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Shaun Tabatt

December 17, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CST

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Shalom Aleichem to this edition of revealing the truth we’ll recover the headlines the heartlines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Eric Walker is it really all that hard to get a book published the simple answer is no is it really that easy to sell your book that answer is not as simple but is also a resounding no our next guests brings us decades of insight into the publishing world along with the desire to see transformation through sharing your faith he’s a friend of many and all-around good guy Sean tappets first love are his faith family books coffee and running by day he works for Nu RI media group as an acquisitions and marketing publishing executive he also serves a select number of clients there’s pre our company cross focused media LLC and if that’s not enough he’s the host of the popular podcast the Sean tappets show on destiny means podcast network he and his wife of the proud parents of ten that’s correct ten amazing children Sean’s regularly seen here as a featured guest the first Monday of each month with insights into the publishing world and in the spiritual realm as he interacts with so many great authors Sean tappet welcome in to your edition of revealing the truth well Erik thank you so much for having me back in the show again it’s always an honor to spend time with you and I’m always excited to see what kind of questions you’re gonna talk about you always bring up great topics well thank you I appreciate that you’re kind of like my my insider you’re my operative you’re my asset as this is a branch of the BIA the believers intelligence network and you get to I know you do a lot of traveling a lot of speaking so your wife has her hands full with ten and what are the age ranges our youngest baby Titus he’s little over four months about four and a half months and our oldest daughter Isabella is 21 so with ten kids we’ve got kids ranging from four and a half months to 21 it’s a dynamic and busy household here I bet it is I bet it is you’ve just an image just brought on Harrison house which is a long-standing imprint of actually it’s it’s the publisher of a book and a person that personally changed my life Jermaine Copeland and so when I first came to faith a woman in the congregation messianic congregation came to me and she said I’ve always wanted a Jewish believer to pray for me and I said I’m sorry I don’t I don’t know how in Judaism we don’t really have a systematic system of praying for people what we prayed to God but praying for people it’s in the general literate liturgical setting of it all there are books of prayers but unless you’re going down the rabbinical path you don’t really embrace those and so she asked me every week and I kind of started feeling uncomfortable and I went to the store book store and said I need a book on prayer and they sold me Andrew Murray’s book on prayer well if you know that book it’s about a thousand pages long and it’s incomplete it’s like Grey’s Anatomy you can become a prayer surgeon if you read Andrew Murray’s book on prayer you can perform any kind of prayer surgery but I still couldn’t formulate a prayer and so I went back to the bookstore and they sold me in addition to prayers of Al much and when I looked at the back and I saw that the address of word ministries was two blocks from my house and two blocks from the synagogue so the phone number was on the book I called and Germain answered and she invited me over for a cup of coffee and for 23 years she has been a part of my life and she has we have the prayer hour now with Germain Copeland and that’s a Harrison house just stabled over six and a half million copies I think in print today with the 40th anniversary edition coming out so you get to interact with a lot of really dynamic and interesting people the full spectrum from spirit-filled to the practical life application but a lot of di just an image is in that spirit-filled aspect I think that Don nor I senior who recently passed his vision was that he was going to kind of finish the narrative taking it past Jesus into full understanding of how the Holy Spirit operates and that vision has been something that the baton has been passed to you to go out there inquire good authors so in your travels and your discussions are you hearing some common spiritual themes are you seeing some trends in the area of what the spiritual body is leaning towards in in terms of books that are about to come up I’m hearing a lot of conversation about the upcoming election as we move into 2020 I know a bunch of us in the media and podcasting scene have been talking to Steve Strang this week he’s got a new book called God Trump in the 2020 election we actually have a brand new book coming from destiny image with Robert Henderson called and actually hold it up there it is praying for the prophetic destiny of the United States in the presidency of Donald J Trump from the courts of heaven and then Jeremiah Johnson also has another book themed around kind of prophetic themes related to the upcoming election season and so in the near term I think we’re gonna be seeing an awful lot of conversation and discussion around the election especially in the next two or three months as I know there’s a lot of resources coming out moving away from the election the other theme I’m hearing a lot about right now is holiness in fear the Lord in that in the sense we are moving into a season where God is calling the church and his people not into harder things but our assignments are getting bigger and whereas our assignments are getting bigger that is going to require more time in the prayer closet more time pressing in so I’ve just met a bunch I can think of like six or seven different authors I’ve encountered in the last six months that are working on books or resources that are geared towards helping the everyday believer grow in holiness and and part of that is having a healthy fear of the Lord so to speak and so yeah near-term things around the the 2020 election and then holiness and fear of the Lord a lot more on that in the next six to 12 months in in this current political climate where we’re seeing that if we look statistically at the metrics at the numbers of those are self-identify as a Christian there can’t possibly be only Christian Republicans and only Christians supporters of Donald Trump but they’re in in the biblical narrative of pro life of stand against same-sex marriage not an endorsement of not a continent God didn’t send Jesus into the world to condemn the world save the world so certainly we’re not to be condemned errs either so not the condemnation but a lot but we don’t support the lgbtq+ agenda but there’s been a spiritual component added to this administration the prior prior to Obama who was always a question as to whether or not he was a must or not prior to that it was pretty clear Nixon was a Quaker Kennedy was a Catholic Jimmy Carter was a Baptist it’s pretty clear where they were coming from Donald Trump was a huge question mark a lot of people saw the intervention or intercession into his life I’ve had Steve Strang on the on the show three or four times as we talked about this Robert Jeffress on a number of times to talk about this this has been different this has been an evangelical influence on the public policy stands and commentary narrative of a press in the United States that’s a dynamic change do you see that as fulfillment of any specific prophecy or just a confirmation that God sets up kings and tears down kingdoms and that all leadership is God appointed representing in most cases the heart of the people well I would say definitely that it’s a reflection that God does set up kings and set leaders in place but you and I have both interviewed amazing guests like Jonathan Cahn you we just have both mentioned Steve Strang and I can think of a number of other authors who have laid out some pretty clear biblical cases following prophecy throughout the whole Bible about why Donald Trump was put in the office as kind of a I’m gonna call it a prophetic symbol but kind of a fulfillment of what God is doing in this season and raising up a leader who would be positive towards people of faith especially positive towards evangelical Christians I think one of the most amazing things we’ve seen in the past three years is how much people of faith have had a conversation or a seat at the political table in Washington you and I both are friends with lots of different authors and leaders who are on Trump’s prophetic council and so it’s been really encouraging to talk to men and women who know the president personally and you know are involved with him behind the scenes and the things that they have to say about who he is as a person and his character and how he treats people you know you don’t often get that on on the news and on TV and I’ll say by and large by what I see from the men and women I know that you know that they’re they’re friends of mine and I trust what they say I’ve got a very overall positive impression of what’s been happening with Trump in Washington over the past three years well the interview with Donald Strang he and I had spent a great deal of time talking about the possible reasons for that he might lose part of it had to do with his tweeting and I drew a comparison between Jesus in his message to the Pharisees and to his own disciples for that matter that if we were to put those in tweets and you and I both covered the authors that wrote at this this this book that you know you brood of vipers you’re the synagogue of Satan are you so dull how long will I put up with you and right wing watch got a hold of a minute 38 second segment that they cut out of a 55 and a half minute interview put it out there and said that Eric Walker declares Donald Trump a prophet and then I got a formal letter from the LDS the Church of the latter-day saints sanctioning me and telling me that all 15 million members of the LDS would now stand against me unless I made a public televised globally televised retraction of any implication that anybody on earth was a prophet other than this 97 year old or whatever leader of the LDS and I was thinking to myself you know of all of all the things you know between the fatwas and Pakistan that are don’t crop when you travel when you come this way don’t stop in Pakistan because because your life’s in danger because we’re feeding into a hundred and twenty home shirts in Pakistan right now and we’re in touch with them on a regular basis and there’s such incredible persecution so here I get this letter telling me and you know you’re out there in your podcasts and you are a prolific podcaster crisp clean we talked a lot of the same people and when you put yourself out there in in front of the world there are a lot of people that want to take shots at you have you had much experience in and coming up against that kind of criticism or commentary you know I think by and large most the time when I see criticism is when I talk with people who you know they’re not necessarily of a different faith tradition but maybe they have derived at some different kind of side roads on their on their theological journey and for me I really enjoy talking to people who believe differently than me people who are gonna challenge me and make me think and you know I I’m a still a you know be very sound and study where I am theologically at the end of that conversation but I’m always curious to learn somebody’s story how did you arrive at the place you’ve arrived there’s there’s always a path that you’ve taken to get there and I feel like there’s ways that you can have discourse and dialogue that’s friendly and kind and it can be a great conversation and you can just agree to disagree at the end but but I find a lot of people like oh I would really given it to them I would really you know you talked about all these hot-button issues and while that can make for great conversation and dialogue and it certainly can be a part of an interview you know I find more than anything I’m just curious to figure people out and see how they got where they have ended at this point in their journey I usually a lot of evangelicals are very uncomfortable talking to people who have slightly different beliefs than them or maybe part of a different stream or a different camp and that’s where I get maybe the most pushback is like why are you talking to them they’re from the other side don’t don’t don’t soil yourself with them or something so that’s where I see the most pushback you know it’s very interesting because you and I both have to be kind of discerning I get a tremendous amount of submissions to appear on the show because we’re there’s there’s not a money transaction there’s not in some of the cable shows there’s there’s dollars and cents involved and advertising and sponsorships and things like that and we do this as as the second branch of our ministry which is to teach to reach and this is the reach division of our ministry and then we’re launching a third division which is engaged and we’re launching a new church here in Birmingham but I will be the senior pastor senior rabbi over that we’re now looking for a building so we’re in that process and that will take on a very different look than anything that is at a very different model but it happens to be a biblical model of build around Isaiah six and the fact that there’s praise is an earthly activity worship is a heavenly activity and it’s a very different view of a place that doesn’t have screens and projectors and is this move towards holiness towards transformational worship and the unadulterated Word of God stringing the pearls together all the way from Genesis to Revelation as opposed to the typical eggs of Jesus to verses of Scripture and eighty-seven illustrations from the country club and from the Walmart and just a whole different approach and and we’re also seeing a lot more free thinkers I don’t know if you interviewed the new Copernican John Sears book he calls the Millennials the new Copernican x’ that the core of the Millennial is relevance why do it if it’s not relevant why do it if there isn’t tangible possibly even quantifiable result of improving either the environment the community a person a place a thing and the old guard is saying no no it’s not about relevance it’s about do not forsake the assembly of the Brethren and you got to come to church and these kind of things going but you guys like doing anything locally everybody everybody’s coming inside what are you getting done outside what are you but that poor guy that’s been in the same corner I’ve seen him ever since I was a little kid what do you do for him and so he kind of analyzed this generation and called them the new Copernicus where they’re gonna be proven to be right okay but maybe not in this season and I happen to think that relevance is something that that relevance and search are now further apart than they’ve been in my lifetime and even though I came out of the synagogue I been an observer of the church can I still maintain a Jewish life as Paul Paul maintained his Jewish life as well what are you seeing because you’re a part of a relevant centric work in your affiliation with your brother-in-law yeah I mean uh I I would say in in terms of what I’m seeing with Millennials and Generation Z I look at this somewhat from the perspective of I had a team that was made up of Millennials and Gen Z ladies when I worked at Baker Publishing Group and then just interacting with some of the voices who are emerging as leaders and authors it’s kind of refreshing this younger generation at least younger than me younger than you that’s coming up and moving into more prominent positions of leadership and such they’re not afraid to question the status quo and and I think you really hit on it you know they they’re willing to call and say well you know we say this we do this yet we’ve never helped that homeless guy across the street where you know they’re they’re ready and willing and brave enough to point out the disconnects between what we say and what we do and we haven’t had a generation like that in the church for some time and so it’s I feel like it’s kind of the healthy push to not necessarily to say to get us to cleanse the temple so to speak but really to help us dust off some cobwebs and go okay there’s there are some real disconnects between our speech and our practice and so if I think it’s part of that move towards more holiness we got sick oh okay I’m calling you to go deeper and I’m calling you to do what you say and say what you do and just really to have it match up to what he’s assigning us what he’s calling us to in this season so I feel like God is using the Millennials and the Gen sees who are sort of rising up into more places of prominence within the church to not chastise some of us who are older and further but God’s using them to speak to us about hey this is what I need you to do in this season so if we’re willing to listen and really hear what they’re saying and really press into how God is trying to touch us through through their words I think it’ll be a beautiful thing what God is bringing about in this new and emerging season podcast now through what the tagline says is destiny image Podcast estimates podcast network are you now making available to authors from destiny image a platform for podcasting yeah this is a new branch of Nora Media Group so to speak and we in addition to publishing we also have Destiny’s image TV and now destiny much podcast network once I came onto the team we moved my podcast under the Destiny much podcast network we’ve recently brought on a show from Jake Kael who’s a pastor out in Pennsylvania we recently brought in a show from Candice Smithee minions another author that we have a book coming up with and so bit by bit we’re bringing on new authors and starting to build a platform to help on the one hand broaden their platform and their reach as our authors but also to broaden the platform in the reach of destiny image as a whole so we’ve got I think seven podcasts right now in the network and my goal is by the end of 2020 we’ll have 25 or more podcasts up and running on the network so there will be a lot more activity in the next 3-4 months as we ramp things up in a big way for 2020 you recently had kind of in-house vision casting meeting not to look under the kimono of distant image but all the all the publishing houses have their annual event where they get their publicists and their acquisitions people and their marketing people all together and then they take a look at what the vision is what the maybe the theme for the coming year maybe what the change in platforms you know when we started out we started out in partnership with with an organization that’s that’s not as preeminent as it was when we started out with them there’s been a shift whether or not it was because of financial or whatever that the change came about and so we kind of broke away and you’ve brought on both destiny image and Harrison house and you’re bringing this podcast you know are you seeing we know the traditional bookstore is there’s a consolidation going on in retail outlets what about the marketing plan we sent you a copy of what we now send out as the kind of here’s what you need to do in order to promote your interview you can use this as a wholesale marketing plan we develop it that way for authors to be able to market woody but what do you see about a change and how books are sold how books are presented how concepts are being developed and then platforms being built and the birthing even in some ministries out of that initial work I mean there’s been a pretty seismic shift in the Christian publishing space in the last two to three years a family Christian store is gone we’ve talked about that before I think at this point officially in December of 2019 you know the the final bell has rung and LifeWay I think all the stores are pretty much closed at this point so from a books on shelves kind of perspective that that’s a big shift in a big challenge I feel like LifeWay going away really impacts the evangelical book market more than it does the spirit-empowered barker his life way did not really carry anything much in the way of spirit and power book so with those two retailers gone I mean that’s gosh 3 to 500 or more stores that just they no longer exist I do feel like some of that foot traffic has shifted into stores like books-a-million or Barnes and Noble I’ve really been encouraged to see the shifts and the changes with Barnes & Noble they’re under new ownership right now so if you go into your local Barnes & Noble you’re gonna notice a lot of different sorts of displays they’ve gotten rid of a lot of the junk that was cluttering up the store and books are more prominent so you know whether that will be a long-term change or these are just some of the shifts we’re seeing for the holiday season I think that remains to be seen but you know by and large retail space is a challenge you know there are only so many bricks and mortar bookstores out there right now and so I think we’re gonna see a resurgence with some of the not necessarily indie but may be independent I guess independent Christian bookstores there was a lot of enthusiasm at one of the retail shows earlier this year when it was announced that LifeWay was collapsing or closing a lot of the independents were enthusiastic because they felt like there there would be more traffic that might be funneled their way but there whether it’s a brutal reality or not I don’t know but the reality is most of your sales as an author are gonna come online yes people will go into bookstores and you know as a guy in the publishing industry I want to drive as much traffic as I can in the bookstores I loved personally to go into bookstores and browse but you know most your stuff is gonna be sold online you know Amazon dominates the majority of the market and so in terms of whether it’s a pre sale campaign or just kind of that ongoing of promoting an ongoing cycle of promoting the book you know the reality is most of the places you’re directing people are going to be online and you know honestly the the Beth Ann author the best way you can keep getting the word out about a book is to continue to do podcasts and radio and video based shows you know people might look stuff like my show stuff like your show my favorite story I always tell authors in terms of sort of the marathon that promoting a book is rather than a sprint Hal Elrod has a book called your miracle morning and what in one of his later books he talks about with that book it took 18 months before that book hit any kind of a best-seller list well by the time he got to that 18 month milestone marker from in that book released he’d done over 300 podcast interviews and you and I both know that you know 90 days or whenever a book is released the publisher cut has to put that down because they’re moving on to the next books in the next season at that point so that means you know for however many months Pat you know 15 months where was past release he kept being out or 13 months he kept getting and pushing it and pushing it and getting on podcast and so a lot of it is just finding ways to keep that book out there and eventually you will reach a point where I feel like you’ve gotten the word out enough and you should be able to hit the sales that you’re looking for but that’s not necessarily just gonna happen in the first 90 days it’s a much longer race to get to that finish line it is indeed we’re talking with chante Abbott multi aspect multi-dimensional known as the acquisitions and marketing publishing executive for noir I media group which includes destiny image imprint and Harrison house also has cross focused media and the shunt Abbott show founded Shawn Tabet comm and all his prior episodes are all up there where take a short break when we come back we’re gonna answer the question that should be on a lot of authors minds is how does somebody get two or three major books out it seems like in a six week period this author has a brand new book out six weeks later they got a brand new book out when the process seems for everybody else to be so much longer you know is there a world of ghost writers that are out there being well employed or are these people actually authoring the books themselves a question that I’m interested in probing as well as I look at my arsenal material and I’ve got at least 20 books out of sermon series that if I had somebody else finish them I could put out a book a day for several months we’re going to get short break and we’ll be right back with Shawn tabot the Lord meets you right where you are and so does ignite Ignatians new live streaming outlets you can now watch revealing the truth revealing the Bible and prophecy revealed simulcast 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seem to put out a book pretty quickly a lot of New York Times bestselling books seem to come from people that are apparently way too busy to sit down behind what it takes to pump out 80 to 120 thousand words and maybe in some cases two three or four hundred thousand word thick heavily researched heavily documented historical works they take a long time but it seems that there’s a system out there that kind of shortens that what does that what does that look like how are people able to I’ve got I think Ed’s Silvo so has 50 books he’s published in his in his career that’s a book a year of his 50 years in ministry that’s a pretty prolific author but then you see these these I guess a lot of it has to do with the news and media are they actually writing the book they’re creating the theme of the book somebody else do they have a team of researchers how does that look because for the average for the average Sean and Eric we don’t have we don’t have those resources are just I think the path that every book takes before it gets to market is is a bit variable I mean certainly you have many many authors who are writing that whole manuscript from start to finish I think as you get to people who you might call more marquee authors authors who have you know well-known names or on big stages or on TV the likelihood of those authors perhaps working with some kind of a ghostwriter or you know they might have a message series that gets transcribed and but between the author and and maybe an editor they work that into a book so yeah I mean the I think this is something that once you get established in the publishing industry you’re a bit surprised at how much of that is happening I don’t know if we see that quite as much in the Christian space I mean yes there are ghost writers and things that are created creatively to make new projects with an author that that’s the bulk of my experience so I can’t speak specifically to what that maybe looks like in the more mainstream industry but when you think of how I think about busy I am how busy you are and then you think of people who have even crazier schedules than we do the reality is they don’t have the time to just sit down and write a full book so that you know they might have a team of editors and writers that are partnering with them in my experience of working with authors who have large ministries and large followings that you know a lot of times they’ll have an editor that we bring on or a writer that partners with them on the book but it is content that in ideas that are largely from the author of the book is by and you know they review it and sign off on it and make sure it’s in their voice so you know there there are many paths to get a book to market and they all don’t involve just one person sitting down in front of a laptop and hammering out a message so there are lots of creative ways to get that done did I see somewhere that you had a book or mini-book or a pamphlet or something that you published I went to look for it again I couldn’t find it but came across a reference in the past something about getting your book to market was there a piece that you had written before that was a project I was in the process of about a year and a half two years ago it’s something that I’ll be resurrecting in the new year honestly I’ve had no less than like 30 to 40 prophetic words about me writing books in the past year and a half and so I actually have a piece I’m gonna do about marketing a book I’m gonna do a piece about launching a podcast in this next year and then there’s a message that I’m still kind of walking out the latter part of it but about overcoming the orphan spirit so yeah I’ve got I’ve got three writing assignments God’s told me I have to get out in in 2020 so I will be the guy sitting down in front of the laptop do writing those out I don’t have a team of ghost writers yet that I have access to yeah it’s very interesting you refer to the orphan spirit I think that in the book of James he talks about True Religion is taking care of widows and orphans I do think that there’s a spiritual there’s a widow spirit there’s an orphan spirit that in the natural there’s certain era widows and there certainly are orphans and the natural we need to deal with that but isolation in in the body today is that all-time high I see some ISM depression we probably do as many shows about depression and the faith component and loneliness versus set apart you know Jeremiah was was you might consider in doing a manic-depressive I mean he was but you know was he lonely or was he set apart he was actually both but you but you can be it can be living a life set apart for a purpose and it looks and feels lonely ministry ahead of a church had been a ministry is a if you’re engaged in the people aspect there has to be an arm’s length and it can be isolating and can be lonely from from that aspect and so we deal with a lot of authors who have practical application of Scripture in helping people navigate through that and there’s some great publishing houses that that specialize in that that kind of area as far as 2020 is concerned from a prophetic landscape and I know that you are connected with a lot of authors that occupy the prophetic space what’s interesting is is we have you know we devote a certain portion of our program schedule once the featured guests program schedule to people who operate in the prophetic or are able to connect the dots of what’s going on the world to Biblical prophecy and help give clarity so the people who don’t get it from any media source that’s not either Prof a liar’s or sensationalists you know they’re getting the feet on the street in Israel and other parts of the Middle East what do you see we just had this big dust-up over women it almost came out of nowhere I don’t think anybody saw that coming certainly wasn’t on anybody’s radar and I know where I stand on it I read the record of the first revival to ever take place in the New Testament was the woman at the well and so was it a woman’s voice of going to a community to tell them about the man that she had just met and the gospel became alive and revival took place in the city the Samaritan so how do you discount that and so you know are we gonna see more division more polarization more of the sidelines I think that’s what Stephen Strang talked about that complacency of just thinking that everything’s gonna work itself out and I don’t have to be involved in it what’s your look at 2020 well in reference to the kind of the role of women in in church leadership obviously with beth moore and john macarthur that was kind of a big to-do went viral on the internet now people who’ve been around john macarthur for any length of time or kind of rolled in those extremely hyper conservative Calvinist circles those you know macarthur and others view about women and leadership that’s not a mystery i mean you didn’t necessarily say anything that we haven’t heard him say before the way it was put on display in that particular situation was maybe not tactful and it was unkind and it certainly wasn’t received well but i think it kind of relates to what we talked about earlier and i don’t think this is necessarily completely with say the millennial in the gen Z generation but there is more of a willingness to call leaders out on things that they’ve you know people feel are not true to the Word of God or not true to what God is calling us to do as we move into this new season and I think that John MacArthur experienced a level of pushback he’s probably never ever seen before for his stance on women and leadership my perspective on that I mean I go to a church where we have a bunch of female pastors and that’s a very normal part of our our day to day existence in our church experience but I feel like for you know where we are moving in this next season it’s an all-hands-on-deck kind of situation the Spirit is empowering enabling both men and women to move in new roles and to go enter into to new situations and just be on mission for what God is calling them to so I think the conversation about women and leadership it’s not going to go away I feel like we’ve saw a lot of interesting veils pulled back I don’t know if you’ve ever had John and Jolin Hamel they’re prophetic authors I don’t know if they’ve ever been on your show but I talked to them about two years ago at the global prophetic summit and they told me how they had gone from state to state across the nation repenting in praying and as they went from state to state all these veils were torn back and you know evils and things that have been hidden for years were uncovered and think of how we’ve seen that both in mainstream culture and in Hollywood and government and even in the church how things that were hidden for years and years it was fun they’ve they’ve been revealed and and wrongs have been right in them that sort of a thing and I personally I see all of that is sort of this move this call to holiness without all of those wrong to being made wrongs being made right the church cannot move into this place of holiness that God is asking us to move into so you know whether it’s the MacArthur issue or you know others things were we seeing leaders taken out of leadership for some of the things they’ve done I feel like this is God’s sort of cleaning readying of his bride for what’s coming in this season it’s very interesting that when you look at scripture and the one thing the church needs to repent for that they have yet to repent for and that’s why the release the rerelease of our hands are staying with blood by dr. Michael Brown is that impulse narrative and Paul’s letters there wasn’t any consequence to having a woman in leadership he was just laying down to a particularly troubled group that things were out of control and there was an imbalance and there was you almost got the feeling that it was somewhat of a Jezebel spirit or witchcraft or something that went against the grain of a Jewish man I’m very much opposed to the occult and divination and past life regression and and and all those things the New Age movement you start antithetical to me when I came to faith in my Jewish life was like but no big deal but when I began to understand the the full connection to opening up a gateway or a doorway but Genesis 12 and 3 is pretty clear about the blessing of Israel Romans 11:22 is a very stark strong message of the church that God will continue as kindness to the Gentiles provided conditional upon the treatment of the Jews and Israel is is beat up the church is completely divided the initiation establishment of the boycott divestment sanction movement within the church that certain denomination of Christianity will actually no longer pray for Israel even though the instruction the Bible is prayed for the Peace of Jerusalem they actually will not read from the Psalms anymore and the response is is there are more witches registered than there are Presbyterians registered in the census in the research I can’t tells you the the leaning of things this this debate over divorcing the church divorced in themselves from the Old Testament the oldest prophecy in the Bible is the one that has yet to be fulfilled the book doesn’t end until that happens and that’s genesis 3:15 the seed of the amnesty between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent that seed of the woman will crush the head of the seed of the serpent that was one of the things that I wrestled with as a Jew was in my Jewish life in Jewish Studies like how come there’s so many things that were talked about that I come to the end of my book and they’re not addressed they’re not finished like like they’re I’m told they’re gonna happen but they don’t happen so was my conflict that was my rub with the rabbi’s that I studied with was that I was always saying so when did that happen and when did you know when when do they look at look on the one they pierced and and when do they mourn for when did that happen because I’ve read the book to the end of my book that’s an arc and none of those things happen so like what’s the rest of the story and and there we get very agitated with me because every week that I was study with them it was the same thing okay he just gave me the meaning of that passage and this for you and that’s for you in this view but you haven’t told me when it actually got fulfilled when it actually happened and you know so we’re were seeing prophecy and things unfold in front of us that we have to look at these doctrinal dictators and these theological terrorists that are tearing the body apart and causing people to call it hypocritical I did a commentary a couple of weeks ago about that there are some 19 larger sects of Christianity but within those 19 are 33,000 different branches and denominations that’s not that’s not one that’s not United and and it’s what it’s done is it’s kind of birth to mega church the movement where you know 50 70 thousand people and the shepherding is now outsourced to lay leaders but you know some of the small group lists I’ve seen is like frisbee golf not really sure how that becomes a an Acts chapter to model somebody have to explain that to me so a call to holiness in this coming year and I certainly bear bear witness to that what else using what you’d mentioned dr. Brown’s book our hands are stained with blood and that there’s a new addition that recently came out and you know I think that is one place as believers is the church we do need to be aware that the persecution of Israel the persecution of the Jewish people is on the rise I mean where as dr. Brown says in that book and as he said on my program in your program the level of animosity towards Israel and the Jewish people I mean we’re seeing stuff at the level it was before the Holocaust I mean it’s really quite horrifying with what we see in the news cycle and in terms of what the church does with this as we’re made of where and and see what’s going on is people are really gonna have to decide are they going to go with what God’s Word says are they gonna have to go with where the Holy Spirit’s leading them or are they gonna rely on say maybe their political view and kind of and that voting on a party-line but kind of thinking on a party-line and I think that’s one of the big challenges and maybe one of the sides people are gonna have to choose to take as we enter into that 2020 election cycle I don’t think that as a problem is certainly going away I think it’s going to be a point of conversation from whether it’s around the coffee table or over the TV or the Internet on the news but I feel like that is one of the things that God is really gonna call us as a church and as Christians to to take a stand down on behalf of Israel on behalf of his people because you know if whether you read our hands are stained with blood or talk to others who are very passionate about this is a problem you know this is something that we do need to really take heed and impress in and I like what you said earlier but that we are called to pray for Israel call to pray for the Jewish people these are God’s chosen people that hasn’t changed I feel like dr. Brown makes a great case for that in his book our saying our hands are stained with blood so I feel like that’s another hot-button issue that is going to be very front and center as we move into 2020 and you know I feel like as God is you know calling his bride to more more assignments and bigger and better things in 2020 I feel like Israel is a part of that and God loves Israel God wants the church to love Israel and support Israel that’s not going to change Amen I think that’s the largest issue in any election as word as the candidates stand on Israel because no Empire no entity who’s ever stood against the nation of Israel exists today so the Roman Empire is not there the former Soviet Union’s not there the British Empire is not there the Egyptian Empire the Ottoman Empire everybody and it’s all because they have the same thing in common they stood against Israel our economy suffered under an administration that stood against Israel and so we see the blessings if we want to continue in those blessings it’s very clear in Scripture that there are there’s a choice he will bless those there blesses where Island curse those that curse Israel unfortunately showing we’ve run out of time we’ve been talking with Shaun tabot host of the popular podcast the Shaun Tabet show you can find him online on the Destiny image podcast network and I encourage you to listen to his podcast you can find him on youtube and at his website is shaun tibet calm and that’s tb8 TT Shaun always good to see you and I look forward to seeing you in your regular spot on the 11 o’clock hour I think on the first Monday of each month in January I think let me take a look yes January 6 2020 you’re on the calendar and that happens to be my birthday so I look forward to seeing you oh my my 68th birthday hard to imagine that I’ve lived for over 25% of the America of America’s history pretty extraordinary but I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas a happy and healthy New Year and many many more blessings in the coming year too you and your family it’s always a joy Eric thanks for allowing me to spend time with you Merry Christmas Happy New Year and blessings as we head into 2020 thank you so much we’re going to get short break and when we come back we’ll bring in the next edition of revealing the truth.

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