August 12, 2019

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James Levesque

James Levesque and Rabbi Walker discuss Fire.


The world has wandered so far from God that nothing short of revival will reignite the fires of awakening. But God is about to set the world ablaze, and the nations will burn for him once again.

In this book, filled with empowering inspiration and astonishing real-life stories, pastor and speaker James Levesque offers twelve biblical principles to help you return to the passion you felt at the beginning of your faith–and carry the torch to your community and nation.

Tyrus Hinton

Tyrus Hinton and Rabbi Walker discuss Baby Steps.


Life sometimes thrusts upon us challenging and painful circumstances for which, in spite of our efforts, we can find no answers. Author Tyrus Hinton believes that childhood illnesses represent such circumstances.

Baby Steps was written to provide a practical day-by-day approach to a change in your entire family’s routine and life for which you had not planned.

Venner Alston

Venner Alston and Rabbi Walker discuss Next Level Spiritual Warfare.

Next Level Spiritual Warfare

Does it seem as though your prayers aren’t being answered? Even after praying fervently, do you feel that God isn’t listening, that God isn’t speaking or acting? Most of us have felt this way. Are there tools and strategies we can implement to break through the barriers?

Keying in on two vital areas of spiritual warfare–restoration and retribution–apostle and speaker Venner J. Alston reveals strategies for engaging heaven with the expectation of answers to your prayers.

Featured Teaching Series

Featured Audio Series

Anatomy of Faith is an 8-part audio series that dissects living out your faith.

Do you realize that every part of your body plays a role in your faith?

This Teaching Series explores your Body of Faith.

Learn how everything from your heart to your hands, your feet, ears, eyes, and mouth, are specifically designed and play into your faith.

Featured Video Series

Israelology is an 8-Part video series that takes you on a biblical journey of Israel, the Promised Land and the inheritance of every believer.

Do you know why Israel is the 3rd most mentioned – over 2575 times – subject in the Bible? Only the words Lord and God are mentioned more often.

This Teaching Series examines the prophetic scriptures referring to Israel and the return of Jesus

Learn about Jesus’ promise of the New Heaven, New Earth, & New Jerusalem.

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