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Rodney Hogue

January 14 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am CST

Author of:
Liberated: Set Free and Staying Free from Demonic Strongholds

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Interview Transcript

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Shalom and welcome to this edition of revealing the truth will recover the headlines the heartlines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Erik Walker our next guest didn’t believe that believers could be oppressed by demons but one day the Holy Spirit revealed that he was being oppressed by a demonic spirit in disgust he commanded the demon to leave in Jesus name to his surprise it did since then he’s been driven by a passion to see others set free from the spiritual strongholds and brought into a powerful encounter with a love freedom and healing of Yeshua Jesus today he teaches that the first step to deliverance is exposing the works of darkness all too often a demonic presence is overlooked as merely a bad habit or something that runs in the family unless we recognize the enemy stealth tactics we will fail to confront the true issue and continue to experience demonic torment this new book offers powerful tools for discerning and defeating the enemy’s work through the Holy Spirit’s power and teaches you how to operate in your spiritual jurisdiction of authority when confronting demons it’ll show you how to recognize signs and symptoms of demonic oppression identify and close any doors granting demons access to your life it will confidently deal with evil spirits when they manifest and it contains step-by-step instructions on how to minister deliverance for yourself and others and rebuild broken areas of life after receiving inter healing and deliverance he makes it clear that when strongholds are exposed freedom comes and healing can begin dr. Rodney Hogue has been in full-time ministry since 1977 he pastored over 32 years in the West Coast in Washington State in California his last being 23 years at Community of Grace in Hayward California Rodney now ministers itinerant Li equipping believers nationally and internationally to walk out their identity and expand God’s kingdom which includes demonstrating the kingdom of God with power here to talk about his new book liberated set free and staying free from demonic strongholds is Rodney home Rodney welcome to revealing the truth thank you it’s good to be with you today it’s great to be with you I won’t tell you a little story before we dig into your background about 15 years ago I was ministering on Holocaust Remembrance Day it’s a very important day in Jewish history and it’s important for believers to understand why God saved a remnant not what allowed six million of us to get killed but out of the ashes was birth the nation of Israel and this is a very heavy time heavy day of preaching for me very weighty matter for me to talk about the six million of which I had relatives who were numbered among those lost in the Holocaust was the first generation American I am very very keenly in touch with my Eastern European Jewish background and it was one of the only one the only times during the year where I wasn’t either sitting up front or working the room or at the back shaking hands I was in my office deep in prayer preparing to bring this message forward the sanctuary set about 800 there was overflow seating and then there was also in an ante room that held another 250 that was packed out where we would project in so about eleven hundred people gathered together to hear this message on the Holocaust Remembrance as I walked in a woman in the third row from the back grabbed ahold of my prayer shawl by tallit and tugged on it and said rabbi will you pray for my daughter and I was like oh Lord I’m getting ready to go handle this weighty matter ma’am what’s going on my daughter has been barking and soiling herself all day and I’m thinking to myself and you brought her a year she said will you pray for her and I and and in an instant I looked the young woman in the eyes and all I said to her was one of you asked to leave in the name of Jesus and I walked and I walked away I delivered the message this is a two-and-a-half-hour service this is deep worship and remembrance and soul-searching and hands stained with blood and people coming down for repentance and and as I was leaving this young woman sat in the pew and looked at me and said rabbi I must say one of the most delightful experiences of my life depth touched me to my very soul thank you I think I’ll be back next week this was the young woman who was barking all day and soling herself well one of you has to leave right that’s good so this is Lib this is the foundation of this book liberated I’ve told that story and ministered it during Yama show of the Holocaust because it’s so important that this was one of the greatest battlegrounds of the demonic that mankind has faced in looking after the seed line of Messiah and those of us who are called for the return Matthew 23 37 through 39 it’s significant because this is um people are fighting with us all the time they blame so much on the enemy a bad battery in their car it’s it’s a bad battery you know it’s just that washing machine it just might be old you know yeah my 27 year old washing machine died and man that devil is in every part of my life now it’s just wore out lady yeah so before we get into the here and now I want to go back to the there and then the early days of little Rodney running around a house what that house was like mom and dad who were the influencers what was some of the turning points in your faith journey as you reflect your testimony to certain degree and then really dig into this very gripping very important work of walking in this authority there’s a Dominion that was restored to us after we lost it in the Garden of Eden Jesus makes a declaration that is so profound but not operating across the board in the body of Messiah and it breaks my heart yeah and I know it breaks yours so take us back to the early years well my father was a Southern Baptist pastor and both he and my mom very godly people I have three brothers and a sister and they races to hear the voice of God that they raised us I mean it was a great home it was a really great home my father was filled with the Holy Spirit there was a man that came through dr. Dale Culpepper who was part of the shantung revival in China and he impacted my dad and walking in the spirit and being filled with the Holy Spirit he stayed Southern Baptist and my father was he was a guy that was you know he passed her Southern Baptist churches then he was head of evangelism for the whole Southern Baptist Convention oversaw the California Baptist churches in California I mean he was a man who who did Billy Graham schools of evangelism Billy Graham wrote the foreword to my dad’s first book so this this was my home a man of great influence very godly man stayed faithful to my mom my mom very strong they raised us up and so the home that we had was a strong home I mean it was a it was a it wasn’t an ungodly place it was a very godly place we you know with the church every time the doors were opened and so the influence was was was was a great influence so I came to faith when I was nine years old I actually led myself to Jesus I knew all of the the passages and I went through the season rounds asking the Lord you know Lord just saved me saved me saved me and then one day it hit me that if I died tonight I’m gonna go to hell and I go oh no I need I need a relationship with Jesus but being in the church I had all of the verses until one it’s like one verse at a time the Holy Spirit just brought those verses to my mind and there wasn’t you know in my bed at night led myself to Jesus and I didn’t prayed the prayer yes I had all that information in my foundation so that’s when I came to faith and and then my home was a godly home it influenced me all the way them so it’s like I think I’ve always kind of been in ministry my whole life in high school I would do in summers I would you know work in church camps and things like that so and then I in college I played football in college so that paid my way so I didn’t really have to earn money there in summer so I actually just did things for the kingdom I worked in youth things and so that’s kind of kind of my pilgrimage you know it’s amazing that there are two paths you can take as a PK you can take or already three paths you can become the prodigal you can follow in the footsteps of the family business and it’s vocational it’s a job it’s a career path and then there’s what you experienced as a PK is a calling and the calling came early it was clear and you operated in answering that call so that it wasn’t your paternal father’s business you were tending to it was your eternal father’s business that you were tending to and you can tell a difference in the pulpit you can tell the ones that this is a job they went to seminary they met the requirements to get the job they applied for the job they got the job why would anybody want to do that oh my goodness you know you talk about fiery darts you talk about a glass house standard that no man can meet and then the fraud complex that every one of us has if they really knew who I really was inside all the things I’ve done in my life they’d be running out of here as if it were the places on fire and you know we’ve all deal with that we all deal with with all of our righteousness is like filthy rags before the Lord and that if we say worth not world without sin we’re calling God a liar in your and and by the way I’m ordained in Southern Baptist also you know not not having gone to my all my postgraduate work is in first century Judaism and Jewish evangelism and you know I come out of the complete I came to faith at 44 so out of the Orthodox synagogue into a messianic synagogue the church has been a place I preached and it just happened that that I had a rabbinic ordination and they wanted me to come do a circuit of a whole lot of Baptist churches and said well do you have any any reason why if we wanted to ordain you in the Baptist that you wouldn’t I said no I’ll take them all if Church of God calls I’ll take that if you know Assemblies guy I’m a Pentecostal charismatic spirit-filled Jew I don’t really care I I don’t really understand denominations so you know 35 on the wall I don’t care you can call me the most right reverend rabbi mister dr. Eric Walker and I’ll still have no idea who you’re talking to in your view of today’s Western Church because the it’s interesting you mentioned revival in China there’s actually Jewish community left in China in Chi Fung and the gospel is advancing even in kaifeng China the revival in the underground world rabbis have fought leaves he’s married to a Chinese national they planted over 105 underground churches in China and minister to them really extraordinary growth out of Tel Aviv they are planting these congregations there’s no question that in the churches that we’re seeing that really should provoke us to envy they’re modeled very differently they’re modeled in the pattern of the Acts chapter to church the Spirit is and the father are both eternally present in the narrative along with the Messiah in the Western Church the father has been relegated to a supporting role yeah he gets credits but only at the end when they roll the credits after the message when they roll the credits and the executive producer is God the Father and then as far as the Holy Spirit is concerned wow you’re getting too sensational you’re getting too charismatic you’re gay so we’re just gonna relegate it as something we mentioned in the Trinity but we’re gonna really focus on the one part that we’re gonna speak about the most and that’s just Jesus and we’re not walking in the full counsel of heaven or not using the authority given to us and the church is struggling and they wonder why they’re struggling and it’s because of the exact same thing that Jesus condemned the Pharisees a year and a half before we think they turned against him he had an encounter and he was casting out a demon and the Sanhedrin came to him and accused him of casting out a demon the name of Beelzebub and he made this Proclamation he said you know you can say whatever you want to say about the son of man I don’t really care but if you blaspheme the Holy Spirit you have committed the unpardonable sin and this wicked generation will not see the kingdom of heaven now the Mosaic law is in place and I’ve read the Mosaic law in both Hebrew English and in Aramaic and in no place as the word blaspheme the Holy Spirit appear not in the 613 laws that we call the laws of Moses so he had to be judging them under their own laws everything in the New Testament up until the crucifixion of Jesus was operating under the Mosaic system what was he accusing them and condemning them well in the Hebrew when you read the third commandment it says thou shalt not take the Lord’s name in vain or you shall not be found guilt less it is the punitive it is the one that costs you because there is no guilt in heaven all is forgiven it’s one thing it is the unpardonable sin and so we’ve we’ve even diluted that to be able to give these really fancy answers for such a simple truth is to deny the power of the Holy Spirit is blaspheming the power of God yeah and you and I virtually Pentecostal charismatic spirit-filled Baptist Jewish recognize that that it’s the harmony of the full counsel of heaven it is the workings of the full counsel of heaven as as you made your journey you came to the belief that believers had this immunity that we were inoculated that as a people set apart there was this hedge of protection about us that the enemy could not cross we pleaded the blood over and about our congregants we the blood over and about the sick and said and this is a boundary the enemy cannot cross whether or not it be through hasatan Satan himself or one of the offspring of the Fallen Angels that take the form of demons and still operate in the world today except for those that are bound until they’re released a torment man so this is kind of a doctrinal position is that believers can’t be oppressed by demons where we have power and authority yeah but one day it was revealed to you that you personally were being oppressed by a demonic spirit yeah tell us that story well I wasn’t I was in seminary I was tending attending Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary I was in a field ed class which was taught by a local pastor it wasn’t taught by seminary professor we would meet with the local pastor in a church and they would you know teach us some of the things that you know about being a pastor and I got this one guy who was very innovative very creative I wanted to learn from him so I asked him if I could be in this you know field ed class he said sure he invited me in we the class was a good class after class was over I’m having this conversation with him and he says this he says today we minister to three people who were demonized not also not go really oh look what do you know you know this is the New Testament I was kind of getting really excited you know like you know like I want to hear more like I thought I’ve never done this but in reality I had confronted the demonic I just didn’t know what I was confronting at the time so I said okay yeah you know like I’m wanting to hear more and then he said and two of them were Christians I didn’t like that now the first thought that came to my head was I don’t believe in that in reality at that point in time i I never really thought through this topic whether or not Christians could have demons I really wasn’t taught about it we it was never in a discussion so I really never did have a presupposition about this so when those thoughts came to my head I realized now those weren’t my thoughts those thoughts were given to me I entertained those thoughts I received those thoughts and took ownership of those thoughts because they sounded like me but all I know is that I couldn’t get out I couldn’t get out fast enough I mean I gotta get out of here I mean there’s this thing I’m just gonna I gotta leave so oh my goodness you know look at the time you know I’m sorry I got to go home you know I go and I get my car and I’m driving home and as I’m driving home I’m just kind of thinking about this Christians having demons how can Christians have demons and then very clearly the Holy Spirit speaks to me and says Rodney that’s what you have well I got mad I mean I said you you can’t have me you don’t have any right to me in the name of Jesus I command you to leave me and I felt this thing leave and I thought oh no now I’ve just had an experience I don’t know that I believe in so so I wasn’t gonna tell anybody didn’t tell my wife I didn’t I wasn’t gonna tell this guy I kind of had to work this thing through and it took me about five or six months began to work this thing through to help really to understand how this thing how this works because I I can’t deny the experience that I had and I can’t deny the freedom that I experienced you know and even though I grew up in a really good home I had demons you know I had a great arm but I still had demons and and when that thing left I had freedom it was a place I kept in the dark it was a place I was ashamed of it was a play that that I wasn’t telling anybody about so it stayed in the dark and as long as it stayed in the dark it was protected but I got free call those little dark darlings of the heart that which we hide from God we hide from man this is the struggle of men with pornography this is a struggle of men with same-sex attraction this is this the the functioning alcoholic all of these are oppressive they are strongholds and yet we don’t recognize them because our pulpits are not filled with the fire of the Lord which is the full operation of what Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to do was to come alongside of us to gird us up that you are never one you’re always a compound unity it is you in the image of God two parts invisible one part visible bound together inseparably with the holy spirit to shore up that strength to resist the sin nature that contrary spirit which was birthed in us which was given to the Angels that’s why two thirds fell it’s not an uncommon occurrence it exists in all of us it’s our character and it can be compromised easily compromised but when we do that we open doors that we don’t realize we’re opening a door and what we’re letting in there’s the house that the man cleans and he leaves it empty and doesn’t fill it with the Holy Spirit that’s the whole message he leaves it unoccupied and therefore his the demon leaves and brings back seven friends and he’s were thought worse off than he was before we we just need some strong foundational teaching in this area that’s exactly you’ve done in this new book liberated I want to before we go to break I want to talk about what happened in the Garden of Eden what open it would open up the door up until the time of the fall the encounter where the lie was told it was bought into and our dominion of the earth was stripped from us usurped by Satan and given to Satan to become Prince of this earth the Dominion mandate was removed from Adam from man but Jesus says to his tamo deem his disciples he says in Luke 10:18 I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven and I give you the authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and overcome all the power of the enemy nothing whatsoever shall harm you yeah now I have a shovel that I purchased when I bought my house that shovel has hung on that wall I passed by it every time I get in my car I see that shovel on the wall and I could complain that nothing’s been planted no holes have been dug and that shovel is worthless and useless to me except for the fact I’ve never put it to use I’ve never applied it for its purpose we have these passes of scriptures people fly through the Bible read it in a year get the checkmark get the t-shirt I read my Bible in a year but there’s passages like that that are restoring the Dominion mandate to us for us to subdue the earth for us to do what Jesus did which was when he was came up out of the water was taken into the desert to be tested tormented whatever you want to call it he only spoke three times and three times he spoke he quoted from Deuteronomy and it says and he frustrated the enemy and he departed from him yeah we think spiritual warfare is that I’ve got to have a sword I’ve got to have a Bandolero of fifty caliber bullets I’ve got to be loaded and ready with my helmet with my belt buckle with my boots I’ve got to be in my Ephesians armor in order to go into battle and all I have to do is speak the word I shared with you my encounter with just speaking simple words one of you must leave yeah command authority but it’s only in the power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit and we’re missing that and this is why these strongholds exist we’re talking with Rodney hogatha of the brand-new book liberated set free and sting free from demonic strongholds we’re here to do some sacred cow tipping that’s exactly what we’re here to do we’re here to tip some sacred cows he spent plenty of time in California during the time when cow tipping was the big thing and we’re gonna do some sacred cow tipping and take some doctrinal statements that have been plastered across every new members class and coming into almost every denomination across North America and Western Europe to tell you that the seed of the serpent the Anti Christ the Dominion of the demons that you just don’t have to worry about that there’s spiritual warfare and there’s an enemy in the world but he’s not omnipresent he’s not omniscient and he’s on not omnipotent therefore you know if you’re a believer Jesus said there’s gonna be tribulation how it comes about your life we have no idea but just prepare yourself for it and mount up on wings of eagles and you will be victorious in the battle but that’s not really a case and the tools and the weapons that were given are clearly outlined in this book clearly outlined in this book called liberated by Randy hope we’re gonna take a short break while we’re on break visit igniting a nation calm click on the name Rodney Hogen I’ll take you right to a link to the book I wanna strongly encourage you I’ve read tons of book on deliverance on healing and on all the manifestations of the Holy Spirit and the battleground of the enemy but this is one of the best clearest most concise and personal journeys you can take in to really stop being a hoarder and clean up the spiritual house of God we’ll be right back the Lord meets you right where you are and sodas ignite Ignatians new live streaming outlets you can now watch revealing the truth revealing the Bible and prophecy revealed simulcast live each Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 o’clock p.m. Central Standard Time on YouTube live Facebook live vinny o periscope and through our website WWII and acecomm no matter what device you are using our program will automatically scale so you won’t have to miss a single program and if you happen to miss an episode you can always subscribe to the igniting a nation YouTube channel and access over 1,000 interviews and never miss your favorite authors special guests and topics that interest you the most there are lots 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headlines the heart lines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Erik Walker and we’re talking with Rodney Hogue dr. Rodney Hogue author of liberated set free and staying free from demonic strongholds Rodney welcome back to this segment Rodney the we either spend all of our time focusing on the work of the enemy and none of the work of the authentic were so distracted by the counterfeit the one who is the father of lies who masquerades as an angel of light and he gets more credit you Jesus gets credit that we get saved once and then the rest of your life you’re paying homage to you’re paying so much almost to sait almonds of Satan that words in the English language adopted from the Greek words like panic pandemic panacea all start with the word Pan who was a mythological Greek god half-man half-goat there at Tel Dan at Baniyas in Israel where he had a temple where they brought human sacrifices and he in collaboration with the author of fear now in the psychological world pan is associated with almost every phobia every fear that man has there’s only three Greek words for love and there’s like 2800 for phobias and we’ve glorified evil in this nation we embrace evil in this nation and we don’t understand that this is exactly what Jesus came to do is bind up the brokenhearted set the captives free what are they embodies – they’re in bondage to these strongholds they don’t understand it help give us clarity real clarity into understanding the concept of demonic oppression deliverance where we see that and where our struggle is in making sure that that’s a part an integrated part of our whole experience of walking in the power and the authority of God the strategies of hill they don’t change much I mean the deception and intimidation those are things they’re cheap they work and because they continue to work the enemy continues to deploy those so we have the sphere and the sphere comes because we just were intimidated or we believed a lie so if we believe the lie that he is powerful we believe this lie that I can’t help it I believe this lie that that he’s too strong I mean anytime you believe this you simply embraced a lie you’ve embraced thoughts that are not your thoughts when you look at the writings of Paul you know because one of the things that I’ve learned is you know how you do deliveries depends upon where you’re doing it so you know if you’re bringing the kingdom to a new place you’re gonna it’s gonna be very confronted very demonstrative but when you look at deliverance in the pastoral epistles it’s about cleaning up the sheet he talks about you know strongholds he talks about you know the the Saints like a roaring lion he’s looking to take somebody out you know but he’s but he’s addressing believers here to help them simply be sheep to get all cleaned up so a stronghold we find in 2nd Corinthians chapter 10 3 through 5 you know the weapons of our warfare they’re not fleshly they’re not carnal but they’re very powerful to destroy strongholds and then it seems to define what strongholds are as we begin to take every thought captive that rises up against the knowledge of God we’re basically punishing those thoughts so it’s about the mental thinking so what happens is that we we begin to entertain thoughts that are not our thoughts and and we begin to you know develop a belief system and when you develop a belief system then you act on what you believe because what you believe determines how you feel and you basically do what you feel like doing so in the believers we’ve had these strongholds most of these happen and were to built before we came to faith in Christ it could even have happened afterwards and so our job is simply help let’s just clean up the sheep you know there’s a lot of doors that have been opened up that the enemy has gotten in so what we need to do is simply just find what those doors are shut those doors when you shut the doors and things seem too late so it’s what we do you know it when you clean your house you just don’t clean the part of your house yeah we have a spiritual house and first of all believers leak yeah so when we leak there must be somewhere for to leak out of and that’s kind of a sign that you need tending to your spiritual house otherwise that will decay yeah there was a instance in scripture where Jesus sent the disciples out to deliver a young boy with a demon and they couldn’t do it and if we look at the narrative surrounding that God gave us dominion over everything that had a name yeah remember there was a fundamental principle of Adam’s Dominion he every brought everything to Adam – name he even brought his wife to name her and everything that I had a name he had dominion over well actually see that play out the medical community so I called a diagnosis unless I have a name I can’t treat you I can rule things out until I come to a diagnosis then I can have a plan well in this scenario there was two things that happened one is that the only thing that God didn’t bring out and redeem was himself so that’s why we the Jews still referred to him as Elohim or Adonai or that tetragram has never pronounced the yah hey Bob hey the four others never pronounced it’s not pronounces Yahweh or Jehovah it’s just not pronounced we don’t invoke it because he said tell them I am that I am a yea share ie it’s simple and we’re fine with that but as they went out casting out demons we see the pattern that Jesus went to a man who has chained and barking and attacking people and he said to him what is your name and he said our name is legion for we are many now we’re in the Roman construct of understanding what legion is it’s twenty to forty thousand soldiers or an Allegiant that means this single person was demonically possessed by twenty to forty thousand demons in the Talmud it asked the question how many angels can fit on the head of a pin and the answer is innumerable thousands tens of thousands tens of hundreds of thousands so we don’t know how many angels there are we know one third fell and the demonic presence in the earth today is well populated by this so as believers we’re going to have an encounter now this particular encounter with the boy was the fact that the boy was possessed by a dumb spirit the spirit that could not tell you its name asked you his name gives you no answer so they brought in Jesus and said why couldn’t we cast him out and he said oh you of little faith and he cast the demon out this was a demonstration that only God has dominion over that which has no name man has dominion over that which has a name God has dominion over that which does not have a name and this was a demonstration of the true Godhead the true Messiah ship the true act of God one of many that he performed on earth that were strictly attributes of God and so here we are in concert with all his spirit this Paraclete that we have Authority when God created the heavens the earth he spoke through the Holy Spirit when Jesus came up out of the water he spoke through the Holy Spirit as a demonstration of the power and the anointing in us is when we speak through the anointing of the Holy Spirit I can only command a demon to leave I can only command healing deliverance whatever it is by operating in a relationship with all these spirits matter of fact all these spirit even says Jesus says when you stand before the judges of man don’t be concerned about what comes at your mouth as a matter of fact he’s saying to you don’t speak let the Holy Spirit speak through you and fill your mouth because you’re gonna say the wrong thing okay being guided and lit this is the power that he gave us and he sent it to us and he he he he blessed us by promising that he was going away but he was going to send the comforter the one who was going to strengthen us grow us up and make us as one with the complete compound unity of God Father Son Holy Spirit and that’s really key – it’s really key when you understand the relationship that we have with Jesus that we are one with him then we don’t have we don’t ask what do I have authority we ask what does Jesus have authority over man so since we had that authority that’s why you know with sickness you know you command it you know Jesus didn’t pray father would you heal this person no he said he commanded leave be you know be healed stretch out your hands there’s this commands so we do we have the we have this authority of heaven that that we carry and having this authority over spirit because you know Colossians 2:15 talks about that the enemy has been completely stripped so the only authority that the enemy has is the authority that man gives it so even even when we’re talking about principalities and powers and over regions and stuff like that that authority is still the authority that man has given them man has worshiped you know earlier in the previous earlier in the hour we you know you talked about that passage in in Luke chapter 10 you know he said I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning we think what what just happened in that passage well he had sent these guys out to do the work of the kingdom he sent them out they were so they were healed the sick cast out demons and then they were to proclaim the kingdom of God has come near you so as they were really doing the work of the kingdom bringing the rule of heaven into this world I mean what why is he coming down it’s because the ones who are putting them up are not putting them up anymore so you know it’s kinda like this you know what whatever you come into an agreement with is what you in power and if you come into agreement with the darkness you are empowering the darkness and so if you come to agreement with heaven and with the authority that you have in Christ and the oneness that you have with him because he the enemy has really has been completely stripped of all authority they’re not stripped of their created design I mean there’s still angels they still can do stuff in that realm the way that God created angels to operate operate in the visible round you know they don’t that I don’t think they get hotter you cold or anything like that and no just like angels can can manifest at times and be invisible at times I mean there’s something in there created design and some and they actually use that to their advantage to intimidate us and to bring about fear in us and so therefore whenever they do something that we can’t do that we don’t understand then we think oh no you still have Authority but you don’t have authority you know that’s been completely stripped about what Jesus did on the cross so if they can deceive us into coming to an agreement with a lie then we have given them our authority so in that passage in Luke chapter chapter 10 what what happened there they just went out and they just they pulled out the ones that were just putting up the darkness putting up the thing and that’s it that’s how you bring a principality you know it’s not about just getting there screaming and you know in your early morning prayer time telling the thing to come down because you can you can tear it down and then everybody else during the day is going to put it back up you know the work of the kingdom is that we’re supposed to be penetrating the systems of our world and when we’re doing that we’re bringing the rule of heaven into people’s lives and when we bring that into people’s lives then darkness begins to crumble amen you talk in your book about want to call it spiritual Africare yes assisted living if you will after you’ve come out of this period of obstruction a period of release yes there has to be after carrier it’s biblical you have to clean the house but then what do you do afterwards to inoculate to insulate to gird yourself up especially in that place to check to check for leaks you know their airs leaking out of your tire you patch it you don’t stop checking the the the gauge that shows you the air you wand insurance that it’s not going to go flat again so you talk about a lot in that book about this particular area what should people be doing in an aftercare once a person gets free well you know the Jesus in that Matthew chapter 12 44 and 45 basically said when the spirit leaves a person it goes and goes to the dry places and not finding a rest which means you can actually found the rest in that person what he does it goes back and he finds it this thing this house all empty swept clean and because it’s empty then he’s able to take seven worse and then to you know it we have it so the issue is is that when I get set free I need to make sure that I fill my house up with the things that leave no room for darkness to come back right most people can actually do that by just doing what every Christian should be doing you know in other words connecting with other leavers in relationship spending time in this word worshipping I mean if they would just obey Jesus and do the things that he expects every believer to do you you can’t fill up your life now with some people you need a little bit more because you may have some mental structures that you have gone down so many times that they’re ingrained with you so and that is the house that the enemy that’s the stronghold and so you have to dismantle this house that is an agreement with darkness based upon lies and probably even with a false identity as well that you’ve embraced so you have to dismantle those lies but you need to do this intentionally rather than just you know just I hope it hope it happens so if you got thinking structures that are in agreement with darkness you know you’re going to have to tear those things down and rebuild a godly stronghold in the opposite spirit for example if you’ve got bitterness in your life well you need to build a stronghold of compassion or if you got hate a stronghold of love with lust with satisfaction I mean there’s there’s there’s you just got to identify what is the opposite that is taking me out and then I’m gonna have to intentionally rebuild a godly stronghold in my life so that’s really what the the last half of the book River the last third of the book really focuses on it’s kind of how to do that I did my doctoral dissertation on aftercare after deliverance and I just studied hundreds and hundreds of people who simply got through it and I found there were two common factors that help people stay free number one is that they had a community that they connected to and it wasn’t just like I just go to church I mean I’m in relationship with others that others speaking to my life so I’m in community the second link is that you have a plan you have a process so I can’t help you with the first one but I can do wait I can’t help you with the second one so that’s really what the second half of that book does it kind of helps you understand that process of what strongholds are how to tear them down and then kind of step by step how do we begin to dismantle the thinking processes that have taken us out and how do I just embrace the truth you know who I really am I have to identify where in my have I embraced an identity that’s not really Who I am and how do I you know embrace the true identity of who I am in Christ because I have a new identity that I am in him so I look at myself and I go okay well Christ I’m righteous in Christ I’m holy you know I’m a new creation yeah I give like five pages of am statements in the back of this book and the appendix just simply to say this is who you are now that you are in Christ so that I can put off who I’m not you know like Ephesians chapter four 23 24 says I can take off shed off who I’m not an embrace Who I am you know and this is this process of sanctification and really deliverance it’s really just a process of sanctification and if you got mental strongholds you need to intentionally address those things and tear those things down by rebuilding something godly putting it into it into its place amen amen we’ve been talking with dr. Rodney hogatha of the new book liberated set free and staying free from demonic strongholds it is an absolute spot on resource for you addressing the understanding of works of the dark side and the demons don’t bother with non-believers the they work for the adversary who’s your enemy he is the one who is the enemy of the Brethren lodging a false charge against you before the throne of heaven he is not God’s enemy God created him so he doesn’t create his enemies he uses him for his purpose and when you’re facing these introspective times and you realize that you’re struggling members of your family are struggling members in your community are struggling here’s the way to identify and remove those strongholds and then patch up the broken places seal the cracks so that you don’t have to go through this again dr. Randy Howe thank you for being with us here on revealing the truth well thank you my pleasure god bless you my friend we’re taking a short break and when we come back we’ll bring you the next edition of revealing the truth.

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