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Genesis is a study of the first book of the Torah. With only 14 verses dedicated to creation, this book contains so much more than many realize. It contains the oldest Prophecy in the Bible – Genesis 3:15 which introduces us to the Seed of the Woman, Jesus. In just the first 22 chapters of this book of the bible is the entire story of God’s redemptive plan and how he used the Lamb of God to redeem Isaac. In Genesis, God establishes His eternal Covenant with Israel. The very Covenant that gentile Believers are grafted into. The description given in Chapter 22 parralels act least 12 common points of the Crucifixion. And, the story of Joseph and his suffering lay the foundation for an understanding into God fulfilling the dreams that He gives.

This Expository Teaching Series with Rabbi Eric Walker (@RabbiEricWalker) dives deep into the Hebrew and English of each verse of Genesis and explores the context, prophetic insights, and foundational truths hidden within the texts. This new depth of understanding is essential to laying the foundation faith in God and His Covenant plan of redemption found only in Jesus.

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