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The Mark of the Beast is a video teaching about what or who is to come as The Beast. God gives us clues. The oldest prophecy in the Bible is Genesis 3:15 when we are introduced to the seed of the serpent. More insights into the Book of Daniel are explored as we look at the one who performs the Abomination that brings desolation and the other actions that bring about the Tribulation.  This Teaching also explores the actual “Number of His Name” as it relates to the prophetic scriptures of the Book of Revelation. In the Hebrew Alphabet are 23 letters each having its own unique numerical value. The determination of the number of a name requires the name be translated into Hebrew and then assigning each letter its value, adding the numbers together to arrive at the number of a name. 

What makes Rabbi Eric Walker unique is his traditional Jewish upbringing and journey to faith in Jesus gives him a remarkable perspective on both the Old and New Testaments. He delivers biblically sound teaching and is committed to bringing you trusted biblical teaching to help with life’s challenges.

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