The Seven Laws of Abundant Living

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The Seven Laws of Abundant Living: Lessons Learned from The Tree of Life

The Torah, the Bible, the Tree of Life—God’s Word is a set of instructions for everyone who wants to live a victorious, joyful, and abundant life.

The Seven Laws of Abundant Living explains a parable relating to the Tree of Life that the Lord spoke to Rabbi Eric Walker—a Rabbi. The parable opens wide the unique components of the Word and the physical Tree of Life that is introduced in Genesis and again in Revelation and reveals seven aspects of the Tree of Life.

  1. the ground
  2. the seed
  3. the roots
  4. the trunk
  5. the branches
  6. the leaves
  7. the fruit

Each of these components brings seven life-changing conclusions to light that stimulate spiritual growth and maturity. The simple yet profound image is powerful and compels you into self-examination to assure your spiritual health and growth in each of the areas God wanted Rabbi Eric Walker to share with you.

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