Surviving the Garden of Eatin’

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Surviving the Garden of Eatin’: Surprising Biblical Insights to Enjoy Optimal Wellness

Profound insights that will change the way you view your Creator, yourself, and your health! – Pastor Matthew Barnett, The Dream Center

A light approach to a weighty subject

We are no longer in the Garden of Eden. We’re surrounded by a garden of eatin’!

When it comes to improving health and wellness, what’s an essential component most people overlook?
It’s not exercise, or water—or even kale!
You might be surprised to learn that faith is the most overlooked ingredient.


  • A firm spiritual foundation for your wellness journey
  • Why previous “diets” probably failed
  • How your identity shapes your success
  • What the Bible really says about food and health
  • When being weird can make you well
  • The surprisingly wonderful benefits of wellness
  • How much God cares about your health!

Drs. Michele and Mark are your guides on an enjoyable, eye-opening journey to build strong faith for your wellness.

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