The Journey into the Divided Heart

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The Journey into the Divided Heart: Helping You Face the Defense Mechanisms That Hinder True Emotional Healing

The Journey into the Divided Heart is a challenging guide that will push you spiritually to a new level of taking responsibility and defining your personal role in the process of healing your hurting heart.

Though highly practical and spiritually directive, this book zooms out to give you a convicting overview of the human heart. In its state of being divided, our heart tends toward God as its healer but also toward itself as provider and protector simultaneously.

You will learn your defense mechanisms, be led in decision-making journaling and prayers, and you will be given an overview of nine powerful, biblical, and clinical interventions that will lead you to live life to its fullest (John 10:10).

This book is a must-read for anyone looking for truly lasting change, as well as a role-defining text for counselors and pastors who are looking to integrate cutting-edge clinical counseling with an unwavering faith-based, non-religious approach to working with the brokenhearted.

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