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Michelle Medlock Adams

January 7 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CST

Author of:
They Call Me Mom: 52 Encouraging Devotions for Every Moment

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Interview Transcript

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Shalom and welcome to this edition of revealing the truth where we cover the headlines the heartlines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Eric Walker moms everywhere struggled with all the hats they were comforters chef teacher cheerleader and life’s more difficult teaching moments disciplinarian and chief warrior moms on the front lines of life yet many don’t feel that they have to time to stop even for the most important things like time with God our next guest knows firsthand about all the roles moms play and the importance of striking a balance between the urgent and the important having just returned from visiting my daughter and my five month old granddaughter I was reminded of the weary bleary sleepy-eyed life of a mom as I took over mom duties so my daughter could get some much-needed rest even with all the demands of raising children and our next guest provides why is practical and humorous insights into maintaining and thriving in your relationship with God and the added strength you received no matter what stage your child is in Michelle Medlock Adams and co-author Bethany Jett co-owned platinum literary services and our assistant acquisition editors for little lamb books they also guest lecturer at Ohio Valley University and write as weekly columnist for Missouri newspaper as hot mess but blessed Michele’s previous works includes fabulous and focused 365 daily devotions for working women and dinosaur devotions she makes her home in Bedford Indiana you can find out more about Michele medlock items at Michele Medlock Adams comm here to talk about the new 52 week devotional they call me mom is Michele Medlock Adams Michele welcome to revealing the truth thank you so much for having me great to have you on board before we get into this new devotional and we’ll talk about mom hood but we’re going to talk about it on the other side of it and that was your mom and growing up in your home and how faith was introduced into your life and what was it that made it your own and then took you down this path of ministering to moms well I was blessed enough to be raised in a Christian home so my mom and dad raised me in the Bedford Indiana Free Methodist Church my mom was a pillar of the community she was actually the first woman to serve on the board which is kind of a big deal in the church they taught Sunday School so I think I kind of grew up under the Pew I mean from the minute I was born I was in the church so I had one of those great upper neech’s knowing about God knowing how much he loved me knowing he to plan for my life and my mother was a integral part of that both my parents really from the time I was very young taught me about Jesus and taught me about the fact that he had a plan for me that was unique to me that from anybody else and really encouraged me throughout my whole day flock so I’m both my parents aren’t heaven out and I missed them dearly but I’m so grateful for the upbringing that I had and my mom was one of those who she was definitely encouraging but she was also a truth seer you know she was she didn’t just oh honey it’s gonna be okay kind of thing it was uh although she was encouraged er she also was very very strict talking with me I could grow and become all that I was supposed to be and I she was funny and just just a great great she’s my best friend you know isn’t adult if you if you do your job right you get to be friends with with those those amazing humans that you’ve raised and we were best friends so I loved my mama so you’re you growing up in the faith and then making the faith your own heir to different things it’s not by osmosis it’s not just because you were raised in the church there had to be a moment in your life whether or not it was at 4 it was 14 there was something that made it personal that’s right I’d already made a commitment to the Lord when I was about five and a half actually went down to the altar and prayed and asked Jesus to be the Lord of my life and asked him to forgive me of my sins but when I was 9 we went to a we had this church camp called Camp Wildwood it was in Clay City Indiana and you know all the youth group went and that was I was the youngest to get to go actually and I just that’s I remember that being the year that was the year where I really realized that my parents faith as you said wasn’t gonna carry me that I needed to really have a commitment to learn myself I already had had said the sinner’s prayer and but I was living for God I wasn’t doing anything terrible or anything but I made it more of a personal commitment when I went down front when I was nine at Camp Wildwood and my best friend you did too and it was just one of those monumental nights I’ll never forget and you know that’s why every year I do actually give back and speak at a church camp called Camp challenge with and my friend AJ now directs that camp so it’s this comes full circle for us every year we share that story of how church camp can change your life just by being away from you know parents and and all this other distractions and being just very deliberate about about hearing from God and hearing about him and experiencing him for yourself I think church gives a great thing but that’s really when things started for me and I really I don’t have one of those dramatic testimonies where people stray a lot and you know they were saved out of drugs or anything like that I don’t have that kind of testimony here I’m grateful that I don’t I just really always loved God and he’s just been really great to me it’s not that we haven’t had some things come happen in our lives and had some adversity but boy I just so thankful I had that upbringing where I knew that that my heavenly father was my heavenly father he bowed and that he loved me so the role model you had in a mother was truth teller and you mentioned she was humorous she was fun to be with but very devoted to the Lord very devoted service to church to community to family your siblings I do I have an older brother and an older sister I was I was the baby by a long shot I was kind of not a oops but it was a surprise my sister was a senior in high school and I was born and my brother was a sophomore and so my mom had me when she was 41 years old it wasn’t they certainly weren’t trying for another child but God had plans so yes my brother Robin Rob Medlock and then my sister Marty and so there they’re amazing siblings but they kind of grew up together and then I came I was the baby by a long shot so did you feel like you were kind of raised as an only child I really was I mean my sister loves to tell the story that you know from the time that all of her friends found out that her mother was pregnant and she was senior in high school she was so embarrassed because nobody wants to think about that you know but she said I used to you know my crib was in her room and I mean I definitely grew up being close to my sister who often you know took me on dates and things and just I was her little sidekick and we’re still close Marty actually is a pastor’s wife here in our hometown and you know it leads a Bible study and I’m still close with my sister my brother was in Ohio and that’s all I but I kind of was raised as an only child even though it’s it I got the benefit of both I maybe it was a little bit more spoil my sibling to tell you I was more spoiled and I have no point of reference in that it may be true but I also have these great siblings who were very close and and I get to enjoy their family so it’s kind of the best of both worlds as you look in the mirror and you hear things come out of your mouth as a mom you’re the mom two daughters no sons and your partner in this book and and other ventures has sons so one year talking with your daughters do you hear your mom in some of the things or their parts of you that said when I have kids of my own I’m going to do things differently or I’m gonna do things the same I definitely hear my mother I in fact I said just yesterday oh my goodness I become my mother as a funny thing my mom just would sing all the time and make up songs I don’t think she actually knew the words to any song she just made up all of her own words and as a writer I guess that’s my prerogative but I have grandchildren now I’m a Gigi and so um my youngest granddaughter was over and I was just singing and making up words to songs and I it just hit me oh my gosh I’ve become my mother and I certainly just laughed it on my husband like he’s like yeah you’re a lot like your mom so I definitely hear my mom a lot in my head and and apparently I’m now acting like her but it was she was a great role model so I don’t think that’s a bad thing we have a lot of fun with with the kids and I don’t I didn’t get to have the sons we just had the two girls that were 20 months apart it was like the deck is it but my jeans comfortably I was pregnant again it just they happen right one or the other and I’m very close with my girls but I have two sons him us so they are just like my son’s Wes and Micah Mike is a praise and worship minister in Kentucky and a big church and Wes is serving our nation he’s in the military and very proud of them and if I could have chosen two sons those would be the ones I would have chosen so I’m really grateful for them they’re a big part of our family so as an empty-nester now the chronicles that you write the devotionals that you write the observations that you make are somewhat historical reflecting back on experiences having now the 20/20 vision to relook and revisit milestones and circumstances and frustrations and child rearing not because it’s contemporary but because it’s reflection what role did your husband play in the upbringing of the children he was very hands-on he still is he’s actually we’re watching my granddaughter Ren today and so he’s watching her while I’m with you he’s very always been very hands-on I married my high school sweetheart Jeff and so we kind of grew up together ourselves and he’s always been quite involved with the kids and I’m so I’m so glad about that I know that’s not always the case for women but that he was definitely hands on and still is I mean where we like to fish in our family where bass fisherman we like to go fish we do a lot of catching release but the girls always went fishing with their dad and we did a lot of things as a family growing up and I think the thing that makes this book that we’ll talk about a minute so different than anything I’ve ever written I have over a hundred books I’ve done five or six mom devotionals and books for moms over the course of my career when I was in that Tricia’s when my girls were at home when they were little and but I hadn’t got to do a book since my girls went to college and then got married start their own families and so in Bethany Jett who’s my co-author and my best friend we decided to do this book and thought about how we would write it we loved that we could bring these two completely different moms different generations she’s got three boys at home I’ve got two daughters that are now married and I’m a Gigi that’s what we they call me and we have it’s kind of like I can say from this side you can do this you can make it I live to tell you know I’m over here on this other side now and and and the last devotion in the book is they still call me and I think it’s important for those who might be approaching in a Pinter nesting or be going through that that your mom your mom eNOS they call me mom that never ends you’re always the mom and whether your child is 19 months or 19 or 39 they still need you and we’re still important part of their life and I wasn’t sure that would be the case I thought once they went away to college and then start their own families I might not be needed or you know you worry about that because they are they’re such a huge part of my life we love them so much but that wasn’t the case in fact I get more calls now I think than I did when they were younger they just you know as they’re experiencing all these firsts with their kids I’ve become a lot smarter so they will call for advice and and ask things and it’s just it’s it’s such an amazing thing to be a mom what a blessing but it’s also fun to be a mom of adult children now I’m I say that and I also when a caution it’s not easy knowing where your boundaries are in things but we cover all that in the book we can talk about all the things that most mom devotionals talk about but also go into that as you’re transitioning into this being a mom of adult kids so it’s tiny that we could bring all that to the table in one book what I found interesting is both Jason our executive producer and myself were single dads and so we he raised a girl and a boy and I raised a daughter and now I’m a grandfather of a five month old precious baby girl and my daughters assured me it’s one and done she’s 30 I adopted her at birth and word the the bond is incredible so I was reading various devotions and and looking at it I connected with it so I always tell my mom authors is don’t limit yourself to moms dads are there’s a lot of us out there that have raised children and who have sown deeply into their lives that that can reflect on all these same situations you know hero was this last weekend in Florida with my daughter and my granddaughter and she’s five months old and we have a picture of her with her hands together and so me praying at five at five months old and starting her out that way amen you know my daughter was three when I came to faith and that was I was old like your folks were when I had her so the she grew up in the synagogue and then in the messianic synagogue after I came to faith and so she seen both sides of the Jewish life one as the traditional Jew and one as a Jewish believer and so it’s been machine for the choices she’s making and for she lives and how she’ll raise her daughter to be a Jewish believer as is who we are when you and Bethenny got together to write this what was the vision who who said hey let’s do this 50 we to encouraging devotions for every moment the good ones the bad ones the Mother’s Day card that says mama you’re not mean all the time you don’t find that section Hallmark do you I know but you share insights like that which I think but what what was really the impetus behind putting together I we I see across my desk devotionals every day I don’t pick them all because there’s a lot of repetition but your your two approaches it was a little bit more lighthearted a little bit more more like your mom maybe a real truth truth teller that just says look you know that’s not sugarcoat this let’s not put gloss on it it’s nasty it’s dirty and smelly it’s tough that’s right you know that’s a great question I think what our tagline for this book was real raw and resourceful we wanted it to be something that moms and dads could pick up and really find themselves in there and find some practical information as well as some spiritual encouragement the book came about like I said Bethany and I are best friends we’re business partners we have a business called platinum literary and we’ve done another book called platinum faith so we you know we are we’ve worked together we work together very well we respect each other as writers and as women of God we love each other so any time that we we talk every day I was I was just teaching at a conference in Chicago right outside of Chicago at Wheaton actually at the University there a writers conference I was teaching about writing for children because I have a lot of children’s books and as we I was driving home it’s about a five hour drive to my home in southern Indiana I called Bethany as I always do and have a long trip and just so we could catch up and talk a little bit I was telling her about the conference and in that conversation I told her I said you know this week I’ve really been thinking about what our project should be together because we talked about the last time beats before the conference just to be praying that guy would just drop something in her spirit something that we knew that we should do together we didn’t want to just do a book together we could do that but we wanted to be of God so we really had been seeking God and I just really had this this impression that we should do this book about moms especially knowing that she’s a you know she’s a military wife just got the three boys she’s 13 years younger than I am and then I’m a mom of girls and my girls are now grown like we talked about in they had their own kids we came out from two different perspective it seemed like it could be so rich if it was done correctly and so that’s what we talked about pretty much the entire drive home we just kind of outlined this book and talked about what would be in it and they call me mom just sort of it just I don’t know who said it first I think it just kind of came out in conversation all the fur hats that we wear his moms and so it was amazing so organically we came up with this idea and we knew it was God but what’s really funny is we we had arranged a week to be together to really work on this book where we could just hammer it out as far as you know who’s gonna write what and and we knew we both wanted to have a say on each topic but how that would hang and we’d handle that so we did work asked them some of the technical stuff but we really thought we were too knew what was gonna be in the book we thought we did so we get to this writing retreat at was last summer at this place called the Yankee town Florida Center daughters in Florida Bethenny’s awesome forty she’s in Tampa area and Yankee town was in the middle of nowhere I mean they didn’t even deliver pizza there and I’m not kidding we tried to get pizza delivered to us we’d go meet them somewhere it was beautiful but it was the middle of nowhere there are no distractions so we just whole week just to work and it wasn’t all what we expected we sat down to look at what we thought we were gonna write and neither one of us felt peace about it so we again we just prayed and started doing a lot of research I’m a journalist that’s what I was trained in that thing I just just begin to research we’d love to do that and I’ll tell you what we did we went to all the top mommy blogs and there’s a lot of them mommy bloggers ruled the world so we’ve heard so we we not followed with a lot of them but we went through we look to see what is the most talked about topic what are the things that moms today the moms are in the trenches units every day what are they asking what are they what are they reposting what are they sharing on Pinterest what are they what are they asking you to have what are the most common and we found out that there’s a lot of mom gills and that moms were concerned about money and that they didn’t feel like they had enough time for their kids and there was a lot of stuff about what do you do with your child when when they’re not the norm the norm that society puts on them what water what resources for me there was all these things that we didn’t have first thought about putting in the book and I mean it completely changed the trajectory the project not that they did call me part but then what did they call me what topics can we really address in this that both we’ve experienced and apparently moms are having discussions about right now that they would still be timely not just to be a nice story but what do they really need and that’s how we put this book together so that week that we promised our spouses and our agent then we’re gonna be writing we didn’t write one word not one I hope they don’t listen we didn’t write one word we we spent the entire week in prayer and in discussion and in research and that’s how this book was burned so I’ve never done a book like this before in that process now I don’t think I can ever do a book any other way it was like changing the structure of the book before we head into break just kind of give me a little glimpse for their audience as to how you set up these 52 weeks and why did you feel it was important that even in the busyness and talked about the urgent first is the important that often the the important doesn’t get done because you’re so consumed by the urgent that taking out a short period of time not long not hours of study but an encouraging word and understanding and a life application was important to present in a 52-week devotional yes we wanted to be where they can read it and sort of little snippet so if you couldn’t do the whole devotion cuz it’s several pages you could maybe read that just the beginning story maybe later on where the kids are napping or you’ve got a minute at work on lunch hour you could read the actual biblical we always have a verse obviously a Bible verse application and we’ll say this is what they call me my children this is what God calls me and it’s look and then we always have a practical side bar to go with each one something you can do to really apply what you’ve learned in that particular devotion so we did it intentionally in small kind of little snippets so that you could read it you know may take you a week to get through one and that’s okay our whole thing was not to put more mob guilt like you have to spend seven hours in prayer closet it’d be great if we all had that time but many of us do not especially when you’re my mom in the trenches but that you just commit to read a little-bitty today and just to let God speak to you through that and so that’s why we structured it that way with those nice little sub heads and all these different sections and we thought that that would make it easier for moms to be able to actually work into their schedules some sounds great and we’re gonna dig into it after this break where the book is called they call me Mom fifty-two encouraging devotions for every mom and every moment and our author Michelle Medlock Adams co-authored with Bethany Jett Michela sold over more than four million books and highly acclaimed author and Award winner for her journalism and for her clarity and being able to convey a message and across this book are many messages some which are messy messages and some which are very encouraging and uplifting and some are soul searching causing you to really examine what God wants you to do in this particular season in stage of your development as a parent and your child’s development through the course of their upbringing we’re in take a short break and when we come back we’ll return and dig into the contents of they call me Mom with Michelle Medlock Adams we’ll be right back the Lord meets you right where you are and so does ignite Ignatians new live streaming outlets you can now watch revealing the truth revealing the Bible and prophecy revealed simulcast live each Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 o’clock p.m. Central Standard Time on YouTube live Facebook live vinny o 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without having gone through these 51 other roles and identities and it’s almost like having in in the positive way a multiple personality order not disorder but but the many hats you have to wear the many balls do you have to juggle and if there’s an age difference in your children you have to simultaneously wear this hat and that hat this hat for the one child this hat for another child and that requires a almost a plate-spinning act it’s always fascinating to watch them run around and do it and then all of a sudden they stop and all the plates come crashing down and that’s actually real life it is life is messy and and being a mom that’s one of the things that were we wanted to be really transparent in this book I mean both of us told stories we’ve never told before and there was probably a reason but we just felt like we were supposed to share you know the good the bad and the ugly because in like mommy today in social media there’s so much of the look at me look at me and everything is perfect and I have a perfect life but nobody really lives in that space I mean you might be in that space for 15 seconds that you take a selfie but that’s not where we’re really all of us live we it’s real life and life can be messy it doesn’t mean it’s any less marvelous it just means it’s real and so we wanted to be real in this book and we did we were we talked about lots of things and every one of those hats either Bethany or myself would take the lead so if it was my we and we know it’s funny with all the topics that we determined there was never one where both of us would all want to take the lead on that it was just so ordained that each one of us knew it was crazy how that worked out that’s not always the case but it did for this book so one of us would lead the the chapter and then whoever would come in like if it was me it would be Michelle’s Intel or if it was Bethany would be the jetliner her last name is jet and so then we would you would switch off so that she would get we felt that way every mom could find themselves whether you’re a mama boys or mama girls or a mom of little orchids or a mama of kids that are already grown so we that’s why we did it that way and each of us couldn’t talk to each topic and we get you know we didn’t always agree on everything where we don’t always I mean she’s my best friend and I call her my little sister but we we really don’t always agree on everything and in this book we didn’t we took different angles on a few things but it was it just kind of beautiful at all what was woven together we were really proud of this book we know that it was God it was definitely a god thing as you look across the spectrum of the 52 devotions that you have in the book and that doesn’t mean to say that that you’re your legalistically bound to just accomplish it in a year if it takes you two weeks to get through one there’s a lot of latitude in it and you give a lot of encouragement to exercise latitude but some of the of the messages are more memorable for you than other ones which ones really stand out for you and as you describe it to us to kind of describe it to us the way it’s described in the book if you will so we can see how the thought process is of examining the circumstance in the situation then looking at the life application of the scripture that goes with it I be happy to do that um one that really stands out we’ve kind of already talked about is they call me mean mommy we’ve had already reacted that one because I think that every mom can can relate it seems like in a household not that both parents if there are two parents in the home not that one’s always a disciplinarian but there’s usually one that’s more hands-on in the day-to-day and in our situation that was that was me because I worked from home most of the time that my girls are growing up I was able to have a freelance writing career from home for a good part of that so I was the disciplinarian a lot and that you’re gonna get to meet mommy sometimes on that so anyway my daughter Alison he was my baby she is the youngest she has always been one of those that I said if she could crawl back up in my womb she would have she just was always loving me she was a Mama’s girl whereas Abby was more of a daddy’s girl but Ali just I was her favorite just growing up as always and she I she was quite artistic even then she went to fashion school and has done designs for the adidas and Macy’s she’s quite accomplished but even then she was really with art and she would draw a beautiful picture so she drew this beautiful Mother’s Day card for me I mean it was so the art was just gorgeous I had you know she’d really taken time to do my favorite colors and had to speed up those scenes of flowers and she’s smart had sparkles on it she took some time for this and then so I couldn’t wait to read it right and it says you know happy Mother’s Day mama and then you open it up and it’s like the message was you’re not mean all the time I mean boy it was heartfelt I mean I just I couldn’t help but laugh because you don’t get much more real than that and like I said they don’t really have a Hallmark section of cards for that but she made her own and then but the whole message of that is it’s not fun to be the mean mommy but sometimes you have you can’t be when they’re growing up you can’t be their friend you’re their friend you love them but you have to be the mom those who there’s a scene from a movie called Mean Girls where the mom is trying to be this cool mom she’s like I’m not like the other moms on the cool mom and you know she tries to get in what’s the four one one she’s asking all these things and it you know you make you’re embarrassed for her as a mom like oh my goodness I never want to be like that but you see someone’s cross over into that trying to be their children’s friend too early but mom I’m good Frenchified kids now because they’re wrong but you have to be that mom you have to say no and when you don’t want to say no and sometimes that’s gonna make you the mean mommy and so we talk about that and then we talk about how I’m not having the mom guilt and you know sticking to your guns not being mean in the sense that you’re yelling at the children and you know using force in that way but just that you have to you have to hold your ground you you can’t give them an inch sometimes and you’ll figure that out as you as you parent but that was part of that that was that story that people are definitely messaging us about and thinking and spending and so we but we go through them and week after we will give the funny story or whatever story then we always have like I said with what God calls you and so that’s that has been that has been a good thing to have in here so even if we let’s say that you read the story and you get a chuckle and you’re encouraged we that’s great and we glad that we could do that for you but we would we want you to take something away that’s gonna like minister to your actual spirit and so that’s why we always have in there like a little prayer and a scripture there was another one in here where um it’s called they call me supporter and I talked about once that my the girl unless the girls left the nest you are just at least for me I was so excited about them calling or or texting me or just hearing from them because they were busy with with college classes Abby was studying to for early child education and she was a college in Florida at the time and Allison was all the way out in Los Angeles and you know that’s a long way from Indiana so it was she was she was always she skipped a grade she’s a lot older or like younger for her class than most and I mean she was seventeen and a half I mean I remember leaving her outfit and at Los Angeles I’m thinking god this can’t be your will I mean she’s too young to leave here a bit but it was it was hard for me so I always looked for her text and this and though they call me support her which was the one that I want another one that I led she’s just sending me all of these texts like one right after the other and and I’m you know I’m frantically texting back and stuff and you know it was just as parenting adult kids I think one of the things I’ve learned is that and you know when they were like in high school there’s a there’s a fine line of being their rescuer being their Savior they already have one they don’t need us and then letting them actually sometimes fail and learn from that you know we want to come in as moms we’re usually we’re usually list checker offers and we are the fixers we fix everything but sometimes when we fix everything we Rob God the opportunity of being God in their life and being the fixer and that’s what I had to learn that’s what I talked about in that particular devotion is that yes I you know I’m reassuring her that God is a plan and you know she was in that final year of college where they’re saying have you had interviews you know are you do you have a job secured and she’s realizing I don’t want any of that I mean I’m just trying to make a Xand and I don’t have this future and she was so overwhelmed with the fact that she didn’t know what her next step was and I mean everybody goes through that when they’re you know that last year of college or even last year high school and so I was trying to be sure you know Jeremiah 29:11 God has a plan for you but you know I mean you don’t have to know it right now he’ll reveal it to you and then I loved it I rather than preaching a sermon and I mean I just I was texting her little things um you know God had it and she has been a very always disciplined to read in her devotion and things both girls have understood the importance of a quiet time with God but her devotion that day was the verse I’d given her there’s no way you can plan that kind of stuff and it was all just about she wrote back exactly what it was a Jesus calling devotion actually so it was she wrote back and she goes mom I got my sign and it was just exactly she took a screenshot of that devotion for the day it was everything I’d already we’d already talked about back and forth and I just I mean I cried I thought wow even as hard as that was for me not to just go on this huge tangent with her and you know begin and I might instinct was well let me help you start researching for jobs I’ll send out some resumes for you and you know I’ve got a lot of contacts in the industry and let me that was not my position that was not what she needed for me she just needed me to be a supporter a prayer warrior for her and to let God be God and he was and see that meant much more to her than me fixing it for her so it’s really important that I think as whatever your children are in their journey to let God be God for them like you said earlier you your faith has to be your own faith that’s the biggest thing we can do for our children is to let God be God in their life and then the the thing that God calls me is God caused me to be still was our was our verse there just be still and know that I’m God sometimes that’s the hardest thing to do for moms for us to be still and just let God work in our kids lives and not try to take over because we want to fix it because we love him so much but just know that God loves them even more so those are the kinds of things that we talk about real life things that happened you know from the trenches we always say we’re right there with you and we just want kit and I think that my co-author always says isn’t is so true we want a mom to know that you’re not in this alone that you may feel alone the devil want you to think you’re alone in this you may feel like the meanest mommy ever or that you can’t do it right but you’re not alone in this everybody spelt like that at some time I want you to know that work that we prayed over you we prayed over all the readers and that you’re not you’re not miss little God’s with you all the time it’s it’s more than just encouraging it’s real and in this reality it had to have been for you and Bethany an opportunity to revisit some decisions that were not well made that you reflected on and kind of revisited and maybe even had an emotional response to it not from a regret perspective but saying wow if I only knew then what I knew now I wouldn’t have done it that way every parent is going to go through that we actually have on this program the no regrets our with with Rhonda stoppie who is the no regrets woman and all of our books are about living life without regrets and so we have an hour devoted every month to living a life without regret and they’re new topics all the time always to do with families and living and with life choices about how that Paul said not that I’ve accomplished this but this I do forgetting what’s behind I press on to the prize in the high calling of Messiah for you as you revisited these did you have those kind of moments where you reflected back is this going to be a reminder for parents to kind of dial in the lens just a little sharper so that they can look back and maybe understand why their child is responding today to them in a certain way because something that happened 10 years ago and as they revisit it in this text they should open themselves up to that real reflection of past circumstances that may have impact on today’s relationship that is so true and I think in all of that we wanted we were very careful about because we know that that’s going to bring up some of that it didn’t s as we wrote this book that if your children are grown or your estranged from your children you know that happens today I’m I’m thankful it hasn’t happened to me but I have friends that are in that situation where for whatever reason one of their children is has wandered from God and is then shut them out as well that’s heartbreaking and and whether it was of your fault or not whether you played a part in that the fact that there’s no communication between you and your child is just it’s horrible and so we want you to know that it’s never too late if that’s the situation you find yourself in or even if your children living at home and you’re still shut out they’re still not talking to you they’re going through something themselves or they don’t they don’t confide and you like they used to or all of a sudden you’re the bad guy and you don’t know how that happened I just want you to know it’s not too late every single mom if they’re being honest has walked through those seasons where you didn’t feel like you were doing it right that you don’t feel like you maybe gave them what they needed and so there’s this disconnect I mean every child is different even though there may be even if they ain’t the same jeans every everybody’s different with my daughter Abby and she’s a pastor’s wife and she works with children she’s just a really amazing gal I’m gonna be her afraid even if I was in her mom she’s just amazing gal but Abby and I we went through some tough years very tough years when she was a teenager where I would say Lord just take me home now it’s just there were some of those nights I thought I just don’t know if I can do another day she was my stubborn pushed the limits gal even though raised in a Christian home and we raised them both the same she was the one that was that kept me on my knees a lot more than Ali and I just know that there I would spend a lot of time at you and my Bible study just you know I just say yes please keep playing praying for ABI it was a tough season and nothing nothing i when I look back you can see a million things maybe you did wrong where you yelled are you you’d grounded them and then that was the wrong thing to do and did you did you see the signs where she was having anger and like you know you can look back they replay your vision gonna be 20/20 from this side but the time you’re just doing the best you can do you know you’re you’re seeking God you’re asking for yourself and your parenting but day in and day out sometimes you just feel like you’re not getting it right because they’re not changing but what we don’t see is it’s kind of like the wind you really don’t always see the wind at work but the wind is constantly changing the topography of the earth I mean that that’s that’s the nature of when it changes but we don’t really see it but over time the erosion can be great and you can look back years later and say my goodness it’s so different that’s kind of bat loads with ABI the wind was always at work the Holy Spirit was always at working her I just couldn’t always see it so that’s when you really have to trust God because now she’s such an amazing woman and I always said if if God can it return on that stubbornness and I see sassiness I ran for him she will be mighty in the kingdom and that is exactly what’s happened so I always go back to the verse where says your children rise and call you blessed the thing is doesn’t say what day that’s gonna be it may not be tomorrow but hang on mama because it is coming that’s our promise because I got a text from her two mothers days ago where she was sitting in service and said mom I just wanted you know I’ll cry every time I share this that I’m you but your as I listen about all the things I’m mom is in this service today you were all those things to me and I hope I can be a good mom to my two kids as you’ve been to me and I’m telling you if you’d have told me when she was 16 I never get a text like that I would have said you were crazy because that was not the relationship that we had though I wanted it so there is redemption there is restoration and it’s not too late if your relationship with your children isn’t what you would like it to be just our today trust God in all of it because I promise you that is your verse they will arise and call you blessed just didn’t say what day is there an underlying theme in the book and I kind of got assent to this of power of life and death is in the tongue and that what you say in how you measure your words and how you respond instead of react and how you have an outlet for prayer before you address that it kind of is a mini retreat within your own home within your own room you go to your room pick this up and read what’s going on and and because of the way you’ve named the the different days it doesn’t have to be done in order it may be that today it’s I’m exhausted or today supersuit because I think I think my kids up to something on the internet and I think they’ve been texting with the wrong kind of people and I’m concerned about that so before I you know put the spyware on or before I put the hammer down or before I say that I’ve got to check your phone every night this is an opportunity to measure that way it seek the Lord about how to respond so that you’re not cursing that you are always blessing and I saw this almost as a a lifeline keep this by the bed and when you encounter these kind of situations and you’re looking for Al it’s one thing to go to the straight to the Bible and certainly encourage that if you’re a master of Scripture you know exactly where to look but if you’re not and 80% of the the churchgoers today are not that profoundly able to open up their Bible to a particular passage looking for knowing Philippians for knowing the very important passenger to sustain you with a thought life or unwholesome talk or any of those kind of things like like you know James that life and death is in the tongue but to go to a resource like this and kind of in the table of contents see what it is that you’re identifying with right now in the moment and take that moment and use that to reflect before you respond and I see it being a useful tool for mothers and for fathers and you know every time I have a mom book on and we have a bomb book on at least once a week we do three hours a day of live TV we’ve interviewed over 1,800 authors on this program and there’s there’s a mom every week for a year in year out and I always tell them dads go through the exact same thing and this is also a springboard for dialog between parents if it’s and listen I’ve counseled many a couple and told the husband sometimes you hear from the Lord he sounds just like your wife and this is the foundation of some of that as the wife obtains wisdom and has the time to and although extremely busy both are busy the husband being provider protector he’s he’s doing his manly man thing and and mom is doing the nurturing and the in the detail grunt work of it in order to bring that the husband into the team to make them understand that they have and what you’re contending with and and why things are length they are and why these dialogues why your one daughter is storming away from the dinner table on a regular basis and and he just looks and goes what what have you done to her what do you do to her what do you say tar all day long they you know what’s with the two of you why can you not get along this gives you a way to articulate some of these things to be able to have those kind of real communications so you know when I look at these devotionals and servo tional from mom it’s also an equipping tool it’s also I can’t find the words myself to explain but hand it to your husband say here read this this is what’s been going on okay you haven’t been able to connect with it you haven’t understood it you haven’t ever seen it but this is exactly what’s happening with me and our son with me and our daughter and that’s going to bring that empathy that compassion that understanding into what this experience is and and it’s not just for the edification of the mom this is for the edification of the family too and it’s important that we look at works like this not as oh it’s just a woman’s devotional and you know it’s purely for the woman this is a communication tool it’s a safe haven it’s a lifeline in difficult times and I hope that you will continue to promote it that way and make it more inclusive because it is a catalyst for discussion there’s things in here that I’ve never heard articulated that way and explained that this is what a mom might be contending with I know the things I contended with my daughter identify with many of them that I contented with and I was the Bally dad I was the one that had to do the hair and the makeup and you know when she said put my hair in a bun I reach for a hot dog bun I had no clue what she was talking about but but I highly recommend this book they call me Mom 52 encouraging devotions for every moment by Michelle Medlock Adams and Bethany yet fortunately we’ve run out of time but michelle has been delight to have you on the program thank you for this contribution please pass our thanks on to Bethany and really look at it as this incredible tool this this launchpad for meaningful dialogue between mothers and fathers about the upbringing of kids so that they can put the team back in and it’s not just an unloading on hubby as soon as the kids go to bed and it makes for meaningful dialogue so thank you for your contribution to bringing Shalom into the home thank you so much means a lot god bless you we’re gonna take a short break and when we come back we’ll bring in the next edition of revealing the truth.

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