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Rabbi Zev Porat – Live from Israel

September 13 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am CDT

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Author of:
The Rabbi, the Secret Message, and the Identity of Messiah

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Interview Transcript

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Shalom and welcome to this edition of revealing the truth well we covered the headlines the heartlines and biblical truth I’m your host messianic rabbi Rabbi Eric Walker messianic rabbi zev Porat founder of Messiah of Israel ministries was born in Israel into a Sanhedrin rabbis family and raised in beneath a rock one of the most Jewish Orthodox cities in all of Israel Zeb’s grandfather rabbi Pincus pirat was a Holocaust survivor who later became one of the heads of the Sanhedrin in Israel certified as a Jewish rabbi zev never truly experienced the presence of God and drifted away from Judaism but that all changed when zedd had a number of supernatural encounters the problem of faith in Messiah Yeshua Jesus led by the Holy Spirit Zev founded Messiah of Israel ministries one of the very few messianic congregations actively preaching the gospel publicly in Israel today over the many years Messiah of Israel ministries has been reaching Holocaust survivors idea of soldiers and holding holding discipleship programs both within messianic congregations and one-on-one with rabbi zev there is a lot of truth in his understanding and his wisdom in the truth of Messiah Yeshua Zev is the Israeli correspondent and co-host of freedom Friday with host pastor caller gallops and has been nationally and internationally on every television show you can imagine including being the co-host of this hour of our Israel update with rabbi zev farhat he is the co-author of the 2019 Amazon bestseller the rabbi the secret message and the identity of Messiah he wrote the book with pastor Carl gallops rabbi zev and his family are directly connected to this amazing true story one that continues to shake the Christian and Jewish world he shared the message of yeshua through the biblical hebrew foundation around the world assisting in the establishment over 100 congregations in asia you can find them here on the second Monday of every month at 10:00 a.m. and you can find them online at Messiah of Israel ministries dot how are G here to discuss the latest updates from Israel is our dear friend world of the secular world they don’t really say l’shanah Tovah in terms of January 1st we usually reserve that for the first day of the seventh month the Feast of Trumpets Russia ah so is there a special civil New Year or secular new year greeting other than the same old happy new year that we give you at Rush Hashanah well first of all it’s an honor and a blessing to be here rabbi Rabbi Eric Walker as always and as we enter into 2:20 all I could say yes it’s not the biblical calendar it’s the worldly calendar we need to remember what the words of your short Jesus when he said we’re in the world but we’re not of the world so we operate on the world to calendar but we are in the spirit and I think that is what we’re looking forward to this year amen amen you know you and I have been together now for going on this is our fourth year a broadcast you joined us early on in our broadcast cycle first through Carl gallops and now independent relationship on your own as a featured guest here and a regular monthly contributor to our program what I’d like to do is kind of take a look I want to go back a year in time I want to go back to January of 2019 and in review how you thought 2019 was going to unfold both prophetically ministerially the geopolitical landscape of what was going on in the epicenter of Biblical prophecy Jerusalem Israel and the surrounding nations and how your end-of-the-year reflection back on the course of events that took place the many conferences you attended the many messages you delivered what was your assessment of anticipation expectation versus realization for 2019 well 2019 was a huge year of freezing schewe because you know as we’re getting closer and closer to the second coming of Jesus Yeshua things are going to happen in the spiritual realm I mean sin is gonna actually to new level we know that as we’re getting closer as Jesus says as it was in the days of Noah so it would be the coming of the Son of Man we know it was the days not as it was in the days of lot so becoming in the last day the son of man without setting any date but we are understanding how this all connects to the Book of Daniel do not roll up the or do not seal up or not close the scroll for the mystery at the end time has not yet come we understand today rabbi eric more than Daniel understood yes Daniel was writing under the inspiration of the wall called this but he didn’t live in the times of were living right now we’re living in these prophetic end times right now and in the process things are happening and things happened this year more than they happened in 2018 and I believe in 2020 if you sure doesn’t return because we don’t know when he’s gonna return more things are gonna happen because we’re in the time of the end and that means salvation that also means persecution but it also means what we’re seeing on the political side which was all connected with the spiritual side when we look at what’s happening with with Israel with Benjamin Netanyahu we look in the United States what’s happening with Donald Trump we look at what’s happening in the Middle East what just happening in Iran in in in Baghdad right now with the United States eliminating cussin sulemani which was a big threat to Israel and the whole world this man was a serious danger and we know that is what was involved in it together because everything that Israel does his hand in hand with the United States of America especially with Netanyahu and Donald Trump and that’s why they’re being so attacked so what do what did we see this year amazing were humbled and we’re grateful that the Lord uses us and uses ministry like yours rabbi or a massive amount of salvations we don’t even know how many people were saved because not everybody publicly goes out we water many times seeds and people come in from the United States or other places to talk to someone and they give their life to Messiah Yeshua how many are so-called secret believers and we touched on previous program what a secret believer is how it ties in with the Bible so I think it was it was a huge year looking back did I expect that it’s gonna be that right well we never expect that or a minister we don’t know what’s gonna be but to expect so many rabbis coming meet the faith so many atheists coming in to feed so many Arab Muslims coming in to faith so many of those that are that would persecute you six months ago but now say you know we don’t believe in Jesus in Yeshua but you have a right to do or to or to believe what you what you want to believe this is something we haven’t seen in previous years having said that rabbi Rabbi Eric Walker we’re also seeing a bigger amount of persecution but again this persecution is only because the enemy knows that his time is near only because the enemy knows that that the seed is Israel I mean it’s always been Israel it’s gonna return to Israel it’s gonna be spiritually Israel and the new truism forever and so it’s just been a huge year and we’re excited about it then and honored and the Lord uses us because you know we frankly we’re not we’re not kidding capable of doing anything without always we certainly don’t deserve anything it’s all by His grace that he allows us to do it but again taking that step of faith and and and doing things that the Lord wants us to do not always understanding sometimes the Lord tells us to do things we have no idea why tells us to do it or we think it’s not logical it’s not supposed to be logical it’s supposed to be supernatural and I think that if we understand what how we started this program by talking about 2020 that it’s yes it’s not a biblical year as far as the calendar but as far as understanding that we’re in the world and not of the world if we operate that way in every ass effect of our life the Laurel is able to use each one of us doesn’t matter where he’s positioned do to be to be I mean to be to bring in that last harvest that’s what it’s all about so it was an exciting year I could tell you that Imams were say if I could tell you that we’re getting a massive amount of follow-ups in the ministry right now I can tell you that China is I mean everybody knows that China is there’s a revival in China but how many know that people in China are understanding who Israel is understanding what their endtime role is right now in Israel because the first missionaries as far as I know that came to China were who were for American missionaries and they preached the gospel they preached the cross they preached the truth nothing wrong with that it was the message to bring the people into salvation but now that we’re in the end times were in the last days we’ve moved into a different time in prophecy Isaiah 49 12 and I’m just gonna paraphrase where it says you hold the days are coming when the Lord will is going to use those coming from afar from the east and those from ethics a scene in which we talk to other earlier with previous programs seen him as a nation of China and in that process right now many many Chinese congregations underground congregations are understanding their role in the end times we’re seeing a massive amount of revival endtime prophecy fulfilled tying in with Isaiah 49 12 if you read the whole chapter of Isaiah 49 it talks about Israel it talks about the boundaries of Israel it talks about how Israel is really you know people are gonna say it’s too small it is too small because the Israel that we see right now it’s not biblical Israel that’s why Iran is going berserk is going crazy because that land of Iran is really Israel and the enemy knows it on the soul I mean this is this is what we’re seeing and I can keep on going and going and going it’s it it’s just exciting times rabbi Rabbi Eric Walker and I want to thank you and then the viewers around the world that are watching and and praying for us because your prayers are working so thank you for this we’re all part of it together you know if anybody watches your videos and of you interacting with so many different individuals and lots of them are one-on-one lots of them are you approaching and opening up a dialogue with an open Bible and I particularly identify with this because I sat under the tutelage and teachings of a world-renowned Orthodox rabbi out of Atlanta that was was deeply a brilliant teacher but I would ask him the questions so you’ve trained me up in this but when when did this happen because if if all we have is the Old Testament that’s a knock there are many unfinished pieces of business which are laid out in the torn off when did Genesis and I would ask this question when did genesis 3:15 happen where can i read all the way through 2nd chronicles which is the order of the Tanakh as opposed to malachi which is the order of the Christian Bible where was this event fulfilled when did the seed of the serpent strike the heel of the seed of the woman and when to the sea the one strike that cross the head of the seat of the serpent a pretty obvious early on prophecy that I would expect that if I was just to stop at the Old Testament that it would have been fulfilled but it bothered me these these unfinished pieces of business the revelations of Daniel unfinished pieces of business the prophecies of Isaiah unfinished pieces of business there had to be more to the story but me being Jewish you being Jewish we were looking for the answers within the scope of Judaism the scope of our ancestry Bob way back to Abraham in all the writings of Moses and all the writings of God the hand of Joshua and by the hand of all the prophets and we were looking to connect the dots and to answer those questions who who was David talking about because David’s hands were never pierced yes they were stained with blood because he was taking lives and thus that was the reason for him not building God’s temple but all these were unanswered questions your approach is exactly that holding open the Hebrew text and pointing to passages and asking these yeshiva students who are studying and looking for truth and they’re looking at the Talmudic writings interpretations and there’s not true answers that line up with Scripture there are we’re binnacle opinions it’s like the commentaries of of Christianity we and Judaism have our own set of commentaries added to by Christian believers as well but your approach is so stunningly not not that that is not a complex topic but it is meaning them right and that’s where I came to fate was meeting me right where my lack of understanding was and mine was the Lamb of God and how when John the Levitical priest son of Zechariah the Levitical priest would declare the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world you and I know that there’s no provision except on the day of atonement for anything to be taken away all others sin is covered now there was this new introduction to a lamb that we’d already met on Mount Moriah we’d already met in the Exodus and you have a you have the personality you have the wisdom you have the courage and you have the biblical knowledge to approach the unapproachable with simple questions of exactly what they’re studying in yeshiva exactly what they’re teaching as these as these heads of yeshivas are advancing the cause of stierson or Hallel or Maimonides or Akiva or any number of the great sage old rabbi zijn and even new modern-day the literature’s following Menachem Mendel Schneerson you bring it back down to so what does this say in the Hebrew what does it mean in the Hebrew and where can I find the answer in the Tanakh and you lead them to the point where you’re not telling them that it’s Messiah they’re telling you well it could only be this one and as I watched these and it it it feeds my Jewish heart because there’s not that many of us that are really engaging in this kind of dialogue in this kind of approach you are finding that persecution is being amped up and especially in this time when there is this political struggle in Israel for power sauce the sauce party the religious party has always had a stronghold with Benjamin Netanyahu on the Minister of the Interior and that’s who can be a citizen who can’t be a citizen who can come into the country who can be called a Jew all these things are defined under this particular ultra-religious very Orthodox very oppressive very persecuting very anti messianic you could be a declare you could walk up in a a Buddhist outfit believing in Buddha and go upstairs in the airport and apply for citizenship as a Jew with all of your birth certificates and Catawbas and declarations a letter from an Orthodox rabbi and you could be in your Buddhist fit and you’ll be granted citizenship I can go up there and they google my name and they say no you are a Messianic Jew you are of a Jewish mother and Jewish father Jewish grandparents on both sides you’re you you have taken and accepted another God and this is the lie that has been since the seventies since the test was the priest I think it was father John or father I forget who it was in the 70s that came in his white collar to say I have Jewish have a Jewish mother I want to have citizenship and this created this huge Supreme Court issue as to who can be have citizenship imagine now you Sabra born in Israel to a very well-known family who’ve accepted Messiah they can’t kick you out your citizen of Israel they can persecute you how are you seeing that persecution we always look at ami Ortiz and we look at the Ortiz family and the gift package that blew up on forum but that’s that’s now many year old story and it’s not a current contemporary story but you are experiencing contemporary persecution and the land for the advancement the gospel how is that playing out and how are you dealing with well it’s very good question Erik but I want to back up a little bit in touch a little bit of what you said about the Orthodox Jewish ass in Israel and everything they just took out today the mayor of Tiberias he was taken out of position today why because this mayor said I don’t want Tiberius to be controlled by Orthodox Jews not that he’s against them but he said I don’t want to turn this into the hundred gates into mass rally I want this to be a city where Orthodox Jews live where Arabs live and where Jews live and everybody can can believe whatever you know whatever they want to have your own zone and shafts without a billion other people found some way some law to get him out of position they just took him out today this is what happens here in Israel when somebody tries to go against the orthodox movement you know we need to understand that and I want people to understand that when Judas went to the to the Sanhedrin leaders and he was given thirty pieces of silver thirty shekels those thirty pieces of silver were granted to him by the religious leaders who had more authority than the Romans did and that’s a fact the same thing is happening in Israel today so if you mentioned somebody being a Buddha our being from a Hindu or that’s not a threat to the Israeli government that’s not a threat to just it’s not a threat to the devil because it’s a it’s a lie either way every religion you know either way it’s a false god they don’t care about when you come into the true God well she appears sure this is when you are a threat and this is when they try to take you up and it’s a problem to make out yeah to try to come over here you’re gonna have to you know not be so truthful on your application if you want to be a be granted citizenship but if you’re a person that says no I’m not going to deny the name of Jesus not for a citizenship or not for anything because my citizenship is in heaven my kingdom is in not out of this world then you might not be granted a citizenship and it’s a price you need to pay but no matter how much the price is blessed are those that are persecuted for you his name you talk about persecution here in Israel now when we talk about persecution there are three steps of persecution there is physical persecution if you go out in the street you witness to people somebody comes up to you he spits on you he mocks you he slaps you we go through that not every day but it happens does it intimidate us no why probably because the Holy Spirit is protecting us and we know it second persecution is you’re not getting along Israel you’re not given the rights that you deserve as an Israeli is that legal no can you do anything about it no except for free because the bottom line is as we just spoke the Orthodox moving in Israel control the government behind the scenes like puppets and that means that if they say don’t give Missy anak Jews or sombras that believe in Yeshua rights in Israel and I can give you some example what’s right in Israel if I have an insurance for my car I have to have insurance because it’s the law but if I need to exercise that insurance I’m not gonna get it so basically we pay insurance for no reason because we want to be abiding in the law but as we see an accused if we want to exercise that insurance we’re not gonna get it and we know it because that’s happened already before but it’s okay if we want to purchase a home in Israel and you deserve a some kind of benefit of a mortgage because you served in the Israeli army I served three years in the Israeli army yester three seven years and the in the reserves of the army so I have certain benefits down supposed to get from the country I don’t get any of those benefits as a believer in Yeshua so the persecution goes on in various ways anything they can do to try to stop the gospel to try to system to try to get you out of God’s provision out of God’s will it’s not just for a yacht it’s also yeah they can’t take me out of Israel but they do everything they can to try to make it that I don’t want to stay in Israel but that won’t work because as long as God wants me here I’ll continue to preach so that’s on the aspect of persecution violence yeah there is violence you spoke about the artis family when we had a bomb you know since that that occurred we are very very careful near in Israel you know but we’re not scared but the Bible says to have wisdom I can tell you a bi art right here that you know I don’t park my car near my mom I can’t just like you do in America drive my car put it in the you know the parking lot I have to park my car four or five even six blocks away from my home and I have to do a detour around to make sure no one’s following me in order to go home and that’s just the way we live here in Israel it sounds crazy but you know we have to be careful because they could put a bomb in your home they could put a bomb under your car we’re not scared we have to have wisdom and that’s the way we live here in Israel so Israel as a democratic country in the Middle East but if you’re a believer in Jesus Yeshua you have to live especially if you’re preaching the gospel in a very very different way in America you can carry you’ve got here in Israel you could carry a gun I used to carry a gun in the army but because I’m believer in Yeshua they’re not gonna let me carry again that’s another right that’s taken away from you you know something because the average Gentile and especially in North America has no cost they don’t they don’t understand that we have we have to be willing to pay the price of being rejected by 14 million brothers and sisters who are in our direct lineage your lineage my lineage go back as far as we can go back on both sides of our family there’s not a Gentile drop of blood in my lineage not anywhere anyplace look at the history of the rabbi’s every third generation there’s been a rabbi on my family my great-grandfather was the rabbi of Galicia which was southern Poland Western Ukraine back in the 1800s and early 1900s before he was brought to America to head up a congregation here it’s interesting one of the early pioneers Yakov dumb Connie who is now ill and we pray for his complete recovery was a street fighter and getting arrested and getting thrown in jail and he was he would not back down on the streets of Tel Aviv from any encounter from any fight he was he was and and you know today as we look at him in this this state of illness and and Elisheva to take care of him we must be reminded that there were those that went before us to try to pave the way that whether or not it is a cohesive community or not a Cui’s of community there were pioneers like ben-gurion and and and others who who stood against the odds and were not afraid and and I find that to be the heart of the true Sabra not the artificially inseminated yeshiva students they have no heart for any of it except to ride the wave of support to live a life of not having to earn money not having to work not having even to serve in the IDF to to be able to get an exemption and that’s that’s what God talks about is that we need those numbers we need more of Israel we know that in the end all of Israel saved we know that the Redeemer comes and redeems us single-handedly Isaiah 64 the garments stained with blood I believe that that’s an encounter that takes place at Petra Basra the sheep’s gate it’s my view that he doesn’t just land on them Zechariah 14 Mount of Olives but that there is a victory ascent because the leadership’s not going to be in Israel he tells us God tells us to flee when the Antichrist gonna flee get-get out flee to the hills go so and Jesus comes to redeem the tents of Jerusalem first we don’t live in tents in Jerusalem we’ve it means we’ve it’s a an illustration a word picture a beautiful description of we’re not there so where are we and many different thoughts about where we could be it back to Mount Sinai is to Petra is it just to the hills no one’s really sure we all examine and look for the correlation I wrote you after you gave your teaching on what did you shoot right in the dirt as they were trying to stone the prostitute woman of sin and I shared with you that the connection to Jeremiah was stunning I thought it was was a really a true biblical connection that I had never seen I always thought that it was like the message of Daniel of the handwriting on the wall and that is appropriate they had been weighed and found wanting the end of their power was coming to an end they were not replaced by the Medes and the Persians but they were replaced by someone else fill in the blank it couldn’t have been with the finger of God okay but the other part of it was connecting Leviticus connecting what the law said that both parties had to be present and when I began to think about that that is the single most common error in the interpretation of Scripture in the church is to forsake the foundational truths of the Torah and of the Old Testament to apply them in an understanding of what Jesus did what Paul was writing about and look at the context and the connection to what the arrangement the setup what had to be the requirements that they met and I can see how provocative these kind of discussions are in taking the old tried traditional steady stayed it just says it doesn’t mean anything but it does it all applies to a forward understanding of an explanation of I only do what I saw my father do well we have a record of what his father did I only say what I heard my father say we have a record of what his father said it’s called the Bible and we don’t have to go to old reel-to-reel tapes and try to figure out and decipher or the old cassette tapes from thousands of years ago that don’t exist of course but you have a stunning way of engaging with some of and and I would I would love for one day for you to compile dr. Michael Brown has compiled his wonderful series on the Jewish objections to Jesus but his border on the thinking yours is the biblical approach to asking these questions and why they’re significant I think it would be an incredible resource to the body to be able to approach one a better understanding of the Hebrew text but two to reach our people with the truth of the gospel you know we had a phrase got an amazing salvation in Hanukkah the piece of dedication at the Kotel at the Western Wall a Jew by the name of Menachem Goldberg gave his life Tiye schewe right there maybe thinking in your mind how would anybody ever give his life of the Kotel at such a public place it took you know so many people there you know when someone he gets overtaken by the Holy Spirit he doesn’t know where he is he’s in a different dimension there can be a thousand people there that Holy Spirit comes upon you you forget where you were and that’s what happened with this guy and he just gave his life to yoshua and right now he’s in a stage right now where he’s being attacked by the enemy I mean how is it being attacked the enemy’s not gonna send you a you know flowers and say oh you’re a believer in you sure right now here I’ll send you some rose flowers and everything’s gonna be okay and I’m just gonna let you live your life quiet no he’s going to attack and this is what we we know when they call the sanctification process and in that that’s it’s a very difficult process prayer for we’re still in the sanctification process people like to ask when does the sanctification process and it doesn’t end it continues until Yeshua returns the Danian ends that’s the day you’re out of God’s will it never ends but it’s a long process for everyone and Menachem Goldberg is he’s in that process right now I call this up before the ministry up to few days ago he’s one of one of our programs and he says you know I it says in the Bible the God God said you know let us make man in our image and I’ve always been taught that that’s the Angels the angels were helping God I said well you want to tell me that God needs to help of the angels to create the world he said no since as the Bible says when God created the world in six days did God have an angel stare with him they said no so so where did you get that from he said well I guess it’s from the rabbi that’s wrong I think it’s from the enemy trying to take you out of God’s provision and then what he did with that is this new new believer in Yeshua is now gone into the synagogue’s with the message that let us make man in our image is not the Angels but it is Yeshua and God wore one and this is what’s happening here in Israel and when you talk about what you know the logic of the Bible the Bible is not logical it’s supernatural but it’s true and the enemy will try to take people out of God’s provision we haven’t believers twenty years in the church thirty years in the church that I’ve been taught that what you just mentioned before that you know we really don’t need everything in the Bible it’s there but it’s it’s just there I believe in Jesus he died on the cross for my sins he rose on the third day third date that is all true but that is just the action of what you should did for us now what do we what are we new to do how do we become a follower of Yeshua and if we say that that’s enough we’re saying that you sure it’s not truthful because you sure assess under these frasier of the Holy Spirit in the Book of Psalms team 40 verse 7 behold I have come in the scroll of the book it is written about me is that just the Old Testament no is that just the prophecies no is that just the five books of Moses no it’s exactly what it says I have come in the scroll of the book it is written about me so when someone says I called the name in the name of Yeshua and that’s enough for me I believe he rose from the dead but Jesus says that he’s the word so you have to be in the whole were were from Genesis to Revelation and that means that everything in the Bible has to point to Messiah Yeshua including everything that he did in his ministry and including everything that he did and that brings us to what he wrote on the ground it’s all it has to be in the Word of God there’s nothing there for no reason and if we can understand that we can not only be very prayer warriors but we can also be witnesses for the gospel to the Jews to the nation’s wherever that’s positioned do to be because that’s the truth I have come in the scroll of the book it is written about me the word for scroll there is the word McGee tada and the word McGee now the root word of McGee is that which is hidden shall be revealed so he says that the revelation of the word is in the scrolls in the word and it’s me I’m the revelation it’s about me you know that’s the unis expression the whole Megillah it’s it’s what it’s you know what’s the big Megillah what so it’s a big deal and it’s everything on the surface and then all the drama that went behind so you know it’s a common phrase in the Jewish community but yet it has such deep deep meaning it is just an incredibly exciting what you have going on your ministry Messiah of Israel ministries is multifaceted and I’m not sure audience really knows the various aspects of it we know from your videos a lot about the evangelical side of it of the meeting with people out on the streets and the community to share the gospel with them through the questioning not the telling you don’t you’re not and I tell people this in America that as a Jew when I look at a billboard that says Jesus Saves I look at it and it says to me and and and brings out the question me but if he’s Jewish he wouldn’t save he would invest it should say Jesus invests then I would think he’s a good Jewish guy he’s making his money work for him but just Jesus Saves never reached me I used to kind of laugh especially my early years as a believer in looking at that and saying well that’s not motivational passbook savings okay it pays nothing he invests he’s he is the investor in us there are many many ministries both American based and Israel based that I will just come out and say it our enemies of the gospel they are under the cover of a name or of a leader who appears evangelical but when it comes to Israel they are one very diabolically funding direct enemies of the gospel and then there are others who are garnering favor with Israel humanitarian aid second other picture taken with Benjamin Netanyahu so that they can be invited to address the Knesset or to be invited to a state dinner but do not share and do not support in their mission statement the sharing of the gospel and this is why I tell our audience that we have fully vetted every ministry that we know of and we have been two columns that friend of the gospel and they’re not just filling the bellies they’re not just putting clothes on the back they’re not just using images of Holocaust survivors living below the poverty level who are Russian speakers they’re actually working on their eternal salvation and their eternal as opposed to their temporary condition and Messiah of Israel ministries ranks right there at the top of my recommended list and we as a ministry support you because of that because you are faithful you paid the price personally and people can read your your bio of of turning down a huge inheritance in order to deny the Messiah but you chose not to and you wound up living on the beach a tent with Lynn not exactly what she expected when the two of you got married but nevertheless she’s as faithful and her heart for Israel and for China issues a Chinese national is is stunning and the results are stunning and so I make sure that our audience knows that the Rabbi Eric Walker and the Ignatian seal of approval goes on to Messiah of Israel ministries orgy but you don’t just stop with the vandalism you actually take it to fulfill the Great Commission which is not to get people saved it is to make disciples of men that that was the Great Commission and we sometimes have evangelical work that goes out and gets people to say yes to Yeshua and then doesn’t take them any further that’s not building an army that’s taking them to the recruiting center getting them to sign up at the recruiting center and say sure I’ll join and okay and then they’re out the door and they’re gone you also have a multi-faceted ministry that has more parts moving parts to it in Israel and in China maybe you can help our audience understand a little bit more about the Ministry of Messiah of Israel ministries dot par G well thank you rev O’Hara if your ministry also is reaching worldwide and having a great impact also here in Israel so I want to thank you for that and I want to touch a little bit on what you spoke about without mentioning any names but unfortunately and I use the word unfortunately there are many many so-called ministries that have signed a contract with the devil and what do I mean by that jesus said if you’re ashamed of my father in heaven my father would never be ashamed of you and I’m paraphrasing if somebody signs a contract not to preach the gospel with the government they have signed a contract with the devil and it doesn’t matter what the reason is in order to get a license or to get a building in order to get an approval to be a ministry in Israel for me they’ve signed the contract with the devil if I was put in the position that they would tell me either you are not getting a building or not getting I don’t know what a facility or I’m not being you can’t rent this for hotel conference room unless you sign a document that you’re not doing ABC I won’t sign it I will not sign a contract with a devil because that would be like us selling our soul to the devil and unfortunately and I just want to tell the believers you don’t have this for my ministry or Erik’s ministry we rabbi Rabbi Eric Walker’s ministry but you do need to support the gospel of Yeshua and that means check who you’re supporting who you’re praying for you may be supporting someone that has signed a contract with the devil and that’s very important to bring that out rabbi Rabbi Eric Walker because there are ministries like that that I’ve done that you’ve used using businesses using other aspects so to gain some kind of leverage from the government why is the government giving believers leverage well if you don’t preach the gospel you’re not a threat and if you’re not a threat we’ll give you what you want what can you possibly do you’re not preaching the gospel give homeless people to eat the rabbis to that the Orthodox Jews to that the Muslims do that there are Muslim mosques in Israel that feed the poor jesus said man shall not live by bread alone but every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord that means yes we are to give the poor food but if we give people food and we do not give them the gospel and the love of Yahshua then you know I’m careful to say but it’s true we’re loving people to help and therefore it’s important that the gospel be be preached and that’s what we do here on the side of his own ministries we not just go on the street we don’t just go on the street and just preach that’s part of it we also have a massive amount of follow-ups and then sometimes the follow-up doesn’t necessarily mean that a person is willing to go in a classroom with fifteen other believers sometimes he’s scared you have to meet him in his home you have to meet him in a basement wherever that person can meet that he feels comfortable not you feel comfortable because if you don’t do that you’re gonna lose that person because you know the Bible was clear you know no one can snatch them out of my father’s hand but the person has to be in the word has to be discipled after he called on the name of Jesus Yeshua and that’s what we do here in Messiah’s or ministries it’s a lot of work it’s much more work than people understand it takes a lot of time a lot of effort and we’re willing to do it and we praise God that we’re unable to do it and then we have the ones that I like to call sometimes the Forgotten ones and those are the Holocaust survivors there are not too many Holocaust survivors left and many times people think you know we need to invest only in the new generation and I agree I think youth is great we invest in youth who invest in a new generation but we have we have to also understand that the Holocaust survivors they don’t have too much time to live they’re not too many of them left in Israel and if we don’t preach the gospel to them what’s going to happen it’s very very difficult to preach the gospel to them you have to be very very careful because in their eyes Rabbi Eric Walker they think that what was done to them what was done to their ancestors was done in the name of Jesus of Yeshua of course you and I and the viewers around the world know that you know they were just using Jesus’s name of course they were not believers but to a Jew especially from a Holocaust survivor and I’m I come from a family of Holocaust survivors that’s what we see that’s what we understand so it’s a very very difficult task to go over there and preach to them we go over there we do these Missy anarchic conferences which means we we we do music we bring them food we love them we don’t go up to them and say and tell them you know you need to repent right now and call me with Jesus that won’t work we have a relationship with them and and we have salvations within the Holocaust survivors as well and I’m praying that more and more Christians from around the world would come to Israel joining me here been going to these Holocaust survivors because what I’ve seen from these Holocaust survivors is rabbi Rabbi Eric Walkera they’d ask the question why are a bunch of people from the nations coming to us why do you care about us and then we tell them about Yeshua we tell them how because of what happened to Israel because Israel was blinded in part the nations was were able to get the gospel now we’re grateful for what you shouid did for us we want to love you back we want to show you support we want to bring you into the family of you sure we’re sorry for what happened to you and your family but it didn’t happen in the name of God God is not the author of evil but God can allow it we live in a fallen world and this is where the gospel is open so we preach also to those that I like to call the Forgotten ones because many times they’re forgotten because of because maybe they’re older because maybe people think oh they’ll never believe in Jesus or all the cows survivors no they can believe in Jesus and many of them are coming into faith in Messiah schewe and then of course we have also the widows the Bible talks about the care for the widow’s the orphans we have a little bit of a problem in Israel too going to orphanages because there is a line Israel that says you cannot preach the gospel to someone under 18 with out can’t with written permission from their parents with their guardian so we can’t just walk up to the orphanage and do that but with the help or with the permission of some of these orphanages we are able to go on there to love them to to the to the elder to the people that are responsible on the orphanages and you know hopefully uh that we’re bringing the message of messiahs sure we do have some kind of you know restrictions here in Israel as far as preaching the gospel that doesn’t mean we sign a contract with the devil that means we’re obedient to to the Word of God that we understand that someone that’s not 18 years old this you know not under the custody of you know you can’t just preach the gospel to him so besides that we’re reaching everybody here news for widows Holocaust survivors new immigrants a lot of people need to understand that there’s a lot of idea here in Israel immigration coming in from the nation’s country especially there’s a wave from the United States of America now there’s a way from Russia a little bit less from Ethiopia now they’re still coming in but less that wave was 15-20 years ago and you know what you know who’s waiting for them in the airport ground by air forth of that could choose Shas is waiting from the airport just to bring them and to try to recruit them to become Orthodox Jews why because they don’t want them to believe in Messiah Yeshua so here’s what’s happening this is gonna shock a lot of people a lot of people are donating to ministries that bring in Jews from America from other places in the world to Israel and these people are not getting the gospel what we do in Messiah is we’re ministries we don’t bring in people from overseas we’re not involved in that but we do meet the people that make IDI here in Israel that made it Avant preach the gospel to them and we have many many Camellia that are receiving yeshua amish you have many of them come in its israel they have a lot of financial problems a lot of you know they don’t have you know jobs or learning languages in the beginning and we help them in that aspect as well but we preach the gospel to them so real idea is is preaching the gospel so that’s what we do in israel so the ministry and then we have the ministry to china we’re involved in over 103 congregations in china that we helped establish as far as we didn’t we didn’t plant them but we help the leaders plant them as far as bringing the message of israel and we all know that china is blocked for google or black for Facebook they’re black for YouTube they’re controlled by the the government as far as the internet you have to use a VPN service there sometimes the VPN is also blocked so we use the different platforms that I can get into the platforms here on the on the program for security reasons we have our ways of bringing in the gospel into China and getting in the message through the system and that’s what we do we’re continuing to do it as we speak right now I’m also online together with Chinese congregations so they’re being encouraged also and of course we also have the ministry that we go around the world and cheer in America I Sharon conferences and other places the message of Israel at the end of the day it’s all you know ministry should be of many aspects and that’s what we do we preach the gospel in many ways to many individuals to the IDF soldiers as well going to army bases when we’re allowed to or wait they’re mean to me soldiers are 18 years old there’s no problem to preach the gospel to them you have many ideas soldiers coming into faith in Messiah Yeshua so basically the ministry covers every aspect we give out Bibles to to people and other and many times and I think I spoke about this in previous programs rabbi art we get a lot a lot of loving believers from around the world from England from New Zealand from America that say hey we’ve got 2000 Bibles that we want to send you to Israel and you know we just you know ship it over and take care of the cost and everything and rabbi we have to tell them that we can’t accept those Bibles and they’re shocked what do you mean you can’t accept the Bibles well because when we take a Bible that’s printed in England or that’s printed in United States and a person that doesn’t believe in Yeshua looks at that Bible and he sees printed by the Christian society Christian really not dirty he says I don’t want to touch that that’s not you know that’s not Jewish not we all we understand the Word of God is the word of God but we have to use Bibles in Israel that are printed in Israel by cyanide publishers so we have to buy Bibles they’re not going to give it to us because they’re you know they’re Jewish we’re not going to give you Bibles to preach the gospel so we buy them so that would be the reason why we can’t receive free Bibles from overseas whereas that many times it’s very different situation here in Israel so we were involved in doing that as well giving up the Bibles and various language of the air bottles in Russia in Ethiopian in English in Hebrew in Arabic in Spanish we have a big Spanish community here in Israel so that’s what we basically we do here at messiahs or ministries well it’s an amazing work it’s a stunning work and I as a Jewish believer 16 years old Jewish all my life not when people ask me about Christianity I don’t know that much about Christianity I don’t know that much about the doctrines and the denominations and I just know the Bible and so that’s you know that’s where my where I stay and there are not that many rabbis that I can now sit under to learn more about and and maybe that I’ve been doing this for 24 25 years doesn’t matter there’s new revelation shared through you into my life on a regular basis with each one of these mini encapsulated teachings you put out and I will encourage everybody the Ministry is Messiah of Israel ministries there’s also Zev Farhat vor 80 ministries dot RG sign up for his YouTube channel and go to his website and find a way to support their work there are many that have fancy names that make you believe that they’re a friend of Israel or that they’re United with Israel or that they are part but they are not supporting the advancement of the gospel in Israel and especially at the biblical understanding which is you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free feet on the street in the faces daily weekly monthly consistently approaching discussing engaging educating and people are making decisions for the Messiah and then getting plugged into discipleship programs or if possible the local messianic congregations and what is important about what they’re doing is he is a rubber meets the road he’s able to meet and hold his ground knowing already what the Achieva teachers are teaching rabbis have brought Messiah of Israel ministry so our ji my brother it is always a pleasure to see you I’ll see you right back here next month as we regularly feature you here on the second Monday of every month at the ten o’clock hour our love and blessings to Lynne and I hopefully schedule that dinner in Jerusalem in March when I can get in to introduce you to 51 other sojourners who are joining me on our 17th trip to Israel looking forward to it and looking forward to the being on the show next month already god bless you my friend always always always good to see you thank you may be you alone it’s alone we’re gonna take a short break and when we come back we’ll bring you the next edition of revealing the truth.

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