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Trish Porter Topmiller

October 7, 2019 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CDT

Author of:
King Here: Never Too Old, Too Rich or Too Anything to Meet Jesus

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Interview Transcript

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Shalom and welcome in this edition of revealing the truth will cover the headlines the heart lines and Bibble the truth I’m your host Reverend Ron Herman rabbi Eric Walker Trish Porter taught Miller knows of the discipline sacrifice and hard work it takes to succeed in life she’s a world-record-holding athlete who participated in Olympics she also knows it takes faith to move forward in the face of obstacles and adverse conditions she discipline called upon her faith to help her father wants a successful businessman and adventurous who fell under the spell of depression and opioid addiction Chuck King he used to answer his phone King er was raised by a pair of alcoholics his father took uppers in the morning to get out of bed and downers at night to go to sleep but Chuck rose above his circumstances was a gifted athlete and accelerated in school he built up a successful career in developing industrial office buildings and expanded into venture capital he also co-founded a company it became the world’s largest capacity gamma sterilizer of most medical disposables at one point he was worth millions of dollars but when his investments plummeted during the Great Recession losing over 97% of his wealth he felt depressed and got hooked on opioids it was always a decade long Fogg was almost a decade long fog for a man who used to be a workaholic the guy who hike mountains balloon race sailboat ‘add motorcycle car raced and flew on the Concorde his life became reclusive he ended up taking his own life at 82 in a new book penned by Trish King here never too old too rich or too anything to me Jesus the story of her dead Chuck King is told providing insights on how anyone could fall on hard times and how difficult it is to make a comeback Trish helped him turn to God something he’s shunned his whole life but in the last year of his life with the help of his faith he came to be king he began to come out of his dark hole but ultimately his death proved just how difficult that rocky road was Trish Porter top lawyers of 1988 US Olympian in the high jump former world record holder for women ages 40 to 44 in the high jump in multiple times US national and world’s Masters champion breaking the gender barrier she became the first girl to play in little league baseball in Northern California she also serves as New Mexico Olympians and Paralympics president she’s the author two books including King Year and rekindle your dreams in which she shares her insights in the practical steps for making dreams happen Trish lost her husband of 20 years back Porter two-time US Olympic team member and son Connor 15 years old a US national fencing Manilla medalist in a plane accident in 2012 and she recently also lost her father to an addiction induced suicide she married James top Miller in 2016 has a wonderful daughter Shannon who was a nationally competitive finger skater her blended family also included two stepchildren a daughter-in-law and a granddaughter for more information go to Trish Porter top Miller dot-com joining us now is the author of King here never too old to rich or to anything to meet Jesus Trish Porter top Eller Trish welcome to revealing the truth Thank You rabbi for having me I’m excited well we’re excited to have you I want to go back to the early days I’m gonna go back to the upbringing and a household of success and how faith was woven into all of this and was it really a foundation of faith or was face something that came in later on that you grabbed ahold of I grew up in a house where we really didn’t go to church I know my grandmother went to church and very occasionally we would go with her but my parents and family they didn’t they didn’t have a faith and we didn’t go to church so when did church and faith become a part of your life I was had just graduated from high school and was not going to go to college and I really didn’t know what I was gonna do with my life I was at a turning point and so I went out to spend some time with my aunt and uncle they were in a little 600 square foot cabin in the woods with a river running through it pens there outside I slept outside one night and I literally looked up to the stars and I said God I have no idea what you do with my life what do I do take it over and the next day when I woke up my aunt and uncle started talking to me and they started talking to me about Jesus and they said would you like to play to receive Jesus into your life and turn over your life to him and I’m like yeah yeah I kind of did that last night I prayed to God but yeah I’d like to do that so it really wasn’t until I was outside the home and had left my house before I ended up with a faith in what Jesus Christ and so in this journey through success and trial and watching what was going on with your father what were you believing what were you holding on to what was keeping you together that you were still training you were still performing you’re raising performers and yet you had a father who was on the other side of this teeter-totter where one of the children was doing well but then dad was bottoming out yeah that it was it was a huge struggle for me because as an Olympic athlete and all of the things that he taught me growing up you know he taught me he had great saying he would when I was in high school he gave me a little slip of paper that said dream then go drew after that dream with sweat and commitment so it’s called Chuck ISM and those were kind of his sayings he either made up or with somebody else’s same or it was a saying that he tweaked so that was what I grew up with I grew up with inspiration he wasn’t necessarily super successful as a businessman at that time he was just building his business and just working a lot and so for me the time when he was not doing well and there was the opiate addiction I really struggled because I felt like it was impossible for him to ever come to a faith in Jesus right and so I clung to that all things are possible with God that we tend to write people off I think we think oh they’re too far gone for God to ever reach them and who are we to do that who are we to say who is too far gone with God all things are possible and so that was one of my hopes with with reference to my father no where was your mom in this picture my parents divorced when I was 15 and so they they were apart my dad remarried you may married a woman who was 20 years younger than him so she was 40 and then he was 60 when they married and so that was really his life that his new life that he had got started with her and they had to meet a great life for about 10 years and then until the opioid addiction came into play and so how subtle was this opioid addiction where did it start his back started to hurt he was given medication for it and then it kind of took a grip on his life that it became more of a focus than the actual pain itself that was pretty much it as far as he lost all his money yeah 97% of his money and then all of a sudden he started saying his back hurts and we never got a diagnosis I never heard a diagnosis I asked for one several times but I never got one and the doctors just started giving them lots of oxycontin and oxycodone which are narcotics and addictive I thought pretty quickly to me I kind of called it out I think it snuck up on you people everyone thought oh no no he’s not addicted he’s not addicted and then one night I get a call from his wife and she says I’m worried that he’s gonna overdose overdose in the middle of the night because he’s taking too many pills so it’s sneaky it’s sneaky how it sneaks up on you and it’s not something to ignore the reason that you want to tell this story which is a combination of your success your some success your father’s success but also many of the traps that success bring is along when you wrote this book who did you write it for first well I really it started it came about when at this before the funeral when I needed to talk and so I looked back on my dad’s life and he was such an amazing man and then all of a sudden II had several washes and tragedies that looked horrific but then I saw God thread and I saw the puzzle his life kind of as a puzzle I thought wow there were lots of miracles that actually happened during his life that originally we couldn’t see so I I wrote an outloud that outline came before the funeral and I I spoke that at the funeral and then I went home and I thought you know I need to write this down for my family ah and so I wrote it down and I was a lot more detailed and then I sent it to a friend Terry Whelan who is the author of Billy Graham Ottawa our biography and I said hey you know where can I self-published this I just want to do this for my family and he came back with because I had given him a one-page information sheet on the book he came back with this story is a great story that needs to be told beyond your family that that it needs to be shared because it will impact many people and so that was really the beginning where I thought okay wow okay I can do that so I saw several core thematic messages almost like climbing a staircase from one plateau to another but building to the pinnacle which was the encounter with God and then that was as far as you could go because that’s where you needed to go and so the journey up the steps and the falling and the the various things that happened in between are played out in the book some of your fondest memories between you and your dad are chronicled in here what what were some of the real highlights for you well I am one of the things I loved about my father and I’m a lot like him as I like his adventurous spirit and he loved to include other people in his adventure so he said earlier he went around the world in 26 days on the conference which is a super song yet he took once took a date he slew her on a jet from San Francisco to Los Angeles so they could have dinner on the Goodyear blimp at night over seeing the city lights in Los Angeles he took me ballooning we left hot-air ballooning and got a go on the chase crew early in the morning he took my family all to the Olympics so they got to watch me compete at the Olympics so that was super sweet and then he also sleeved my family when I competed started again as a masters at the national championships at my alma mater at University of Oregon he flew everyone there and my family there cheering me on which I loved him felt really wonderful so we’d snow ski together we’d go snowmobiling we’d play tennis we’d go hiking so you you spent a lot of time now did he coach you did he was he involved in your training did he take pride and what you were doing he never coached us growing up he wasn’t that type of a father he would work with me in the backyard I was in gymnastics when I was young and so he would work on my roundoff flip-flops and he would spot me or spot me on the backflips on the trampoline he’d throw the baseball with me and make sure I I threw I was strong and my throwing so he did that kind of time with me but not necessarily coaching he he supported me he’s supporting me through competing through the Olympics but when I was training he really kind of thought he said you know let’s meet you need to move on and get on with your real life so I’ll support you for this year and then you can move on with your real life so and get a real job so it was kind of support in that sense from a distance as I was competing for the Olympics but he did come out he and my brothers and my mom my whole family came out to the Olympic Trials it in Indianapolis Indiana for the heptathlon which is seven events which I was originally trading for so yes he would support him you know so I think a lot of us don’t really understand like there’s the Olympics over there unless we’re involved in it we’re just spectators we know nothing except for what’s presented to us what is that life like what does that require what is the support system look like what does it take to go through that to be able to then consistently perform at the Olympics well you know every sport is different on what’s needed and even the time between now and and years ago things have changed but I train six days a week twice a day for years and years I actually was training in the heptathlon which was seven events and then I made you Olympic team in the high jump so that was unusual but you know you’ve got to have good nutrition diet sleep your whole life pretty much is your training there’s not a lot else that you can do I happen to work during this when I was trained for live excite so to help support myself and then I did need my family I asked my dad and my mom a year beforehand if they could help me financially for some things like I had chiropractic and massage and so those kind of therapies to do and so they came in and helped me with that so that was wonderful but it takes a lot of work dedication and beliefs in your mind you know a lot of people can train for something but you don’t necessarily believe you can do that and accomplish it and then there is a difference there is a big difference I work in your training your discipline what were the heroes the role models for what you were trying to aspire to be well I had dick Fosbury who is the creator of the Fosbury flop and then Dwight stone was also an amazing technician and and so those were the people where I watched my dad bought me videos when I was in high school actually real I guess they were their reels of videos back then and I watched those all the time to learn technique and to improve myself and get better and then there was Franklin Jacob a name that nobody knows but he was short he was five seven and he jumped two feet over his height and I was a short high jumper and so I jumped 10 inches over my height and so I I also really about valued him and watched him a lot too was there a consistent theme throughout the Olympic system that made you believe that honor integrity excellence were important or was this to establish a global citizenry a global connection to the world this was the world Olympics this was many company countries coming together for a purpose to compete but was there something bigger than just sports competition was there something bigger in trying to break down barriers was there something bigger even God looking at so many religious backgrounds assembling together you were in the u.s. training center in the u.s. barracks and had your meals the separately or together I think that’s the beauty of the Olympics it’s twofold you are there representing the USA so that to me is where you feel honor and tribe and integrity and you want to represent that flag and you want to represent all of America in the best way possible but then as at the athletes villages which is where we stayed there are no barriers between the athletes we’re all there all the country together and so that was a piece that I love is that you could go eat you could go eat at the dining room and there was many several countries there all speaking different languages we would go out at night yeah after we competed we go out at night and in the kind of in the square you would trade pins and so there’d be hundreds of athletes they’re trading pins or jerseys awesome different countries no one looks down on anybody it was all you were all there together competing with the same goal so I love that I I think there’s there’s nothing else like that that that units that unity and camaraderie in essence and everybody respected everybody it’s a amazing story that’s really a story within a story it’s a story of your dad but it’s a story of your journey alongside your dad and your own personal loss your own goals how you dealt with your own tragedies your father passed after your tragedies that correct yes and was he there for you no he wasn’t not not really not the way you would want somebody to be there for you I because of his opioid situation he would call me on the phone and tears and sobbing and Here I am trying to hold myself together you know with all that I can and so I couldn’t rely on him for strength and I think that you know we think our fathers should be kind of our strength for us and and be there to prop us up when when needed and that didn’t happen and even for their celebration of life he was 15 minutes late so he had to delay everything and and I needed someone there who could be strong for me and and he wasn’t there and that was really hard that was sad and sad for him too I think did you find yourself more drawn to a relationship with the Lord at that time than ever before oh yeah I mean I couldn’t fathom how someone gets through a loss of a spouse or loved one or child without the Lord so for me I clung to the Lord I had I had a girlfriend who told me put your hand up like you’re gonna pray your left hand and then your right hand as wife is going crazy and you’re in turmoil bring it up and into the prayer and say I trust you lord I trust you lord and so that’s what I’d want to during that time was that I trusted God and I knew he was there and I knew he heard my cries and I knew he saw my pain and he and he saw my tears and so I just wanted him and knowing that he was there with me and he was going to get me through we’re talking with Trish Porter top Miller author of King here never too old too rich or too anything to meet Jesus is a powerful story of parallel lives parallel successes parallel tragedies but how in the end God reigns supreme we’re in take a short when we come back we’re and continue exploring this story alongside of Trish Porter top Miller we’ll be right back the Lord meets you right where you are and sodas ignite Ignatians new live streaming outlets you can now watch revealing the truth revealing the Bible and prophecy revealed simulcast live each Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 o’clock p.m. Central Standard Time on YouTube live Facebook live vinny o periscope and through our 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then I started on the Masters level and competed for nine years on the Masters level okay and what kept you going in spite in this this is a very important biblical lesson and it’s the reason I’m asking for you how can someone who is not winning races who’s not up on the podium how can they continue to be for fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth place and still get up there each and every day and practice and endure knowing that there are those that are better than them and that they are willing to continue to compete because it is a personal challenge it is not a corporate challenge help us understand that a couple of different things one I felt like God had given me a gift and in my case it was a gift of high-jumping and it brought me with other people and so I wanted to make sure that I was doing the best I could with that gift and then the other thing is is when we’re not always winning there’s a lot of lessons in that and so I learned to put who I am is not a result how good I do or if I win metals or I get first place Who I am is based on what Christ and thought God says Who I am so because I know Jesus loves me because I know I’m special because I know I am his daughter I have to have my security lie in that and not my security lying in how high I jump because there will always be people who will break wreck like your records or be better than you but thankfully God always loved me and so it’s a tough lesson dad because so often we do put who we are in our work you felt like God gave you a gift how did that come to you how did that feel to you where did that originate from it was almost just a knowing within me that I knew it was something that was different I knew it was something a talent that he had given me and so I wanted to be kind of I wanted to be faithful and do the best I could with that talent and then use it for his glory use it as an opportunity to be able to share the Lord and Christ’s love with other people and so it was it was a knowing which and then I along the way when I was trained about whether I was going to come back and compete I got different confirmations whether it was a Bible verse or whether it was a German a teaching at church so along the way you talk a lot but a lot about your father in the book outrageous adventures hot-air ballooning all these different things that he did when you examine now looking backwards why do you think he did them a little I think he was a little bit of an adrenaline junkie but I think he liked that high and I think he felt good he loved seeing other people experience something fabulous for the first time that maybe they could never experience so he loved watching their faces and seeing the smiles and and and maybe the accolades he wasn’t about things so he didn’t own a lot of das material things he liked he likes the adventures and he liked sharing that and the joy that had brought so many people now you had a lot of faith but your dad had no relationship with God you had family relationship with God you talked about aunt Terry and Uncle Phil and that’s who really kind of embraced you they walked you through the door they talk to you about Jesus did you walk away from that with a burden to make your father know what you knew I did I did and I when I first I left to college almost right away just a couple weeks after I accepted the Lord and there I got involved in a couple different Christian groups The Navigators and then Fellowship of Christian Athletes which I’m still involved in in a different level today but they taught me in the four spiritual law and they taught me about Jesus and they taught about how God Christ is the bridge between God and our sin and the only way to get to heaven is through Jesus Christ and so I went home and I shared those four spiritual laws with him in the book and I went through it how to accept Jesus when I was young and he was polite but had really no desire or no need for God when I prayed and so Oh sorry and then and then I just I spent years and years trained and would try and talk throughout my life see him about the ward when you spoke to him about Thor and how did he receive it pretty non you know it wasn’t for me that you’re you’re saying your cup of tea not mine there there was no interest they actually kind of thought I was a little crazy I think a little fanatical do you believe that your dad accepted the Lord absolutely I do um I do because he my husband James was the one who decided to spend some time reading his Bible in my dad’s kitchen and my dad often wouldn’t get up to in the afternoon he would sleep 21 22 hours a day and and so James who’s there in the kitchen and when my dad came out they started talking and and and James said so Chuck if you were gonna die if you died today and went to heaven at pearly gate they said why should we let you in what would you say and my dad said because I’m a big person and so James said well the problem with is that God’s standard is perfection and only and only in heaven can perfection get in and so so James Chuck have you ever told a lie and my dad said well yeah and he said that’s one example of sin that separates us from God and so because of that sin and that separation is his death and separation from God and so you’re not able to go to him and so then he he shared and they talked further and ultimately James ended up asking my dad if he wanted to pray to receive Jesus into his life and forgive him of his sin and my dad said yes so my dad prayed that day for God to forgive him of his sin and to come into his life and to live a life that pleases him and so because we believe we I believe he is saved and I know there there are those who think well he didn’t necessarily have all sorts of radical changes but not everybody has radical changes in their life there are the small changes the subtle changes that we saw that made me believe that he his faith was true you’d say that you believe that your father had an encounter with an angel yes so when my dad finally decided and said yes to my brother Charlie to go to church so they went to church and there on the second row was who I pop it I Paul an angel his name was Michael one of the reasons I called angel but he was there and that’s in the second row worshiping the Lord with his hands and body and moving and singing but the thing was my dad was inexplicably drawn to him so that’s what didn’t make sense is my dad was drawn to him and he would call my brother in the middle of the week and say Charlie are you going to church this week this Sunday because I want to go and I want to get there early and the thing was my dad was never early for anything in his life he lived on King standard time which was typically one to two hours late and and so it was very unusual for my dad wanted wanting to get someplace early so he was drawn to Michael the angel and then one day my brother went up to Michael and said you know I tried to share Jesus with my dad and and he said no and would you talk to him about Jesus because I I know he likes you and I know he’s drawn to you and Michael looked at him and said God’s got your dad in his hands God’s got your dad in his hands who says that why wouldn’t why wouldn’t he say I’d love to talk to him about the Lord he didn’t and so that respond to me is one of an angel that my dad was inexplicably drawn to him his name was Michael and he said God’s got you dad in his hand when you saw this change take place and your dad what else did you see there was different about him well he he he had to he went to church several times by himself and to some that might not sound like a big deal but you’re talking about an 82 year old man who’s never gone to church who often slept in till 2:00 in the afternoon and and and often wouldn’t even get dressed during the day he’d say and in his pajamas so to speak so here’s a man who got up early got out of bed drove the car which was a little scary he had a few dents and things like that and scratches on it don’t know where they came from but he went to church so he he made a point it was important to him to go to church and then we had gotten him a Bible and we found his caretaker would find his Bible on his bed in different places so that also says that he was reading it and so those were those were a couple of the things that made me realize that his his faith was real so what made you think that his death was a suicide you’re the first person ask that question um because he decided to take over the before he had his caretaker who was giving him doling out the medicine medications oxycontin oxycodone you know it’s specific times in just those doses and so he asked to take control of those pills again and we thought it was okay because he was doing a lot better he was participating in life he was going to my brother’s kid sorry ball games or football games he’d go to their house for dinner and he was just more participatory over a period of time over a period of months and so when he took control of those pills we thought it was going to be okay but it wasn’t he ended up making basically the whole bottle so do you think he did intentionally accidentally if if things were like it we’re moving along in a positive way and life was good he had a relationship with Lord he was no more engaged with the family he was more less of King Year and more of a regular guy what would make you think of a suicide well I think he had talked about it so often for years and years because he had no purpose so because his identity was in his wealth and in his business and not really in the Lord he didn’t know about that yet for him he felt like he had no purpose and that really isn’t wasn’t a true statement it was just I think a lie that he believed and and so I I think if somebody maybe he had come alongside him and really taught him and guided him maybe things would be different but we can’t it’s hard to give somebody hope and purpose I think he finally knew where he was going to go and I think maybe that offered him some peace since he didn’t have purpose in daily life which again there was a lot of grant he had a lot of grandchildren there’s so much he could have done for all of his grandkids and all of them who loved him and he could have taught everybody what it looks like to finish well and to finish strong and to finish with a life of faith but I think because of his tragedies and because of the opioid youth he couldn’t see past that in your examination story unfolding is this a book that I would have someone who was in my life that I was concerned about suicidal tendencies that it would give me things to look at or to look for or to recognize as warning signs and intervene yes I think so because it also the most important thing is it shares Jesus Christ and how to have a relationship with right and and so with that that’s one of the most important things we want is we want someone to know the Lord and then yes there are I think it offers that there are there is hope and that you know there is a different way you don’t have to go you don’t have to go that route and you are loved and theirs and it would affect so many people if you did that you know we think about the pastor who just committed suicide and he obviously knew Jesus yep you know loving the loving beautiful family and that wasn’t enough there was something going on and we call that in the area of mental health so there were definitely some mental health issues did you find that there was some reluctance in getting your father mental health care did you get him any mental health care what he had been receptive to it he was he was seeing a psychologist and and yes that pastors suicide death was so tragic and it’s so hard because I think suicide can be just a moment in time where a moment of weakness right a moment of sin that we all have but this consequence is so big and so I just my heart aches for his family and I have prayed for them but yes my dad did get help he got help from a psychologist they had actually just changed his depression medicine the week before so I don’t know if that was a factor because one of the side effects antidepressants is suicide so it kind of doesn’t make sense and and so it’s not perfect and them and mental it is a mental illness and that’s that’s the difference I think that’s one of the things I’ve learned from all of this is it’s a mental opioid use is a mental illness and and so we need to have compassion and because I think I was thinking why can’t he just stop right uh you know I’m an athlete you just stop you just stop you know you stop doing caffeine you stop doing sugar that’s what you do to be successful but it is different and we do need to have compassion for them you inadvertently no malice intended whatsoever you use the word in the description that you may not be aware even said and that is when the young pastor took his life and the sin of a suicide and we stand back and we take a look at what is sin and is this something that God defines a sin well it’s the murder oneself well there’s many contributing factors to this is it something we would say that all people who commit suicide committed a sin is it forgivable is it pardonable is it something that takes them out of the hand of God if God says on one hand no man can snatch you out the hand of God I’m I’m a man can I snatch myself out of the hand of God and the answer that question is no I cannot and so so I wanted to make sure that that little three little word that gets thrown in there gets pulled back out of there we’re dealing with the unknown we don’t know the mind we know that for 10 consecutive years suicide rates of increase the age of suicide rates have changed radically we now have assisted suicide on the docket for discussion for people my age and older for when I reach the state of health that says that I should be able to determine when my life ends and when I’ve had enough and then we have teenagers who are taking their lives over being bullied and what social media has done so what we have here in King here is a compendium a compilation of many very very important things the striving for success for perfection for endurance for victory what happens in a parallel world where there is abandonment and addiction and could it have very well have been that part of the motivation for your performance and your drive to performance – was to win the approval of a father who wasn’t there that if you could just get that medal that was going to be what pulled him over to the other side and there’s so many questions that come out of this that it becomes so real it becomes so transparent and it becomes whatever it is the reader wants to look at and personalize and say you know what here’s Trish Porter top Miller professional athlete or really amateur athlete that was her profession and strove for excellence and would not give up even though she wasn’t winning she hung in there and she kept on going what was she going for her personal best is that enough to go 11 12 15 years to get my personal best or was to win the approval of a father that would make him stop what he was doing which was destructive and embrace what you were doing which was constructive and we don’t know you know you know it resonates with you you know if I’m reading your mail or if I’m not reading your mail you know what I read in the pages here and what your heart’s desire was and your heart’s desire was met but you really wanted a life with your father who was in the Lord and active in your life in your grand your children and his grandchildren’s life as a fully healed fully recovered and fully engaged grandfather and isn’t that what we all want for our loved ones but it starts earlier late it starts with that first step and that is to know the Lord and this is the story of Trish Porter top Miller who loved her father so much that she looked up to him she revered him King here that’s how he used to answer the phone to take a look at his life and say you’re never too old too rich or too anything to meet Jesus and it’s a message for everybody and it’s her story but it’s your story too and I encourage you to visit Nettie a nation calm look on today’s schedule on the front page you’re gonna see this book and her name and just click on it and order the book and get a copy for yourself Trish Porter taught Miller thank you thank you for sharing this story with us here on revealing the truth thank you for having me god bless you god bless you we’re in take a short break and when we come back we’ll bring you the next edition of revealing the truth

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