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Natalie Snapp

October 10, 2019 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am CDT

Author of:
The Bathsheba Battle: Finding Hope When Life Takes an Unexpected Turn

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Interview Transcript

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Shalom and welcome to this edition of revealing the truth for cover the headlines the heartlines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Erik Walker who hasn’t had their lives turned upside down when things haven’t gone as planned we understand there are consequences to our decisions but how do we deal with the after-effects of the choices of others there are other times when things happen beyond anyone’s control circumstances can leave us feeling hurt and stuck but God promises healing and hope for all the story of Bathsheba may seem like an unlikely source of information but our next guest Nathalie snap-snap explains Bathsheba is often portrayed as the adulteress as though she was a vixen with the intent to tempt David and hopefully take her on as his wife however the fact remains that she was a victim of David’s own desires and paid a very dear price for her sin when you hear the name Bathsheba what is your first thing that comes to mind vixen or victim Bathsheba typically misrepresented as an adulteress is one of the most misunderstood women in the Bible despite an unexpected turn in her life which resulted in tragic circumstances beyond her control there are glimmers of Hope in her story in fact transformation happens during renovation Nathalie chambers Snap is an author blogger and speaker known for refreshing authenticity and practical approach to life and God’s Word not choosing to follow Jesus until the age of 27 a baby because I was 44 she is passionate about sharing the grace mercy and truth of God’s love with others regardless of your track record her transparency or transparency and humor endear her to women of all ages she’s the author of the book heart sisters be the friend you want to have becoming heart sisters a Bible study authentic friendships and the Bathsheba battle finding hope when life takes an unexpected turn she is written for various blogs and online devotionals including proverbs 31 you can learn more about Natalie at Natalie snap SNA PP dot-com here to talk about the Bathsheba battle finding hope when life takes an unexpected turn is the oh so late in life coming to faith Natalie chambers she’s not badly welcome to revealing the truth thank you it’s great to be with you today well that’s great to have you I was 44 when I said we all come in at different times right the important thing is that we come in and different flavors I came in as the Jewish flavor that’s the that’s that is definitely not the flavor of the month to come to faith but I came out of the synagogue into the synagogue I’ve never been a part of Christianity in my life so alone yeah I’m I’m on the what would you call it chasing the shady side of Illinois 270 or my lights the sunny side it’s very very interesting when you come later in life because you have observations and you have preconceived notions and you have ideas and when you finally come to faith you find out that there’s truth and then there’s truth and then there’s truth and then there’s truth and you’re really confused because this one does this way and this one does it this way and they both say that they’re right that’s right so it’s got to be kind of hard how was it for you I would agree with you on that in fact it just had that conversation with my son I have fourteen-year-old daughter and a 12 year old son an 11 year old son so I have one full-fledged teenager and one coming right on the heels and you know I think a lot of times teenagers ask hard questions and I never discouraged her questions especially hard questions about faith so he asked me not too long ago that very question he wanted to know you know mom he’s got friends that are a different face and they believe that their BAE is right and how can we say that our way is right my answer to him was you have to seek truth and make your faith your own at some point this is what I believe and this is what I’m telling you but you still must respect the beliefs of other people and you still must decide on your own what you believe and then you live by that so you and I may believe different things that’s completely ok we can still come together and have a conversation that is respectful which i think is so lacking in our world today we can still sit by each other you know I just think it’s so funny that this picture of Ellen and George W Bush sitting together has just blown up on social media because it’s so foreign I mean this makes news to people who have opposing views or sitting together and chose to sit together at an event and it’s such a big deal and why is it that should be Neil because we don’t know how to have conversations so that are healthy about our differences so while I believe in one way I’m never going to walk in and sit down next to you and start telling you that you’re wrong and my way is right that’s not the way that change ever happens nor is it my agenda to try to change you it’s so interesting that people feel like they have and we’re trying to rattle this off as fast as I can the ability the responsibility the power the authority the rate the entitlement the knowledge the wherewithal the strength the god-given power to change anyone right right okay I I came to faith and my am I in my confession was not just that I was a sinner I am NOT God and I knocked the Holy Spirit and when I opened up the Atlanta journal-constitution and I looked at the one ads I looked up and I looked at alphabetically and it did not there was no Holy Spirit position open and then I went to the I went to the first to the V to the T for the V cuz I thought would be the God but they don’t want to just straight the G to God and that wasn’t open either great alright our thought process that we that and and and I want to make this is clear because this isn’t just for you this is for the millions of people that are watching us right now around the world the moment you go to God and you say Lord I want you to change so and so you have said to him you have made a mistake you didn’t do it right and I know better than you how that person’s supposed to be raped that is the five I wills of the Book of Isaiah Satan said all five of them and you’re just saying one of them and you’re standing there right before the throne of God saying my husband he needs a change that that man needs to change not my husband Europe okay my husband’s needs change I don’t have a husband okay here’s some sane people people do this all the time all right Lord Lord please change my husband no Lord let there be change let it begin with me I do think we can say please heal my husband or please heal somebody that is struggling and ask for God ask for them to humble themselves and open their hearts to the healing that God can provide but only you’re exactly right and I totally agree with you only the Holy Spirit can change people we just have to pray that people will humble themselves to what the Holy Spirit has for them and that absolutely includes us in fact that’s something I pray every morning that my heart will be humble and soft to what he has for me to learn that day it’s very very important the prayer that God really wants us to ask is David is the example search me Oh God search me I don’t know are you Pentecostal charismatic spirit filled matenda Dan on denominational Church okay coach does any of God okay I’m a Pentecostal charismatic spirit-filled Jew okay okay that means that I take this and everything that’s in it I do it all okay if it’s in there I do it if it’s in the odds word I’m fine with it if it means I can walk by a dead person and say get up and they get up and I keep on walking I don’t make a big deal out of it because it’s in the Word of God okay it’s just it’s just how I feel God wants us to to present to him our hands and your pastor probably told you this is surrender but this is worship and this is this and this is that and the Bible says who can go up to the mountain of the Lord the one with clean hands and so what am I doing when I’m lifted my hands to the Lord I’m saying search me Oh God look at my hands see what I’ve set my hands to do and if they are clean then let me up the mountain Lord and if they are not Lord God correct me washed me wash me with the word wash me with with the the the water of the word with with with the fullness of the word cleanse me so that I may return to you O Lord God and this this was all from the the adulterous murdering lying cheating stealing conniving David great a man after God’s own heart that’s correct how do we how do we get to this story how do we get to date but how do we get to understand this man whose promise to him shall be the source of our everlasting hope our second Peter 3:15 hope is that God will be faithful to the Covenant he made with David that there will always be a Jew to sit on the throne of Israel and right now the throne is empty there is no throne but when I throne is built that is coming a Jew sitting in it and it’s going to be Jesus so how did this guy this this adulterer this Philander this this and and and how did he get to the position of having people do his bidding not just because it was King but because he was beloved it’s a difference Pharaoh was king he was not beloved never Fidesz er was king and they’re not beloved yeah David was king he was beloved which is probably also you know I think we see it even now in our celebrity culture where people will elevate themselves and they think they’re invincible they’re untouchable and they’re entitled and my guess and something that I say in the Bathsheba battle is you know God hasn’t changed his recipe for making people we still have emotions and we still have happiness and joy and grief there are definitely cultural changes from back in biblical times and and before Jesus and it definitely different things that we were facing however were still created with the same recipe he hasn’t changed that so I can’t help but wonder if David struggled a little bit with his power and and the love that the people had for him and so that entitlement led him to the exploitation of Bathsheba and really probably will not probably the biggest stumble that King David experienced and something that really really humbled him before the Lord was was where his actions with Bathsheba and Uriah what led you so here you are 27 years old you’re just soaking it all in you you’re now let’s let’s call this kind of a halfway mark 27 Live 27 years behind 27 years to go to reach an age of biblical maturity I consider about 20 25 years in the Lord or a biblical mature person so you’re you’re you’re right there you’re right on the cusp you’re 27 years old you you’ve seen life you know really quickly I’m not 27 I’m 46 now I didn’t become a follower or a believer until 27 right right that’s correct yeah I’m with you there okay no no we’re talking about when you know we’re talking about when you came to faith yeah when you came to faith you were 27 years old so I’m saying like if we were to look at that it’s a halfway point to biblical maturity you’re getting you’re getting closer and closer as years go by to where you don’t need to carry the Bible with you everywhere because the word of ahead to my heart you’ve got great messages great studies things have become a part of you there’s things you don’t know but there’s things that you are attracted to knowing things you want to know you have your wish list your to-do list so my question to you is when did Bathsheba hit your radar it’s a great question well you had mentioned that my first book was hurt sisters and in heart sisters I have a section where I talk about the super 7 sisters and it’s basically looking at the women of the Bible and maybe different friend personality that we know who might relate to the different women throughout the Bible for example your Mary friend is someone who’s your prayer warrior because we see that Mary was just such a faithful prayer warrior and so loyal you’re Debra friend is someone who gives good wise counsel when you need it your Bathsheba friend is someone who’s been through really really hard stuff and lived to tell about it and has therefore gained wisdom so every time I would go on out on the speaking circuit two different speaking engagements and we would discuss those super seven sisters usually a break followed right about that point and I had so many women come up to me and say hey I’m a Bathsheba Bay that’s what I called him cuz I am too and it got me thinking that if this many women were i identifying with the way I was describing Bathsheba not the way she’s usually portrayed but the way that I was describing her which is how I described her in the book then we might need to explore this a little bit further so it really got me thinking about how she is so often misrepresented that she is portrayed oftentimes as you said a vixen or an adulteress but when we really study the story of Bastion bat we don’t see any evidence of her miss stepping anywhere she was bathing in a courtyard heard a lot of people believe she was up on a rooftop but she was actually bathing where she in a basin in the courtyard of her home now this sounds scandalous by today’s standards of course but when we remember that there wasn’t indoor plumbing back then this was customary for women following menstruation to do original cleansing and that’s exactly what she was doing King David on the other hand was on the rooftop of his palace he was located nearby and from his vantage point he could look right down into the courtyard and see that shaded Bathsheba’s scuse me bathing that’s a tongue twister and so he looked down and saw this beautiful woman and already King David wasn’t where he was supposed to be because his men were out fighting a war and back then it was customary for Kings to go be right alongside their men in battle so already we see David where he wasn’t supposed to be which is so true of sin when we choose sin oftentimes were not somewhere we should be and so we see that in David he looks down he wants to know who she is he finds out who she is then he summons her to the palace now we have to stop and think about that too for just a minute back then if Bathsheba did not follow that royal command what would have happened to her the consequences for not obeying the king back then were pretty severe so she’s no dummy she goes to the ballot and while there they have sexual relations the bible does not say anything other than that they were intimate however there are theologians that believe that she was sexually assaulted by David these are things that we do not absolutely no but since God didn’t change his recipe for people I’m guessing that she’s summoned to the palace and the King wants to have sex with her I don’t think she had much of a choice so then Bathsheba becomes pregnant and notifies David and he begins to panic because he realizes that he’s gotten himself into quite a pickle too just like any other time we sin it will take you further and further down the spiral further than you ever plan to go so instead of confessing and coming forward and saying I messed up I did something wrong his plan was to cover it up and his way to cover that up is to call Uriah who happened to be Bathsheba’s husband and also one of his most revered warriors who was out fighting the battle where David should have been to begin with calls him back from battle and his strategy is to prepare a huge banquet with lots of wine and send him home to visit his wife David strongly suggested Bri you should go home and visit your wife and everybody knows what that means because that way if your ayah goes home and visits Bathsheba if they have sex he can pawn that baby off as Uriah’s and go on his merry way but what he didn’t anticipate was the fact that you’re I was such a man of noble character and integrity and he refused to go visit his wife and have sexual relations with his wife when his men were fighting in a battle so he believed and he followed the king’s orders just like yet bathsheba did and left the battle and went to see the king but he slept with the servants not one night but two because david tried twice on the second night it became apparent that that Uriah was not going to cooperate this plan so he goes back to battle now here’s what David does next and this is where you talk about him being a murderer he sends Uriah to the frontline of the battle where of course he’s killed immediately so now we have Bathsheba who is possibly been sexually assaulted likely in my opinion she’s pregnant and her husband is now dead after a certain period of time she is forced to marry the man who did all these things to her and at this point Nathan who was a prophet during the time goes to David and offers a great story that convicts David and makes him see what he has and David thankfully is humbled and repentant however there’s always a consequence to our sentence there’s always going to be disciplined and I explained this it’s a really hard thing I think sometimes to understand about God because if we can think of God as a good parent he is a good good father if we can think of him in that way you know with my own children and anyone who has children if we don’t discipline them when they misstep then what’s going to happen they’re not gonna take us seriously they’re not going to respect us and they’re not gonna learn so the discipline unfortunately in this situation was the life the the child that Bathsheba was caring and that child died soon after he was born so now we have Bathsheba who is married to the man who caused a lot of trauma in her life I heard a child dies her firstborn child dies it’s a really sad story when we look at it there thankfully it doesn’t end there though and we can see – just like what we were talking about before Bathsheba did not do any of this on her own this was all done to her now there are times when our own choices and situations have consequences that we bring on ourselves but in this situation Bathsheba’s not really guilty of anything unfortunately though she had to pay the price of someone else’s choices and someone else’s sin which that happens in our lives now – we can be in a situation where you know someone else’s sin someone else’s actions are having a negative impact and hurting and devastating us and that was the same situation for Bathsheba so thankfully the story does not end there Bathsheba becomes pregnant again and they give birth to King Solomon and of course King Solomon was a wasn’t perfect like his dad but he was a very revered and respected wise King wrote all the Proverbs most of the Proverbs and many theologians believe and this is the part that I love that Bathsheba proverbs 31 as a letter to King Solomon 2 for what to look for in his future wife but what I love the most about Bathsheba’s story is we we see someone who had a lot of really unfortunate things happen to her in her life but she chose to be a survivor rather than a victim and we see evidence of that in first Kings 1 when she goes to David on his deathbed and this is my favorite favorite part of the story I think where we can all glean such hope and the reason why she goes to him on his deathbed he’s doesn’t have long to live and back then it was not considered respectful for even the wife to approach the King on the deathbed so this was a bold move nathan is still around and he had gone to Bathsheba and he said listen David’s other son Adonijah is threatening to usurp the throne from Solomon somewhere along the line David had promised Solomon to be the rightful heir that’s not recorded in Scripture but there’s references to it the exact moment is not in Scripture but there are references to it so Nathan advises Bathsheba to approach King David because what he feared could happen was that Adonijah would have Bathsheba and Solomon killed so that they would not be a threat to the throne so Bathsheba summons up her courage and I also love how she knew how to speak to her husband in a way that he could hear so she had great wisdom on how to communicate she had great courage and she went to his throne I’m sorry she went to his deathbed and explained the situation and that is how Solomon became King so when we look at the percussion we see someone that had terrible things happen who chose to be a survivor who later had a voice of empowerment and I think that’s the number one thing that we can take from Bathsheba’s story today that we don’t have to be victims that we might have had unfortunate things happen to us or maybe we’ve had unfortunate things happen at our own hand but we don’t have to stay under shame and we certainly don’t to remain victims in fact God doesn’t want us to remain victims and I believe completely that shame is straight from the enemy so getting out you said it very clearly transformation happens during renovation that’s a that’s a very concise way but I want to give you a section of the Hebrew narrative taking the translation from the text and telling you summarizing for you what just happened so if Bathsheba’s portrait is passive in her early relationship with David she becomes strongly active toward the end of David’s life and her successful attempt to ensure their son off Solomon won’t hair at the throne first King 1 shows her plotting along with the Prophet Nathan and of the supporters of Solomon to convince David that he’s promised the kingship to Solomon David is by now a pathetic figure who has lost control over his sons long ago the first three of David’s sons already died and the succession will be decided between the fourth son Adam Nevada and the debt and the destined heir Solomon the operative familiar relationship is the mother-son relationship and is emphasized in the way the narrator refers to the characters in first Kings 1:5 who says a dinner jah son of hagath and Bathsheba Solomon’s mother the wording yes very interesting the wording okay establishes everything is in the wording mhm and this is why the establishment of Solomon mother being Bathsheba and looking at where she stood in the heart of David was the determining factor and it supports an absolute act in Scripture that in the Old Testament of the 6350 six roughly different Hebrew words used to write the Old Testament not a single word of the Medes brain hmm because the managers don’t think with his brain all right so a man thinks with his heart right right right and so therefore the way we present words are meant to either pierce the heart because it’s in love to pierce the heart to convict or to pierce the heart to judge yeah and when it was presented in first Kings one in five as a dunnage ah son of hagath and then six verses later Bathsheba Solomon’s mother that was a heart shift absolutely very good point I love that and that and that is the in in the Hebrew narrative as we look at how how could what what’s the what’s the pivot point what changed where does the narrative change it changes in the word order in the presentation and it changes to the place in which all decisions are made and that is the heart we’re lost we’re talking with Natalie chambers snapped the author of the new book the Bathsheba battle finding hope when life takes an unexpected turn couldn’t be more unexpected than bathing on your rooftop and finding out that you are now chosen by the king and life takes on a whole new direction or take a short break and when we come back we’re and dig in to some of the more profound discoveries of what do we do how do we make this practical how do we take this lesson and why does God give it to us and what does he expect us to do with it does he thank us does he expect us to follow the path that she followed take the stand that she stood in the beginning or in the middle or in the end or maybe our growth is to go from passive learn grow grow and wisdom growing knowledge so that we may become strong and phrase and appeal to God in the way that will bring 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an unexpected turn Natalie great to have you back with us Thank You Natalie you sure about the hardship and this woman your own life that provided some of the inspiration for the Bathsheba battle 99% of all books are written to the author first yes not to the reader absolutely true and the cathartic the therapeutic the epiphanic I’m gonna I’m going to add words to English language it’s it’s been a language that’s fascinating to me all my life because I can already speak it the things that you’ve been through when you look back on them and we don’t need to know what you’ve been through because that’s not what’s important great as a matter of fact when people give their testimonies and we do Jason and I go out and and we’ll do a program in a city in front of a group and people give their testimonies we’ll tell them we don’t want to know what happened before we want to know what’s happened since now your reference can be you know it didn’t start out this way that’s fine a mine didn’t start out that way okay I came out of the board room of two major fortune 500 companies didn’t start out in ministry didn’t start out at 44 I came out of the synagogue where I was trained I was third every third generation of my families a rabbi deeply entrenched in it all right but you had disappoint me you had hardship yes and you didn’t know what to do with it no how how did this journey help you reconcile that journey hmm well that is a very deep and poignant question I would say that I am still in the process of becoming I don’t ever plan to be completely whole on this side of heaven so but it did begin I think that when we go through trauma well we go through and a lot of times trauma gets thrown out there and we think that people who suffered trauma are people who have had really big things happened divorce the death of a child accidents natural disasters but trauma actually impacts us in smaller events as well I believe that trauma happens when we can when something happens in our life that separates it into a before and an after so when I was 27 years old I had a couple of things happened to me that allowed me to reassess what I believed and that was my before and after point and so from that point on I began to seek how to survive empowered rather than being a victim based on the things that I had walked through and my up-and-down childhood preceding that I could have very easily chosen to lay down and kind of take down the more what was me type of attitude but I just did not have that in me so I began to really seek God and read the Bible and decide for myself what I believed I had been raised what we always call Cree stirs we went to church at Christmas and Easter we went to church when it was convenient if there was a Sunday we wanted to sleep in and lay it we did it wasn’t a huge priority now I will say my mom has always had a strong faith and she she used those words in our home when we were growing up so I was raised around it but I didn’t even know what the word gospel meant when people started talking to me about the gospel when I was 27 I really seriously thought they were talking about the gospel music I was so confused I did not know what that was and so thankfully I got to see God place several resources and people in my path right when I was seeking Him to answer questions like that and one of them was a representative from an organization called priority associates and they’re essentially what we used to call Campus Crusade they’re now called khru but they are a division of Cru that targets people after college and so I had met this woman Marcy and she and I began to meet for coffee once a week and work through some studies and what I really loved about Marcy is that she listened to me without judgment you know you don’t get to the age of 27 and not have done some things you’re not super proud of and that was certainly me I went to college and I had all kinds of fun in college and I made choices that I shouldn’t have made that I wouldn’t have made after I had become a follower of Jesus but that’s part of my story and so for the first time ever I felt like Marcy listened to me without judgment and she said to me none of that matters you are loved and forgiven and hearing that message at the time when I had just gone for some very very big trauma two big events had happened within three months of one another that was the message I needed to hear and so instead of coming at me in a judgmental really kind of strict way she came at me with love and grace which is what we’re told over and over again we’ll reach the hearts of more people and that’s no different for mine did she lead with John 3:17 or John 3:16 I can’t remember well when you think about that because most people know John 3:16 cut the number in half as the hook as to who knows John 3:17 and John 3:17 is the only part that makes John 3:16 power and real and applied and freeing just because God just because you have eternal life ok I have eternal life great but he did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world no he sent him to save the world and that’s what people don’t understand great and his sadee deenus through his greatest in love and so you were able to receive that in spite of your so I’m gonna ask you the magic question so here you are you’ve gone through this difficult time and you’re struggling you’re you’re not only are you reciting to a third party you’re reliving it you’re actually facing it you are taking not a mirror you’re actually standing in one of those three-way mirrors that you stand in when you get fitted for your seeing you’re not only seeing it head-on but you’re seeing it on both sides coming at you and you’re realizing that this is all much bigger much more encompassing than my little one-dimensional dissertation on the description of it it’s pretty big yes what was it what was it the tote that allowed you and gave you the strength to take one more step well during that season it was learning about my new faith and feasting and making up for lost time on God’s Word so once I was presented with the gospel and understood that it wasn’t music I mean it is music but when we talk about receiving the gospel it means something different once I accepted Jesus I just I’ve heard it called a quickening spirit I just was hungry I wanted to know I went to feast on his word and I immersed myself in learning about God and in and why he gave us Jesus and what his intention for this world is and who he truly is because I think like Bathsheba Jesus is misrepresented quite a bit so I really am a lover of truth I want to know the truth and so I embarked on a journey that I continued to this day of just feasting on that scripture so during that time I was able to stand on the rock of the truth and even when I was standing on a rock and the storms and the waves were crashing all around me I knew I wasn’t going to sink and so I think that’s the message that we can see in Bathsheba’s story and what anyone else who has gone through an unexpected turn and let’s face it who hasn’t I don’t really know many people who had can say that their life has never once taken an unexpected turn so when we find ourselves and midst of that and we we see we ask ourselves why me or gosh I didn’t see this coming we can stand on the rock of God’s truth in the fate and it sounds a very trite and it sounds very cliche but it’s very true and that’s what did it for me and that’s what did it for Bathsheba exactly she knew because of David she knew the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob she came into a family back door side door wrong door right door doesn’t matter once you’re in you’re in and it to come as you are and God may hold you accountable and there are consequences pruning but in the case of the pruning of Bathsheba brought forth the king who built the temple the one who had been predetermined that David had been told that would not be him but it would be his son Solomon it would not be his son that he would have that would die by Bathsheba he knew he heard you knew he already knew that this wasn’t the son so for whatever comfort there was he knew until Solomon was born and to his joy into his delight it was a gift to him absolutely Bathsheba great so God will use a broken vessel to deliver the whole message yes that’s right we don’t have to be whole for him to be holy that’s right so as you journey through these difficult times you saw how comparison how fear all these things robbed you of your joy and were robbing others their joy absolutely what message do you have for those that are still struggling those that are still fighting with the Pinterest the Instagram the Facebook the YouTube the my tube the the test-tube all of it yeah well okay so I mentioned earlier that I have teenagers so we talk about social media every day in our house it is definitely a vehicle to breed in gratitude because what happens is and there have been studies done on this I’m currently working to get my mental health counseling degree in graduate school and we have actually written on studies on this topic when women in particular but men do it too when they scroll through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook they actually start to report higher levels of depression and anxiety the longer they spend on social media why is that because of comparison because we forget that we’re seeing everybody’s highlight reel so nobody is putting on Facebook you know this morning and this is a true story this morning my dog is sick and he had some issues all over my my living room rug and about 10 minutes before I was going to sit down with you and then my son’s school called and said that I needed to come get him and because he was sick and it was posting stuff like that they’re posting how great their marriage is and how they’re celebrating 18 years of marriage and listen I’m all for that but what they’re not sharing it I wonder what it took to get you to 18 years was it always roses probably not we’re not sharing the real truth on our social media platforms we’re sharing and a highlight reel and there’s nothing wrong with that because I’m not saying that we need to tell everyone everything but we do have to remember when we’re scrolling through know that we’re just seeing the best of everybody’s lives when we understand that truth then we’re protected we’re wearing armor from God of truth were protected when we’re engaging in social media but if we don’t understand that truth we’re gonna fall easily into the trap of comparison and comparison is when we look sideways at what others have instead of up for what about what God has for us in comparison really is rooted in fear because I believe that fear is really at the heart of almost every negative emotion so if we’re comparing ourselves we’re usually fearful that we’re not enough or that we’re not getting it done so it can be traced back to fear shame is very embedded in fear shame tells us that we’re a bad person instead of we did something bad that needs to repent us and that’s rooted in fear so a lot of this can be traced back to fear and acknowledging that we’re feeling that way and identifying that fear is the first way to combat that I would love to see you walk out of this room take a Sharpie take your refrigerator door and put in six boxes okay you have how many you have three children I do write to a husband yourself and the dog all right chewed up to two dogs so now you put both dogs together okay and call it things that really happened that I will never post on Facebook and every day walk down the steps and look at what it is and have yourself a good laugh at the reality of it imagine the change in the countenance the mountain imagine the chains that would take place if you could share the people you love because they’re gonna find it anyways just another method to get this message across that God didn’t make a mistake when he made you he made you perfectly and wonderfully and isn’t his image we’re talking with Nathalie snap author of the new book the Bathsheba battle finding hope when life takes an unexpected turn a journey through the development the development of temptation the battlefield of temptation but the success when you’ve navigated and held firm and held on to God’s truth what God can do in building a kingdom out of what was an error that’s the God we serve in at least not thank you thank you for sharing this with us and remember the transformation happens during renovation thank you so much thank you so much it’s been a pleasure thanks god bless we’re gonna take a short break come on come back we’ll bring you the next edition of revealing the truth

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