What Was and Is and Is to Come

Through the Lens

May 13, 2021

What Was and Is and Is to Come


Shalom and welcome to this final edition of Through the Lens here on the Igniting a Nation Broadcasting Network which will go dark after May 19. I’m Rabbi Eric Walker. As one season changes another begins and future commentaries like this will appear through the Happs app where I will be simulcasting to multiple Social Media sites all of my teachings and commentaries. I encourage you to download the Happs app and subscribe to my channel Rabbi Eric Walker (@RabbiEricWalker). We will continue to upload to YouTube and continue to build on the already robust archive of over 2100 videos. Please subscribe to the Igniting a Nation YouTube Channel and click the bell to notify you of each new upload.


Our vision has been and continues to be to Heal the Nations with the Word of God. As a teaching ministry we can best serve you with sound biblical teaching and are adding a new class after returning from our hiatus. Starting June 8 we will be launching Revealing Prophecy every Tuesday evening at 7:00PM and if you are in the Birmingham area you can join us live at Mountain Chapel UMC at 2541 Rocky Ridge Road. All of our in-person teachings are open to all and can be found on the ignitinganation.com website. You will also find the Biblical truth Library containing over 1,000 hours of teachings made available to you by subscription or individual purchases. As a donor supported ministry your gifts allow us to bring you deep biblical teachings straight from the Scriptures.


In Today’s Through the Lens, I want to share with you some insights gathered over the past 14 years of serving the local and global body of faith. Change is not just coming to us here at Igniting a Nation. The body is facing unprecedented challenges and as it reemerges from the Covid shutdown there is a gnawing hunger for a deeper understanding of what was and is and is to come. Church as usual may never be the same again. This is one of the reasons we are returning to 4 Live in person teachings every week along with co-hosting a weekly radio program.


One of the discoveries made in the last 4 ½ years in talking with both academic and theological scholars is that there is a growing remnant who are not satisfied with the typical 3 verse message on Sunday morning. Small groups have been gathering all through the Covid shutdown and digging deeper into the Word. There is an overwhelming sense of a prophetic move of God that is all throughout the scriptures, yet so few are taught how to study and make sense of what is important and how prophecy is unfolding in our day. This is the reason we are adding Revealing Prophecy to our teaching lineup. It is not just a connect the headlines to biblical prophecy, it actually teaches how to study prophecy and the bible in context and then link the current events to what the Prophets, Jesus, Paul, and John all foretold.


If we are truly in the Last Days we must be aware of what to expect and how we are to prepare and respond to what is unfolding around the world. Persecution is on the rise and religious freedoms are being challenged here in the West. We are just beginning to see what has been happening all around the world for the past few decades. Covid introduced us to the real agenda of a one world government and the indoctrination into global regulations never seen before. There is a quiet civil war going on that will soon become more prevalent as our own Federal Government moves us closer to more Draconian regulations implemented at the stroke of the pen without any public debate. These are the Days of Noah and Lot and we must be more discerning than ever in recognizing the agenda unfolding. The Church is making compromises across many denominations that will lead many astray and more will follow the leader as opposed to following the leading of the Holy Spirit.


The warnings are all throughout the Bible that this day would come and yet so many are unaware of what is actually happening from a Biblical Worldview. The days of timidity are long gone and there is a clarion call for bold leaders to step up with straightforward Biblical teachings that expose the Luciferian agenda that is taking hold all over the world.


We, as the Body of Messiah, must return to the Word and the fact that 80% of church goers do not read their bibles and their only input is from the pulpit on Sunday will not equip the saints for what is to come. We are commanded by God to study the Word to show ourselves approved of God and take an active and personal responsibility to not fall into the category of perishing for lack of knowledge.


Like many teachers around the nation, we are increasing the numbers of classes and making more resources and information available so that everyone who has a desire to go deeper has the tools to do so.


Noah preached for 100 years as he prepared the ark and gave the people fair warning of what was to come, yet none heeded his warning. God is speaking through his prophets and teachers and we can no longer ignore the warnings. China, Russia, Iran, Israel, and more countries are heating up as tensions across the globe and in the Middle East rise.


The Roman Catholic Church has entered into unholy alliances with those who have proclaimed their intent on destroying Israel. This is but one example of the role of the little horn in Daniel and Revelation and creates an alliance that exceeds 3 billion combining the number of Roman Catholics and Muslims in the world today. By contrast there are approximately 1 billion Non-Catholic Christians worldwide and declining.


As the United States moves ever closer to renewing the Iran deal and pushing a 2 – state agenda in Israel, Hamas and Hezbollah are being emboldened to incite violence inside of Israel and escalate the current government instability into a possible Intifada and a coordinated attack on Israel from Lebanon funded by Iran. History has shown that when America makes decisions unfavorable to Israel God has responded with natural disasters as articulated in William Koenig’s book Eye to Eye. In this book the author chronicles every major natural disaster over the past 100 years that has caused in excess of $1 billion in damage and links them to decisions America has made that have a negative effect on Israel. Clearly Genesis 12:3 is as active and alive as it was when God prophesied to Abraham that He would bless those who blessed Abraham and ultimately Israel and He would curse those who cursed Abraham and ultimately Israel. History shows that no empire that ever stood against Israel exists today is proof positive of this.


The progressive agenda that is unfolding across America is already in place in many countries around the world and is a clear indication that the stage is being set for us to join the Global Coalition and adopt more socialistic practices that will increase government controls and lead to the creation of policies and practices that will make the Global Unified Covid response the norm instead of the exception. All of this points to the One World Government ultimately lead by the antichrist. We are now the frog in the pot of water and the temperature is slowly rising, but yet not hot enough for many to take notice. That story ends the same way as the Biblical narrative foretelling of the rise in lawlessness and the great falling away.


More than ever the Body of Messiah must open their eyes to what is happening all around us. This is not a conspiracy theory; this is biblical prophecy unfolding right in front of our own eyes. We must activate that Spirit of Discernment and realize that tribulation is all around us. These are the most prophetically challenging times since the days of Jesus and many will be caught unaware. Whatever your position is on the timing of the catching away, The Rapture, preparations must be made for the rapidly changing prophetic landscape.


This is a clarion call to wake up from our slumber and begin to pray like never before and study the prophetic text so that we will recognize the signs of the times. If your church is not offering classes then find ministries like ours that teach how to study prophecy and understand what is unfolding in these End of End days.


Our prayer for you is that your eyes would be opened and your spirits awakened to embrace what was and is and is to come.

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