November 18, 2019

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William Morris

William Morris and Rabbi Walker discuss This Magic Moment.

This Magic Moment
The real strength of This Magic Moment: My Journey of Faith, Friends, and the Father’s Love lies in the deep chemistry that existed between Bill and each of these singers the kind of friendship that changes the world. When people of different backgrounds and races come together with the love given from above, miracles begin to happen.

Derek Gilbert

Derek Gilbert and Rabbi Walker discuss Veneration.

In this groundbreaking book, Veneration: Unveiling the Ancient Realms of Demonic Kings and Satan’s Battle Plan for Armageddon husband and wife authors Derek P. Gilbert and Sharon K. Gilbert show how the giants of old shaped the worldview and religion of the Hebrews and the terrifying role they’ll play in the end times.

Zev Porat

Zev Porat and Rabbi Walker discuss Israel's Messiah.

The Rabbi The Secret Message and the0Identity of the Messiah
Prepare yourself – there are treasures of amazing biblical treats in The Rabbi, the Secret Message, and the Identity of Messiah, co-written by Rabbi  Zev Porat that, at times, will simply take your breath away. This is a gripping page-turner that will be practically impossible to walk away from.

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Featured Audio Series

Healing Service is a 5-part audio series that includes the messages delivered in preparation for the healing services.

A healing service can consume 6-10 hours. Learn how 100’s of people were prayed for and many received a healing touch from God.

Featured Video Series

Messianic Kingdom is a 9-Part video series that examines the Book of revelation and the writings of the prophets.

Explore the basis for the belief and general characteristics of the Messianic Kingdom as well as the government and the Gentiles of the Messianic Kingdom.

Recently Added to the Biblical Truth Library™

Revealing the Bible Genesis 40 and 41
Revealing Prophecy – Week of Nov 4th & 11th

Week Of 11/04/2019
✡ Opening Monologue – Rabbi Eric Walker
✡ The Coming Middle East Conflagration – Michael Oren
✡ Foreign-Policy Experts Predict Iranian Attack On Israel Just A Matter Of Time – By Israel Kasnett –
✡ Analysis: Trump does know what he’s doing in Syria – Carolyn Glick
✡ Israel Watch: Attack! – Jim Fletcher
✡ A second ‘Cedar Revolution’ in Lebanon? – Brent Nagtegaal
✡ Final Comments – Rabbi Eric Walker

Week Of 11/11/2019
✡ Opening Monologue – Rabbi Eric Walker
✡ Israel-Gaza violence spirals after the killing of top Palestinian militant
✡ Iran-backed Islamic Jihad Says ‘We Are Going to War’ With Israel After Assassination
✡ IDF strikes Islamic Jihad rocket production facility as barrages pummel south
✡ Netanyahu’s (bulls)eye on Iran
✡ Iran, Hezbollah Using Mexican Drug Cartels To Infiltrate US – By Rami Dabbas/Clarion Project
✡ What if the Trump Prophecies Are True?

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