Michael Hart

Michael Hart is a speaker, writer, historian and host of the popular Conservative Talk Radio program The Michael Hart Show which originates out of Birmingham AL on Super Station 101. Michael has been interviewed on hundreds of radio and TV programs and for hundreds of newspapers and magazines across the US. On his radio program, Michael delves deeply into the news of the day and infuses his commentary with historical perspective.

Many of the most important news stories of the day cannot be completely understood without knowing the history behind the headline. And every day Michael shares his thoughts on not only what is happening in the world, but why and often through the prism of the past.

In UNKNOWN AMERICA, a first in a series of books dedicated to setting history straight, Michael uses his love of research to reveal historical inaccuracies that have been falsely taught for decades and that often jade our view of America and can even sway opinion of events occurring every day as well as little known oddities and bizarre trivia about the greatest nation on earth

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