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Dr. Timothy Jennings – The Aging Brain

April 15 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am CDT

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The Aging Brain: Proven Steps to Prevent Dementia and Sharpen Your Mind

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Interview Transcript

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Shalom and welcome this edition of revealing the truth will recover the headlines the heartlines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Rabbi Eric Walker and as we do on the third Thursday of each month at this hour we meet with dr. Timothy Jennings author of the aging brain proven steps to prevent dementia and sharpen your mind as law as well as the God shaped brain and the God shape art you can find more about him on the aging brain calm and his ministry website is come and reason.com dr. Jennings is a medical doctor he’s been in private practice as a Christian psychiatrist and Certified Master psychopharmacologist since 1997 he’s board-certified in psychiatry by the American Board of psychiatry and neurology he’s a specialist in transcranial magnetic stimulation a drug-free treatment for depression dr. Jennings is a distinguished fellow of the American Psychiatric Association fellow of the southern Psychiatric Association and past president both the Tennessee and Southern Psychiatric Association’s have spent more than two decades researching the interface between biblical principles and modern brain science and as a highly sought-after lecturer international speaker and the author of the God shaped brain the god state part and the aging brain and he’s in private practice in Chattanooga Tennessee and we are thrilled to have him as a part of our team here at revealing the truth as our in-house expert on all things brain dr. Timothy Jennings Tim welcome to the program always it’s always a pleasure to have you Tim there’s we spend each time we’re together talking about the positive things we can do to impact good diet good exercise balanced nutrition a balanced life keeping the brain active sleep exercised all the good things but now they’re starting to creep into society a number of alternative therapies and I know that there is not a lot of data that has been gathered because many of these things don’t have clinical studies associated to them but there’s a whole natural or natural path Pathak approach to things and new things are being introduced and I think the big rage of the day is CBD oil and it’s its uses what what is it that you can tell us is your been your experience if any or what we should be looking for when we look at these advertisements over here some of these testimonies saying I had this problem I took these medications my doctor they didn’t work I always told as a last resort and it’s a miracle in my life and it’s changed everything for me how do we respond to that and what should we do that’s a great question and I think maybe start with a general background on the marijuana a hemp plant THC CBD what the differences of those are what’s different today than it was in the 60s and 70s this little background history and then we can delve into the evidence in the CBD but the CBD of course is a byproduct of the hemp plant and the marijuana plant and in the marijuana plant there’s over 100 act psychoactive compounds in that particular plant a two that have been studied are the THC which gives us the high or the buzz and the cannabidiol those both have been studied now what’s interesting in the marijuana plant is that that as you hybridize higher concentrations of THC you hybridize that ends you of stronger buzz from your marijuana you hyper dies out cannabidiol and THC is neurotoxic it causes white matter damage increases your risk of psychosis numerous multiple repetitive across-the-board studies have documented the neurotoxicity of THC okay what’s interesting though is that cannabidiol there’s actually very strong evidence that can have a die-off these it has neural protective benefits and cannabidiol seems to work by increasing in the cerebral spinal fluid a chemical called at an and amide and then and amide is a is an endocannabinoid in its own right so the the CBD turn causes the brain to produce another chemical which is a brain produced at endocannabinoid okay and it’s that has various health benefits one it’s been shown to reduce seizures and certain seizure disorders two it has been shown to reduce risk of psychosis and enhance perhaps even improved cognition in people with schizophrenia so there’s actually some good benefit to this particular molecule which has been extensively researched but the marijuana in the 1960s and 70s had about two to three percent THC but the marijuana of today is anywhere between 15 and 25 percent THC which means that the marijuana of the 60s and 70s had a lot of cannabidiol in it which means that even though they got a little bit to have a buzz from it still had a lot of neural protective benefits and that’s why you didn’t see a lot of psychosis back from the use of it back in the 60s and 70s and what happens is people who grow up on in the 60s and 70s which are now my age perhaps today or your age they’re going on when that harmful one that what’s the big deal with marijuana and they’re actually really not the same substances and the stuff that’s available in the markets they are much more neurotoxic without any potential benefits associated with it now to the CBD oil the CBD oil is really being harvested from hemp plants and it’s the same cannabidiol but and so it has the potential to have benefit some people might find that they actually feel better have less anxiety have better cognition and they might even have some some antipsychotic of properties which are being researched at this point in time the big caution here is there are no real standardization on what you’re getting out there so anybody can hang a shingle up and say they’re selling CBD oil and in fact in Tennessee where it’s legal now of the one of the state’s regulatory departments went out and got samples across the various sellers and took them to a lab and analyze them and there was a wide range of both concentrations of CBD oil several up more than happened than had actual THC in it which is not suppose have any THC in it and then there was no standardization on pollutants or contaminants or anything like that and so to the degree a person can get just pure CBD oil there actually may be clinical benefit potential neuronal benefit from that but you have to be cautious right now because it is not really standardized what you’re getting does that answer the question for that but it did and it opened up a whole lot of other questions and that is that as we look at this category of alternative therapies using natural products plant derivatives so we know that God gave us the plants to make medicines from we found many of the cancer treating our from bark of trees there’s many different chemicals that are found in various plants that are mixed in ways that are used to treat a multitude of illnesses and but now we get into the exploration of introducing into our system from a biblical perspective how do we treat the unknown because what you just said I hear a lot from adolescents and and people about well God gave us the plants and he did of course he did but they forget Romans chapter 8 where Paul says all nature groans under the weight of sin now I personally have a conviction that in the Garden of Eden as God created nature and plant life there were no thorns there were no thistles there were no noxious and poisonous plants in the plant world today we also have hemlock okay we also have warfarin which is a rat poison and so the plant world that has been impacted through sin just like the human and in the animal world has and so yes there we still get food for plants there’s still a healing herbs in the plant world but there are also toxins and poisons in the plant world because of sin and we have to be wise in our application with these things not just why did say what’s a plant it must be good tobacco again is it plan so as a certified psychopharmacologist you’re trained specifically in and certified in the prescribing of chemicals for the treatment of various psychological disorders correct and part of that requirement in order to maintain that board certification requires continuing education so you each year have to go either take a course or attend a conference or do something in this area is is the industry is the psychiatric community embracing and discussing openly these type of issues or is this still at the individual practitioner level no it’s it’s it I was at a conference up in Baltimore earlier this year and there wasn’t a whole a pre-conference workshop on the latest research on marijuana and so this is being talked about there’s more ongoing research there’s a whole bunch of current randomized clinical trials on cannabidiol in psychosis it’s well-established within the psychiatric community at this point that THC is neurotoxic and increases I think it quadruples your risk of psychosis increasing your assistent psychosis is four times higher than it would be if you didn’t use marijuana with THC okay so that I don’t think there’s really any dispute in the psychiatric circles anymore about that neurotoxicity of THC it’s all dose dependent you smoked one joint in your life and that’s all it’s probably pretty low risk you smoked a couple of joints a day your risk is really high so you know there is a dose-dependent effect the THC is well understood to be neurotoxic that alters memory circuits you actually have a lowering IQ in addition good white matter damage and neural connectivity problems so THC neurotoxin cannabidiol multiple studies already show there are benefits there to the extent of those benefits how much of a benefit how much of the dose do we need how how often do we need to take it all those questions are yet outstanding we don’t know what are other countries doing and I know you you’re you won’t be with us next month because you’ll be in Norway that’s right so I know that you travel extensively and you have other relationships in other countries and and what are what are we seeing in other countries Israel is on the leading edge in a lot of areas they’re much faster to introduce and release they’re also more prone than American medical community in getting people into trials fairly quickly there’s a lot more paperwork I think the stack of paperwork that my friend had to who has leukemia in order for him to have his bone marrow harvested over a period of a year irradiated put back in him and this was an experimental procedure that he said that signing the paper working signed took him well over two and a half hours to sign the documents in order to get him into this trial and it saved his life because the lawyers that’s because the lawyers and this is this is an Israel and so you know it’s a country of lawyers it’s also a country of eight million prime ministers that’s the big argument of the prime minister of saying is you have no idea how tough my job is I’m the prime minister of over 8 million prime ministers so you know that’s that the so what are other countries doing and we look at at the aging brain here in America where do we fit in the global scale from incidents contributing factors is our are we increasing at the same rate other countries are are we in the middle of pile are we at the top of the pile where do we fit so regarding this marijuana research or regarding dementia and Alzheimer’s dementia Alzheimer’s and that areas so the countries that actually do the best are those they’re going to have the lowest stress and the least amount of inflammatory pressures on the brain meaning Mediterranean diets in the Mediterranean countries are and the the Middle Eastern countries actually have the lowest rates of Alzheimer’s dementia in the world any any country where you have a lot of ongoing stress you’re on the rat wheel of life you don’t get your Sabbath rest each week that you’re going seven days a week so that’s mental stress you’re under financial pressure all the time you eat a fast food junk food hi sugar hi inflammatory diet do you have a lot of relationship and conflict with you no more than 50% of marriages ending in divorce and so forth and so on all those factors increase your risk and so America would be right where you would expect it to be in the Western world having believed over age 65 63 out of a 1000 people 65 years of age you know will have Alzheimer’s dementia so it it’s it’s it’s the most common form of dementia but it does really lifestyle-related in lifestyle driven so when you talk about the Middle East it’s kind of interesting the terrorism is not stressful well I I don’t of course terrorism stressful and I haven’t seen any studies related to that how many people that’s a great question I haven’t seen any studies that look at people that live in Syria for instance right okay I don’t know many studies we’re talking people living you know saudi arabia arab emirates some of these others studies and then the eat a Mediterranean diet of Jordan places where there’s you know maybe a risk but most people even in Israel for my understanding most of people in Israel are not living in a day to day fiercest if they feel pretty secure even though they’re aware it can happen correct correct and so I’m in Israel [Music] I finished up my 16th trip there and it is what we’re wired a little bit differently word word word a very expressive people which means that we don’t we don’t we’re not stuffers you don’t find ie we’re releasers so we’re word we’re not pressure cookers were for releases we get out a friendly conversation Israel is loud if we’re having an argument it sounds like the same thing as making dinner plans that they don’t sound any different so there’s many times I’ll be in the shop I’m negotiating a price with somebody who has been my friend for 16 years I know him I’ve seen his children his grandchildren I just held his great-granddaughter and he and I are negotiating a price over a coin that’s the $25,000 coin and the person wants to pay $18,000 for it and he and I are getting into a heated discussion but I’m holding his great grandchild and we’re getting into a heated discussion okay and we’re just it’s just business okay right and when we’re done and we finally make the deal you know I kissed the great grandchild I hand it back to him he and I hug and kiss and he says are you gonna have time to stop by for coffee because my wife made those little pastries for you she knew you were coming and the people are looking and going wait didn’t you two just have a knock-down drag-out 20 minute argument over $7,000 and we’re like well yeah and they said in and the next comment is is is my wife made pastries are you getting to be able to come by and have a some and spend a little time with us as a family and we’ll go what’s so unusual about that that’s the life that’s life here in the Middle East yes you can have an intense interaction but as soon as it’s done the everything relaxes you turn off the stressor you don’t harbor resentment you don’t say angry you don’t say better and it’s really that ongoing so momentary intensity followed by relaxation and friendship is not harmful exactly I mean it’s it’s it’s ever it’s every trip it’s every time it’s every negotiation and and it all sound the same they’re all at the same volume so you wouldn’t know if we unless you were there witnessing it and you knew we were arguing over a coin you wouldn’t no other American dinner reservations or because you had this relationship your anxiety stress level was completely different than had it been a stranger oh yeah there’s no threat there’s no problem exactly you know we’re talking like word or in-laws and so what increases the risk is not disagreement under the umbrella of friendship or Brotherhood but a disagreement where there’s actually fear anxiety worry of retaliation hostility resentment bitterness all these negative emotions activate your stress circuitry which causes inflammatory cascades that doesn’t crease your risk you know it’s interesting because the people that go to Israel with us go with a certain bit of trepidation of what they’ve seen on television and then they get there and the very first person to greet me is a person carrying a sign and he is an Arab Israeli and he sees me he puts a sign down and he comes and gives me a big hug and kiss and he says welcome home and we have a conversation and these people are looking and he’s obviously he’s not Jewish he’s Arab they know that and they see and they say well wait a second this isn’t what works we see on television and they spend ten days and by the time they at 10 days they’re hugging and they’re kissing and they’re there they have or waitress or somebody that they built a relationship with and they’re bringing to realize that it’s hype and it’s all these other things and their whole attitude they come back and they tell their friends and they say did you ever feel threatened or did you feel at risk and they said no I felt like I was in the safest place in the world I came home and I heard the tour more murders in the ten days in Birmingham Alabama in the ten days that I was in Israel then there were in the entire region there were not three terrorist activities three people didn’t die but in Birmingham Alabama there were three shootings so where was it safer it was safer in Jerusalem safer in Tel Aviv so people come by and they come pre-stressed they come with an anticipation and I want to do a show on that where you do a show kind of demystifying and debunking some of those biases that people have it might be a really good show next time next time you go over take your camera crew with you and video some of these interactions and interview people before and after yeah we’re doing that on March 20th – it’s a it’s a March 1 at April 7th we’re taking the camera we’re doing just that cool yeah we’re doing exactly that hey we’re talking with dr. Timothy Jennings author of the aging brain you can find more about him at aging brain dot-com and his ministry and he is a profound minister of the gospel at command reason.com what you’re gonna find in dr. Jennings is the perfect balance between the science and the faith and there are none in conflict they are in such perfect harmony that he is able to enter we’ve both into his life and for those that are willing to discuss it in his practice it is part of his therapy is that if you memorize scripture you’re going to have a better brain chemistry you’re going to keep an active brain and you are becoming active participant in your own health and the memorization of Scripture is just one of many activities that you’re going to find within the aging brain we’re going to take a short break and we’ll come back or talk about some other alternative therapies being used around the world hormone replacement Clotho some other therapies that I read about that are being used to treat dementia and other aging brain kind of things around the world and as people do their own research they stumble across all kinds of things they have no idea what they mean and hopefully you and I can clear up some of the confusion surrounding some of these other alternative therapies we’re gonna take a short break and we’ll be right back the Lord meets you right where you are and sodas ignite Ignatians new live streaming outlets you can now watch revealing the truth revealing the Bible and prophecy revealed simulcast live each Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 o’clock p.m. Central Standard Time on YouTube live Facebook live vinny o periscope and through our website WWII and acecomm no matter what device you are using our program will automatically scale so you won’t have to miss a single program and if you happen to miss an episode you can always subscribe to the igniting a nation YouTube channel and access over 1,000 interviews and never miss your favorite authors special guests and topics that interest you the most there are lots of ways to see Israel but nothing compares to seeing the land of the book and the people of the book through the eyes of two Jewish believers who can take you on a journey that will bring the entire Bible to life when you join Rabbi Eric Walker and his number-one-rated tour guide Ito Canaan in Israel you’ll experience incredible teachings first-class accommodations and actually walk where Jesus walked you will experience the Bible transforming from black and white into living color and you will never see the Bible in the same way again for more information visit us at dot igniting a nation.com ford slash events the Lord contends with what contends with you and igniting a nation is committed and bring to light each and every issue that faces a believers life our live stream programming and teachings take you on a journey to finding biblical truth from a wide variety of experts to share their insights into a deeper walk with the Lord we have assembled the most comprehensive panel of experts in the fields of prophecy care giving healing from trauma shame and abuse and so much more we continue to expand our teachings and programming to meet your needs we’re committed to healing the nations with biblical truths visit WWE TLC um to develop a deeper walk with the Lord and start your journey to a transformed life the Bible commands us to study to show ourselves approved but most study using Bible study tools and not actually studying the Bible chapter and verse igniting a nation is pleased to present revealing the Bible recorded and taught each week before a live audience we take you deeper into the actual Bible and verse and both Hebrew and English and connect the dots between the old and new Testament you can attend our two classes and Tuscaloosa and Birmingham or watch the program every Wednesday at 11 a.m. Central time on igniting a nation calm and all our other simulcast outlets for more information visit like this edition of revealing the truth will recover the headlines the heart lines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Rabbi Eric Walker and we’re talking with dr. Timothy Jennings who appears here on the third Thursday of every month at the 11:00 o’clock hour talking about the aging brain our brain chemistry free dementia being able to reverse certain forms of pre dementia how to live a lifestyle both biblical and physical that are going to help you prevent dementia and sharpen your mind not using witchcraft and black magic but using good science and the Bible two things that God highly recommend so dr. Jennings welcome back to this edition of revealing the truth Rabbi Eric Walker always always thank you as I looked at when I began talking about CBD oil I began to take a look at other HAMP extracts what’s known what’s not known I came across hormone replacement therapy as being one of the approaches I came across Clotho which was something that was absolutely meaningless to me as a non science person but Clotho protein seems to be an enzyme that’s really quite active and there are thousands of protein products that involved this particular closer protein and it’s now being related to an anti-aging single-pass membrane protein that people are looking at as having extra cellular capabilities for treatment of dementia and I wanted to see what your studies and what your thoughts about anti aging protein Clotho let’s talk about both of those so the hormone replacement every week when we use that terminology we’re really referring to estrogen for women postmenopausal it will be precise about that that we’re not talking about touch testosterone for men with low T okay its estrogen for women postmenopausal E and people have there’s a lot of confusion about this because there’s a lot of conflicting data there is research on often reduce your heart disease risk and might have cognitive benefits and then there was a oh now it causes problems of all this kind of strokes and other things and so there was recommendations were then there was no that’s not use it and back and forth to plant and what the research now reveals is that yet it’s the timing of when the estrogen replacement therapy has started in relation to menopause if it started within five years of menopause the data shows that it in fact does reduce both heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease risk a study of eight over 8,000 women followed for 20 years study published in Neurology in 2017 found that if the hormone replacement therapy was started within five years of menopause it reduced the risk of Alzheimer’s disease forty to fifty percent in those who took the estrogen replacement therapy the reason there is conflicting data is because there was a large study done on estrogen replacement therapy where they recruited women who were postmenopausal II postmenopausal 10 years or 15 years or 20 years where their body had settled into a new reality and then they hit them with hormones again and that really caused a lot of problems for these women and that’s why they data came back that cause problems but if they not been in an estrogen free zone post menopausal II for more than five years and you presume the estrogens that actually been demonstrated now to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s dementia people who still would be cautious would be anybody who had estrogen sensitive breast cancer they could not take the estrogen replacement therapy that’d be your big contradict ation to watch out for so estrogen in the brain then you have other serotonin serotonin acetylcholine dopamine yes extra gene is a hormone acetylcholine dopamine serotonin and norepinephrine they are not hormones they are neurotransmitters they’re different classification if there are chemical hormones function differently thyroid is a hormone for instance and these are produced by the various glands or gonads in the body testosterone is a hormone progesterone is a hormone so the hormones function differently and they actually regulate cell function they cross cellular membranes they cross nuclear membranes meaning the membrane where the nucleus is and they affect gene expression directly and cell function directly neurotransmitters do not cross the cellular membranes or our nuclear membranes they actually interact in the synaptic spaces with receptors that stick outside of the of the of the cells into the spaces outside of the cells and squeezing their signaling molecules the acetylcholine and the dopamine and the serotonins or signaling molecules but they’re not actually transmitting right into the cell and effectors all your hunka do we find any instance in the Bible where medicines or medical therapies are used that we can point to in a particular way to show that that these are not unbiblical principles but there’s actually a biblical reference and you have to remember of course where we’re gonna point to the types of medicinals that they had at those times you’re not gonna find prozac in the Bible right you’re not gonna find penicillin in the Bible okay so but what we do find in the Old Testament is in the Proverbs uh give beer to those who are suffering or perishing that they might forget their misery okay so this is an anesthetic being used as an anaesthetic for somebody who’s in pain to help diminish their pain and their suffering and we do know I know I remember seeing a movie where they depicted this many years ago during the Civil War guy had been injured in combat and they had to have to amputate his leg and before they did they got him drunk until he passed out and then amputated there’s like for the use that had as an anesthesia medicine at that at that time and so I think the Bible is referring there to people who are suffering but it says it’s not for Kings Kings should avoid this a leader should avoid it because it affects your thinking well we would say the same thing today your you know use the morphine or or your opiates and somebody who’s they’ve got cancer pain but it’s not to be taken for somebody making important decisions and so there’s one and the other one in the New Testament is in James where it talks about the sick person and it talks about if somebody’s sick that should bring the elders together and anoint them with oil and pray over them now many people have seen this mystically as this is magical oil or sacred oil of some time I don’t I see an in connection with the the parable of the Good Samaritan and when the Good Samaritan had the beaten up man that he helped with he put oil on his wounds and oil was a medicinal that they used to treat wounds with and so I see them saying is used the medicinals you have and that’s one of the ones you have is you have oil so use it if it’s necessary but don’t just use medicinal spray but he’s also saying don’t just pray and ignore your medicines use your medicines with your prayer that’s what I hear it’s a well and we know two more examples and that is frankincense and myrrh frankincense is a natural antiseptic and ant banach myrrh was a salve it’s a thick SAP and it’s used to coat the cut of the circumcision to create a impenetrable seal so that it could heal without infection and this was one of the reasons why the Kings brought frankincense as the antiseptic antibiotic and the myrrh was to dress the wound of the circumcision of the newborn baby King because he would have been dedicated on the eighth day and had a certain fee so today we find in the essential oil area and we find in the anointing oil areas that frankincense and myrrh are probably the most common fragrance recognizable fact early recognizable and for me because I’ve been anointed so many times by it it is the fragrance to me that I associate with the holy spirit so it it’s a direct to me connection that the minute I catch a whiff of it I feel the presence and the anointing of God because I’m gonna reflect some more on the aromatherapy type situation there is evidence that aromatherapy can actually have an impact on our limbic system calming our stress circuitry lowering heart rate lowering blood pressure off impacting immune response and so I didn’t think about those there but that as well as the incense burned at this in the Old Testament to us a sanctuary service would also have an aromatherapy application that’s very interesting well if you think about this and I always joke that Jim and Knicks or any Tennessee barbecue place you have up there in Chattanooga that that if you think about it husband and wife are driving in their car it’s around 11 o’clock 11:15 11:30 and the day they’re having an argument they happen to drive past a place and the smell the aroma enters the car and all of a sudden they say you know what you hungry yeah I could eat okay well we’ll pick up where we left off let’s pull in here and have a meal well we read in the Bible that when God asked for an offering there was a slab of meat with fat on it there was bread there was meal there was green to stop up the juices and there was wine a libation so the smoke the aroma made it to the nostrils of God and says it stemmed the wrath of God the aroma stemmed the wrath of God so we know that aroma therapy has beneficial effects created as image bearers and this is part of that image not external but olfactory is that internal imagery there’s there’s there’s this part that it was pleasing to God it actually is pleasing to us it will solve many arguments the smell of barbecue stems the wrath of lots of people so we see that there’s a rise in these essential oils and that we are finding that things like thieves does have certain antibiotic effects not clinical not in the class and not done something that needs to be FDA certified but neither does Franken sent after he FDA certified I actually get pharmaceutical grade frankincense oil and pharmaceutical grade myrrh I get them in metal cylinders and I make my own mixture my own blend because I like it a little bit more thick than than oily and that I use a little bit more myrrh than the factory would and it also more wood would be more expensive than the average person but I buy it in a cylinder and I buy it from the pharmaceutical grade company that you don’t need a license for it you just order it from them and mixed my own but I can I can tell you that that there there are biblical references to this we know that that potus’s and and leaves applied to wounds and and things like that are things we’ve seen throughout history where products of nature have been used as cures and we’ve now refined that now we come to this Clotho protein which is a they say is the biological role of anti aging protein Clotho and what is that because if i do a search all of it comes back to anti-aging kind of references yes so close though is a a protein produced in our body we have a gene on our 13th chromosome that codes for this particular protein and this particular protein has three different expressions one it’s a transmembrane protein where it say it sits in the membrane of the cells and and acts as a signaling recognition protein it’s also a protein that is excreted and circulates around in the body to different tissues and it operates inside the cells so we have three different places as protein operates and it doesn’t vary of functions in the three different places and that there’s good research and animal models that in fact when it’s expressed it does slow aging the animals where you have high expression of this and a lot of this protein live fifteen to thirty percent longer than the animals without this it the overall impact that seems to be that it’s improving or reducing inflammation in the body it’s multiple different mechanisms related to this insulin sensitivities related to it immune response is related to it signaling between receptors ionic metabolism so it’s very complex and a lot of different other messengers traffic Duras molecules membranes really an active molecule in the body but the impact seems to be reducing inflammation slowly the aging process don’t know of anything that specifically increases its production in the body at this point other than a healthy lifestyle I think there is probably data to suggest that if you lead a very unhealthy lifestyle it diminishes the activity of this but otherwise there’s really nothing specific that I’ve seen yet that says that this activity will really get you a lot of this particular protein being produced in your body so there are clothes supplements on the market probably not going to do much because it’s a protein and when you eat a four unless it’s injectable is it injectable if it’s a if it’s a supplement you eat then it goes into your stomach and guess what happens to proteins when they go into your digestive system they get broken down into their various amino acid components and that protein that you ingested is broken down it doesn’t exist anymore so proteins ingested don’t have any benefit like the proteins produced and operating within the body so I don’t really I don’t hold much expectation that you’re going to get any age reducing benefit to take apropos supplements perhaps if they have a delivery mechanism where a bypass GI system or some other delivery device that gets it into the body tissues in its closed form then that we can have a discussion well and and actually on August 15 2017 from the alz forum network for a cure shots of Clotho boosts memory and aging and disease mice and so they are looking at making it an injectable and looking at studies to find out whether or not injecting Clotho will help boost memory and aging and diseased animals you know this becomes the the I guess a whole nother set of arguments is to you know what does humane testing looks like what is what what is the Dominion mandate as we look at it but everything that has breath praise the Lord as we look at what our responsibility for stewardship is where do we draw the line in medical testing and what is considered to be humane and what is considered to be in humane and does this established superiority saying that we can sacrifice one species to advance the longevity of another species therefore determining from a significance or importance that men mankind is more important than my sky well from a biblical worldview I think it’s pretty clear that mankind does stand on an order above all the other animals they were made to mankind made in the image of God and was given dominion to to rule but they were to give Dominion to rule as God rules his universe and so that the Dominion was to be a caretaker and a benefactor to all the species on the planet not an exploiter and abuser of the species on the planet and because of sin entering the world all nature drones out of the way to sin so the animal world rebelled against man’s rule in the same way man rebelled against God and so now there’s this the antagonism between man and the animal world that wasn’t in God’s design and so human beings with self-centeredness have been ultimately ended up exploiting the animals for lots of reasons from everything from food to clothing to simply their cruelty to animals and hunting for sport so one of these the articles out of ScienceDirect that pulled down we’ve talked about gaba before it has found that gaba therapy prevents and that it increased gaba markedly increased closer levels in serum kidneys and pancreatic islets the gob vyas gaba stimulated production and secretion of Clotho by human islets sets in cells in vitro it’s stimulated perforation insulin secretion by human islets and GABA and kotha both suppress NF – pv activation so we’ve talked about gaba before as a supplement now I see there’s a connection to Clotho gaba stands for gamma mu M you know your Tirek acid it is the brains number-one inhibitory neurotransmitter it calms things down in the brain it is the number one calling neurotransmitter again taking gaba supplements does not give gaba into your brain it gets digested and it doesn’t get through your brain in this way so what they’re doing in vitro in vitro means in a petri dish in a lab it’s not in vivo means happening inside a physiological system Lior body and so they’re showing that there is a relationship to these things but how do we make that impact within a living organism well you have to deliver the so so what the data you’re describing suggest is that enhancing gaba signaling and certain body regions can potentially increase the vm flow co-production and have an anti-aging the fact well gaba isn’t is inhibitor I mean it’s calming so it’s going to reduce it’s going to reduce inflammatory cascades and stress on the body that’s not surprising and quote those things to work in the same way the and the one that works inversely to gaba is glutamate and glutamate is excitatory glutamate opens calcium channels and calcium and one of the mechanisms whereby if you get too much stimulation it can cause neuronal death and close also helps regulate calcium signaling so again there’s multiple pathways that this is happening in the early data would suggest that in fact it does have a benefit to us to promote health and longevity what’s the best mechanism to enhance this this particular protein in our systems I’d like to see more research on that myself so there’s a possibility that they may come the one I could go in for let’s say classical chelation therapy where I have my blood taken out of me heavy metals taken out of my blood and the introduction of Clotho into it so that would then help me maybe the introduction of gaba into it in the replacement part of that therapy hypothetical possibilities for the future we’ll see where the future goes with this because ingestible x’ and what you’re saying is if i if i go to the health food store and i load up on gaba and i load up on a whole bunch of anti-inflammatory because i know that inflammatories are the the the devil of the brain they’re the devil of the body they are the ones that cause the free stuff you can ingest and do good with plastics would be eating blackberries and blueberries and strawberries and and the phytochemicals that give the foods their colors their highly anti-inflammatory beta-carotene that you get in food these things do absorb the body and do reduce inflammation but not through supplements but through the food products themselves food products are always best but there are some anti-inflammatory supplements one of them being an acetylcysteine that acetylcysteine is a mitochondrial membrane stabilizer might Andreea organelles inside your cells that produce energy and stabilizing the mitochondria reduce free radical formation which reduces a inflammatory stress or an oxidative stress on the body and there’s good science to show it the tumeric which is the yellow indian spice is highly anti-inflammatory but it only gets into the cells of your body if you eat it in conjunction with black pepper black pepper helps absorb the gut wall into the body itself but it is also anti-inflammatory notice the bright yellow spice and it’s something about that timely anti emergency you you can take that as a supplement that will work fact the science is fascinating and as we continue to look at the aging brain and we look at the biblical applications of some of the things we’re always introduced in these conversations I find it fascinating I know that our our audience is in the age group that we are in where we’re looking at from the mid 40s on up to say what can I do for longevity for quality of length to live out a healthy existence what are other cultures doing what can I be doing here in North America and other places to improve my life and how do I stay on a healthy path of having a sound mind and this is the way to do it is by eating right living right dream balanced back into the equation so again dr. Timothy Jennings we thank you the website is aging brain book calm or his Minister site common reason calm and the book is called the aging brain by dr. Timothy Jennings found here on the third Thursday of each month at the eleven o’clock hour and you’ll see a replay of him next month you’ll still see him he’ll just be in Norway and we thank you very much for being with us and I hope it’s an amazing trip for you thank you god bless my friend thank you we’re gonna take a short break and when we come back we’ll bring you the next edition of revealing the true

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