Individual Sermons are a 2-Part video series including Jesus in the 23rd Psalm and The Lamb Who was Slain. Imagine if every verse is the 23rd has a direct connection to Messiah. In Jesus in the 23rd Psalm you will learn to connection of each verse pointing to Messiah. You will wonder along with me if King David was intentionally writing this prophetically or if God supernaturally used this to reveal His own heart and the part Jesus would take in our lives. In The Lamb Who Was Slain you will navigate a parallel journey walking through Exodus Chapter 12 right into the last 4 days of Jesus’ life. Here you will learn why he entered Jerusalem when He did and why each of the next 4 days unfolded culminating in a fulfillment of Exodus Chapter 12. Surely He was The Lamb of God and this sermon drives that message home with clarity like you have never had before.

What makes Rabbi Eric Walker unique is his traditional Jewish upbringing and journey to faith in Jesus gives him a remarkable perspective on both the Old and New Testaments. He delivers biblically sound teaching and is committed to bringing you trusted biblical teaching to help with life’s challenges.

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