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Anatomy of Faith is an 8-part audio series that dissects living out your faith. Do you realize that every part of your body plays a role in your faith? Learn how everything from your heart to your hands, your feet, ears, eyes, and mouth, are specifically designed and play into your faith. Amazingly there is no Hebrew word for brain found in the Old Testament, so the heart is the center of it all. Yet, we must walk out our faith, and put our hands to the work of the Lord. Our eyes must be clear to see what going is doing. And, of course, faith comes by hearing. We believe in our hearts and profess with our mouth so we can clearly see how the physical anatomy is used by God for his Glory and to increase our faith. King david said, “Who can go up to the mountain of the Lord? The one with clean hands!” In this series you will learn how God uses our anatomy as a part of our faith journey. 

What makes Rabbi Eric Walker unique is his traditional Jewish upbringing and journey to faith in Jesus gives him a remarkable perspective on both the Old and New Testaments. He delivers biblically sound teaching and is committed to bringing you trusted biblical teaching to help with life’s challenges.

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