August 19, 2019

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Carl Gallups

Carl Gallups and Rabbi Walker discuss Gods of the Final Kingdom.

Gods of the Final Kingdom

Learn what you won’t hear from today’s pulpits and bible studies regarding the heart of the biblical message, and your spectacular and glorious place in it. This is one book you don’t want to miss!

Derek Gilbert

Derek Gilbert and Rabbi Walker discuss Bad Moon Rising Islam's Past.

Bad Moon Rising

Tracing the pagan religions of the nations around ancient Israel, Gilbert makes the bold claim that the religion of Muhammad is actually a collaboration by the old gods of Mesopotamia, a desperate partnership of fallen angels who were caught off-guard by the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

James Spann

James Spann and Rabbi Walker discuss Weathering Life.

weathering life

Learn things you don’t know about James Spann, experience deep details concerning the historic weather events that shaped his career, and most importantly, learn some things that just might help you in your life and in your darkest days.

Featured Teaching Series

Featured Audio Series

Individual Sermons are a 2-Part video series about Jesus.

Each sermon part is appropriately titled to reveal the main theme – Jesus in the 23rd Psalm and The Lamb Who was Slain.

This Teaching Series provides a foundational understanding of the Messiah.

Look through the eyes of a Jewish Believer and connect the Old and New Testaments.

Featured Video Series

The Last Days of Jesus is a 4-Part video series examines each of the last 4 days of Jesus.

Do you realize that Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection was prophesied?

This Teaching Series illustrates the prophetic connection of Jesus to the Old Testament Prophets.

Follow Jesus from the top of the Mount of Olives on Palm Sunday through His last 4 days while comparing the timelines foretold in Exodus. “

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Revealing the Bible Genesis 32 Part 3 & Genesis 33 Part 1
Revealing Prophecy – Week of August 12, 2019

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