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What Does the Bible Say About Government is a 9-Part video series that will help you understand what God has to say about politics and government? You will be surprised to learn that many of our current governmental models were taken directly from Scripture. God established government and places leaders into their roles. He is the one who sets up Kings and tears down Kingdoms. Learn how we are to take the lessons of the Bible and apply them to how we govern and lead our nations. This Teaching Series challenges you to stand up and speak out according to God’s Word. Learn how to do more than just shatter the notion that the church does not or should not play a role in politics or government. Equip yourself with the Word to speak out from a position of strength in matters related to government. God is the ultimate authority and when man’s government is in conflict with God there are serious consequences. Learn what God expects of us as Believers and equip yourself to follow and lead God’s way. 

What makes Rabbi Eric Walker unique is his traditional Jewish upbringing and journey to faith in Jesus gives him a remarkable perspective on both the Old and New Testaments. He delivers biblically sound teaching and is committed to bringing you trusted biblical teaching to help with life’s challenges.

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