The Ten Commandments (Series)

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A 12 part audio series on The Ten Commandments. Read below for more information and to get Part 1 for FREE!

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Understand the Significance and Power of the 10 Commandments Like Never Before!

This course is structured to teach, equip, and connect the dots of scripture for those who are hungry to deepen their relationship with God. This trusted resource grants you access to the people, tools, and information you need to grow in your relationship with the Lord. We are unapologetically committed to bringing you trusted biblical teaching to help with life’s challenges.

We are committed to bringing the scriptures to life through classes like the Ten Commandments.

Every day we are challenged where we will go to hear the truth. Finding an organization that is committed to communicating truth in the news is not easy and finding Biblical truth is even harder. Get started with your journey today!

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Rabbi Eric Walker is a phenomenal Scholar and Teacher of the Word.
I regularly listen to his teachings and daily broadcasts. His in depth Bible Studies go deep into the Word of God revealing truths that few teach in today’s society.

What a great resource for spiritual encouragement, interesting conversations with authors, and helpful resources!

What a blessing this ministry is!! I have learned so much from Rabbi Eric’s teachings & love listening to the interviews on “Revealing The Truth”. The different perspectives and subject matter are something you will not hear anywhere else.


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