September 30, 2019

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Gracie Murphree

Gracie Murphree and Rabbi Walker discuss Focus on the Church's Role in the Refugee Crisis.

Injustice, sexual abuse, and sex-trafficking are global issues pushing migration and causing humanitarian crises around the world. Honduras, known as the deadliest place on Earth for women, is pushing an immigration crisis at our U.S. border because of gangs and violence against women, children, and other vulnerable groups.

Gracie Murphree shares her life on the front line of this battle against violence, gangs, and corruption in Honduras. God’s heart for justice is what has motivated her and her husband during the last fourteen years to continue–even in the face of possible death.

Gracie’s book, Journey to Justice: Finding God and Destiny in Darkness, is a beautiful story of God’s redemption demonstrated in the lives of the women, including Gracie herself, and children who have been rescued and restored.

Del Duduit

Del Duduit and Rabbi Walker discuss NFL Players Testimonies & Devotional.

You have all seen the NFL running backs score the touchdown, tap his heart, and look up to God. What is the story behind this apparent act of faith? Could it be that some of your favorite NFL stars have a testimony and a journey that could impact YOUR life?

Del Duduit is an award-winning sportswriter and author of the book, First Down Devotions: Inspiration from the NFL’s Best (Stars of the Faith Book 2).

First Down Devotions takes an inside look at the National Football League players and coaches, recounting personal stories about their walk with Jesus Christ. Through daily devotions, these players and coaches will inspire you once more, but this time it will be you on the field scoring a touchdown in your own spiritual life.

Laurie Ditto

Laurie Ditto and Rabbi Walker discuss The Hell Conspiracy.

Imagine not having to die, but seeing Heaven. Imagine not having to die and seeing Hell. Is it even possible to have one of these experiences and what would be God’s purpose in showing them to you?

Laurie Ditto’s life was forever marked when she experienced supernatural visions of both Heaven and Hell. She has written The Hell Conspiracy: An Eye-witness Account of Hell, Heaven, and the Afterlife, a compelling account of her experience.

Laurie knew these encounters were meant as a wake-up call for herself and others, so she has made it her mission to share this message with the world. She travels around the world sharing her testimonies of both Heaven and Hell to reach people for Jesus.

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Gain a new level of understanding while examining the meaning, including the why and the how, of praise and worship.

The Anatomy of Worship teaching series is an 8-part audio series that dissects the Hebrew words and concepts of praise and worship.

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Delve into the role of angels in the Believer’s life. Learn about angels’ power and hierarchy, and their work in heaven and on earth in the past, present, and future.

The Angels teaching series is a 5-Part video series about the existence of Angels from both The Old and New Testament.

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