Kim Frolander

Kim Frolander is the founder and president of Ruth Israel Initiative, based in Birmingham, Alabama – a non-profit committed to reconciling the ancient rift between Christians and Jews through education and trips for Christians to introduce them to the people and the Land of Israel. She spent two very formative years living and working as a volunteer in Jerusalem.

Upon moving back to the U.S., Kim wrote instructional books and developed a small group curriculum for Christians to get a better understanding of the relationship God desires to build between the Christian Church and the Jewish People. Now, she has added time organizing groups to visit the Holy Land through unique and specialized trips for micro-groups as small as 6 and up to small teams of 25.

Kim is part of the Vineyard Movement, has served as the missions coordinator and attends Inverness Vineyard. She also serves as the admin and communications coordinator for VUSA’s Well-being of Pastors Initiative. She loves to see pastors hearts come alive with fresh vision and passion when they connect to the grand unfolding story of God’s writing in the earth with Israel and the Church – together as one.

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