Putty (Rob) Putman

In the process of obtaining a Ph.D. in theoretical quantum physics, Putty Putman ran headlong into the power and reality of the Holy Spirit during a supernatural encounter in China. Following the leading of Jesus to sell everything he had to purchase the pearl of great price, Putty terminated a successful career in physics to pursue learning, leading and training others to move in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Putty is the Founder of The School of Kingdom Ministry, a supernatural training and discipleship school hosted by churches around the world. As a pioneer, a gifted communicator, and a passionate equipper, Putty helps people to understand who they are in Christ and to live a naturally supernatural lifestyle empowered by the Holy Spirit. God is reforming the church right now, and as a “Church Pioneer”, Putty explores new expressions of the church needed for the 21st century.

Putty lives in Champaign, IL with his wife Brittany and three children.

Books and Media from Putty (Rob) Putman

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