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Philip Bruns

December 10, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CST

Author of:
Launch Your Life: Creating a Life in Service of God

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Interview Transcript

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Shalom and welcome to this edition of revealing the truth where we cover the headlines the heart lines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Erik Walker there’s something wrong somewhere when recent college grads are carrying college loan debt averaging close to $30,000 each yet some research suggests that as many as 43% of them may have difficulty finding a job that launches them into the lives for which they studied and prepared even with today’s historically low unemployment rates too many have had to accept a full-time job not in their field of study or one that’s at such low level that doesn’t use what they worked so hard to learn the recent grads who entered the workforce in 2019 with college loan debt are part of the part of the forty five million borrowers that have taken the nation to its highest ever level of student loan debt 1.5 trillion dollars according to Forbes magazine these new grads experience underemployment can feel discouraged ashamed and frustrated about Mountain moving forward toward the life and career for which they’ve prepared having their student loan pay backs kick in just adds to the despair these challenges may lead to a crisis of faith and seeing how God works when it’s difficult to make your path in life in your profession after experiencing both their own career challenges and success and then raising and launching four daughters Philip and Elizabeth Bruns realized they had developed some personal expertise that could help others with career planning and life transition they created some training sessions on the topics of building a strong foundation in God embracing god-given gifts and talents and formulating a strategy to approach job searching and career building they gave their seminars of the church and then the broader audience and the began to catch a vision for a new ministry that would help people at different life stages to achieve their god-given potential physical Philip and Elizabeth Bruns live and serve their church in the Cincinnati area we’re in a real where he is a real estate developer and writer and she’s a senior research scientist for a major consumer products here to talk about their new book launch your curry launcher life creating a life in service to God is Philip Runge Philip welcome to this edition of revealing the truth rabbi thanks for having me it’s great to be here well it’s great to have you here and I love the Cincinnati area I was actually the Wrangler gene salesman in western Ohio based out of Columbus working the whole western side into Cincinnati so I’m a skyline chili fan and a Graeter’s ice cream fan well you’re probably better for that that’s not there there you go so it’s very interesting your your own journey and that’s where we want to start because that’s the foundation of your understanding and then looking to take the biblical worldview the believers lens to what people would think is the capitalistic economy that we live in and and is there an approach that can be used which is looking at the gifts God has given you not through a spiritual gifts inventory but actually taking a look at at god-given talents and and skill sets and and picking up things along the way that build a portfolio almost as what we used to call as a skills merchant fancy name for a job hopper alright with somebody who went along and gathered up a bunch of different skills to become more effective so take us back to your even before your marriage to your young life what your faith journey was and what your vision for your career was and what you found in that pursuit that wound up leading you and your wife to then come up with this approach which is now a good focal point of both your activity as a real estate agent and a quote-unquote career counselor yeah it’s interesting both Beth and I and she still wanted to be here today but though it’s not able to but our paths are a little bit different from one another they’re both similar in the sense that we grew up and we’re so grateful for our parents giving us a foundation both in the Bible and when God and so forth and you know a real foundation of faith but I think both of us and I think you have so many you know students today they kind of lose their way and that when you go to college and go away from home and so forth and and both of us through through different ways were invited out to to a Bible discussion group and the campuses we were where we were at we didn’t know each other at the time and for me I was invited invited out by another student and it took me about five or six weeks to decide to go but then I went and having that having that base that I mentioned from our from our parents was very helpful because I as we went to this file Paco I believed in the Bible I believed in God but my faith had really you know wandered and the discussion I forget the exact topic what it was but I started to study the Bible individually with what the person had been leading it there and really discovered that the Bible was not a book just to review on a Sunday morning or to read is that a good book on the side but actually applicable to my life you know 2,000 years after that it was written and and once I figure it was able to figure that out you know it there was the stories of the Old Testament stories or the New Testament stories really hit me much differently than they had in the past they were much more applicable to to my life and and then and then at some point a few couple months later I suppose really wanted to make you know Jesus my Lord and become a Christian and and and and so that was the foundation at the same time I was in school and I had no idea what I was doing I had started at a pretty large university and I had no major I was undecided yeah and I tried a number of different things and wasn’t doing very well academically and I transferred to a smaller school Community College and studied architecture for a little while and then eventually transferred to again a third school where then I ended up getting my two-year degree there so it took me a number of years and a couple of transfers to get my get to an associate degree and it’s not the necessarily the way that that would be a prototype for a student to go into school on to meander their way through several years of school for that my wife on the other hand she knew exactly what she wanted to do she went into school Chemical Engineering and she graduated on time and and she was in a five-year program graduated on time and started working for a major company it was when she graduated actually when we first met and and I was still you know working my way through school yet and so it was it was not a very straight path for me and what helps us today is there’s students on both both sides of the coin there’s some that are better knowing what they what they want to do to go into school what they want to study and getting the job on the back end conversely there’s a whole lot of students that really have no idea and kind of get lost lost in the shuffle of major universities of what do I want to do when I grow up and and so it’s it’s you looking back I feel like God was working in both of our lives you know to eventually bring us together and to be able to offer our experiences to breadth of students today but but I think that you know through that I’ve grown up you know I grew a lot during that time we eventually we got married and but even when I did graduate with my degree rabbi I spent three years doing three different jobs I was in the construction world I ended up with a construction management degree which was very fitting for how I grew up and my skill set talents and interests and all of that but there yeah I would work for a year and my first job was working on a high-rise building in Chicago and building got done and then there was no next building and this was in the early 90s which there was a slowdown in the economy at that time and and then I had to temp jobs in the years after that before I was able to obtain a job then which I would lad have for like 20 years working for a company and and and really blessed with some success with that but so it has been interesting a journey that that helps us today to to understand the struggles that students have today well it’s a very interesting I’m more relate to you as I was I went to college at 16 only by unusual set of circumstances had nothing to do with oh he’s a whiz kid and stuff like that the prep school that I was going to what bankrupt in the state of Massachusetts said that everyone who has acquired this many credits or more you will have to give them a diploma under mandate by the Department of Education in the state of Massachusetts so I was given my high school diploma without having completed high school and applied to as a from Pittsburgh and this was in Massachusetts and I applied to Penn State I hadn’t talked to my parents about it but I didn’t want to go home I had been away from home so I went and applied to Penn State and they thought it was very impressive that at this young age I graduated and they didn’t know any of the circumstances and they accepted me so I went to my freshman year at age 16 I don’t know never had a counselor never had a guidance counselor took a lot of courses that I really liked I really enjoyed and had absolutely no background for anything I had graduate credits and sociology and political science and psychology but and finally I had no prerequisite that’s done and they said you know you’ve got like 135 credits but you meet the threshold for the number of credits but you have no major so they worked it out where I could spend one more year in the School of Education and get a Bachelor of Science in Education and did my student teaching in kindergarten hated it $500 he a month was my starting salary hated it so I had an opportunity to go into sales and stayed in sales for most of my life but but that lack of guidance was he went from opportunity to and and in in being a traveling salesperson you make your own opportunity so you know you you become very independent but I didn’t go back to school until I was 55 because now I had a calling and so I did my postgraduate work in Jewish Studies and first century Jewish Studies too go into full-time ministry now now and so it took it took from age 16 to age 55 for me to have a vision the whole time I was very successful in in the corporate positions that I held with AT&T; and hewlett-packard and in the staffing industry but I completely relate with your story that it’s it’s almost a pinball right kind of existence is you know you you bounce around for a while till you hit the flipper and then you go back up there and bounce around again and here you have this now you had come come to faith grew up in a faith-based home yes oh yes uh-huh okay yeah and what about Beth yeah she she we’re very similar backgrounds we’ve grow up in small towns in Northwest Ohio and yeah both grew up and and we’re very fortunate very grateful for our parents you know that our parents were we’ve lost both of our dads but they were both married for for many many years and a very traditional family if you will where God was it was very important for us and and it really helps us as a foundation now for this work I feel and and in talking your story and as my story it’s very common today today the additional challenge is the amount of debt that students that that that some students you find themselves in and you throw that on top of the navigating waters where they’re not sure of what what their major should be or not sure of what job they should look for not sure how to look for a job or how to put together a really good resume those things aren’t always obvious when it can’t when eight when they can’t figure it out or they remove slow or get kind of stuck you know you mentioned it earlier you can’t you can kind of lose your faith in God you can kind of lose your faith in yourself and and it’s just kind of a downward spiral sometimes and and so we try to help help students it to keep moving forward that’s one of our favorite things is just to keep moving forward and but yeah it is that background that that you know you talked about yourself and for myself you just had to keep moving forward that I knew when I was young and fortunately for me sure for you but for me one of the things that when I finally did graduate finally a you know a best night when Beth Knight got married I think I owed a friend of mine somewhere in a neighborhood of 1,200 dollars and that was the only student debt that I had had I had been working my way through school that whole time and and sometimes you know today students are we’re talking to students some of which are six figures in debt graduating with a degree that they don’t like not sure what to do with it and it’s just your heart just sinks because that’s a whole lot of money as you looked at your relationship with Beth here she was she was laser focused she had a clear path and you you were more of a Renaissance man than a clear visionary was that a struggle for you personally as you saw the clarity in which your wife had and the focus that she had did you did invoke doubt in you did you feel as the man that hears he had this clear road and you were I don’t want to call it floundering but but you you didn’t have the clarity and the clear direction that she had but yet you were joined together and there had to be and and this is this is a part of our faith journey that if we don’t bring it out there is the man psyche there is man’s provider protector kind of thing and and when we’re not in that role because we tend to define ourselves by what we do and we’re married to somebody who is strong and convicted and we feel that attention and maybe they don’t feel it at all but we think they feel it do we impose them upon them we we we kind of take on the mantle of well she must not think much of me cos you know I did that one job in Chicago and then I what am I going to do next you know what is he and all along not having a way to communicate with her not knowing the right way or the best way you may carry a certain amount of guilt or a certain amount of and that’s a part of the dynamic of these young Millennials getting married and one of them having a job or a career path and one of them not and and it’s it the you the great unifier of course is the relationship with God that makes that narrative not happened that that it’s it’s more of a I don’t want to call it a partnership but it’s more of a unity and the compounding of one as it was supposed to be then it is I have to perform in order to impress my wife that I have clarity and I think sometimes it’s harder for the men in this position there it is for the woman in a position she’s okay with the husband having clarity and he’s okay with her kind of bouncing around her she will but in the reverse situation she may be just fine with it but he’s not fine with it and so in his in the security there’s a little bit of a rub because he’s reactionary thinking that whatever she says to him he’s gonna respond from a defense of position because he’s prepared to because he doesn’t feel good about himself yeah well I would start with this Beth is like a totally amazing woman and when we very vividly remember fact we was talking recently when our first date when I asked her out on a date she honestly thought I was just doing her a favor because for her when she had gone on a few dates before that if some of the guys were actually fairly intimidated as you might imagine you know Beth is she’s very bright very smart and she’s in a senior leadership position now and and responsible for a whole you know a lot of lot of dollars and cents and people and products and it’s you know she’s just done really amazing for herself in her career but when I went out when I asked her on a date I I was genuinely interested so she thought I was doing her a favor just being friendly and I thought oh I think she’s kind of cute and so so we went on our date and you know I’ll tell you we never I kind of joke with her now because I actually had to her and then and there was another another person that I knew that I was interested at some point taking on a date but after we went on our first date we actually neither of us I went on another date with anybody else again and so we we attracted to each other very very quickly and I think what attracted me to her where in her past experiences where she had intimidated guys a bit with her or for lack of better term her brightness or sharpness I found it very attractive and I thought wow she can really she can really help me and she really loved her god and and so that was very attractive and she was very devoted to doing a good job with her with her employment with her work and so that all that was very attractive to me and so when we got married it was it was actually I had actually not finished my degree I was getting very close but but I for my end I had gotten a part-time job I’m sorry take it back I had gotten a job and it was working on that building in Chicago ironically and but I had no money I had no debt that was a good thing but I had to save save some money to go buy a car that was step one and then save some more money to go buy our a ring and so so she married me as she saw me with a lot of potential she would say and when I look at her I look at you know thinking that I married up and so she’s an amazing woman we’ve had an amazing lives together we’ve been married for 28 and a half years now and we’re so very excited you mentioned earlier we have the four daughters which are just they’re doing just totally amazing of doing that we’ve been able to help each other and there’s been times where you know she’s been then uh you know down with work or down with with you know just life in general sometimes new deals hardships and I’ve been able to be there to pick her up and her conversely Tim to me I think more specifically to what you spoke about there’s certainly times that I’ve had my moments of insecurity moments of you know I’m just not that I’m something less than what she is she has always been very reassuring that she believes in me and and and that she she and she reminds me of my talents I do actually have a lot of talents that that she doesn’t have until we complement each other very well my talents when I was you know twenty years old or so wasn’t necessarily knowing exactly what I wanted to do and go going to do that I was you know trying to trying to figure all that out but I’ve grown a lot in that and she’s grown in a lot in her weaknesses as well and so yeah every now and then I have conversations yo guys come up to me and asked me about exactly what you’re talking about recently I had a young man asked me about he was wanted – he was dating this other young lady and mushiya very similar she had a job that she was making a lot more money than he was and he was bit insecure about that in fact he told me later that he had a bunch of friends tell him like I wouldn’t do it I wouldn’t marry into a situation where I’m making less money than the wife and I looked at him I said well I was like the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of for me I can understand that security but I think as guys sometimes we just got to get over ourselves and either the our paycheck is is something that we we have you accomplished ourselves or we can look at it as a gift from God the talents that we have the the skillsets the job the employment that we have actually is a gift from God which is a way that that Beth and I choose to look at our careers and look at our money and and and so forth we look at it as a gift from God so whether she brought in two dollars and I brought in one dollar or if I bring in two dollars and she brings in one dollar it doesn’t really matter we get three dollars from God and so that’s the way we’ve looked at it and I think sometimes in my moments of insecurity or my sinful nature and so forth I can get insecure about that but I think that in my right mind that we look at it that you know God has blessed us with those three dollars God has blessed us with our talents God has blessed us with our marriage and we really think about the Ecclesiastes 4 scripture where it’s a court of three stands of God and Beth and myself and so we’ve always looked at our marriage like that and that’s really been a foundation if you will to be able to navigate any of those insecurities that that both of us have you know we look at the proverbs 31 woman yeah we seldom if ever talk about the proverbs 31 man that she was married to and it begs the question who made more money did the proverbs 31 woman make more money than the proverbs 31 man because I talked about her getting up early and then going out to work and she was esteemed in the city that might imply that she was making more money than her husband don’t know we don’t know the background to the story but we know that we are in pursuit of this proverbs 31 woman we want her to be esteemed in the city of children call her blessed we want her to be productive and a contributor and that might even include her earning more money than her husband and maybe if we looked at the proverbs 31 store they look closer we might be able to look at that and ascertain that she was a strong contributor to the family unit and she was edified and lifted up he wasn’t mentioned all that much there’s a new book out called in search of the proverbs 31 Man finally somebody’s realized that in order to have Roberts 31 wife you need to be a proverbs 31 man and being comfortable and you’re gifting and comfortable in yourself so that you don’t sit in the shadow and she doesn’t sit in your shadow but there is a balance that has to be struck we’re talking with Philip Bruns he and his wife authored launched your life creating a life in service of God and they also have a companion workbook of the launch your life action planner that lays out a clear path for assessing God’s gift to you and how you might be able to embrace a path to prospering in the gifts that God has given you in this complex world we live in in the employment field in the vocational field we’re going take a short break and when we come back we’re going to dig into the text of creating a life and service to God and launch your life with Philip runs we’ll be right back the Lord meets you right where you are and so does ignite Ignatians new live streaming outlets you can now watch revealing the truth revealing the Bible and prophecy revealed simulcast live each Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 o’clock p.m. Central Standard Time on YouTube live Facebook live vinny o periscope and through our website WWE TLC own have to miss a single program and if you happen to miss an episode you can always subscribe to the igniting a nation youtube channel and access over 1,000 interviews 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outlets for more information visit Shalom and welcome back to this edition of revealing the truth where we cover the headlines the heart lines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Eric Walker and we’re talking with Philip Bruns who he and his wife Elizabeth or Beth authored a book called launched your life creating a life in service of God Phil welcome back to the program thanks again for having so the theme of the book launch your life creating a life and service of God puts God at the center as he should be of marriage which is the calling for this reason a man will leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife and they will become one then the next order is God first then my wife then my children then my work my church and my work and you can alternate those two but there’s an order it’s a hierarchy of what God wants you to place your importance and so the job is in that top five of the order of priorities in life and so it consumes more time than we spend with our kids during the workweek but how do we shift the focus from I’m going to focus on the job I’m going to go after to how I approach what I do in the lens of how do i glorify God in what I’m doing and therefore I will then receive more than a paycheck more than defiant being defined by the name on my business card but I’m in service whether or not it’s marketplace ministry of lunch with the guys on the floor and inserting or opening up in a word of Prayer or being like I was as a senior manager director with hewlett-packard saying I won’t stay in the same hotel as my female employees I won’t fly on the same flights with my female employees and that you’ll never see me come down the elevator of a hotel with my female subordinate employees because that’s the appearance of wrongdoing it might be somebody sees that and says oh he’s got something going on they’re coming down the elevator together well you know that’s a real circumstance but I told our travel department I said you do not schedule me to be at the same hotels and to schedule the same flights I’m not going to travel with my female staff and that was after I became a believer all right I began to understand what it meant to weave this into my lifestyle as a believer in my position how do you navigate and guide this younger generation to see the larger purpose in their giftings abilities while they’re pursuing the paying off of student loans and the weight of the debt that there is something glorious and honorable in all of this that it’s much bigger than just the job and the student loan itself yeah that’s a great question you know we we really start and start in the book about having a foundation in God and it’s the simple simple things of reading and studying your Bible spending time in prayer and having a personal ministry we call it in the book we call it your foundation formula you know when you think about the building you’re sitting in or that I’m sitting in now or any of your your watchers are sitting in we’re not even thinking about the foundation we’re not thinking about oh my goodness is this building gonna stand up or not you’re sitting in a very firm chair you know firm foundation it’s not gonna fall we don’t even think about it and that should be the same way for us spiritually is that we have a firm pound of God and really those three three aspects and so we really try to help younger people and honestly older people they sometimes we you know life life gets the best of us and we forget you know some of those some of those things because at the same time rabbi and I’m sure you’ve seen it I’ve seen it I’ve experienced it we’ve got an enemy that is trying to destroy all of that through one way through through another way through lying through deceit we’ve got an enemy that is trying to separate us from our God we got an enemy that’s trying to lie to us and tell us that we’re not so much and trying to discourage us and so forth and and so so we that’s why we need that that very firm foundation so we start with that and but I think one of the the schemes honestly that that I feels like I’ve come to discover and myself and see in others is that all those things you mentioned your your work your children this responsibility that responsibility are all in conflict against our relationship with God or in conflict with our church time and so if we divided it into a pie chart we have this little slice here for church this little slice here for my spouse with a slice here for child number one new child number two and so forth and all the responsibilities that we have and and again I think one of the schemes that our enemy uses is to try to combat those against each other one of the things that we really tried to present in the launcher life book and the subtitle of creating a life in the service of God is that God is not just interested on our two hours on Sunday morning or our one hour a Bible study during the week that God actually looks at all of that as our life and God wants desires all of that and that’s when we get into biblical characters that even a you know someone is not that familiar with the Bible are just a Glee familiar with it may know a story of Joseph or may have heard of Nehemiah or we talked earlier about the proverbs 31 with we get into their lives and very easily you see like wow God really did use all of their life for his service and that includes their work included their job and it’s very interesting when you start looking at these people biblical people just like real people they had good days on their job they had bad days they had people that were probably good co-workers and they had co-workers for some of them that were just trying to undermine them and and do bad things to him and so any look at it these are people that experienced the same thing that you and I and people all around us experienced day to day at work or at school or whatever you know life stage that were at but yet when we look at that at how God used them it was God using them in their full lives of being a parent you know proverbs 31 woman we mentioned earlier in her marriage but also in their work and so in fact these things don’t actually compete against each other but God is trying to work in our lives through all of those things including our day job or if we’re in university you know our classes sometimes we don’t know how that how what God is trying to do but one thing that we can be assured that God is using us in our whole lives and it cares about our full wise not just again it’s not that a couple hours on a Sunday morning you know it’s interesting in the description of a couple of areas I remember always being asked the question where do you want to be in five years every interview where do you want to be in five years and I would answer the question say where do you want to be in five years because I’m gonna be the guy pushing you up and pushing you up and pushing you up and filling in behind you as you climb that ladder so you can turn to me and look to me to be the guy pushing you up and advancing you so know I’ve got your back I I don’t need to know where I’m gonna be in five years and you know where you’re gonna be in five years because I’m gonna be one step below you just like I’m coming in today well I always got the job because that was the golden answer well the Bible says to esteem the other more than yourself we read that six things God hates seven are an abomination seeds of discord being the seven or seventh one is that that these ideas of how we treat one another this Ministry of one muttering applies to the corporate world and if we carried it over instead of just our journey with fellow believers into our jobs and we apply those principles in the workplace we would find that that godly attitude that godly spirit that that that christ-like behavior is going to advance us and the truth of the matter is it’s not the most qualified person that gets the promotion it’s not it rarely is the most qualified person who gets the promotion it’s always the person who the boss likes and feels fits and is not in conflict and will augment them or lift them up isn’t that the job of a believer in service to God is to raise to let no unwholesome talk come from your mouth but only for that which is the encouragement of another and for those within the hearing isn’t that what we’re supposed to be and part of the challenge is that we become lukewarm in our faith and fearful and so you can no longer really distinguish who is a believer and who’s not a believer when you’re in the marketplace but we should be able to recognize attributes and say you know there’s really special something special about that bronze guy you know he’s always helping somebody else out he’s always the first one to volunteer to help not volunteer to lead not to be the top guy he’s always willing to be a team player he’s always willing to take on the tough assignment maybe the one that’s not the glory but the one that needs to be done that’s the one that gains favor and with favor comes access and that’s in service to God that’s not self-serving which is what we think could the climbing the corporate ladder has to be self-serving I grew up in the days of gamesmanship right we you know in the 70s it was all about climbing the corporate ladder as a gamesman okay how could you lever that leverage this relationship put your foot on this person’s back and leapfrog over them we’re using gamesmanship to advance your career and you would leave a body count behind you for the next 20 years that dynamic has changed people start this new generation cares more for each other than we were raised in the corporate world to care for each other and that’s not always an attribute that’s going to bring about career advancement because they’re looking for that more aggressive it’s hard to strike that balance so how do you help what tools do you give the young and the old the middle-aged who’s in a either he’s in a mental transition period or he’s in an actual career transition period or thinking about making a move what tools do you give them in the example so let’s say David and Goliath you know you bring up a number of number of great points I think that a specific two to David and Goliath you know one of the great things when you look at David that we talked about in the launch of life look is how God had prepared him David at some point if you read in 1st Samuel 17 at some point he’s a young boy and he runs into a bear while taking care of some sheep and somehow someway he rests this bear and he kills the bear on another day he runs into a lion and has the same thing he’s got he’s got to either kill this line or maybe his life it seems would be very understandable his own life was being threatened as well but he kills this lion and of course he grows up the youngest of you know several other young men and in this family of Jesse and so instead of looking at himself as a poor lowly dumb shepherd boy who barely survived these horrible days with the bear and with the lion instead of looking like that in a more negative way the first time I was 17 we see him standing in front of Saul and he’s got Saul he’s got the Israelite army sitting there and he’s got his brothers and they were all Oh Saul Saul is like totally not believing him his brothers are giving him a hard time for being there and Israelite army is all looking at each other and nobody is sitting there looking at the Philistine – trying to go beat the Philistines who is course is led by Goliath and David reasons with Saul the king of the Israelites at the time he reasons with them that that day that I fought the lion the day that I fought the bear you know what those were God preparing me for now Goliath in front of us and David slowly saw those those bad days as not bad days but actually God preparing him for something bigger and of course he you know he you know the story goes on to kill Goliath and and then that catapults him to something even greater eventually becoming the king of his rights and so David and Goliath is a great story of how God had prepared him along the way and it’s the same thing for you same thing for me that somehow is God’s been working in our lives to prepare us you know that at some point we would talk to each other here in this in this interview and but not just us it’s it’s you know God’s working in everybody’s life I believe and to prepare them prepare them for something that’s actually greater than what they sometimes we give ourselves credit and oftentimes again our enemy working against us we look at the bad days the hard things that we’ve gone through not as so much God preparing us for something greater but we look at those more in the negative sense like woe is me and and and I’m not that because I barely survived these these situations and so so sometimes you know being able to shift our our thought process being able to to really you know have our eyes fixed on Jesus we talked about that memorize fix it on God can help us to to work through challenging times and help us to get beyond and to push push through and and then you know when we when we you talked about attributes you know and we’re helping somebody you know with their resume let’s say a lot of times you know young people are even older people too for that matter we’ll put together a resume it’s just a list of tasks I did this I did that I did this I did that for these employers and what we really try to do is to help come alive in the resume is not that it’s not just a task those are important it’s important too to add you know a monetary value if you were able to shift a sales upward or if you were able to make more money and make your previous employer put them in a better position those are all great things but also the the the godly aparato attributes of you know I really took a concern with my customer I really tried to do you know really invest it in my customer or my client to help them do better you know we can help those things come alive in the in their resume and or in an interview those are all very godly attributes those were all very biblical attributes and what employer doesn’t want a young man or woman to you know who cares for the client to come and work for them and as you said you know a lot of times that skill set follows along but if we just have the right the right mentality going into it a lot of employers can work with the skill set but if they have they need to write mentality first and so but david-and-goliath yeah it’s a great story of that is very applicable you know it’s it’s sometimes we just stop it while it’s inspiring got this young kid through a rocket the big guy and he kills them and we kind of stopped short at that but there’s actually a lot of lessons of the things that David was fighting against even his brothers who were giving him a hard time yes it’s his own brothers that are there they’re giving a hard time and you know sometimes it’s a people that are closest to us that we feel don’t believe in us we feel like that give us a hard time in one way or another David had that same thing and I’ll let you try to bring to life in the book that and and have them have it you know more be applicable to to our lives today and Saul tried to put his armor on David and it’s a great lesson in I can’t beat you I have to be me and when we’re evaluating we can compare notes we can talk about our approaches but in reality is I’m me and God created me to do certain things and so to find out what that is to inventory those you have a great number of tools and helping kind of somebody identify what their personal brand is and their identity in Messiah and how to present that to a future employer I’m for the rabbi I guess you’re exactly right how God makes us but makes us incredible people yes not only just physically but it’s it’s our spirit it’s our it’s you know our first of all our bodies and our hands our minds I mean that’s all like like totally incredible of how that all works well I think sometimes we underestimate of exactly what God has done not just in our in our physical bodies but but helping us to develop who we are and I even wrote in the book that the story of creation continues that I don’t know how women are out there that are pregnant right now but inside each one of them God is piecing together an incredible being that can has a chance to be an incredible story forgotten and and we’ve run out of that right we’ve run out of time it’s been great talking with you and look forward to seeing the great success for launch your life creating life and service to God by Philip and Elizabeth Bruns you can visit igniting a nation calm click on Philips name and it’ll take you right to a link to the book and order a copy for yourself make it a part of your life a part of your small group maybe even put together a career mentoring group using this plan within your church helping young and old find direction find purpose and find new meaning in service to God Philip please give our best to Beth and thank her for her contribution to this great work it’s been a blessing to have you on the program with us thank you well I couldn’t thank you enough for having me thank you so much god bless you my friend we’re gonna take a short break and when we come back we’ll bring you the next edition of revealing the truth.

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