The Conversation in Heaven

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The Conversation in Heaven: Living Life’s Ups & Downs Through Heaven’s Lens

A book with wild hope woven throughout the pages.

Abigail Holt-Jennings shares very candidly about experiences from her own life to help anyone who reads this book hear the hope-filled conversation in Heaven over their own.

Abigail is no stranger to suffering, having endured a very painful divorce, the loss of several close and dear loved ones, being diagnosed with inoperable cancer, and much more, she knows the depths of valleys where depression, emotional pain, loss, discouragement and much more can try to wreak havoc, causing us to believe the lie that there is no hope.

Having been miraculously healed from terminal cancer, Abigail has emerged to the mountaintop, experiencing supernatural healing and wholeness in every area of her life. She is on a mission to help you discover that Heaven has never changed Its conversation over your life as well – there’s always HOPE!

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