Monthly Ministry Moment – October 2020

Shalom Dear Friends,

Our continued thoughts and prayers to all who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have returned to our Sunday Morning Bible Study at Mountain Chapel UMC, 2541 Rocky Ridge Road, Vestavia and all are welcome to join us at 9:30am as we continue in the Book of Deuteronomy.

Unfortunately, we have no update as to when we will be returning to Monday and Thursday evening classes as both churches are still restricting outside ministries from meeting.

In the next few weeks you will be receiving a Special Bundle offering that we are making available for the Holiday Gift season. Included in the special bundle will be both of my books plus 2 copies of The Rabbi, the Secret Message, and the Identity of Messiah. One copy will be yours to keep or give and the other copy will be sent to Israel for Rabbi Zev Porat to use on the streets of Jerusalem. Also included will be a Lifetime Subscription to the Biblical Truth Library.

Your generous support helped us reach over 477,000 new viewers in India, Pakistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Israel, US, and more. We appreciate you partnering with us to “Heal the Nations with The Word of God.”

As of November 1, 2020, all PayPal activity is being consolidated into one system and online giving will be through the Donate Button on the website which has several new options for recurring giving by credit card or by check. Once you login using your email address you will see that you are already set up in the new system and can begin using it right away. After you have set up what you used to give (or maybe more) in the new system, you would then cancel your PayPal payment. If you have not been taking advantage of automated giving we encourage you to consider it as it is an important part of the lifeblood of our ministry.

And at any time you can donate at https://ignitinganation.com/donate/.

From Pat, Jason and myself we wish you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving.

We give thanks IN all things, for our Hope is not bound to this earth, but is seated in heaven.

May the Lord Bless you abundantly,

Rabbi Eric

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