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Behind the scenes of the Middle East conflict, rages a biblical battle as old as time. The dividing line between the peoples of the world is being formed. Two seemingly innocent teenagers cross paths and a mystery begins to unfold that takes them on a journey through their adult lives.

Jake Aaronson has savant gifting in solving puzzles, codes and cyphers. As the son of a US Diplomat, this Jewish teenager is sent to a boarding school with unusual ties to the intelligence community. His roommate is Hakeem Baba, a Tehran born Muslim, whose father is a Turkish Diplomat to the United States. Their relationship grows and a friendship is forged.

Jake brings Hakeem into his family home, introduces him to his ancestry, and the family legends of their relationship to the Aaron of the Bible. Unbeknownst to the family, Hakeem is on a mission to gather as much information as he can to take back to Tehran. During his visits with the Aaronson family, Hakeem learns of DNA testing to determine Jewish lineage. He also learns of a secret the family has kept for 3,000 years.

Hakeem devoted his life’s work to radical Islam and the annihilation of the Jewish people. Jake’s career embedded him into the intelligence community in Israel and the US where he is assigned to defeat Hakeem’s plans. Once Hakeem’s plans were discovered, Jake and his team were deployed to stop him. Their final encounter brings about a chilling transformation and opens the door to the next installment of The Aaron Chronicles, revealing The Mystery Behind Aaron’s Robe.

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