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Sy Garte

December 10, 2019 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CST

Author of:
The Works of His Hands: A Scientist’s Journey from Atheism to Faith

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Interview Transcript

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Shalom and welcome to this edition of revealing the truth will recover the headlines the heartlines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Erik Walker how does one go from a vowed atheist to a personal faith science and faith are often misunderstood in his new release the works of his hand biochemist and author sy guard takes readers on a personal journey from being raised in a militant atheist family to that of a fully committed Christian while he had no intention to believe in God as a student and early in his career the science that he had loved led him to question his worldview he says my scientific knowledge had made me doubt my atheistic upbringing and I was ready and waiting but not yet a believer then one day while I was driving on the Pennsylvania Turnpike the Holy Spirit took hold of me I pulled over wept and thank the Lord for his mercy I was now a Christian he breaks it down so that anyone can see the beauty of the marriage between science and faith while showing his own personal reckoning written for anyone that has ever been told that the reality does of science call for the rejection of God they’ll be reminded in reading the works of his hand that science and faith don’t have to be bitter enemies but can work together for good dr. Sarg saighe art is a biochemist and has been a professor at NYU the University of Pittsburgh and Rutgers University he’s authored over 200 scientific publications and four previous books and has served as division director at the National Institutes of Health he’s also editor-in-chief of God and nature magazine and vice president of Washington DC chapter of the American scientific affiliation he is a lay leader at the United Methodist Church here to talk about his new book the works of his hand is dr. sy Garth sy welcome to revealing the truth thank you it is a fascinating story and one that is a story that that evokes tremendous in as I read your journey there have been many along the path to prove that science and faith don’t match up and they wind up becoming believers because they find this intelligent design they find confirmation in so many ways in the shared DNA and RNA and some of the very scientific things of all the common elements that are we were made from the dust of the earth and we have to examine the dust of the earth and then take a look that that tree and myself share common DNA and common RNA as all living things have a fundamental blueprint on footprint and so the advancement of Darwinism was a real break into the schism that began to evolve around evolution and there are people that became divided and with the advent of Greek philosophy and the philosophical and scientific view of what we might call religion which is not religion at all but faith we relegated explanations to become an embracing of manmade science to define something that was supernatural and a lot of people went down that path because there was no foundation of truth in them and their brilliance their education their analytical mind their hypothesis was is there is no God and that everything is billions and billions of years old and we made people famous with that statement billions and billions but your journey is really quite different and as I read your book I came to the end of your book and in the end of your book you say this is the part that most people put at the front of the book which is why did I write the book and you wrote the book because you have been telling your story to many different people over the course of time and they encouraged you to finally write it down and that’s the reason you wrote the story so I want to veer from my usual qat and I kind of want to hand you the baton and I want you to tell the story through your lens of your truly militant atheistic upbringing and how this change came about and then what you did which is which for every believer out there this is what God wants to know from you is what have you done since that event occurred not what you were like so much before that day because you’re now a new creation what have you done since that time and that’s a part of your story as much as your atheist and very rigid regimented scientific background so that’s enough from me I want to hear the sigh guard story that led to the publication of the works of his hand a scientist journey from atheism to faith okay well thank you rabbi for that great introduction I was really very good to hear I guess I would start by just saying kind of elaborating a little bit on what you just said how I came to write the book and I it’s correct what you said I I had been telling the story when people asked me because you know whenever I talked a little bit about my background I always got the same reaction which was really that’s amazing what I told people where I started from and what my original background was and my scientific training and I’ve had people online even say they didn’t believe me syphilis it seems so unusual so at a certain point I realized well you know we face a crisis in the church these days we all know this there are there young people and educated people who are saying that they can’t any longer remain believing in God believing in Christ when so much sciences is you know seemingly opposed to this very idea and I felt I had an obligation to the Lord and to my fellow people my fellow human beings to counter that with the truth of my own experience which completely conflicts with the idea that you have to choose either science or blind faith or whatever you want to call it that in fact science and faith are intimately connected and and always have been and you mentioned a little bit about the history of starting with Darwin and and going on in terms of dividing people between Christianity and science for example and in fact if you look further back in the history what we find is that all the major scientists were devout Christians and even if they were on Christians they were about Jews Muslims or somebody like Newton who was a theist the idea of doing science in Europe and the West was to understand God’s creation so the history supports the connection between science and faith and unfortunately we took a wrong turn a little over 100 years ago and you know ended up in this divided warfare type model which is just fall so that was the motivation I had to write the book and try to get it out there to people so they could either themselves or give it to someone they knew who is facing this quandary so-called quandary between whether they should remain believers or be believers and what or whether they should accept the findings of science because that quandary and that warfare is false that’s my main message now okay I’m sorry no go ahead well I I think you know you mentioned my past and and I think that’s an important thing to talk about because where I started from was very very different in the book I described my original background I was the child of a family that not just my immediate family but my extended family had all been very left-wing my parents were members of the American Communist Party in the 30s they were not only atheists they were very strong anti-theists I learned that religion was an evil thing Christianity was the worst of all it was you know a Dogma devoted to enslaving the masses etc we all know that and the other part of my upbringing was very pro science my father was a chemist and I followed in his footsteps I veered off a little bit into biochemistry instead of chemistry but otherwise I pretty much followed him and I loved science I still do I always have it always will and I began studying you know biochemistry in graduate school but I was also learning about physics and other Sciences and there were things that I was learning that didn’t quite jive with my worldview I had been brought up to believe in absolutely pure materialism reductionism all all that exists is what you see there’s no such thing as anything there’s no such thing as spirituality or certainly not supernaturally of that and everything can be measured and everything can be easily you know determined by scientific methods and then I found out that science itself denied that when we we start looking at modern physics the results of quantum theory quantum mechanics we find out that there’s something called the uncertainty principle and the uncertainty principle which is absolutely vital to modern technology it’s absolutely true tells you that there are some things you can’t know it’s not just that you need more research you absolutely cannot understand or find out or figure out in any way the position and the momentum of the electron at the same time the more you know about its position the less you can find out about its momentum and when I learned that I thought what how is it what that doesn’t fit with what I was what I had been taught about materialism that you know we can determinism everything is you know can be figured out based on on the rules of science the laws of physics and so that was sort of put a crack in my in my worldview and I began following that crack and as I followed it it just got bigger and bigger and eventually the whole worldview crumbled and I began thinking about spirituality I began thinking about well maybe there’s more to reality that what we can just learn from science and as I said science itself was leaning in that direction and then I started thinking about what I was learning in biochemistry about the incredible complexity of living cells and how how could this have started how could life have started and and developed so quickly and in such a complex fashion where did the information in DNA come from with the whole idea of information where did that arise how did that start out science could not give any answers and still cannot give any answers to those questions and I started thinking well you know who knows maybe there’s something to this alternative way of looking at reality and I didn’t believe it but I can I let a friend of mine convince me to go with her to church which I know I had never set foot in a church a synagogue any other institution of religion ever and so I was very nervous about going to church the first time and I was afraid I was gonna get yelled at and Tona told I was gonna go to hell and you know live in a lake of fire and and I was amazed that none of that happened I just I was experienced I heard sermon all about love I experienced friendship a sense of peace people wish me peace strangers oh I didn’t know it was all new to me and the main thing it told me was that I’ve been lied to this was not an evil thing you know we were not handed out pitchforks and told to go burn witches I mean it was it was actually wonderful experience and and so I then I realized okay so I don’t know anything I have to go back to the beginning and I decided to actually look at that book which I had been told was the source of so much horror the Bible and read it myself and I skimmed through it and I especially started reading the Gospels and that was a complete revelation to me because reading especially Matthew which I spent a lot of time on and then later John these are beautiful books and they didn’t sound like they were made up they sounded like they were really real and then I read the axe back to the Apostles and I mean that wasn’t made up nobody what nobody could write that as a fiction that was history I mean I really had that sense and again I was feeling well okay I’ve been lied to you know as it early in my early life and there is something here it’s not all nonsense it’s not evil it’s something that I believe in God no it’s very hard to go from a deep understanding of reality that you’ve been indoctrinated with since childhood early childhood to going to believe in something which you absolutely are convinced can’t exist so I was not a theist I was an agnostic I had dropped my atheism I had dropped my certainty about the fact that God can’t exist and I was now searching and seeking and a lot of time went by at that point I mean I was in probably my 40s and I went to the church a few times I thought about it I had some discussions with other Christians but I couldn’t get there I couldn’t actually get over that final hump and believe it just was too hard and of course it turned as it turned out and this is detailed in the book I didn’t need to because God had mercy on me and Jesus Christ came to me first in the form of some dreams at the time I had them I wasn’t sure what they meant and then later they became very clear Jesus came to me in 2 specifically very vivid dreams in which I got messages that he’s watching me he’s helping me he cares about what happens with me and that was very striking to me and it led me along the path I wasn’t there yet I was still I can add thoughts like well if I started believing what happens to my science why do I lose my career well I lose my friends most of whom were atheists will you know a lot of people have gone through this kind of thing they think and besides I said to myself i I just I don’t know how can I just say that I believe in these miracles I was almost there but I couldn’t quite get over and then I had one experience which lasted about a half an hour I was it’s detailed in the book as well where I was driving in fact I was on my way to Pittsburgh on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and and I turned on the radio because I was bored and it’s a long drive is going from New York and you may know that you know in Pennsylvania between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh is a very rural area and a lot of Christian radio stations and I turned on one of them and I heard a preacher and whenever I used to hear those Christian radio stations I would just turn them off and you know discussed I never paid any attention and and at this time however I didn’t really hear what the guy was saying but I really loved his voice and we all know that there are people who can preach and this is a guy who really knew how to preach I mean he and his voice was passionate and and I listened to and I said why this this guy is good and but that’s enough and I turned them off and then I started thinking well I like to talk what would happen if I you know for some by some crazy miracle was had to preach something yeah how would I say and I started thinking about well you know I probably talk about something talk about science and you know the origin of life and things things that I knew about and then at some point and this is a little vague but I just felt a change and it was like it wasn’t a vision but I actually felt that I could see myself speaking to an audience of people outside on some amphitheater and they were dressed in summer clothes and I heard myself and it wasn’t me talking cuz some of the words I didn’t even know now I I didn’t hear it auditorily it was in my mind it wasn’t the delusion it wasn’t the delusion or a hallucination I I just had this sense of what I would say and it had nothing to do with science it had nothing to do with the things I thought I would have talked about it was all about love and I what I told it and and I actually wrote the sermon down later and it’s in the book but just to summarize it it was about me telling this group of people this public that they didn’t have to worry that Jesus might not love them because I know that he even loves me and I use the words even me because I knew that I was a sinner I had been a sinner my whole life and I what I said in this sermon was that if Jesus loves even me how could he not love and I think that lasted about maybe five minutes hard to say maybe 10 minutes and while this was happening I had enough unconscious sense to pull over because I was starting to lose control of myself the car I didn’t I wasn’t hallucinating I could see I could hear reality but this was taking me over and at the end of this little sermon when I said to the assembled congregation of whoever they were you know glory to God in the highest or whatever my ending was I just started to cry I the car was stopped I was completely overwhelmed with emotion and I said out loud I’m a Christian and that was it I never went back and the feeling that came over me at that moment and that has lasted to this day was one of freedom total joy and total awareness of the reality of Jesus in my life so that’s how I came to Christ but it wasn’t the end and in fact I described that in chapter 9 out of 14 chapters so there’s a lot more to come and and the first thing I had to do was say okay I’m a Christian now what what do I do with it who do I tell and I didn’t know I actually thought I must be very unique I must be the only scientist in the world who believes in God that folks is completely untrue but I just didn’t know any no one had ever you know I hadn’t met any now it turns out I had they just hadn’t told me and of course I was not the only scientist at all to believe in God and I’m now a member you mentioned the American scientific affiliation which is the oldest affiliate of the oldest organization of Christians in the sciences is about four thousand members and we have meetings both nationwide meetings it also includes Canada is a Canadian chapter and we have local chapter meetings and they’re so inspiring I mean I taken videos of a room of four or five hundred people singing hymns every one of them has a PhD in science I mean it’s it’s a beautiful thing and then I discovered I discovered a book by Francis Collins called the language of God and as I knew Collins as a as a geneticist and as a terrific researcher and now he’s the head of NIH and I read that book and I said oh my goodness he’s a scientist and he’s a Christian it’s possible and so the rest of my journey was dealing partially in my own mind with some of the issues that came up questions about the Bible you know how do you deal with the Bible questions about science you know what parts of science do I have to reject and it turned out none of it which was great which was a tremendous relief and then I went further and I began seeing that not only is it not a warfare between the two it’s a very strong alliance and that’s why so many scientists in history were Christians it makes perfect sense and as I learned this I got more and more excited I started telling people it took some time but I started telling people that I was a Christian I actually went to a church I walked in one day I had been going to Catholic churches the various reasons I decided I wanted to try other churches and I walked into a United Methodist Church almost at random I didn’t know much about Protestantism I didn’t know any of the details and and I heard a wonderful sermon from a pastor I asked her later what she came up to me actually and because I was new and she asked me you know about myself and I told her well I had been a Christian for several years but I’ve never been baptized and I’ve never you know been officially a Christian and she said to me well how about next week I said next week for what and she says well baptize you and you know what I knew about religion so far were those Catholicism or Judaism or anything else is that takes a while you know so it’s not a simple thing to become a member you know there’s a lot you have to do and I said really just like that she said sure and so I was baptized in in the summer of 2012 seven years ago join the church and a year to live a few years two or three years later I retired and I’m now full-time devoted to my faith I spend all my time either with the church on the lay leaders you mentioned I also and remember several organizations I added a magazine to the a essay called Dada nature it’s an online magazine my wife is the co-director of a local charity which many members are from our church and I help her with that I write the grants because that’s my specialty and I help her with other things so between that charity which distributes food to needy people and helps pay their rent when necessary and my work at the church that fills my life and the only other thing is of course this which I’m now in the process of the writing is finished the editing is finished turn down the process of trying to get it out to as many people as I can especially those who would benefit from reading about my own journey well it’s a fascinating story and a fascinating journey and I wanted you to tell it in your own words in your own way so that people can hear the raw view of your predisposition to the denial of God the denial of the truth and the inerrancy of the Bible and the science and the Bible science and faith are not in conflict they’re actually in concert and it’s part of the fascination is we have scientific breakthroughs we’re very fascinated by the breakthrough by the discovery by new medical developments going on in Israel where they’re able to test without invasion of cancer they’re able to now have certain treatments that will target the cancer cells and a whole new avenue of research and the medical technology field the scientific technology field breakthroughs that they feel that these are god-given gifts to be able to incorporate things that God created for our discovery when we were ready to be able to apply them and that this is part of you’ve been quoted as having written that it is not intelligent design but it is divine design and this elevates it to a much higher level than than the average scientist or the average believer we think about intelligent design that’s part of our argument but divine design is even higher than this intelligent design we’re gonna take a short break and when we come back sigh I want to talk with you about some of the preconceived notions of the scientific atheist what is arguments for his position are and how you’ve learned to address that first within yourself and then when your conversation in peer groups when the topic comes up and it will come up young earth old earth is it really six thousand years old or is it millions and billions aliens black holes the whole cosmos what is heaven are there dimensions and things that are commonly asked and refuted but yet you now have a new understanding a new perspective and also that there cert has to be a certain shedding of the Greek influence in science which everything has to fit into a box and everything has to have a label and if it doesn’t then we have to continue to pursue until we can cage it and that then becomes the absolute and that’s a paradigm shift for you because now you’re in the world of God is absolute and there’s things that we don’t we’re not ready to understand and it’s in timing you know why do these things happen when they happen is there a randomness or is it a divine randomness and things like that and so I want to have that conversation with you so that we can equip the audience when they have these conversations to be able to after they’ve met you heard the interview or read the book be able to then talk to their friends and have a platform to approach them and strengths that they didn’t have before so we’re talking with sy Garth the author of the new book the works of his hands a science to a scientist journey from atheism to faith by dr. sy GART that’s GA r 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dimension the New Testament it now became looking at life through a prism not through a lens and people say well what what does that actually mean and so you as a scientist know what what I’m referring to in it a prism will divide the multiple paths of light into their various spectrum and depending on how you place it you can look through it and distort or magnify and you can also eliminate and you can see clear delineation through illumination so it’s it’s quite fascinating that the Bible which has survived as the Oracles of God as God referred to them and charged my people the Jews to preserve the Oracles of God this is why every person can have a Bible today is because we did our part the preservation of the Dead Sea Scrolls the preservation of the ancient Masoretic text of the Hebrew and then converted into Greek in the Septuagint and then carrying on a life of its own but as we look through this prison it now becomes something for you as you examine preconceived ideas with new revelation and your seven years of revelation is got to bring you such tremendous joy and new depth of understanding because your life now has a different meaning created for a purpose not created to be a scientist created for a purpose and that is to be in relationship with God and to be his ambassador on earth through whatever your discipline whatever your vocation might be is to be an ambassador through that wow that’s vocational or it’s ministerial we have that calling as we come to faith but moving from an atheist into an agnostic into a born-again new creation believer there were the standard arguments that the scientific community seems to have we know what’s in the Bandolero that they’re wearing we know each one of the bullets in the arsenal by name and they immediately pull them out evolution carbon dating you know one after the other and they load it up and they fire it knowing that because they have such a high academic foundation can speak with such radical Authority try to back it up with the science that it is the bully pulpit of atheism in the scientific community is I know more than you and I’m going to apply these principles and you can’t refute them right so you know that life you know that world you’ve encountered that in own life you might have even been one of those that wore the Bandolero across and had the bullets in that Bandolero so as our viewers who are coming up against in the medical community and the scientific community it reminds me that the show ancient aliens is one of the V top-rated television shows of all time ten consecutive years running people looking for these ancient aliens when Genesis chapter 6 gives us a complete description and a complete understanding and explanation for all of it and they want to reject that and come up with this idea of extraterrestrial life so what are some of the common kind of universal go-to positions and what are they and what are the responses that you now have that we can use and we can gather from the book to counter that well yeah there’s there as you said there are quite a few and not only was I an advocate of some of them in the past but more recently now that I’ve changed sides and become a Christian and I argue pretty extensively online I have a pretty large Twitter presence and I often come across these arguments on Twitter and also I’ve done several debates online YouTube debates with atheists so I am very familiar with this Arsenal for as you said Bandolero of arguments many of them boil down to one particular viewpoint which is often called scientism scientism is a philosophical view atheists hate the word but they use it anyway they and that and what it means is that it was a philosophical view that all all true knowledge all epistemology the only way we can ever know anything for real is through scientific investigation now what’s interesting is that actual scientists don’t hold to that this is more of an atheist idea and it’s often you often find it being proposed by atheists who say they love science but are not actually scientists because if you’re actually involved in science you know from your own experience that there are even scientific questions that we can’t answer scientifically and and and I mentioned one in the first half that the question of you know the uncertainty principle but there are several others that have come along so that era or that bullet which you often get comes in the form of well you believe in God you believe in Jesus but where’s your evidence and if you you then proceeded to give evidence and that evidence can come from science it can come from what we know about life what we know about the universe the origins of everything the origins of people whatever evidence you give they will say no that’s been debunked and then if you say well not all evidence is scientific I mean how do you evaluate art how do you understand history how do you know there are so many areas of human knowledge that are not related to scientific investigation and they will claim at that point that those those methods of getting knowledge are not valid because they’re not scientific and that’s just wrong give you a very simple sort of funny example I was having an argument with an atheist and I gave him an example I said well how would you use you can’t use the scientific method for example to determine whether a work of art is beautiful or not I mean that’s a subjective view that you have without any science and so how would you objectively determine the value of artwork and he literally said in response that’s very easy you simply get a a number of the value of the work of art and the higher it is the better it is the commercial value and I said seriously is that what you think how you can determine the value of art work and he actually said yes so at that point I realized that this sort of disease of scientist ‘some is can be very very deep and very difficult to eradicate so that’s the first issue that I think people would bring up is you know how is is just give lots of examples and everyone has them everyone knows them of things that we know that we didn’t go into the lab and do experiments to find out whether we we know them through other methods there are other epistemologies it’s not all go do an experiment and get the result and then repeated and you know publish it and all that um what’s interesting again is that scientists themselves and this has been borne out by a lot of recent studies of the sociology of science and fate so papers have been published showing that actually a large proportion of scientists close to half don’t reject spirituality many of them actually believe in God many of them are active members of established faiths many of them are not necessarily would not define themselves as theists but they do believe there is something else besides materialistic science so this whole notion that scientists themselves are anti theist is just false it’s been promoted by some very famous atheists but it’s not correct there’s an old story that you’ve probably heard it but scientists creates life in a test-tube and he cries out to God and says ha you see I created life as a scientist and God says to him well how did you do it he said well I took some of this element and I added it to this element and I added to this element and I added to this element and then I put it under heat and lo and behold I was able to create life and God says ok now go back and create your own elements seed it all start that’s right with the foundation of the earth a pre-existing condition that we now explain as RNA and DNA and the helix and this amazing idea of chromosomes and our understanding of the atom and an understanding of the molecular structure and how it interacts with various agents and reactors and what kind of anticipation and prediction and we do take somewhat of a mad scientist view of what I can create in my lab by doing certain things and it is because we are created in God’s image and there is a desire to subdue the ER to conquer the earth to take authority over that and use for that purpose which God designed us for but what’s interesting is that in the explanation that I always give for the image of God it’s a forensic explanation of the image of God and that is God as two parts invisible well one part visible we can see the Sun but we cannot see the father and we cannot see the Holy Spirit in the same way I can see sigh guard but I can’t see your spirit and I can’t see your soul so forensic ly okay using that as the standard of comparison the image of God he’s two parts invisible one part visible just as man is and this has been an opening volley for me over the course of my 23 24 years as a Jewish believer which is different than a saint the scientific believer but then coming up against a whole lot of other questions and a whole lot of other challenges you talk about this idea of divine design and I really want to explore that with you because that is that’s a titanium clad bullet and in in the arsenal of the believer and once I think you can define it and help them grasp it will stop saying intelligent design I which is what is it becomes a point of contention to divine design which establishes that there is a certain unknown factor in the equation and that in God’s economy 1+1 equals 1 and 1 plus 1 plus 1 plus 1 plus 1 equals 1 and 1 plus 1 plus 1 to infinity still equals 1 it defies mathematics because it’s the concept of unity the compounding of unity that you and I as brothers in the Lord are one in Messiah that refutes mathematical every mathematician every statistician it refutes modern-day mathematics that one plus one can equal 1 okay and the one the new one is greater than the old one but it’s still one and this is blows your mind when you understand the concept of the Bible yeah so take me through the understanding of the distinction between intelligent design and divine design right so the reason I coined that term and I would love to see that used instead of intelligent design is intelligent design implies that God is intelligent like we’re intelligent we can make machines we can make a watch we can make all kinds of fancy things because we’re smart we’re intelligent God is way beyond that what I like to say is intelligent design is we can make a watch the vine design is we can’t make a rabbit okay so another words William Paley found the watch and he said well he said if you found the watch you would think that somebody intelligent made it correct but if you found a rabbit nobody intelligent can make a rabbit you have to be divine to make a rabbit to make any any living thing and I came to that actually through my studies of biochemistry and and the details that the very very fine details and complex details of how life works is even the processes for example of energy generation or the processes of figuring out from the DNA which proteins to make are so complex and so intricate we understand how they are but we we there’s nothing that we’ve done that comes excuse me that comes close to them as intelligent as we are we can’t think of designing anything like that it’s way beyond us so my thought was well God is not just a smart engineer he’s way beyond that he’s the creator of everything as you said the elements and the more we learn in in physics and cosmology the more we learn how there had to be a designer at the controls because the constants of all the laws of nature are finely tuned to give us exactly what we have a universe with stars with planets with life with all these elements the elements came from stars they did you know they were generated and we need carbon to have life we need water we need all these other molecules and elements that were created in the creation now who could who what intelligent being could figure that out right that sad word we’re just about out of time but I want to ask you this one question in a sense of yes or no does man have the ability to create something out of nothing no but yeah but yet when we read the narrative of the creative power of God he was able to take nothing exactly and create something and a man can never create we can recreate we can procreate we can recreate but man does not have the power to create out of nothing something that is absolute divine design and contribution that only God has the power to create he’s imparted many gifts to us but he has not empowered us with that gift we’ve been talking with side guard author of the new work the new book called the works of his hands a scientists journey from atheism to faith if you want to understand what the atheist and the scientist both have been led to believe and find out that there is a balance and a common theme that runs through science and faith that is not in opposition but is in concert and allowing the freedom to both be scientific and have a strong foundation of faith is supported in this narrative in a first-hand perspective from one who went from militant atheism to radical salvation and you too can make that journey by opening yourselves up to the possibilities as saighe art did and as you can hear from him salvation is not age discriminatory it can happen to you at any point in your life and these are his words of encouragement to you dr. psy GART thank you for sharing your story with us here on revealing the truth thank you for having me god bless you we’re gonna take a short break and when we come back we’ll bring you the next edition of revealing the truth.

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