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Steve Green

January 29 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CST

Author of:
This Beautiful Book: An Exploration of the Bible's Incredible Story Line and Why It Matters Today

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Interview Transcript

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I’m your host messianic rabbi Eric Walker the most popular and influential book in the world is also the least understood its sheer volume of history poetry genealogy and mystifying prophecies can prove puzzling even intimidating for readers and since the Bible is often taught or read and pieces readers are left with mere fragments of what should be a vibrant cohesive mosaic the beautiful book an explanation exploration of the Bible’s incredible storyline and why it matters today by Steve Greene founder of the Museum of the Bible with contributions from Bill hi invites readers to firstly engage the Bible and understand it is one amazing story he takes readers on a journey through the many stories of the Bible some familiar and others less so highlighting themes woven throughout the ancient writings drawing upon insights gained through developing the first world-class Bible museum Steve green reveals the completeness and transformational power of Scripture he helps readers see the story within the story and makes the careful connection that helped us appreciate the richness of the Bible as a single story every page will spark faith in a God who speaks to us across the centuries a truly captivating experience this beautiful book will instill readers a deep appreciation for Scripture and its profound connection to our own life stories author Steve Greene is the president of Hobby Lobby and along with his wife Jackie co-founded the Museum of the Bible he grew up in Oklahoma City at age seven he glued picture frames together for the family startup business with his father David Greene as CEO Steve became the president of that little startup business which is now known as Hobby Lobby the nation’s largest privately held arts and crafts dealer over the years Steve has been an attorney to experience the Bible as one beautiful story you can learn more about this book and Steve at this beautiful book.com joining us now to talk about his new book this beautiful book an exploration of the Bible’s incredible storyline and while why it matters to us today Steve green welcome to this edition of revealing the truth thank you I’m glad to be here well it’s not an have you sir not just because of your business acumen and the business your father and you built to be a world-class operation and your staunch stand against assimilation into the cultural shift away from biblical values in America you have held firm and steadfast both against the government and as a message to your people the message that when you walk the aisles of Hobby Lobby you see scripture you see sections of profound it’s passages of Scripture that people hang on their walls and it’s really an amazing gift and it’s the Living Word that’s allowed to be brought in the home where the Bible should be where that’s the ministry for all of us where it begins growing up as you did and knowing that you come from a family of faith there’s also a part in this journey which is your story different from the story of your father different from the store of your mother you have your own story to tell of when faith became your own and it wasn’t with Elmer’s glue and it wasn’t with picture frames take us back to those early years of your upbringing and when the foundation was laid for who the man sitting in front of me today has become yeah I see that my faith journey started again as a young child growing up in churches and accepting a faith early as I we would go to youth camps when in the summer that deepened my faith as soon as I graduated high school I went in to work in the business got married a couple years after that and then even as a we we started having children all along the way each of those steps really added to my faith I remember in high school doing some of my own research and education and realizing that this book that I had been taught to love was real my faith was deepened as I started doing my own research and there’s a point when we had grown up in a church and decided to change churches and set me off on another journey to start studying some of the things that I had been taught there some of the things that I’ve been taught that I didn’t agree with as it became mine and other things that I embraced the core principles of the the book I embraced but some of those theological differences that sometimes we enjoy having some discussions on had had some differences so there’s a point where I became mine and owned it and I’m still on that journey I love getting into God’s Word and learning new and more about our Creator God each time I go to God’s Word one of the things that grieves my Jewish heart is seeing that the Bible has now been divided we have made it 66 books authored and by 41 or 42 authors when the truth is it’s one book with one author it’s one book one author many scribes we call them in Hebrew so firs those that recorded the Word of God and to take it as a disconnected compilation a 66 separate books merged into one larger book it doesn’t do it justice and and I think that you agree with me because you do embrace the big picture and I think you are as profoundly grieved as I am that the body of Messiah has moved into a life of allowing others to feed them and they’re not self sufficient they’re not developing a deep understanding you hear Jesus say I only say what I heard my father say and I only do what I saw my father doing is you operate the business very much so you follow in that pattern your father set the standard for the moral fiber of the business the the vision the image and then you expand and build on that that’s that ancient model of of many businesses Johnson’s sons and you go in there and you’ve been families been giving the business for years and the father is no longer there he’s passed on but the boys still operate the business in the same reflection and that’s why it continues because they have adopted that system of value of experience of encounter and so you’re in a unique position that when Jesus says I only do what I saw my father do and I only say what I heard my father say you see this as the way I do which is a record of what his father did and what his father said if I want to know Warren’s father said this in the New Testament I can go back to the Old Testament to see the most profound example of Jesus in the wilderness with was Satan for forty days three times he quotes from the book of Deuteronomy he doesn’t have to make up words no incantations no sword no gun and he frustrates Satan and he he departs from him the larger picture is where you start this and how you perceive the Bible and the same grief that I have that the church is moving away from the individual charge there’s the read the Bible in a year and that’s not well God’s instruction was it was study to show yourself approved of God and that’s a lifelong pursuit and you encapsulate that in the book what was it that gripped you that made you not only write this book but for you and your wife to have the vision of creating and unfortunately I have not yet been there I’m on the air Monday through Friday and then if I’m not here I’m in Israel so it getting to Washington just as a challenge for me not that I don’t want to go but what was it the gripped you that made you realize we are drifting and unless we correct our course we will drift away yeah I think that as we were developing the museum in DC there were three ways that we had determined to look at the Bible its history its impact and its narrative it’s been said that there are two ways the Bible’s attacked is it true and is it good the the history floor is to present the evidence for its truth we don’t take a position of saying that it’s true we just present the overwhelming evidence the impact is to show how that this book has impacted our world practically every area of life it has had an impact and the average person on the street really doesn’t have an idea to the degree that the book has impacted their life so the impact floors to show that and then the narrative floor is to educate a person on what the Bible’s story is because in our world in in our country we are probably more ignorant of the Bible than we’ve ever been because we don’t teach it in our schools as we once did so there are people that don’t know any of the Bible story I was in new York with Tim Keller and he had a group of journalists there from the leading outfits there in New York City one of them made a comment that there were people in his office that did not know what the Easter holiday was about and I’m sitting there thinking this is an adult and they don’t know that what the Easter holiday is about and and and I was giving a tour as well in the museum and was explaining that the narrative floor the goal is to tell what the Bible story is and to show that it is a story which makes this book unique it is unlike anything else as you mentioned written by over 40 authors over about a 1,500 year period you start a book today and let somebody 1500 years from today finish it and let it go through 40 different hands and see if it would make sense and yet that’s what we have in the Bible and so I wanted to show that it tells a story and I was told that well that’s where some biblical scholars will give you some flak if you’re trying to say that this book tells a story and there are many out there that are antagonistic towards a Bible and would want to deconstruct it and to show that it is and it’s just random stories that are put together and yet what I would want to explain to people and what I try to show in the book is that no this this is a story there is a beginning a problem a resolution and an ending to this book that it is holistic and when we come to that book understanding that some of those stories make more sense and we can enjoy the overall story much better when we understand that it is a story it’s really quite interesting there are 33 verses in Genesis dedicated to the creation story there are 66 verses in Genesis devoted to how to find a wife when you look at things like that of where God puts the emphasis on the life of a believer not the historical creation not the miracles but on the practical aspects of man’s Abraham gave Ellie azar these instructions six twice as many verses devoted to the selection and criteria for a wife and then you go on to look at proverbs 31 and then you go on to the New Testament and you read all these passages about a wife and a relationship we find that the horizontal is a great deal of emphasis of the Bible in this Ministry of one another in giving us the guidelines for life and the interactions for life and that the vertical relationship is what God establishes through the ten commandments and of course then the permanently secures through the salvation through believing in your heart and professing with your mouth that Jesus is Lord along the way he uses not only of the ordinary people they are ordinarily perfectly flawed people in some cases incredibly flawed people of poor moral character and moral fiber King David described as a man after God’s own heart check off every box on the Ten Commandments and he broke every one of them but it was because God looked at heart and when we grasp it and understand that that there is a story and if you look at this story and then like your experience going to limb is ‘men it’s so parallels the Bible and I’d like you to share that with us because I think that people like yourself are exposed to something and they have no clue what it is and because they have no clue what it is they feel left out they’re disengaged they’re distracted they’re confused it makes no sense to them and therefore they come away with it with I don’t like it yeah there there are parts of the Bible that are very challenging and and I had some friends that told me that their favorite story was lame is Rob my wife and I were going to be in New York City for a business trip and decided we would go watch the Broadway play lame is Rob but didn’t know the story and I remember at intermission I’m confused there’s this guy named Jean Valjean and Javert and which one was who and and and we we saw the playbill there’s a bit of a the context of the place so we were trying to read it when the lights went out and you know the the play keeps going and at the end of the day I was confused I did not really understand what was going on and left unsatisfied but I said well it’s got to be a great story let me I rented a movie we watched one of the movies went back and because I had a basic understanding of the storyline I was able to follow the story and became one of my favorite Broadway plays it’s a great story and I used that as an example of the Bible if we don’t have an understanding of what this overall story is of the Bible we can go to the Bible and read parts and pieces and it be confusing and unsatisfying and the bottom line is as you alluded to it is a relationship it has to do with our relationship with our Creator God as well as our neighbour and you know scripture does a great job from time to time to summarize it and succinct saying so you know the whole idea is to love God and love your neighbor that’s that is what God wants in that is about a relationship and when we understand that then I think the scriptures that we go to and we read help us understand the the heart of love that our Creator God has for us the parallels between going to see something and not connecting with it and then pursuing a way to find a connection is exactly the model of what a believer is challenged to do you know I came to faith out of the synagogue 44 years and then I came to faith in a synagogue so I’m not all that for me I’ve preached in thousands of churches but Christianity is still a little foreign to me because I don’t exactly know which version of Christianity is actual Christianity so the church world is kind of confusing to me but as I read the New Testament for the first time at age 44 it all made sense to me because in first century Jewish context all the reference points and all the illustrations and all the idiomatic word pictures being painted and I grew up being taught parables not the parables of the New Testament but the parables of the rabbinic teaching that it was very understandable for me but the real change in my life came seven years ago well it began about 13 years ago when I read and I had read a thousands of times Paul writes to Timothy and says until I return commit yourself to the daily public reading of Scripture and I thought to myself wow I don’t know any place that has the daily public reading of Scripture and since Paul never returned I’m a very clear meaning Hebrew mind not a Greek mind but a Hebrew mind saying that well that’s an instruction that’s sitting in the Bible and it hasn’t been retracted then it must be for today so I began every morning and implemented a new program of the congregation from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 10:00 a.m. advertised it put on billboards daily public reading of scripture all are welcome and from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. 30 minutes from the Old Testament 30 minutes from the New Testament we read through it the Old Testament three and a half times in a year the New Testament seven times in a year and that began a real foundation and people gathered they by gathering community and we would have started out with 20 30 40 50 and and people began to get into that mindset that rhythm seven years ago I went through a very troubling time and had a large field in front of my home and this Jewish boy from Pittsburgh decided to buy a tractor I had never been on tractor before in my life I ever been around farming or anything but I wanted it clear seven acres and I wanted to put in an orchard this was gonna be my therapeutic I’d gone through a very horrible betrayal this was going to be my solitude I would have it driving the tractor communing with God and I decided to listen to the Bible so I got the youversion I found the translation and I began to play it and all of a sudden I realized that I had heard now the whole Bible in 70 hours the entirety of the Bible read to me in just 70 hours that’s not very much that’s not very long and so I would do this repeatedly I did it for a year daily out there in the field on the tractor with the earphones in and the Bible playing and it led to me writing and releasing a best-selling biblical thriller a novel that has more scripture in it than any of my non-fiction books but it was birthed out of that that’s the experience you have with a Broadway play it’s especially musical you get involved with the storyline and then you hear the music and that has a lasting impression on you and this is what the Bible is this incredible play with many characters God in the leading role Jesus as the lead character in the second half after intermission and the Holy Spirit appears and comes alongside of you as Jesus departs and he carries the rest of the story the way through and that makes it sound like wow I can I like Broadway musicals I I like the plays and your perspective on this lame is experience began to experiment taking a look at it through your eyes and seeing well this is a play and God introduces us to characters and this may be a play with you know 19 difference in our 50 or 150 or whatever it is but it’s a long a long play play but that experience that you have with lame is is the experience a lot of people have and your reaction from going to the play the first time had you not taken the effort and in rest of the time to go out and explore and challenge yourself to say what is it that everybody sees in this that I missed I’m as smart as they are was capable of perceiving art but I just don’t get it well yeah in and it was one where it was my friend’s favorite story didn’t mean it was going to be mine but when I didn’t understand it I knew that I needed to understand it before I made the determination if I like the story or not if I don’t understand a story how can I properly determine whether it’s a good story or not and so the positioning that I take within the book is I just want people to understand the story I’m not trying to be devotional I’m just saying let’s understand the story first let me let me show you how that it all ties together and that it makes the complete story that could be missed if we’re reading it parts and pieces so understand this story first and then I let the reader decide if they like that story or not you know for a Jewish audience many of them don’t like the ending okay you don’t like the ending that the Christian has let’s just explain what it is first let me educate you first but let me let you know what that story is and then decide because I think that when people understand how well the New Testament and the Old Testament fit hand in glove that it is incredible it’s hard to overcome how intricate that story is and it just fits together so well that you know my hope is that whoever or my reader is that they will come to accept that this book is exactly what it claims to be in the beginning in and this is one of the challenges I had in my every week lunch with a world-renowned rabbi that for 20 years once a week every week for 20 years two hours we would spend together and I began to ask him as I began more to come I got more comfortable with him in Atlanta I had moved from Pittsburgh to Atlanta and got an established in the Jewish community there in Atlanta and I began to ask him questions from Genesis like genesis 3:15 the oldest prophecy in the Bible this seated the woman in the seat of the serpent and would ask well I’ve read through the Tanakh the Old Testament so many times but I’ve never seen this happen it says it’s going to happen but where did it happen who was David talking about when he was talking about the one in whose hands were pierced who was zechariah talking about who was Isaiah to scribing and and and all this and and he became over the years more agitated with me because I was relentless in my pursuit I said I understand all the rabbinical teachings you spent most of my life my grandfather Walkman in synagogue experiments three we were three years old I’d walk hand and hand with him and so I couldn’t find the answers and I wasn’t given the answers and so basically he gave me the boot he just said a few years so intent on find the answers go find them if you’re not finding them through the traditional methods and so in that four year pursuit I began to love the beginning middle and end because the end of the story can’t happen without the beginning of the story and the beginning is laid out the same way the end is laid out and we wind up in the same place the Garden of Eden that is paradise that is heaven on earth that is the new heaven the new earth the new jerusalem is GaN Eden is the Garden of Eden and so that’s a story most people know the Garden of Eden but to realize that that is what we wind up in God had already established and built paradise that’s perfect wonderful self-sufficient place where you could walk freely among the people and have a relationship with anybody at any time and call out your name and yet we’ve lost the desire and I don’t know why because it’s such a beautiful story of love yeah and it is a tragic position that we’re in and our day the amount of ignorance we have of this book that changed our world and so again it kind of goes back to the what our goal is in the museum is we’re wanting to inspire people to engage with it we may only have a few hours with them so we want to show them look at look at the history of this book you want to believe it’s a novel you can but let me show you the overwhelming evidence for this book it’s impacted our world there is no book that can compare to the impact that this book has had and and a good place to start for the person that doesn’t know anything is is its story and and so while we have them but for a few hours my hope is that they would have that I’ve whet their appetite enough to say I have got to go and find out for myself what this story is and a great place to start is understanding the overall story so that when you start getting into it and even when you know the story there are some challenging parts to it you know when you start reading chapter after chapter of measurements of the construction of the temple it’s just there there’s some messages in there that are that are challenging but but hopefully it will inspire a person to say I’m going to keep reading and I’m going to keep learning what I can and listening to it is a great option I do that regularly on a daily basis go to my you version as well and kind of listen to my daily reading and listening to it in the car you get some good chunks of it and it’s also valuable to listen or to read larger chunks at a time versus snippets you know not just a verse of the day but when you can read larger portions sometimes some parts and pieces come together you use you see the ending of a story I talked in in the book about the story of the chef well he that he’s introduced in in a chapter and there’s several chapters later where he comes back in and if you read a chapter day you may miss that connection so there’s value in reading and hearing listening to large portions at a time that that help understand the story the the bigger picture that is being told in the Bible we’re talking with Steve green president of Hobby Lobby founder and developer of the Bible Museum in Washington DC and the author of a new book called this beautiful book and exploration the Bible’s incredible storyline and why it matters today we’re going to short break and when we come back from break we’re going to dig into some of the text of the book some of the high points that Steve feels that will be compelling to you to get out of the complacency stop being offended by this this talk show host who has a commentary that says that living a life without feeding yourself is undignified and as I approach my 70s I want to be able to feed myself physically I want to be a feeding myself spiritually and not be dependent on the perspective of others but to hear directly from God through his word and my relationship with him and that’s available to you as well and there’s no time better to start than with an understanding of this beautiful book Wendy a short break we’ll be right back the Lord meets you right where you are and so does igniting nations new live streaming outlets you can now watch revealing the truth revealing the Bible and prophecy revealed simulcast live each Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 o’clock p.m. Central Standard Time on YouTube live Facebook live Vinny o periscope and through our website Nydia nation.com no matter what device you are using our program will automatically scale so you won’t have to miss a single program and if you happen to miss an episode you can always subscribe to the igniting a nation YouTube 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other simulcast outlets for more information visit Shalom and what this edition of revealing the truth will recover the headlines the heart lines and biblical truth I’m your host miss anak Rabbi Eric Walker and we’re talking with Steve green president of Hobby Lobby founder of the Bible Museum in Washington DC and the author of a brand new book called this beautiful book and exploration in the Bible’s incredible story line and why it matters today Steve welcome back to this segment as we open the book we read the introduction of knowing the story we’ve painted the big picture you’ve talked about this unusually named character in the Bible that you really start out as you dig into some of the high points of the narrative why that character why that story and how does that really apply to us today and there are many stories that could have been picked but mephibosheth is a story that was chosen because of the fact that it tells the larger story in miniature as an example and it also is one that as I mentioned could be easily missed this character is introduced and it’s you know and then you those story line moves away from him and then several chapters later it brings him back in again and and if if you’re not looking for it you could easily overlook that that story which is great story which is similar to the Bible if we’re not looking for what the overall story is it’s easy for us to to overlook it and so I used that to start in and does it summarize the story here is the king’s son when the king was killed both Saul and Jonathan were killed at the same time and Jonathan who was the heir apparent to the throne and his son with both his father and grandfather being killed his caretaker feared for his life you know is the new king coming to power going to take his life so fled and in that process he was crippled and is kind of off away hiding in small out-of-the-way town and years later the king as he has established wants to find out if there is a descendent of Jonathan and and seeks after mephibosheth and brings him to the palace and there’s got to be some trepidation on Mephibosheth part what’s gonna happen to me is he going to take my life and David the king at the time says no I want you to come in and sit and eat with me and it really is a picture of what God does with us he came to pay the price that we might have the relationship that was lost restored that we can sit with him ultimately in eternity and so it is a picture of what the Bible story is all about told in that somewhat disjointed story that you have to put together and how I really start the book by telling that story yeah I think it really does identify that the our lives are made up of a series of encounters and at times in our life would reflect back on people who played a part and in our history in our lives either spoken word I I was talking at the break that I started out working in New York City reinder Jean and my first boss was Colonel Walt Hall now I came out of the hippies I was part of the first first post-holocaust generation and I had to call him Colonel Hall and he was a retired Marine colonel and he ran that show room and he sat me down one day and he said you’re here as a salesman and it doesn’t seem like this is something that you have any sense of appreciation for and I want to make sure it’s clear you understand that in the business world nothing happens until someone sells something that is the catalyst which starts the manufacturing shipping all the the every process begins with a sale and when he gave me that vision I embraced this because I wasn’t a doctor I wasn’t a concert pianist I was a lawyer it wasn’t really turning out my dad was in retail he was with the worked in department store all his life I really didn’t want to go into retail so I went to the other side of the house but I had a vision and I had a vision that made me feel like I had responsibility and I had a role to play that was going to be a larger part of the economic welfare of a nation and in the case of us of other nations involved where we acquired materials assembled in Mexico and the various aspects of our business that had a much larger greater calling greater purpose than me just making sure that the racks were straight and that the buyer the buyers were coming in were treated well this is really the story of the Bible is giving us a vision for our role in the kingdom and without a playbook without a job description without personality test if you will you have no idea who you are until you can benchmark it against something else if all I do is stare at the man in the mirror and that’s the only thing I have it to compare it to but you’ve laid this out in the way that the Bible allows you to see yourself in the story just like in Lima is and Java Z Y Z there what part does he play and what’s the overarching story and grabbing the bigger picture allows us to the Braes the sum of the parts yeah and it helps us understand who we are in how we fit in that story life itself will only confirm Scripture when scripture says that we are all fallen broken vessels our life proves that out and it shows and it gives a picture of us and it lets us know yeah when I do wrong it’s because that is just my nature and that’s what scripture tells us and it also points us to a corrective measure it it says here’s how your sins can be covered through what Christ did on the cross and it also lets us know that this story is still we’re in the middle of this story when you know we understand this story that we are a part of the story it’s talking about us it is exposing us and that there is a future that is also talking about and our future is determined on how we respond to that so we are right in the middle of this story which makes it also quite intriguing so again I want to start with telling you and then hopefully the reader will realize that it speaks of them and it is for them and that they’re going to determine how that ending is for their own lives because we’re right in the middle of that story you know we we know the person of Jesus hard to miss that even in the Jewish world although at the time I grew up in a Catholic city large Jewish community but a heavily Catholic city of Pittsburgh the only encounter I ever had was being called a Christ killer and came running home to my mother and I said I don’t even know who they’re accusing me of killing but but they told me I killed him and she said to me well don’t worry about that he’s the God of the Gentiles and you had nothing to do with it you weren’t born yet so you don’t bear any responsibility for this that was really the only time he I had ever heard excuse me about Jesus as as a kid wasn’t talked about the home or the synagogue and but today it’s I think there’s more dialog more narrative he’s perceived more as a rabbi a prophet the Jewish world has courses being taught on Jesus the rabbi and in the restoring the Jewishness of Jesus and putting him back into context as your book unfolds we know that there’s a parallel and one of the parallels in the book that you draw is David was an unlikely choice for King you then go on to say and draw the parallel that Jesus was the unlikely king and God has a way of everything is connected if it’s if it’s concealed in the Old Testament it’s revealed in the New Testament and there’s connection points how did you weave that together and what in your life and your experience and made you realize that this was the line of Judah was important that this was the Royal line but yet there was then this concept of a royal priesthood which can’t happen in Judaism because either you’re a Levite or your Jew tight you can’t be fathered by two different lineages but yet supernaturally you and I are called into a royal priesthood and this is impossible in the natural yeah so the unlikely king yeah so what would I do what I kind of refer to as the spine of the book is five main characters Abraham Moses David the prophet Isaiah and Jesus and for David you know he was given a promise that his seed would be on the throne forever now that’s an interesting promise how does somebody be on the throne forever and what what I do is I look in the New Testament and what I would point out is that the fulfillment of the promises made to Abraham Moses and David were fulfilled in Jesus and I’m not the one saying that I want to let the book speak for itself some would say well that’s your interpretation of the Bible well no that’s the Bible’s interpretation of the Bible and let me show you and so I do that through three messages Peter Paul and Stephen and and then there’s a meeting that ties Isaiah to Jesus as well the Ethiopian eunuch Philip meeting the Ethiopian eunuch but the New Testament points out that Jesus is from the line of David in that he is that priest King combination that is the fulfillment of what was promised to David and so again this is a promise you know made you know thousand years before Christ that he is coming and fulfilling and and you know the scripture it goes to great lengths to try to show that you know Matthew starts out with a genealogy and pointing out that he comes from the line of David that he is the fulfillment that was mentioned you know years ago and so in essence all the scripture is pointing to to Christ and ultimately to the one event and that is him paying the price that the relationship that was lost in the garden could be restored going back to it is about relationship and this this loving God that once so desperately to have that relationship restored and it all points to how it was restored through what Jesus did when he came here on earth you know Jesus was the 45th king if you look at all the lines starting with God as being the first king and you take a look at the whole and add them all up that he was the 45th king of Israel of course we had the 45th president and one who established the Embassy in Jerusalem and such strongly and and you know a shadow of Cyrus if you will Harry Truman was really you know he said I am Cyrus but we see so many parallels and if we look for them if we use not a lens but a prism for our biblical worldview and that means that that it’s it’s multifaceted you you have a personal relationship with the Messiah but you also apply that relationship in your business and Hobby Lobby is well respected and and the entire organization knows the vision of the corporation and the strong stand you have for the moral ethical and billable treatment of your employees and then if they are treated well they will treat the customers in the same manner as that and its life application isn’t incredibly important and so to not understand if some were to tell me that I could have a secret to success not prosperity but success success in some form or fashion and the real prosperity is spiritual that is the exceedingly and abundantly beyond all expectation is that I can actually have access directly to God through the shed blood of Jesus and make my petition directly to the throne of grace and know that I will get an answer is incredible you kind of wrap the book up in spreading the good news of being part and parcel to the building of the kingdom and taking your place not in the Secret Service but actually being known and helping to make Messiah known but you then really Chronicle many of the claims of the Bible so that people can see there’s evidence that demands a decision if you’re willing to look at it and if you are convinced then you take from the beautiful book and you get yourself a Bible and you start on that journey to take you into a deeper understanding a deeper relationship with God well you’ve got about a minute left any parting words a charge for the audience other than by the book go to the museum but insights from Steve green yeah I think that I cover a chapter in there that it just talks about God and we have some leading atheist out there that says that the God of the Bible is something much different than what the Bible says and you know I tried to explain that this is a loving Creator God and that is who the God of the Bible is not who the atheists are interpreting it and if we don’t know scripture if we don’t know what the Bible says we are at risk of believing what those that would want to reinterpret scriptures so it is upon us to learn for ourself what the Bible says my challenge to everybody is to they need to read it for themselves I tried to give them a good start by saying here’s what this story is now get in there and read it for yourself because there are those out there that will try to cause us to believe and the more ignorant we are the more apt we are to believe a lie and that is the challenge that we have in our day and my challenge is to get in there and read it for yourself and find out what it says yourself the scripture says you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free it’s not my truth it’s not your truth it’s his truth and when you have something so secure so permanent so solid foundation is stand on that it inspires boldness it allows a corporation like Hobby Lobby to stand up against the United States Supreme Court and say we will not back down we will not relent we have in our corner the greatest advocate of all and it cannot be denied and therefore your success in that battle and that stand is well known and it brings honor and God was glorified by your stance in that moment we’ve been talking with Steve green president of Hobby Lobby and co-founder of the Bible Museum in Washington DC and author of an extraordinary book a really the first book in your journey that you should read should be this this beautiful book in exploration the Bible’s incredible storyline and why it matters today and cast the vision for your life if walk away believing in it then you embrace the entirety of the scriptures and it will change your life it changed mine it changed Steve Greene’s it changed his father’s life and it’s every time you see the Hobby Lobby sign you’ll be reminded of this book now the beautiful book by Steve green Steve green thank you from truly we are honored and humbled to have you on the program and the message is a clarion call for all of us to step up our game in these times which are changing and grab a hold of the one who grabbed a hold of us thank you for being with us Thank You rabbi Walker god bless you my friend we’re going to cash or break and when we come back we’ll bring you the next edition of revealing the truth.

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