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Torah Study: Numbers is a 27-Part audio series about the fourth book of the Torah, Numbers. The Key theme: Man’s failure and God’s faithfulness. Thirteen months after the Exodus, Israel had to start preparing for battle. If Genesis is the book of beginnings and Exodus the book of redemption, then Numbers is the book of warfare. The Jews were in enemy territory, marching toward the land God would help them conquer, and they had to organize for confrontation and conflict. The phrase “able to go forth to war” is used fourteen times in this chapter. If God were to number the believers in the church today according to their ability to wage spiritual warfare, we wonder how big the army would be. The Book of  Numbers lays out God’s assignment to each of the tribes and introduces us to the compounding of The Holy Spirit as God fills 70 of the elders with the same spirit that was on Moses and shares it with the others. We learn of the 12 spies and the future of the children of Israel and the fate of those who would not enter the Promised Land. This Teaching Series  dives deep into the Hebrew and English of each verse of Numbers. Explore the story, the history, the side stories, and the parallels of the entirety of this scripture.

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