A Spiritual Journey Through Israel

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This book offers exercises, prayers, and spiritual formations to take your once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage past an intellectual experience of gathering amazing statistics, sites, and sounds of this “People of God” who have been raised from the dead…or, in biblical language, “called home from the diaspora” as prophesied by Isaiah and takes the experience into your soul to expand your spirit and your relationship with God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the beautiful Holy Spirit.

An additional aspect people love about this book is that it can be used from home for those who for various reasons are not able to travel at this time in their lives. When a suitable adaptation is available for the reader to participate in a Spiritual Journey devotional time from home, it is included. Otherwise, just like those on a real-life journey in the land, mixing the imagination with scripture and prayer and Holy Spirit guided soul-searching (not in a weird way!) brings similar growth and depth in the reader’s relationship with God.

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