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Paul Martini

October 8, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CDT

Author of:
Access and Release God’s Peace

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Interview Transcript

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Shalom and welcome to this edition of revealing the truth will recover the headlines the heartlines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Eric Walker what do we really know about peace is a person feeling one time experienced or could it be all of that and so much more our next guest has learned as much from the absence of peace as he has from the presence of peace paul martini director of events and an associate evangelist with global awakening travels the world extensively training teaching and part of the gifts of the Holy Spirit he is a 2011 graduate of global school of ministry and it’s currently obtaining his master’s degree in theology from global awakening Theological Seminary he has served Randy clock Clark with honor and humility traveling with him for more than four years paul is blessed with his beautiful wife Ruth and his six children based at global awakenings headquarters in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania here to talk about his new book access and release God’s peace from chaos and confusion to freedom and power is Paul martini all welcome to revealing the truth Thank You rabbi it’s an honor to be with you and to be talking about God’s peace today well it’s what a great subject when we come to this concept of Shalom and we we embrace what God says in his description of Jesus Prince of Peace Sasha loan pray for the Peace of Jerusalem that peace might be found within its walls and everybody gets it wrong you’re not praying for the Peace of Jerusalem we’re like we won’t have problems with Gaza or the Ishmaelites aren’t gonna bug us no it’s clear because of what the verse says and the next verse says it says may peace be found within your walls it’s not saying Tel Aviv it’s not saying Mount Carmel it’s saying Jerusalem and it’s saying that the Prince of Peace who was escorted out of the sheep’s gate shall be found within its walls again meaning that the walls have to be restored rebuilt there’s so much to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem that peace might be found within its walls it says everything about what is to come it is so prophetic it is so filled with hope and it’s all about peace yeah and here you’ve been able to grasp this so what’s so great in reading this story was Matt you had it easy like your the years here you walk in your house and your wife tells you she doesn’t want to be married to you anymore what a breeze it didn’t feel like it at the time yeah that’s uh it’s tragic yes I can’t think of anything more than when suck the air out of a room then having to navigate a marriage which the joy is gone and godly ungodly justified unjustified the reality is is that we as men seek after that proverbs 31 woman mm-hmm and we have no idea what it means to be a proverbs 31 man well we have no idea we knew what it took to win her heart because that’s what we were trained to do mm-hmm we were called trained subdue the earth and concrete man we did it and now that we had it we had no clue what to do with it so we worked harder to win the heart of our spouse than we did to keep it because we knew by nature God had imbued in us a power to conquer to go out and and Fred Flintstone er hit it on the head with a stick and grab her by the hair and drag her down the aisle but then what do you do and how do you do it yeah and we still don’t know do we we’re looking for insights we are looking for insights we’re now asking we’re now starting to realize that a 50% divorce rate you in the church is an abomination it’s a it’s it’s a it’s an insult to what God is trying to do with the body of Messiah when we are suffering through where the answers if the hope isn’t found in Messiah then yeah what hope is there yeah true so true that’s a hard road to navigate so take me back to little Paul I was a little Paul like a little Paul for five six seven year old little Paul yeah well I was I was the youngest of four children and my my parents are Italian Americans so it was a very you know in different ethnic cultures you know I’m sure like just like your background it’s you have your own cultural things that were very family-oriented around the table everything was done with family influence insight and I was the quietest of the Italians you know we talk loud naturally I often raise my voice when I’m talking not realizing it my wife has to tell me to tone it down because I’m right next to her it just it just comes out of habit from being in a household full of people always chattering and so but I was I was always full of hope my my father I remember he always used to put like a bed pillow sheet in my back of my pajamas and I would pretend I’m Superman jumping off couches and and I just thought I i but i but i always had a sensitivity to the lord and my parents were Roman Catholic because most Italians grow up being Catholic and they got saved in the Catholic Charismatic renewal and and then went into a Pentecostal church from there and so there was always this essence growing up of God being you know being in those services and and and hearing about about the Lord but but little Paul was always running around probably getting away with more than his older brother and sister so but uh yeah that was basically my life we grew up in Philadelphia and I was born and raised in that area and then moved out to central PA about ten years ago so from a Catholic to a what was the next step Pentecostal Pentecostal to then winding up in a charismatic manic yeah okay so kind of like me Pentecostal charismatic spirit-filled Jew you might be considered to be a Pentecostal charismatic spirit-filled Catholic yeah and they actually exist and it thrills me because my heart broke for the Catholic Church you go Pennsylvania you know that that Pennsylvania heavily Catholic influence on the two corners Pittsburgh and Philadelphia the Archdiocese of each were very huge in the we learned a very heavy heavy stick and it was almost like they left Christ knelt to the cross because they could hmm Wow because they had the power to leave him up there as a motivator and and I’ve had the opportunity to meet with many Catholic priests and I say the same thing to him I say father take him down he’s not there anymore mm-hmm he said I wish we could I wish we’d go back to the days of the first 300 years of the church when it wasn’t even legal to bring a cross into the church it was a symbol of death it wasn’t a symbol of life and leaving him up there is is as a Jew I don’t understand it yeah I think many Catholics asked the question maybe we should move into a season where we just take him down he’s not we proclaim he’s not there right but yet we see him over the door and I sang in a Catholic Boys Choir mm-hmm in Pittsburgh under father Donald McElhaney back in the 50s and the 60s and when I would walk into the church I kind of felt like that’s what happens to the Jew that sings off-key and so I had to work pretty hard to keep that’s funny to keep up but you know you have as kids we have we have different thoughts I thought Lex Luthor was the head of the Lutheran Church you know what did you know about a Lutheran Church right it makes sense then like in high school I learned that the Episcopalians used the K had the Archbishop of Canterbury mm-hmm I thought that was really cool so they used the canterbury tales’ that’s their Bible yeah these are rid you know comparative religion wasn’t something with the Jewish community embraced right we were told early on paying no attention to the others have nothing to do with them don’t intermingle and don’t have it so no nothing about them so the only thing you ever knew about Jesus was he was the god of the Gentiles he wasn’t our God he was your God the God of the Gentiles well so but you grew up in a heavily Jewish City as well yeah actually one of my best friends Orthodox Jew knew him since I was 16 and amazing person you know he ended up become very successful but he would always bring me to you know the different feasts and festivals and it was it was really fun and he would love to teach me about what he’s learning and which really gave me some background that a lot of Gentile Catholic wouldn’t really understand and even he would go through the beginning in Genesis and and you know the the first letters of how it’s you know from A to Z you know God is and and I I just I loved it and we would have we would have I would call them friendly discussions because I didn’t like to call them debates but we would talk about you know how Jesus you know how I how we believe Jesus was the Messiah and how he believed that you know nothing nothing went after the the Pentateuch and he showed me the Gomorrah and the Talmud and you know all those things and so there’s a lot of Jewish influence in Philadelphia a lot of Jewish synagogues and shoals and yeah so I there’s there’s a lot of influence like that as well and that’s it what that was great about the cities is you’d have different communities all together Italians lived right next to Jews and in their own little sex so you’re you’re you’re a nominal Christian at the point of your marriage at the at this stage of your marriage and you walk in and your wife delivers the news to you shows and love you anymore Pennsylvania is a Commonwealth and because it’s a Commonwealth people don’t understand that there’s there’s the Commonwealth of Virginia the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania the Commonwealth of the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts those are the Commonwealth they don’t operate like states do they have their own very very different set of systems my sister was a Pennsylvania attorney well not a Pittsburgh so youyou literally study the law and then you study Commonwealth law because it’s different and so you would think that okay so you’re going through a divorce and but you would automatically get rights to your children and and visitation rights and things like that and you’re like nothing you are like no until you establish yourself in the side of the court you basically are in a default position where you have just because your name’s on the birth certificate meaningless absolutely meaningless that’s because you lived in the same house raised these kids and they know your name meaningless right you have to establish your parental rights and create for it and it’s a convoluted ancient archaic system and when I read that and I realized where you were I know exactly what you had been through and Commonwealth law is is punitive yeah I’m surprised you weren’t put in a pillory and and stuck out there for people to walk by and mock you for your situation yeah it was it was very tragic and it it was a it was very traumatic going into those scenarios and you really feel like you know people treating you guilty before you even you know before they even know what the circumstances are I mean just and it’s a magistrate you know they have all different magistrates and and even ours was one of the strictest and was the hardest on on how they viewed you know things and so it was a lengthy process of going through cycle you know forcing psych evaluations and watching them play with my children and and even after the psychologist said every you know your normal everything’s normal doesn’t seem fun she’s still rotary my ex-wife had said some things and and she wrote a report saying that she sided with her and so my lawyer just said the judge is never going to go against what would that says and it’s gonna be years and so for me to continue to drag it on would be more detrimental to my children than it would you know so it just wasn’t it just wasn’t a good scenario but I found myself in a really bad place thinking that I would be in a you know that it would at least be equal custody and it was not and and then shortly after that moment I was in it was Thanksgiving one of my favorite holidays so I don’t I don’t know how much you want me to share in this moment but I could keep going if you want well I want to talk about my opening which was I heard you take a breath I made a statement in the opening that you the author had not considered and that was that you had learned as much from the absence of peace as you did from the presence of peace and you took a real you took a natural emotional gasp audible gasp when you heard me make that statement yeah because I saw you standing there in that room and all peace left the covering the protection the the safe place the sanctuary the presence of God’s perfect plan of not salvation but Shalom yeah that we would walk in accord with this Paraclete with this this representative from heaven that was going to ensure he was our Mutual of Omaha he was our he was our nationwide guy he was he was the insurance we had that our access to the throne was secure and we were going to have something to sustain us even through the most difficult trial but because you hadn’t really embraced that part of your faith and hadn’t really known that part of your faith that you had this absence of peace which was as provocative as the presence of peace which is why I believe that God allowed you to go to the two extremes because you have nothing to say if you’re stuck in the middle yeah yeah you’re the first of all the interviewers to really actually notice that you know not having God’s peace created such chaos in my life and anxiety and confusion and I was just so broken and when you’re that broken and you don’t have peace hopelessness sets in and when you’re living a life of hopelessness you don’t even know why you know you have no other reasons to go on and and so I would say a lack of God’s pieces is probably one of the worst positions you as a believer could ever be in and one and I think I think that’s why the enemy doesn’t want really the Church to fully embrace what God’s peace is because if they did if the church did we’d be unstoppable it would be unstoppable is a powerful the concept of peace having power is antithetical it’s something that just doesn’t kind of line up it doesn’t make sense that peace is power un think power is might power is strength power is his rage power is is is but the strongest is that peace that passes all understanding absolutely yeah you know it’s interesting that the word Shalom begins with the letter Shin which is always stood for should I God Almighty it is you’re one of the few authors who has truly taken the word picture of Hebrew and so I’m sending you as a gift Hebrew word pictures how does the Hebrew alphabet reveal prophetic truth by dr. Frank seconds as a gift you to be able to see and learn just how significant free but free Babylonian Hebrew was what what the Hebrew that I read is and work from which is just extraordinary wrap that’s gonna be amazing I will eat that book up for sure well it’s something like that I I hope you do I hope you owe a great deal of fun with and I hope you embrace someone with your kids we’re talking with Paul martini author of access and release God’s peace from chaos and confusion to freedom and power access and release God’s peace not a book of methods it’s not a book of processes it’s a book of understanding how God’s peace the very embodiment of the Prince of Peace changes our lives transforms our lives even in the worst of situations we’re going take a short break and when we come back we’re gonna rejoin Paul and we’re in dig into the text from chaos and confusion of freedom and power what he found what he experienced as he was the blind man looking searching down this dark path 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welcome back to the show your story is not from glory to glory and praise God because I don’t know any glory to glory stories do you know I hear it on TV all the time and I’m always convinced that if life was glory to glory mountaintop to mountaintop why is everything grown in the valley why are all the rivers in the valley why do we build our cities in the valley and the mountaintop can’t support life is not enough air none of oxygen nothing can grow there why do we think that life is about mountaintop experiences when it’s about life in the valley and being fruit bearers yeah not what do they call that it’s in a bag it’s fruits and nuts trumpets no nut trail mix them another name for it I forget what it is there’s another name for it but that’s kind of like our congregations as we’ll make sure fruits and nuts sometimes you have flakes sometimes you have place during this period and I want to start this out by saying nowhere in the bible does God promised that he will not take you to the desert right when he delivered Moses from the hands of Pharaoh he told him he was been taken to the promised land he never promised him he wouldn’t take him through the desert no he just said this is the ultimate this is the ultimate destination but the route to the destination is going to be where life is lived yeah so you’ve arrived at a great destination the good news is you’re married the good news is you have children good news is your great job good news is you’re with a great guy Randy Clark your great goodness lots of good news but the point in between all right that place on the headstone in the – your – was kind of hard what was it like for you and how did you come to the realization of what God wanted for you and why it was in the form of peace well you know in kind of where we left off with my story is just that I I went to you know one of the I found out that through the court system I didn’t get the custody I thought I was going to get of my children I have two little I’d twins at the time they were just just very young I would say year and a half something like that and and then third Thanksgiving was happening and that following Thursday and so I I ended up going and saying well this having celebration of Thanksgiving with my immediate family my brothers and sister came over we had a early dinner because they had to go through their spouses families houses my parents went on up to bed and and there I am all alone on my favorite holiday just sitting on the couch all by myself without my own family and I remember the enemy whispering in my ear that night that that nothing will ever change in my life essentially I’ll never have peace and I remember going to a storefront bar that night because you know everything’s closed on Thanksgiving except for bars and pubs and and so I went there and there was nobody in there it was just an old older african-american man an older Caucasian man and and I didn’t pay them any intention cuz I’m from Philly you just don’t talk to people you don’t know and I ended up drinking uh ordering a pint of beer drank that order a shot drank that order another pint of beer drank that I saw cigarette vending machine behind me I grabbed pack of cigarettes I go outside and I decide I’m gonna smoke this cigarette and I’m leaning against the dark windows of the store front bar smoking my cigarette minding my own business wallowing in my sorrows believe in the lie that nothing will ever change in my life essentially I won’t have any peace and the older african-american man he comes out of the bar and he’s pacing in front on the sidewalk on his cell phone and he gets off his phone and he comes towards me and he said he opens the door and he stops and he looks at me and he says are you gonna make it and I said what and he said you heard me are you going to make it and I said yeah and he said how do you know and I don’t know I said this rabbi but it was like I was time-warped back in the children’s church at Sunday school were the only three good answers to any question is Jesus the Bible and prayer you know to me it doesn’t matter the question and out of my mouth I just say cuz jesus and he said jesus he said why did you say jesus I said because I’m a Christian you know he just ignored me he said what’s your name I said my name’s Paul he said Wow he said Paul and the Bible did great things for God he looked at me said Paul one day you’re gonna do great things for God and he walked away and I threw my cigarette down and I ran to my car and I cried my eyes out realizing just like the psalmist wrote and even if I made my bed and how God was with me and he was after me and he wanted me to experience his peace and it was that moment at that point in my life that changed the trajectory of my life where I would either God’s peace was Dain me through the storm or overcome every storm that challenged the destiny on my life and and I just watched God do that through different circumstances whether I’m in Africa with being retained and and not knowing what’s going to come next or whether I’m being pursued by competitive government for you know something I did wrong in my taxes and thinking I’m gonna tens of thousands of dollars and just God breaking through every single scenario and I felt like rabbi that when the when when I got this word an understanding of God’s true peace all hell broke loose even more and I felt like it was just a strategy the enemy to see if I would actually believe the word that God spoke over my life and I think that’s often a strategy that the enemy does you know when when the Spirit of the Lord’s led Jesus into the wilderness after the baptism just like you were talking about the desert area 40 days 40 nights not eating not drinking the first temptation was if you’re the son of God you know but what’s so ironic about that is the Heavenly Father when the heavens opened during that baptism declared just moments before that he is the son of God this is my beloved son and I just think if the enemy is gonna do that to Jesus Christ who’s the son of God surely he’ll try that same tactic on us and and it was God’s peace that was so faithful that was with me through all those circumstances that you know we often don’t see like you were saying we often don’t see the backstage the behind the scenes the process of all that we’ve had to go through well most people see the highlight reel of our life they see us on stage to see the book we’ve written they’ve seen you know the wonderful moments that God’s doing in our life but there was many many behind-the-scenes moments of persevering pressing in and believing the truth about God’s peace you know stories are made up of beginnings middles and ends mm-hmm the concept of the parable in the Jewish world is that the answer to the parable is in the middle when Jesus preached the answer to the parable was in the middle and even those disciples some one that when they talked about them being uneducated they were talking about not rabbinic li fara civically raised where they were involved in daily debate but after a period of time you would get it you would you would plug into it that’s why you stayed close and in this this statement he made to his disciples how long should I put up are you so dull you keep asking me what these things mean and and you know what they mean if I told you if I giving you the answer these people don’t know it you should know it I’m giving you the answer it’s in the middle and this is how we were taught this is how we were raised this is what we began to understand and we see that in life itself that it very much is in the – it’s not 1952 and then it’s when I die it’s right there in the middle that’s where the answer is right and in order to get to where I have to go I have to navigate there are writings later on in scripture that give us indication that Joseph didn’t have it so easy the first year or so in prison we don’t read that in the Genesis 40 41 42 account of Joseph in prison but we read it and later accounts that maybe he went through a little bit rougher time and we know that we know the story in part but we have to read all of the scripture in order to get all the rest of the parts God does that for a reason he did that with you yeah exactly what he did with you he made you go back and revisit the parts yeah not in order not in chronological order but in faith order when you were competent and capable to comprehend the message you go back and revisit the circumstance and see it now as something to harvest something to reap and something that would become a part of you and define you in a way that developed your gift of compassion your gift of understanding before one on the air I asked you the question when you became a part of Randy Clark’s organization global awakening how did they receive the fact that you had been divorced because this is huge issue in ministry about oh you can’t it can’t be divorced you have to be a man of one wife right let me assure you when Jacob walked in the tent and his greeting was hi honey honey honey honey honey I’m home that this was not something that we were going to be doing for the rest of our lives so is it saying that you have to be not a polygamist not a bigamist or you can’t be divorced what what is it saying I am an of one wife okay what does it actually mean right that’s that’s a strong Greek debatable question that we kick around a lot but there are many biblical grounds for divorce we tend to go to adultery as the only one and I went to a counselor that specialized in counseling pastors who’d have been betrayed either by either through the ministry or through marriage and that was all he did was that was his pastoral ministry was was counseling those of us like yourself like me or like Randy Clark yeah who had been through a very traumatic difficult life changing that would have been rejected by many denominational dictators and Theological terrorists them that would say we want no part of you because of the fact of this statistical situation I used to think that God would never use me because I have a big D on my chest that’s what I felt like and you know people say well it says that God hates divorce and I say well of course he hates divorce I mean nobody wins in a divorce the husband doesn’t win the wife doesn’t win the children don’t win even if they think they won they have it because it’s a horrible thing why would you want anyone you wouldn’t want your kids to go through it but doesn’t mean that there’s not a place where it needs to happen and and or it does happen so you know I I think that what I’m so grateful for is men and women and leadership who are willing to embrace when God brings the redemption factor through it all and it allows allows them to use them and and this man in a bar was the first one to speak over to me I I kind of think he was an angel I mean I’ve gone and ministered at this bar many times because I got ministered to there so even on Christmas I would go to it and just see who’s there because many people don’t even have family will be just drinking by themselves and it’s just such an opportunity to share the gospel with them and he would use I’ve never found him again so I kind of think they were two angels just waiting for me to enter and any spoke a word that that changed my destiny and it wasn’t even super prophetic except that God was going to use me when in this process did you begin to realize that the concept of Shalom both in the presence and the absence was something just you know Paul talks about the higher gifts then he says you know by speaking in tongues prophecy thing he said seek after the higher gifts and it’s it’s kind of interesting because I think one of the highest gifts of all is to embrace God’s Shalom yes not mention in the gifting because it’s it’s it what we call the Sabbath an island in time when you look at the six days of creation there is no evening and morning on the seventh day mm-hmm it breaks the pattern because it’s an island in time so when we see that Sabbath that Sabbath is a piece Shabbat means peace rest we see that means rest that we embrace this this renewal if you take a look at the cross the Ten Commandments the fourth commandment falls on the cross piece okay so one two and three have to do with our relationship with God yeah five six seven eight nine ten have to do with our relationship with man whoa what the heck is that cross peace have to do with it says honor the Sabbath and keep it holy okay that’s half of it half of that cross is upper our relationship with God half of that cross is lower our relationship with man who without that rest without that Shalom without that peace that passes all understanding I can’t have a relationship with God and I definitely can’t have a relationship with you right that’s that’s absolutely right so he gives us this pictogram being that Hebrew is a visual people were were idiomatic thinking people we think in in cubicle prismatic however you want to call it it’s the only Greek is very square boxy labeling you know pinpoint he Hebrew is like the opposite of it work chaos to to Greeks order yeah we allow for this God doesn’t have to have a name and we’re just fine with that yeah to me and we’ve never we’ve never once in 5,000 years ask him ah come on buddy you can trust me tunt I tell me it’s really really important he said tell them I am that I am oh okay that’s what we’ll tell him a favor oh I am sent me goes okay thanks good good it’s fine yeah we’re fine with that yes yes so Shalom though is phenomenal it is it is glue that it hears it does not stick mm-hmm it attaches but it does not restrict it possesses and consumes but it is all freedom yeah and it is Error yeah so what else do we call air spirit when yeah and access and release God’s peace you’re releasing God’s spirits and his spirit is a spirit of Shalom I I came to this realization in so many different forms I Shalom is so endless you know there was a personal understanding of his peace that creates order over chaos where all hell could be breaking loose and I have the peace of God that’s on me because I’ve stayed connected with him and I and I say just through my own personal study that I believe that peace Shalom is the conduit that the power of God loves to flow through and and I would pray for people as I was in ministry and I would pray for power I pray for anointing I’d pray for all these things and and and I would say do you feel anything do you feel the energy of God running through you and they’d say but do you feel electricity heats you know cuz awful often these are forms of God showing up on someone physically manifesting and and they say no I just feel peace I say oh I’m sorry let me pray again because I didn’t see the value of the peace of God until rabbi I prayed for somebody who had cancer and they felt this peace of God not peace like I’m gonna die but the peace of God that was strength and powerful and they said I just feel his peace and all our cancer disappeared this is after they came they were in hospice they came off all their medications they’re ready to die and she just kept getting better and they rescanned her and all her cancer was gone and and one time I prayed for a man and I was just being led by the spirit and he had a stroke and he couldn’t open his hand he couldn’t lift his foot on the right side of his body and I just his name was Kevin and I prayed for him and I thought I was just praying strength to his nervous system strength to his muscles and then I being led by his where I put my hand on his head and I said I command all chaos to leave and I speak the peace of God over your body and 22nd prayer and he opens his hand like this and he starts you know freaking out and he I said I if I saw if God did that to your hand he’s definitely gonna do that to your foot he starts lifting his foot dancing up and down going up to strangers telling him look at my head look at my hand they don’t they have no idea what he had to do in the first place it was so easy to lead by him to Jesus that moment because in that moment the peace of God came upon him and all the chaos in his body left and I thought Lord there is something so much stronger to this than I even understand and it really started me to journey rabbi in the scriptures looking that you know I’m realizing peace is not peripheral to the Gospel message as you know it’s central to the Gospel message and and one of the things that Paul writes just in passing in Romans 16:20 says this the God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet and when he when I read that it struck me because I thought he could have said the God of power because he’s all-powerful because I said the God of love because our God is love he embodies love but why does he say the God of peace is gonna crush Satan under our own feet why because his peace is powerful and and then I started looking at the ancient Hebrew which is the pictorial and I found out well Hebrews and there’s so much more than just a fanatical language each each letter is an image is a picture in and of itself and rabbi I know you’re more much more of an expert than me I’m just a novice just unearthing some of this treasures that I’m finding but I saw in ancient Hebrew the first picture now Shalom is much more of a stronger word than was when it was you know the etymology of every word changes you know and so I just thought well the first picture is the is a it looks like teeth and they said that this picture means to destroy and though and you know cuz columns for pictures the first one means to destroy the second one is a staff and it means Authority and the third picture is a noun it means to attach and they said that this means to attach and the fourth picture is a bunch of waves and and it means chaos and and so when you said Shalom in the ancient Hebrew you were literally saying to destroy the authority attached to chaos and I thought wow when we pray for peace rabbi we’re not praying for someone to be calm we’re not praying for somebody to accept their situation or to be comforted necessarily although Shalom can do that what we’re literally saying is God will you destroy the authority attached to in their life and I thought my god this piece is not weak it’s not fragile it’s not easily broken as the world understands it it’s actually strong and it destroys the authority attached to chaos it is his kingdom coming upon us and creating order in the midst of every storm and and so I started to live my life out and I just you know we’re just touching on it and in the book it’s really just touching on what I think the church needs to re-emphasize I joke about it in the book I said you know I in my life I always thought on every gravestone it said rest in peace because that’s when you get it when you’re dead but the reality is God from beginning to end from the Old Testament to the New Testament wants us to have his peace on earth commend the Prince of Peace SAR Shalom and there is a way to access and release God’s peace and it’s available to everyone and you do not have to go through the tragedy of Paul martinis life the tragedy in the victory but by letting him be your surfboard to ride the wave of this story you will come out on the other end with the ability to recognize both the presence of peace and the absence of peace in marriage relationships God blesses unity unity comes in the form of peace the question is do you have peace about this decision do you have peace about this direction do you have peace about making this investment to your peace about taking this job these are the answers and this is how God gives it to you by this sense of Shalom do you have peace and what does he say peace I give to you peace I leave with you and when you went to a city if they didn’t receive you what were you supposed to do you’re supposed to shake the dust off your heels and take your Shalom your peace with you don’t leave your piece on that house that’s a gift the gift of Shalom powerful powerful insightful personal real and a read that when you first read it you will come to an understanding of how important it is to seek after God’s peace and once you get a hold of it you’ll never want to let it go Brant Paul martini thank you so much for sharing with us access and release God’s peace from chaos and confusion to freedom and power as in numbers chapter 6 and verse 22 the Lord said to Moses tell Aaron and his sons this is how you to bless the children of Israel he goes on to say later on in this way I’ll put my name on them and I will bless them and he says do you ever have an idea smirk huh yeah air out of the nine Padova lekha v connect huh you saw out of nine of aleko be a simulant sholom the Lord bless you and keep you the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you the Lord lift up his countenance toward you and give you his peace his Shalom and that’s what he has for you my friend Paul martini god bless you thank you for the time you spent with us thank you for this great story and we look forward to seeing you again and again and again Thank You rabbi such a pleasure such an honor god bless you my friend we’re take a short break and when we come back we’ll bring you the next edition of revealing the truth

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