concerned that we should be on God’s side and and that should be what Americans attempt to do not because we’ll be rewarded for it but because doing God’s will provides its own reward well as he says very clearly of the obedience is better than sacrifice he wants to follow his lead and those that say God is my co-pilot I don’t want to ride with them another God as the pilot we’re talking with Michael Medved New York Times bestseller a phenomenal talk radio host heard on over 300 channels stations around the United States over 5 million listeners well known for his deep historical views and pros in the area of Revelation of truth and he does the same in his new book God’s hand on America divine providence in the modern era containing 10 very unusual stories one which we spent the first part on talking about this large wave of Russian immigration being tied to the success of America but there are other fascinating stories contained within and after we take this short break we’re going to dig into a little bit more on that story of Seward’s folly we’ll talk a little about Theodore Roosevelt the Battle of Midway and maybe a little bit of about more about FDR and Harry Truman and what’s next as we look at history to be a harbinger of what we if we don’t study if we don’t learn about it we’re prone to repeat it again what are some of the warnings and messages and lessons to be harvested from these incredibly interesting and very well researched stories we’re going to a short break and we’ll be right back the Lord meets you right where you are and so does ignite Ignatians new live streaming outlets you can now watch revealing the truth revealing the Bible and prophecy revealed simulcast live each Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 o’clock p.m. Central Standard Time on YouTube live Facebook live vinny o periscope and through our website WWE and am calm no matter what device you are 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dots between the old and new Testament you can attend our two classes and Tuscaloosa and Birmingham or watch the program every Wednesday at 11 a.m. Central time on igniting a nation calm and all our other simulcast outlets for more information visit Shalom and welcome back to this edition of revealing the truth while we cover the headlines the heartlines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Eric Walker and we’re talking with Michael Medved author of the newly released book God’s hand on America a divine providence in the modern era Michael welcome back to the city segment and you can find more about all things med at Michael Medved dot-com and it is I will tell you it is a whirling dervish of a website you can find almost anything and even things about his ability to pass a driving examination and the story about a Rambler and Michael I I do my research and and I and like I said I’ve been looking forward to this since your publisher came to me and said would I have you on the program you Chronicle 10 specific stories within the book in your first book in this the American miracle there were 12 these are an additional 10 and you kind of pick up in some way where you left off with the story of Abraham Lincoln the Secretary of State and that event and how God’s provincial hand was on that and it happens to also play into a role of us expanding as a nation adding an additional state to it that put us in the closest proximity to Russia and gave us a strategic advantage not just a folly as most people viewed at that time one thing the one thing point that I make and it was something that was new to me and actually researching this is that if we were to believe President Putin of Russia then we won the Cold War on the night of Lincoln’s assassination now this takes a moment of explanation because that’s a provocative deliberately provocative and radical statement but Putin in 2017 was the 150th anniversary of America purchasing Alaska and Alaska used to be known as Russian America the term Alaska was only given to it by chance Senator Charles Sumner during the debates trying to ratify the treaty in which we purchased this Russian America in any event Vladimir Putin with historians and poets and others commemorated the 150th anniversary of the sale of Alaska by saying that had not the Tsar been persuaded to do that to sell that to America the Russian Empire would still exist they would have won the Cold War they talked about imagine if we had had missiles not just in Cuba but in Cuba and in Juneau Alaska in any event all of that was made possible because on the night of Lincoln’s assassination April 14 1865 William Henry Seward the Secretary of State survived a very serious assassination attempt on himself a an assassin broke into his home part of the booth conspiracy if name was Lewis Powell 6-foot five-inch Confederate veteran and with a 4-inch bladed knife took the knife and brought it down toward Seward’s jugular at least four times some some sources say seven times and yet he survived how because he had had a carriage accident nine days before nine days before and he was wearing because he had broken his jalaw a steel contraption that covered his lower jaw and his neck with bandages around it and that protected him from the assassins knife and Seward himself do find all logic and at a time when a president was wrapped up in a impeachment crisis Andrew Johnson Seward personally pursued what he was derided for doing initially which is the purchase of Alaska which we find out years later was utterly crucial in in determining the United States prevailing in this war against the evil empire and I think President Reagan was absolutely right to call Russia the evil empire something else Seward did and that he survived to do was during the midst of his negotiations about Alaska he had a paper come across his desk and he decided on his own initiative without any consultation the president the united states secretary of state authorized america claiming possession of a tiny little island at all which was 2.4 square miles total nobody lived there they were islands that were taken under the provisions of the guano Islands act because they had bird poop on them that was valuable fertilizer in any event that was Midway Island it was the Midway Atoll which later became the subject for the decisive battle of world war two the one that determined that yes the United States would prevail against the Japanese Empire which by the way in the first six months of our involvement in the war the Japanese had won virtually everything Midway turned it away in a battle that even participants on the Japanese side saw as miraculous and its outcome for America you know in that same line looking at the Battle of Midway as you examine continuation into almost a seamless set of prophetic consequential events which were divinely or orchestrated one not having a vision of the next and in the midst of the event not having any connection to its history until someone like yourself comes along and links together and connects the dots of these various events and so we’re now engaged in this war world war two and this Battle of Midway and something happens something supernatural and it happens in five minutes that my chapter in the book in God’s hand on America that is about the Battle of Midway is called the five minute miracle because literally in five minutes the American Navy through quote accidental and unanticipated circumstances was able to destroy the three greatest largest most formidable aircraft carriers in the world they later destroyed the next day 1/4 Japanese carrier now the Americans were outnumbered the Japanese had three times the number of planes we did and what’s fascinating is that even participants who are non-believers saw God’s hand at Midway because it was so quick and such a chance that from three different aircraft carriers from the enterprise from the Hornet from the Yorktown that these three American squadrons who were lost over open ocean in the North Pacific that they would find each other and then dive bomb these Dauntless dive bombers the Japanese fleet and and it was so impressive that one of the Japanese commanders who had been the leader of the attack on Pearl Harbor his name was my Sulu she de is a captain in the Japanese Navy it made honoured personally by Emperor Hirohito big war hero for the Japanese he was unable to fly at Midway because he got his Penta situs two days before the battle and he viewed what happened there internalized that greatly he then survived the end of the war spoke to some Christian prisoners who had been victimized by the Japanese and imagie he became a Christian in 1947 and he wrote a little personal account called God samurai believe it or not Mencia Fujita act from the Battle of Midway and seeing this grand illustration of God’s will in history ended up appearing nine times with Billy Graham and in Billy Graham Crusades and actually talking about America as a reflection of God’s will to uplift all of humanity it’s really quite extraordinary there you go on to Chronicle a conspiracy by the Democratic leaders when FDR became ill and the future White House great Harry Truman of the president of my of my childhood it’s just amazing that Minh is in government and as we look throughout the biblical narratives it was always with the leadership God always dealt with the head of the nation’s the kings and the people were impacted by the decisions made by the kings of how they responded to God’s instruction our exile Babylonian captivity in 586 is a clear example of bad leadership bad result and 70 years of expulsion before we can return back you talk about a behind-the-scenes what you call conspiracy of the pure of heart I’ve just outed correct you that’s not my calling of that the participants in the conspiracy of a pure of heart hop all of them by the way happened to be very devout Catholics they were was a group of people led by Edie Flynn who was a former Democratic National Chairman it was a political boss in the Bronx a very deeply religious guy went to Mass every day and he got together with a number of other people Frank Walker who was the Postmaster General and a remarkable guy another former Democratic National Chairman named Bob Hannigan who was a former professional baseball player remarkable guy who was sort of touted for great things and he was the real leader of this conspiracy of the pure of heart and what they saw is they saw a vice president the United States who when Roosevelt became very very ill and visibly ill and yet insisted on running for a fourth term in the middle of World War two in 1944 the incumbent vice president was a guy named Henry Wallace who the people in the conspiracy the pure heart were very concerned because he was not sympathetic to Stalin he had praised Stalin and the Russian Revolution and saw the atheist and anti religious and by the way profoundly anti-christian nature of the Russian Revolution saw that as a liberating force in mankind and the prospect of henry wallace becoming president was terrified he was also by the way involved in a and i didn’t know this until researching God’s hand on America he was involved in very weird guru cult religiosity based on theosophy and Madame Blavatsky and following a really malevolent Russian guru named Nicholas Roerich who I write about in the book in any event they launched this conspiracy to make a replacement for the sitting vice president who was very popular and it’s an amazing story of how they were able to accomplish it here’s the amazing thing is that after they succeeded and Bob Hannigan who was from st. Louis Missouri chose a very obscure at the time Missouri senator named Harry Truman to replace vice president Wallace and and obviously that was a very fateful very appropriate choice he said after they succeeded and Truman was inaugurated as vice president he said when I die I want on my tombstone but here lies the man who prevented Henry Wallace from becoming president to the United States the irony is Bob Hanigan died shortly thereafter it was a vist this was his purpose in life and what a profound purpose it was you made a reference before Eric Harry Truman grew up and he talks about this and he talks about this another memoirs he grew up going to Baptist camp summer camp where they would sing about the Jewish people returning to Israel and and the that was prophesied and it was God’s work in God’s and after he had left the presidency in 1953 Truman had a speech before the United Jewish appeal in New York and he was introduced by saying here’s President Truman who was one of the most important people in bringing our reborn State of Israel into existence and he turned to the fellow would introduced him Eddie Jacobson who was his old former business partner from Independence Missouri and he said Eddie very nice introduction but she got something wrong you said I’m one of the important people and he said I am Cyrus and he said it twice I am Cyrus so he was conscious of the biblical nature of his role in history it’s it’s incredible that in so many of these stories the outcroppings of the birth of the nation of Israel out of the ashes of World War two the part that presidents have been forced into making decisions that have charted some of the course of Israel and of course the current state of affairs in Israel being what they are it’s there’s many more chapters that could be devoted just to one of the various roles but one of the stories that that caught my eye was the Teddy Roosevelt story about the assassination attempt and we’ve got about four and a half minutes left so I’d like you to regale us with that story well sure I actually the longest chapter in the book is the chapter about Theodore Roosevelt and one of the many things that people find out is he thoroughly despised and when people called him Teddy when he was a little boy and a very weak little boy who was not expected to live because he had a whole range of childhood diseases as his family name was TD not Teddy TD he hated it he always insisted people call him Theodoric so Theodore Roosevelt dueled death all his life going back to his childhood being involved in in the Battle of San Juan Hill which is extraordinary he was the only figure on horseback in that charge uphill and there were more than 80 people right around him who were felled by bullets and either killed or severely wounded he was untouched in any event in 1912 when he was running to come back as president as a bull moose candidate progressive independent candidate for president he was getting ready to give a long speech in Milwaukee in October 1912 when a a crazed individual who believed in his dreams that God had commanded him to kill Theodore Roosevelt a shot Roosevelt from about ten feet away the bullet went directly into his chest and it was stopped by the folded up speech which was very long it was fifty pages so it was folded up and it was in his coat pocket and his glasses case and it was slowed not stopped it went into his heart toward his heart about an inch away it stopped and he’s bleeding profusely and he insisted on finishing this speech is the most dramatic single speech in American political history and one of the things that Roosevelt always questioned was ok why did God spare me and he believed came to believe two years later when World War one started that his purpose in life was American preparedness because at the time that Roosevelt began this campaign America had a an army that was actually smaller than Portugal’s we did not have a substantial military resource this has been basically ignored under his successors President Taft and then President Wilson and so this campaign for preparedness Roosevelt led very directly and felt that that was his purpose in any event what’s fascinating is that when he died in 1919 the Vice President the United States Thomas Marshall said it’s a good thing that he died in his sleep because if he had been awake and death had come for him there would have been a fight well there was a fight he fought against death all his life and and basically in that struggle the country won and I think the the I always look at a book and ask you know what what is the message that the author is trying to convey what’s the takeaway after I’ve read this book is it information is a transformation is it entertainment what what is it and I think in this case it is exactly what it says it is it chronicles God’s hand on America how there’s been divine providence in the modern era you and I have been alive for over 25 percent of America’s history and therefore when you take a look at that you realize we’ve seen a lot happen in our lifetime my mother is 93 years old and still plays golf twice a week and lucify and she and she’s been alive for 35 percent of America’s history and we’re a young country but when you take a look at what we as a country and east and have done in the short period of time we’ve been in existence it is nothing short of miraculous and we write in our lifetimes in there has saved the world because if it is in our lifetime that the victory in the Cold War which was so crucial has happened and and you look at the way that people live today the choices that Americans have and this is one thing for people to be ungrateful is a profound sin and it is not only in a sin but its destructive yes for personal happiness well your attitude is obviously the key to satisfaction and success it seems to me you are absolutely right and unfortunately we’ve run out of time it’s been a delight to meet you to spend this hour with you and you have blessed us incredibly with your wit your knowledge your command and your heart and that shows in your book it shows in your character and we appreciate you being with us so very much we’ve been talking with Michael Medved author of the new book God’s hand on America divine providence in the modern era you can get a copy of this book through our website ignite a nation calm or visit Michael Medved calm for all things Medved you’ll find a wealth of information both of articles interviews and Michael Medved is a fascinating individual with a very strong point of view and one who is quite expressive and I find him engaging on a number of levels so I encourage you thank you sit if you want to know more about the country you live in or for all of our global audience all around the world prime time in the Middle East if you want to know more about America and our history this is a great resource for you as well Michael Medved thank you your family thank you and Godspeed to you and Happy Hanukkah and all blessings for the season and for you as well my friend thank you god bless we’re going to short break and when we come back we’ll bring you the next edition of revealing the truth.

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