Israel Basics

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Israel Basics: What Every Christian Should Know

Israel Basics is the first book in the Israel Basics Series.

In Isreal Basics: What Every Christian Should Know, author Kim Frolander, lays a foundation that covers Israel and the Jewish People’s history. She covers prophecies about the people and the land, some culture and language influences, and the rebirth of the nation of Israel in 1948. Kim includes some Modern War stories and even some miracles.

There is an ancient unending covenant between God and the Jewish People that the Church is grafted into, and many Christians have missed the importance of Israel and this covenant. The time we are living in is the appointment that God has ordained for the Church to awaken to our Jewish roots.

This book traces the threads of Jewish history, prophecy, and culture in an easy to read, small group format. Stories of ancient and modern history impart a picture of the beauty of God that the Church will benefit from witnessing.

Mature your relationship with God and your worldview by studying the Jewish roots of Christianity. Learn the history of Islam and some background on the Palestinian problem we face in the Middle East today.

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